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Alec Lightwood has an ugly Christmas sweater that says “Make the Yuletide Gay” and Magnus Bane has an ugly Christmas sweater that says “Bi the Fire’s Glow” and they wear them all the time and are so proud of them and walk hand in hand with them on sorry I don’t make the rules

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Number 5 for the Sterek prompt challenge. :)

This came out “ehhh”, but I hope you enjoy it! Here’s #5: “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

“You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?” Derek asked.

Stiles blinked a few times before looking over to Derek whose face was full of concern. They were sitting on the couch of the loft, take out boxes in hand with his laptop playing something on Netflix. He’s already forgotten what they had picked.

“Nothing, just not feeling great,” Stiles shrugged, forcing a piece of orange chicken in his mouth even though he’s lost his appetite.

“Like sick or just not in a good mood?”

“Not in a good mood.”

“Care to tell me why?”

He shrugged again and put his food onto the coffee table to pause the movie. The loft fell into silence. Thinking about it he looked around; their bed was just over in the corner, there were a few rusted nails in the beams above, the metal staircase was getting old, it felt too much like a party pad and not enough of a home.

“Have you ever thought of like…settling down?” Stiles asked.

Derek raised an eyebrow, “settling down?”

“Yeah. A real house, 2.5 kids, a dog, that kind of thing,” Stiles expanded.

“2.5 kids? I think a whole number is better like two or three,” Derek joked but even to Stiles it fell flat, “but it’s come to mind a few times. Why is that bothering you tonight?”

“I dunno just been thinking about it lately. Scott and Ally are married, they have a house, I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant and they’re not telling us yet. Erica and Boyd are at least in an apartment with actual rooms and quality plumbing…long story short do you see that happening…with us?” He rambled, his shoulders shrinking a little when he left the heavy question lingering in the air.

Derek set his own food down, his eyebrows drawn up like they did when he was thinking or contemplating something. It worried Stiles, because if Derek was thinking about it then it probably meant he’s never seen them like that. No cute dog, no small children that would run into their room in the morning begging for breakfast, no bedroom in their suburban house.

No nothing.

Then Derek’s fingers found his chin and made Stiles look at him, the eye contact intense and put a shiver through him.

“I want that with you, all of it, I just wasn’t sure how to bring it up.”

Stiles’ jaw dropped taking in that information. If he had known that they’d be out of this loft like yesterday. A grin crossed his face as he leaned into Derek, hiding his face into the older man’s neck.

“Now that we have that out of the way I’m thinking we get a German Shepherd,” Stiles said into Derek’s collar.

There was a small laugh, “sure. German Shepherd sounds good. Let’s just get out of the loft first.”


Imagine one of those nights in which they are allowed to relax. Maybe Alec got a serious injure and Izzy insisted on him to sit it out.

So they are watching a movie on Magnus’ loft, Alec’s head on Magnus’ lap, Magnus running his fingers on Alec’s hair. Magnus is paying attention to the movie, but the truth is that Alec finds it absolutely boring. Maybe for a shadowhunter that was always in action, watching people fake fighting wasn’t as endearing as it was supposed to be. Alec spent at least half an hour playing with the fingers of Magnus’ free hand.

It doesn’t take long until Magnus realizes that Alec isn’t enjoying himself. Maybe going out on missions was out of the question, but maybe they could do another thing. Magnus pauses the movie with the remote and that brings Alec out of his reverie.

“What happens?” Alec looks up to Magnus and sees his boyfriend grimace a little.

“You’re bored.”

“I’m always bored.”

Alexander.” Magnus is quick to scold Alec, which only makes him laugh.

“Fine, what do you suggest we do, then?” Alec will soon regret this question when he sees Magnus smiling playfully. With a snap of his fingers, slow music starts to play and Magnus is making him sit down so he can stand in front of him.

“Come on, give me your hand.” He commands, and Alec stares at the hand for too long before obeying and then standing when Magnus starts to pull him up carefully. He wasn’t about to open his wounds for his plans. “Now, why don’t you put your hands around my waist?”

“Okay- wait, what?!”

“So shy, for god’s sake,” laughing, Magnus takes both of his hands and places them on his own waist, really close to his hips. Then he proceeds to place his own around his neck. “Just follow me.”

