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“Everyone pretends to be normal and be your best friend, but underneath, everyone is living some other life you don’t know about, and if only we had a camera on us at all times, we could go and watch each other’s tapes and find out what each of us was really like.”

―James Franco, Palo Alto (2013)

my favorite parts of the mphfpc movie

- this isnt even the fun part, do u want to see the fun part
- enoch holding claires hand / picking her up
- enoch and the skeletons
- enoch making his toys fight
- enoch sticking his hands in his pockets
- enoch puffing up bc jake was infront of him
- enoch holding a damn pitchfork
- enoch getting picked up by a hollow
- enoch

Discarded books need love, too

I found these discarded books at a library sale. After serving their masters faithfully for decades, they were abandoned, discarded. :(

When I found them, they were having difficulty breathing under the plastic. Someone had taped the plastic on. (Cruel!) And just as bad, there were a number of stickers all over the books. Poor things. *sigh*

Tape hasn’t looked like this since the ‘70s! It gives you an idea how long these babies have been suffering.

They felt relieved when the tape was removed, but it left scars. :(

Now it was time for the stickers. The books were scared, so I had to pet them as I was removing the stickers.

Ugh! There was a sticker under the sticker! And this one was really tough to remove…

One sticker left all kinds of residue, and the book was still really uncomfortable. :(

We had to go into emergency protocol! This is a dangerous procedure, as it’s impossible to predict the allergic reactions of abandoned books to topical medications since their genetic history is unavailable to us.

Success! The book came through like a champ. :D

They’re so clean and happy now!

They love their new home, and they will never lack for love again. :)

Mythology - Thor Imagine

Main Pairing: Thor x Reader

Words: 745

* NOT MY GIF * Edit: i literally just noticed that thor is not a gif. whoops. sorry.

A/N: I really wanted to write a Bruce Banner imagine with this storyline, but I felt it would work out a little bit better with Thor. Tell me your thoughts! :) Have a good day.

When you were given the job at the library, you were overcome with happiness. Having a job meant having a reason to leave your rambunctious house, so you started as soon as possible. About two weeks in work, you were reading a quite pleasant book in the library. Peaceful clock ticking and pages being turned were heard throughout the library, and there was also a cough every so often, but it didn’t bother you. You just enjoyed the quiet atmosphere that was a nice change in comparison to your house.

You didn’t expect to be interrupted, so when someone cleared their throat, it took you several long, awkward moments to be look up. In front of you was a handsome, long-haired man looking just as awkward as you felt.

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