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GG: “When you do finally get what you want, the problem is there’s always someone who’s trying to take it away. And all that wanting makes us blind to the fact that things aren’t exactly what we think they are. Maybe it’s better sometimes to just get what you need.”
DAIR REWATCH ⇢ 4.16 While You Weren’t Sleeping

Keep Your Hands To Yourself (Brett Talbot)

Brett x Reader

Requested by @itsall-inmy-head

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“Hey, move over.” Isaac mumbled as he sat down next to you on the couch, almost in your lap since your brother was the least patient person you knew. You couldn’t believe you were related, especially not twins.

You raise your eyebrows at him when he press himself down beside you, making your shoulders nudge Brett’s, who was visiting Derek’s loft for movie-night, a thing your pack did time to time to relax.

“Ehm, excuse me Isaac?” you wined and pinched him in the side but he didn’t even wince. “You know I don’t mind small spaces, but people beside me might be bothered by being mushed in this small couch.” You nodded towards Brett before you growled at Isaac.

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Alec Lightwood has an ugly Christmas sweater that says “Make the Yuletide Gay” and Magnus Bane has an ugly Christmas sweater that says “Bi the Fire’s Glow” and they wear them all the time and are so proud of them and walk hand in hand with them on sorry I don’t make the rules

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So I've watched a fair few karl urban movies like the loft, priest, star trek one or two others and i gotta say... Damn he's one hot peice of ass Care to give a girl a list (big or small, no fuss) of movies he's been in Kinda feel like watching a mini marathon of his movies.

Aww yeah girl, here we go! This is going to be quite the list. Buckle up!

Tv show: Almost Human - Everyones favorite grumpy officer. Very good, still bitter they cancelled it.

Tv Show: Hercules and Xena - I still have not gotten around to watching this(I’m almost afraid to, haha). What is wrong with me?

Tv Show: Comanche Moon: Cowboy Karl was pretty great, the rest of the show, I give it a solid “meh”. I love Karl trying to have a southern accent for a bit, then he just kinda gives up on it haha, poor guy.

And Soon the Darkness: Not as much Karl in it as I would have liked, but it was still a good movie regardless.

Priest: Karl as a vampire, with fangs? What more could you ask for?

The Bourne Supremacy - little assassin Karl, speaking Russian, grumpy expressions the whole time, also a good movie.

Doom: Oh how I love Karl in Doom. Not a good gamer movie, but a great Karl movie. (Super thrusting @bkwrm523)

Dredd: Another weird but excellent Karl movie. He did dredd so great haha

Lord of the Rings: Where I first fell in love with Karl. Eomer will always have that special place in my heart.

Pathfinder: Another completely weird Karl Urban movie. Honestly, I just watched this one for Karl specifically. I wasn’t disappointed with him.

Pete’s Dragon: I watched this one because I loved the original, plus Karl was in it. Unfortunately I didn’t think this one held a candle to the original. Came for the nostalgia, stayed for Karl(even if hes a bit assholeish)

RED: I loved this movie. Great action packed movie, and funny as well. I love Cooper.

Star Trek: I mean, we all know about this one right? I don’t have to say anything here.

The Loft: How I love Karl in this movie(even though he is a definite asshole.) I just can’t help it, he looks so damn good.

Truth about Demons: I watched this the other day, and I’m still not quite sure what I watched. Karl still looked good in it though.(plus a small sex scene)

Walking with Dinosaurs: Another one I still haven’t gotten around to watching. I might need to do that later. Karl in flannel though, yes please, besides all that scruff and hair.

Theres many more, like: Short Poppies(Tv show), Riddick(movie), Black water transit(movie), Out of the Blue(movie), Ghost Ship(movie), The Price of Milk(movie), Heaven(movie) but a few are pretty obscure and hard to find so I haven’t seen them yet. But the list above is all my favorite things Karl has been in! Hope this helps :) (and sorry if this is super long, I got carried away, whoops)

Until the Fog Lifts: Scene #1 - Below Storybrooke General

You know how I said last week that I was going to write two more chapters with the scenes I’d had planned for the future? Well, it’ll be two/three chapters on or ao3, but I’ll be posting the scenes individually here - these won’t even be published on those sites until I have more than a few written.

And, in a unexpected turn of events, I’ve actually managed to get a scene written, so here it is! I hope you enjoy it (scene and context under the cut)

Want to read the rest of the fic? | ao3

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Number 5 for the Sterek prompt challenge. :)

This came out “ehhh”, but I hope you enjoy it! Here’s #5: “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

“You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?” Derek asked.