Magnus starts to move very slowly, swinging barely from side to side and moving them in circles at the same time; all in a very slow pace. So slow they were barely moving every time. Magnus can feel how tense Alec is, how much he’s trying not to fuck this up, but this is not the point, so he tells him to relax. To look him in the eye and just letting the music and him, of course, to guide him.

They are in the middle of the song when Alec picks up the pace and they are dancing, body against body, smiling at each other, forehead to forehead, chest to chest. Every little bit Alec will place a kiss on his lips or his cheeks. Sometimes Magnus will pick Alec off the ground and go in circles, chuckles and giggles escaping from their mouths.

Before they realize, they dance for more than an hour, and Alec can’t believe how happy he is, and how great that made him feel.

Finding them dancing anytime after that doesn’t turn out to be a hard task.

(btw I may or may not have listened to this while writing this)


You and Derek were just hanging out in the loft, watching movies on your laptop, it was a really funny comedy. You and Derek had laughed through the whole thing, but you couldn’t help but notice one thing.

Whenever Derek laughed he covered his mouth.

Once the movie ended you still couldn’t let it go.

‘Derek, why do you do that?’ you asked, as he closed the laptop.

‘Do what?’ he asked.

‘You always cover your mouth when you laugh, come to think of it, you rarely smile.’ you realized.

‘I smile all the time.’ Derek said.

‘No you don’t, you smirk and grin all the time, but no smiles. No happy, life is great smiles. I know when you’re happy, I can smell it all over you, but still no smiling. Why?’

Derek took a deep breath before he started.

‘I just try not to anymore, I used to smile all the time when I was younger, before the fire. I had a lot more reasons to.’he said.

You put a comforting hand on his knee and urged him to continue.

‘But really I stopped around the time I got with Kate. She would always go on and on about my teeth and how they made me look like Bugs Bunny. So at first I stopped doing it around her, then I just tried not to at all.’ Derek said sadly.

‘That bitch, Derek I don’t care what she said, you have a great smile, and absolutely nothing is wrong with your teeth.’ you said honestly.

‘Think so, I mean the two front ones are kinda longer than the other ones.’ Derek said quietly.

‘Hey my right is bigger than my left, I’ve been hearing it forever, doesn’t make me wear turtle necks does it?’ you smiled encouragingly.

You smelled the happiness all over him, but you wanted to see it on his face.

‘Come on, show me that smile, all them pearly whites.’ you urged.

Derek looked up and boom!

Smiles for days!

‘Aaawww so handsome, you should do this more.’ you praised.

‘Really?’ Derek smiled confidently.


You have a cute nose || Pack

Prompt:  Can you write a cute pack mom type imagine where Liam has fallen in the reader’s lap and at first he rocks him but after she realizes he keeps scrunching his nose in his sleep so she gently tickles his nose to see if he does it and he does and finds it adorable and later she shows Derek and the pack and they’re all like “how cute” and one of them videos it and shows it Liam when he wakes up and he blushes but the reader kisses his cheek and hugs him telling him he’s adorable please if that’s ok

Words: 833

Pairing: None// pack imagine

A/n: This is such a cute request and I had a lot of fun writing it. Hope you like it! Sorry this is super short.

Enjoy and tell me what you think! 

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After what it felt like ages, the pack finally decided to have a movie night at Derek’s loft, tons of pillows and snacks were scattered all over the floor, Kira and Malia were setting the  projector while Scott and Stiles were out looking for the movies; you were on the couch and Lydia was sitting on your left and Liam on your right. Stiles walked into the room with Scott behind arguing about what movie to watch.

“We are not watching Star Wars, Stiles”  Scott let himself fall to the floor in front of Lydia “ the only person besides you who wants to watch them is Kira" 

"Yes, but tonight I’m not in the mood, let’s watch something else” she said Stiles rolled his eyes “Fine, but one day I’m gonna save all of your supernatural asses and you’re going to thank me by watching them”

 "Uhh… Stiles?“ Liam asked


"Y/n is not supernatural” the beta said pointing at you 

“No, but she sure fights like one” Stiles said, you smiled proudly, having a father in the business of private security had its perks. 

