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Day 20: The Avengers, Clevelend, OH
One of the coolest sceneframing adventures EVER and it features no other than Tom Hiddleston! We were looking for the Loki Germany scene location, the one where Loki makes his speech in Stuttgart (in fact filmed in Cleveland, Ohio). At first, we entered the wrong building (false information online, boo!) and stopped to ask for directions from a sheriff working security in the building. He looked at our screenshots from the movie and recognized the building as the Probate Courthouse, but since it was already late in the evening, it was already closed. Well, as it happened, we got in anyway for a very private photo session…

Another one of Tom Hiddleston’s movie locations captured by Fangirl Quest. So, if you wanna feel like Loki descending that stairway, get your ass to Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

House by Tony Hoffarth
Via Flickr:
The 1986 thriller “House” starring William Katt and George Wendt used this private residence in Monrovia, CA. It doesn’t look so scary today with all the Christmas decorations. This home is located at 329 Melrose Ave, Monrovia.