movie in a movie

As much as I love the HP movies, I often find myself disappointed by how many things were left out of the books - especially the extra-long books like “Goblet” and “Order” - in order to condense them to movie-length. I sometimes wonder if a “Game of Thrones”-style multi-season series would have been a better adaptation. That said, I wouldn’t change anything about the cast.

You were my cinderella, you left me there at the ball, i was in a state of shock and disbelief, i want to marry you, the moment i saw you feels like forever, and i knew that you’re the one for me, i was hoping that you’ll come back. I searched for you in the hopes that i will get to see you again but then, you never showed, you never came back for me. I was heartbroken and I really don’t know what to do anymore. I feel empty and shattered. Please come back my princess. I’ll be waiting, I really need you. I love you.

-Your Prince, 7:31PM (Inspired from the movie Cinderella)