The girls finished setting the projector and sat next to their boyfriends, the pack was still unsure on what to watch. Lydia wanted to watch a romantic comedy, Kira something related to Marvel or Dc, Scott was up to everything except for Star Wars and Stiles, you all knew what he wanted to watch. Liam was falling asleep next to you, so you decided to suggest a movie that would keep him up.

“Why don’t we watch Gone Girl?” you said, all heads turned to see you “please don’t tell me you don’t know that movie” they nodded their head ‘no’ “ Seriously? Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike? psycho wife that fakes her death?” they were still clueless “ since none of you have seen it, we are watching it” you stood up and put the dvd in the dvd player and started the movie.

Half way through it, Liam was already asleep on your lap, at first you started to play with his hair so he could relax but later you noticed he kept scrunching his nose, trying not to move you reached a pillow and looked for a loose feather, you moved the feather gently over his nose to see if he did it again, he did and you had to bit your lower lip to avoid saying 'awww’ out loud. You nudged Lydia slightly with your elbow to catch her attention. 

“Hmm” she mumbled without looking at you, her eyes locked on the screen

 "Watch this" you whispered, she turned her head and you tickled Liam’s nose one more time

“that is so adorable,” Lydia said “do it again, Y/n” she pulled out her phone to record it, you did and this time both of you laughed. 

Malia paused the movie and turned around “Okay, what is going on with the three of you?” she asked with her arms crossed 

“Liam is sleeping but he scrunches his nose in the cutest way and Lydia recorded it" 

"Are you serious?” Stiles asked 

“Yeah, why?” Lydia answered 

“Because this movie is amazing and he’s sleeping, if he asks what’s the plot of the movie, I won’t tell him" 

"Show us” Scott said 

For the fourth time, you tickled his nose and everyone laughed, Derek opened the door and walked in.

“Sorry I’m late, I had some things to do,” he looked at all of you with a confused look “why is everyone surrounding Y/n and Liam?" 

Stiles grabbed Lydia’s phone and stood up"Just wait and see”  he walked towards the projector and and connected the phone. 

Liam woke up and saw everyone looking at him, he was confused and didn’t know what was going on “Why is everyone looking at me like that?” he asked rubbing his eyes 

“Like what?” Malia asked 

“ Like you’re the cutest thing ever?” you smiled, Liam blushed and avoided everyone’s gaze 

“Now Derek, this is why we were laughing and surrounding the little beta and Y/n ” he sat next to Malia and clicked play. Liam’s video was on the screen and everyone watched it over and over again.

 You could see Liam blushing harder than before, he hid behind your shoulder and mumbled something you couldn’t understand 

“I don’t have werewolf senses, I don’t know what you said” you made him come out of his hiding place and put your arm around his neck, pulling him closer to you"I said that I hate you Y/n" he said 

you laughed “You don’t hate me, you love me” you smiled and scrunched your nose, his cheeks were bright red by now 

“Aww! you’re so cute when you blush” you hugged him , unconsciously Liam scrunched his nose again 

you giggled “and ever cuter when you do that with your nose” he turned his face to look at you

“Thanks? I guess…” you kissed his cheek and hugged him again

“You have a cute nose” he smiled and hugged you back.  

concept: everybody gathered at magnus’s loft for movie night, pillows and blankets spread all over the floor, the tv screen illuminating the whole room, each of them lying on top of someone else, fighting over blankets, eating clementines and occasionally throwing a peel at someone’s head, the air smelling sweet of winter and warmth and love. after he sets up the movie, magnus tries to navigate through the mess of tangled legs, stepping on a few and earning half-hearted yells of protest, in his quest to reach the empty spot next to alec. when he does, he curls up under the blanket, resting his head on alec’s chest, his excuse being that there was no pillow left for him; neither believed it, and neither cared. he breathes in the scent of fresh laundry, of comfort, of home, and tries his hardest not to drift off when the movie is only 15 minutes in. but the distant, muffled chatter of everyone around, the steady rise and fall of alec’s chest and the gentle, rhythmical thread of alec’s fingers through his hair do little to help in that regard, lulling him to sleep almost instantly, soft lips pressed to the crown of his head being the last thing he feels.