Stiles blinked a few times before looking over to Derek whose face was full of concern. They were sitting on the couch of the loft, take out boxes in hand with his laptop playing something on Netflix. He’s already forgotten what they had picked.

“Nothing, just not feeling great,” Stiles shrugged, forcing a piece of orange chicken in his mouth even though he’s lost his appetite.

“Like sick or just not in a good mood?”

“Not in a good mood.”

“Care to tell me why?”

He shrugged again and put his food onto the coffee table to pause the movie. The loft fell into silence. Thinking about it he looked around; their bed was just over in the corner, there were a few rusted nails in the beams above, the metal staircase was getting old, it felt too much like a party pad and not enough of a home.

“Have you ever thought of like…settling down?” Stiles asked.

Derek raised an eyebrow, “settling down?”

“Yeah. A real house, 2.5 kids, a dog, that kind of thing,” Stiles expanded.

“2.5 kids? I think a whole number is better like two or three,” Derek joked but even to Stiles it fell flat, “but it’s come to mind a few times. Why is that bothering you tonight?”

“I dunno just been thinking about it lately. Scott and Ally are married, they have a house, I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant and they’re not telling us yet. Erica and Boyd are at least in an apartment with actual rooms and quality plumbing…long story short do you see that happening…with us?” He rambled, his shoulders shrinking a little when he left the heavy question lingering in the air.

Derek set his own food down, his eyebrows drawn up like they did when he was thinking or contemplating something. It worried Stiles, because if Derek was thinking about it then it probably meant he’s never seen them like that. No cute dog, no small children that would run into their room in the morning begging for breakfast, no bedroom in their suburban house.

No nothing.

Then Derek’s fingers found his chin and made Stiles look at him, the eye contact intense and put a shiver through him.

“I want that with you, all of it, I just wasn’t sure how to bring it up.”

Stiles’ jaw dropped taking in that information. If he had known that they’d be out of this loft like yesterday. A grin crossed his face as he leaned into Derek, hiding his face into the older man’s neck.

“Now that we have that out of the way I’m thinking we get a German Shepherd,” Stiles said into Derek’s collar.

There was a small laugh, “sure. German Shepherd sounds good. Let’s just get out of the loft first.”


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I have no idea how you headcannoned the reaper x reader ask so accurately 😂 I actually do call people meanies! (Sorry if I request edgelord too much I just really enjoy your portrayal of him) I was wondering if you could please write a oneshot of reaper's s/o calling someone a meany and edgelord coming over to defend her? - shy anon

XD I would love to try. I’m glad you enjoyed the headcanons

“Wait here,” Reaper said quietly to you, leaving your side. The two of you had been called back from the date night the two of you were having because the top branch of Talon needed a word with Reaper. And by date night, it meant the two of you were watching horror movies back at your loft and snuggled together while you were in pajamas.

Despite what most people thought, Reaper did know how to be normal sometimes. And yes, he was definitely dark and moody most of the time but with you, he was possessive and always held your hand, loved watching spooky movies with you alone on days off, and enjoyed going on walks in the evening with you away from others.

Eager to return to what you two had been doing previously, you waited anxiously, leaning from foot to foot in the corner of the lift off bay.

Two Talon members who were going by glanced at you, before snickering quietly. Seeing them do that made you feel a bit sad. You weren’t a Talon member here, and most of them looked down on you. You’d heard some whispers about them thinking Reaper was going soft because of you, and that you were tarnishing a good commander.

“Can you believe that he really lets that pipsqueak in here?” you heard one of them mutter, the two on active patrol and making sure the lift off bay was secured.

Shaking his head, the two either didn’t know you could hear or they really didn’t care. “Honestly, he isn’t much of the commander he was a year ago,” the other agreed, and the two sent a sly look at you.

You were kind of sick of it. What right did they have to act like that?

Storming over, you tapped on the shoulder of one. “Excuse me!” you said with a scowl. “I can hear you”

One of the two men sneered, pushing your shoulder lightly. He was a good foot and a half taller then you, but you’d always been rather short. “Does it look like i care? You shouldn’t be here in the first place,” he said.

“But I am because I have permission and the two of you are just being incredibly rude!” you said with a scowl. Being looked down upon, both physically and metaphorically, was always an annoyance.

“Look, little girl! I don’t give a rats ass, you hear me? Your just a short, unattractive little brat. The fact that out of everyone, the boss is giving YOU his attention literally makes NO sense!” snapped the second man, who loomed over you menacingly. The two looked pissed and honestly, the harsh way with which they talked to you had you swallowing back tears.

Eyes growing wet, you glared at them angrily. “Your both just a…a bunch of meanies!” you yelled at them, reaching up to wipe a tear away.

