movie in a movie


He’s back!


Another successfully done commission for @fear-the-antiverse !!!

This time, we have an evil Donnie lurking in the shadows with his newest experiment…. He looks harmless but the boyyy is evil! >:D

Thank you so much again for commissioning me, I always have so much fun with your guys requests!

Commissions are closed for the moment, but you can always shoot me a message if you’re also interested in commissions and prices at: or feel free to contact me via inbox/ chat here on Tumblr <3 :D

From the happiest sweetest ball of sunshine you could ever hope to meet…

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to one of the most disturbed people you will ever come across…

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he can do it all and do it all so well. The sky’s the limit and I am just so happy to get to watch through the windows.

Emmy Winner Darren Criss has a really nice fucking ring to it.