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Square is gonna do everything in their power to make sure no one addresses the fact Clarus is dead. That entire DLC read like:

Gladio - “Did my dad, who totally didn’t die, take the trial?”
Cor - “No your father, who wasn’t impaled to the fucking wall, did not take the trial.”
Gladio - “Okay. Even though my dad, who wasn’t brutally murdered, didn’t take the trial, I will. Thanks Cor.”

Characters in American Gods
  • Laura Moon: I would kill for my husband
  • Mr. Wednesday: it's called a hustle sweetheart
  • Me. World and Co.: here come the men in black
  • Czernobog: "Fuck you and fuck your mother and fuck the fucking horse you fucking rode in on. You will not even die in battle. No warrior will taste your blood. No one alive will take your life. You will die a soft poor death. You will die with a kiss on your lips and a lie in your heart." - best curse in all of fiction tbh
  • Me. Nancy: best character 10/10 anxiously waiting for the movie adaption about his kids
  • The Zoryas: Slavic aunties with magic powers
  • Media: My speech is italicizes for emphasis. EMPHASIS!
  • Bliquis: ooooh here she comes, she's a man eater, oooh here she comes, watch out boy she'll chew you up
  • Buffalo God: BELIEVE IT
  • The cab driving ifrit: doesn't matter had sex
  • Tech Boy: we get it you vape
  • Jacquel and Ibis: I believe in my cool funeral dads
  • Whisky Jack: fuck this shit I'm out
  • Easter: sugar and spice and everything nice and about to save the world
  • Loki: surprise bitch I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
  • Shadow Moon: I specifically asked for the opposite of this
  • Hinzelmann: hello naughty children it's murder time

I got 13 Hours reallt cheaply the other day and I’m watching it right now and it’s so good. This is exactly the kind of James Badge Dale content I needed today.

I Saw A Movie Yesterday: Monster Trucks

On Tyrantisterror’s recommendation, and yeah, it was pretty good. It did certainly fit the description of a throwback to ET-type A Boy And His Monster/Alien movies, and sometimes did feel like it was straining a fair bit under the formula, but it managed to feel very much like its own unique thing in a lot of ways.

Creech, for example, is more unique as a monster than a lot of “grown-up” horror movies would dare to have, with his introductory scenes being intense enough that I can kinda understand why kids in the test-audiences would’ve been horrified had they kept the original more Resident Evil-y designs.

But, Creech is cute, feeling like a mix between an elephant seal and an octopus; something like a good-counterpart to a D&D Aboleth, with a unique ability of tactile telekinesis justifying his ability to make the cars run.

Of course, the asshole oil company; like most characters; is painted in very broad strokes, but the film’s environmental politics feel surprisingly current in the age of fracking and treating environment-killers as Omelas-like “job-creators”.

The characters were pretty likable too, stock and broad yes, but likable. This includes the scientist for the evil oil company who; spoilers; heel-face turns near the climax, and I’m surprised how likable and heroic the sherrif-stepdad character was even though they could’ve totally treated him as a one-note jerkhole.

There’s also a great running gag about this one douchebag who bought a car with the town’s oil money and his fed-up girlfriend that ends up hilariously in a way I will not spoil.

But yeah, it’s a pretty good movie, and though it flopped I think that was only because of how much the super-extensive post-test-audience editing added on to the budget to 150-million, and even with it being dumped in the early year it still made 60-mil.

I can certainly easily see this becoming a cult-classic for kids remembered via home viewing, and it’s certainly a better car-sci-fi-movie than Paramount’s other; much more bloated franchise.

In fact, I came up with an idea for a sequel that maybe I should share one of these days…

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So “pegging” and “Magic Man” need to be combined. But this is Vietnam war Vet turned 70′s porn star Bucky!

You’re Foxxxy Tease. You work at Pepper Productions and you’re shooting a movie with the new kid, Bucky Barnes. He has a sweet face, innocent eyes, and a simmering need to be taken care of. So you take your time with him, touching every part of his body before sliding in to him and fucking him like he needs.

“Do you think all your friends would believe that their big, strong sergeant liked getting fucked by a little fox?” you ask. “Do you think they’d have to see it first? Would you like that? Everyone watching as I take your ass, make you mine?”

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between the stuff packs which do you recommend getting first? I mean I already have I think two of them but like out of a top three or so which ones are your favorites/recommendations for cas and building?

the cas in the cool kitchen stuff is unbeatable!! 

i use movie hangout stuff and kids room stuff probably the most cas and buy stuff so those are the three i recommend! 

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Oh how fun, let's play with people's feelings about this hiatus being permanent for literally no reason. Since the internet didn't have a collective meltdown the first go round. I'm still fucking mad at Christian Bale for deciding as a Serious Actor™ he never ever talks about Newsies like, not ever. Nobody's expecting you to star as dreamy Jack Kelly again but like would it kill you to be like "eh, I did that then and now I do other things." Just ONCE, that was my sick day movie as a kid!! Meh!

Me as you being bitter about all of it 

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This isn't PoE related but Sinbad was one of my favorite movies as a kid. What do you think of the character in general? He's a trash bags sometimes but I love him.

haha yeah, he’s total garbage. but that’s the point. :)

i’m really, really not a fan of the dynamic between him and marina - it brings out the worst in both of them, and i don’t get why her love is enough to make sinbad want to go back and save proteus, while proteus’ years of friendship and faith in him don’t mean squat.

but i generally like him. what i appreciate most is how he never tries to be what he isn’t - he’s always upfront about who and what he is, even when he’s being a giant pile of trash. like when proteus explains to sinbad that he’s substituting himself at sinbad’s execution because, you know, they’re boyhood pals and of course sinbad would have done the same for him, right? and sinbad flat out tells him no, i wouldn’t. right in front of king dymas and the entire council lmao

the “are you a thief or a hero?” dichotomy the movie initially sets up makes you think that ultimately he’s going to have to choose between being one or the other, and that saving proteus firmly puts him in the hero column - from now on he’s going to be a good guy who does noble things.with his life. but nope, in the end sinbad sails off into the sunset to (presumably) keep on robbing and scheming like always. he’s a thief and a hero. and that’s refreshing.

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im jett !! and im a 16 yr old closeted pan trans dude ,, i like kids movies and balancing things on my head. i have a gr8 bf and 2 doggos who yell too much,, i write songs bc im edgy,, lookin for friendos & validation,, i post about mcr and how sad i am here> @paaansy

looks super shitty man. the director is the same as “mama”, a 2013 snorefest. like mama it looks over processed visually and cliche, like a bad movie in another movie. these kid actors are not the best they could be. i know its not shakespeare but they could at least try something original