The first man’s lip curled in disgust. “Did you seriously just call us ‘meanies’? What are you, two? Your going to cry now?” he said sarcastically.

Even as the two continued to make fun of you, neither noticed the cloaked figure walking up behind them, nor the fury that radiated from him. It was clear that Reaper had heard just enough and the way his hand twitching toward his belt was not a good sign.

“I wouldn’t…wouldn’t say anything else if you want to live…” you sniffled, rubbing at your eyes as you looked up at them. Though you knew that Reaper was protective enough that these two wouldn’t be walking out of here alive if you were crying.

“Why, what are you going to do?” one laughed.

“It isn’t what she’s going to do,” rasped a dark voice full of anger. Instantly you could see the two men go rigid, paling at the sound of their commanders voice. “Its what I am going to do that you two should fear.”

The two turned quickly, and you could see instantly the two realized how deep of shit they were in. One even peed his pants and trembled, the other’s knees quaking slightly.

“B-boss, i can explain-” the first rushed, but a bullet sent him sprawling on his back. It seemed he had died instantly, blood pooling around on the floor. Instantly you covered your eyes, not wanting to see.

Turning to the one who had peed himself, Reaper’s eyes seemed to stare into his soul, which was filled with terror. “Leave, before I throw you to Widowmaker for target practice. And the next time any one of you question me or speak to y/n like that again…I don’t need a base full of men to take down Overwatch. I am a one man army. You are insignificant and easily replaceable,” he hisses, before letting the man run out of the hangar.

Once the man was gone, Reaper stepped over the body and went to you, dragging you close into his arms and shielding you from the bloody sight behind him.

Sniffling, you looked up at him and let him wipe the tears from yours eyes. “They’re a bunch of meanies, Gabe,” you whispered, snuggling against his chest.

With a rumble, Reaper silently nodded his agreement and lifted you princess style, taking you home without further delay.

Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon week 4: At odds

Words: 1912

Tags: Angst, Feels, Humour, Fluff

Week 3 submission for the OHFAT hosted by @thebookjumper!

Read on AO3

Notes: This was supposed to be cute and fluffy and funny but it ended up being mostly angst and feels. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

This kind of follows on from this so I recommend reading that one first, even though it’s not really 100% necessary.

Please let me know what you think once you’re done! :)

Felicity knows she’s drunk and really shouldn’t be arguing right now. Or even speaking right now. She should just be taking herself to bed by herself where she could sober up and then by morning be back to her normal, albeit a little hungover, self. But it has been a long week and she’s had too much wine and all rationality has left her brain. Not that there is ever really all that much rationality in there anyway. Not when it comes to Oliver. Especially not when it comes to Oliver.

And so here they are. Arguing about whether or not she can do the salmon ladder. She isn’t quite drunk enough yet to get up and prove to him that she can, but she is definitely drunk enough to keep arguing her point; her point being that although she is small and doesn’t work out half as much as she knows she probably should, she is absolutely certain that it can’t be that hard to do.

As far as arguments go, this really isn’t much of one at all. But being at odds with Oliver over something nonsensical like this is nice. It feels like old times when they’d exchange witty and sarcastic remarks back and forth all the time.

“Would you have told Sara that she couldn’t do it?”


“What about Laurel? Would you have told her that you didn’t think it was a good idea for her to try?”

“Hey, I-”

“Or what about Hel-”

“Felicity!” He yells, not loudly but it’s definitely a yell because let’s face it, she isn’t ever going to shut up naming his ex girlfriends otherwise is she? Felicity doesn’t let herself think about why his ex girlfriends doing the salmon ladder is suddenly important to her. And on the topic of whys, why is him yelling so attractive? Why is she staring at his mouth as he yells her name? “I never said that I didn’t think you could do it!”

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Scary movie night - part 1 (Pack mom)

After everything that had happened in Beacon Hills in the last few days, it was safe to say that things has been incredibly hectic but things were starting to calm down so I had offered to host a movie night at the loft for the rest of pack so everyone could relax.

The pack usually got together for a movie night weekly but with the latest supernatural threat running around the town, pack nights had been put on hold. They usually took place here at the loft as Derek’s place was the only place that had enough room for everyone crash afterwards. Stiles had bought the latest horror film that everyone was dying to see. A whole 2 and half hours of creepy puppets coming to life, taking over a town and killing anyone who got in their way. Normally the movie of choice was either comedy or animated but everyone wanted to switch it up this week and Stiles came through with getting one of the few copies of the latest horror film. Usually I’d protest but this was one horror movie the pack had talked about watching for a while and I knew I couldn’t be beaten so I let them get settled.

I quickly greeted everyone and as they began taking their places I made myself busy bringing down more blankets and pillows into the living room so everyone would be more comfortable in front of the t.v. before heading to the kitchen to grab all the bowls of snacks that Derek and I had prepared earlier. I smiled gently ruffling Liam’s hair passing him by an he gave me a small smile. He was stood in the kitchen eyeing the DVD case that was laying on the counter. He didn’t exactly look pleased at the movie choice. “Really?” He said mostly to himself but Stiles had heard his comment as he walked into the kitchen to grab the chilled drink bottles from the fridge.“Aww is the little baby beta scared of the puppets?” He cooed sarcastically while ruffling the young boy’s hair. Liam didn’t take appreciate the gesture. “No I’m not! Just why dolls? They’re just toys.” Liam said scrunching his face up at the movie case.

The movie was set up and all the snacks had been brought into the room where everyone helped themselves. Liam came and took a seat next to me. I took one of the blankets and placed it over his lap as well as mine to make us more comfortable. He smiled up at me with his beautiful bright baby blue eyes and I gave him a reassuring hug and soon the movie began playing. Everyone hurried to get settled and the previews began to roll. Scott and Stiles sat on the floor near the tv, Lydia sat by the fireplace, Kira and Malia were balled together on a single armchair sharing a blanket and Derek sat beside me wrapping an arm around me and Liam took the other space beside me.

We were only 20 minutes in to the movie and one of the creepy looking dolls had stabbed a girl and cut a man’s throat. It was turning out to be more gruesome than I thought. I could feel hands wrap around my arm and I could see that Liam was not enjoying this. The entire room was quiet and one of the doll’s voices could be heard whispering but suddenly the evil face appears on the screen and a demonic laughter rings through the speakers. Before I even had time to react Liam had already jumped from his spot next to me and was balled up in my lap. His arms were wrapped tightly around my waist as he buried his face into my chest while letting out a gasp.

The room erupted with laughter. Scott reached over and turned the lamp on while Derek paused the movie rolling his eyes at the pack. Everyone was laughing at the sight before them. Liam was balled up in my lap and I was holding him close as he hid his eyes and ears from the movie. “Hahahaha! I knew it! Liam was scared!” Stiles taunted laughing at him.
“That’s enough”, I raised my voice glaring at them and the pack stopped their laughing. “No one’s going to say a word to my baby.” I tightened my hold on Liam holding him protectively. Derek ruffles Liam’s hair affectionately. I brought my face down to Liam’s and asked "Baby, if you don’t want to watch we can go into another room”, I told him as he nuzzled closer to me.
“No, I just want to stay here”, he mumbled against my shoulder.
I gently brushed his hair away from his face and kissed his forehead.
“You don’t have to be scared, you’re safe pup” reassured Derek who gave him a small smile.
“Nothing’s going to hurt you, I’m right here sweetie”, I replied softly while caressing his cheek with my thumb. He gave me a small adorable smile and nodded. He hugged me before faintly saying “I love you mommy”. I smiled and kissed the top of his head rocking him in my lap. “I love you too, my baby” I cooed down at him snuggled against me.
“Mommy, really Liam?!” Exclaimed Stiles who proved to have heard him and was beyond annoyed that the movie had stopped playing. Liam realised what he said and blushed a bright red in my arms and hid his face against my neck. He usually called me “mom” so him calling me “mommy” was new but I didn’t mind. It was absolute adorable. I laughed and kissed his head again. “You’re so cute,” I told him smiling down at the cute little blushing beta in my arms.
“Urgh, just put the baby to bed so we can go back to enjoying the film, come on already?!!” He said impatiently.
“That’s enough”, growled Derek causing Stiles to sink into his seat. I turned back to Liam to assure him he’s safe.
“Everything’s ok, baby. I’m right here” I assured the adorable little beta that was balled up in my lap. Liam looked at me, gave me a small smile and nodded. I kissed his forehead and smiled back.
I then gave Scott a nod and he pressed play on the remote so the film continued.

As the movie carried on, I kept an eye on Liam every few minutes to make sure he was ok but he kept whimpering in my arms and clutching my shirt. I leaned down and lightly pressed a kiss to his cheek and hushed him.“You’re ok, honey”. He shook his head against me so I sat him up slowly.
Scott heard looked over and smiled at him silently reassuring him that I’d take care of Liam.
“I don’t like it, I can still hear it and it’s too scary” he said turning back into my chest and still clutching my shirt. At this point I was rocking him in my arms like a baby in an attempt to calm him down.
“Sssh, it’s ok. You don’t have to be scared ok? I’m here.” I hushed him holding him close.
“I don’t want to watch it, mommy…mom.”, he said blushing as he snuggled closer. “I don’t like it”, his voice cracking and snuggling closer to my chest.
“Sssh I know, baby it’s ok” I cooed, gently brushing his hair out of his face. I had an idea so I shifted myself so I was more comfortable and had Liam lay down in my lap.
“Close your eyes and try and get some sleep instead, honey”, I kissed his forehead. I covered him with a blanket and wrapped my arms around him holding him close as I continued to hush him and rock him in my arms.
“Listen to my heartbeat, baby. I want you to close your eyes and focus on syncing your breathing to my heartbeat, can you do that for me?” I cooed down at him and placed a soft kiss to his ear.
“Yeah” he said sleepily nodding against me.
“Good boy” I praised him and kissed his head gently rocking him.
“Urgh what a baby” mumbled Stiles. I ignored Stiles remark and looked down at Liam who was trying hard to concentrate despite the noise coming from the tv. He had his eyes closed, nose scrunched up adorably and with one hand was still clutched my shirt. I couldn’t help but lean down and kiss his nose and whisper “you’re so cute” to him as he opened his eyes and blushed slightly. “You’re doing so well, baby. I’m so proud of you”. I praised him again gently rocking him in my lap. After a while I had noticed that Liam had not moved and soft snores could be heard from him. I looked down to the adorable little sleeping baby beta wrapped in my arms and couldn’t help but press a soft kiss to his forehead again and rested my head on top of his before turning back to the movie.

After the movie was over, the entire pack practically collapsed into a deep sleep in the living room except for me and Derek.
Liam was still fast asleep in my arms. Derek got up from being squashed into the end of the couch and he stretched his large muscly arms and looked at the sight of Liam sprawled on top of me and couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.
“A little help would be nice, sourwolf” you asked playfully earning a smirk from Derek who only tolerated you calling him that out of love, of course.
“I got him” he whispered taking Liam from my arms and taking him to our shared bedroom. I escaped from the adorably clingy beta to quickly place a blanket over the other pack members who were sleeping before leaving to change, freshen up and relieve yourself before climbing into bed. Liam instantly felt himself detach from my warmth and began whimpering in his sleep in Derek’s arms but I gently brushed my thumb over his cheek and hushed him and he soon settled back down.
“I’ve got him, go sort yourself out” replied Derek. I placed a sweet kiss to his cheek and practically ran to the bathroom. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Derek had placed Liam in the middle of our shared bed watching over him as he quickly changed into his t shirt and sweatpants for the night.
Liam began whimpering and almost crying but Derek leapt to the rescue and comforted Liam slowly ruffling his hair.
“It’s alright, pup. You’re safe” I heard Derek whisper gently petting his hair. I walked into the bedroom and leaned against the frame of the door to see Derek comforting Liam. My heart began to swell with happiness looking at them. Liam had turned over and snuggled into Derek’s chest.
I giggled at the adorable sight and quickly snapped a picture before climbing into bed.
“You know, you’re going to make a great dad someday”, I whispered to him. His eyes grew wide and I couldn’t help but laugh at his expression. I smiled and leaned over and gave Derek a kiss before brushing the hair away from Liam’s face and placing a light kiss to his forehead.

Liam had turned away from Derek to snuggle into my chest probably knowing my presence from smelling my perfume. I put my arms around him pulling him close and gently ran my fingers through his soft sand coloured hair.
“Sssh, I’m right here.” I reassured him again. He snuggled closer to me and soon settled down allowing himself to fall asleep peacefully. I leaned down and kissed his cheek smiling at him peacefully sleeping in my arms.
“Goodnight, my baby” I whispered into his ear before laying down and closing my eyes eventually drifting off to sleep.

Of Tricks and Candy Apples

Summary: Derek muses about the scents of the season, thinks about Disney movies, and is sickeningly adorable. In that order. I really just wanted an excuse to make Derek happy by making Peter miserable. Short and pointless seasonal musing.

Pairings: Derek x OC/reader

It was that wonderful time of year again. The leaves were turning, the air becoming cool and crisp, lawns decorated festively with ghosts and tombstones. The loft was littered with empty candy wrappers, the teens responsible thankfully having come down from their sugar high and vacated on the promise of candy apples and horror movies later. Not that Derek needed any of these reminders, what with the smell of pumpkin everything haunting him everywhere he went. Really, it was everywhere she went, but ever since their relationship had seemed to take a 180, they found themselves attached at the hip more often than not.

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