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I love musicals! That was what made me want to do acting in the first place.
It has been clear to me that I want to do it during my career, so it was fun that it happened so early now. I’m very happy! Says Moe to VG.
—  Tarjei Sandvik Moe (x)

I’m still looking forward to this movie because it still looks cool and fresh, even with the new characters I’m at least interested to see what their stories are and how they play out. However I completely sympathize with those that have given up on it because of Misty and Brock’s omission because it’s frankly bullshit.

I also get somewhat annoyed at the excuses people are making to justify them being gone (“it’s an AU! It’s not going to tell the same story!”), honestly this decision wouldn’t have flied if any other anime did this, straight up building expectations fit a possible OS trio reuniting for the 20th anniversary and slapping every nostalgic fan in the face with randos is pretty lame . And I don’t care for this black and white view that you couldn’t have a fresh AU retelling unless Misty and Brock were gone because that’s certainly not true. Dragon Ball Path to Power is an AU retelling of Goku’s Origins yet still keeps the original characters intact, because they KNOW how much these characters mean to the audience, something the people working on the Pokemon anime have consistently failed to understand. It’s almost comical the amount of disrespect they have for their own history and old characters and this just adds to the evidence.

I refuse to believe they replaced Misty and Brock for the sake of “fresh story telling” (or at least that being their only reason), rather they used their vacant spots as ad space for Gen IV remake advertisement (its pretty obvious) in addition to Gary being replaced by a new character who’s marketing Gen VII, because at the end of the day, that’s why the movies exist, I was hoping this movie would break that mold but that was naive.

If you’re happy or accepting Brock and Misty are gone then good for you, I’m in the latter camp tbh, but don’t try to downplay all the people who love these characters and wanted them back for a single anniversary movie where it’d be completely appropriate and expected as being “nostalgic crybabies” just because they wanted this one opportunity to see characters that haven’t appeared in 6 and 10 years respectively and got handed dust.


(Formally Delightful-Starfish)

Gosh i’m nervous about this one, I tried writing smut and I thought I would share for Harry’s birthday (made it by one hour!… where I am anyway) sorry if it’s awful, and please feel free to post if you’d like! 


You had thus far ignored the sheer flowing negligee hidden in your dresser, partially because you lacked the confidence to wear it and partially because you felt it needed a special occasion. Your friends had gotten it as a joke for your birthday - much to your embarrassment at the time. Curiosity combined with the fact that it had been ages got the better of you tonight and you stood scrutinizing yourself in front of the mirror next to your vanity. 

Standing in front of your own judgmental eye you twisted and turned to see the garment from every angle. It was a black chiffon that left just enough to the imagination and the fabric seemed to dip and curve with your body perfectly. It was slightly darker as it curved over your breasts - showing an ample amount of cleavage - once it cascaded down over your stomach the fabric became lighter so you could see the curve of your hips. The slight shimmer to it was almost hypnotizing when you moved. Matching panties made from the same sheer fabric adorned your hips and what was there barely covered anything. Feeling bold you’d also thrown on a pair of black heels just for the hell of it. 

Your mind began reeling with thoughts of what Harry would do if he saw you in this, how his jaw would drop just slightly and his eyes would widen and darken with lust. He’d been busy the past week and your time together was running short as he was due to jet off again to god-knows-where for work. While you two still spent time together it didn’t have the intimacy you desired and if you were being honest you were beginning to miss his kisses. 

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...or, you know, some of us think Cap is and was right about the whole thing because we're also opposed to the real-world implementation of similar fascist legislation such as The Patriot Act and it has nothing to do with liking him more?

That quote basically says, yes oversight is the right ethical and logical choice, but Cap is a good person, and that puts us in a quandary and I am saying that that is bad math.

It’s also a similar bad math that comes up in A LOT of 616 CW discussions, where Captain America himself (and the anti-reg side) essentially takes the position to non-metas that they should accept that metas occupy a position above the law/beyond equal prosecution by the law, because, you know, they’re different, and their circumstances are different, but you trust CAPTAIN AMERICA, riiiiight? Let the metas judge their own and police their own, what do you need the Constitutional right of equality under the law for? Obviously, this base position is immediately complicated by the clusterfuck of everything else in CW, but I’d argue that that’s deliberate. It’s one of the reasons I’m not a fan of the event, because I really like Cap, and I hate the things it makes him argue and I find them antithetical to him as a character.

I also don’t exactly get why so many people find a difference of opinion on a comics event, or, apparently, an actor’s opinion on an upcoming film none of us have seen as a personal challenge? I mean?? Yes I hate fascism? And the Patriot Act? And I think Cap’s political position is largely wrong in CW though I understand why, as the plot is manipulated, he fights? These things are not incompatible?

I get what you’re saying, but I’m responding to the quote as written and many, *many* other posts and comics CW itself, which initially sets up the problem as a constitutional legal problem of supers as American citizens whose identities allow them to avoid legal repercussions and prosecution and that’s constitutionally unacceptable under the law. Once that actually gets stated, there’s a problem.  

I’m not talking about the Patriot Act here, which I abhor, because it wasn’t part of the quote or what I was responding to, and I think the CW treatment of post-9/11 politics was really terrible, tone-deaf, and inconsistent in its understanding of xenophobia** and power dynamics. 

behind the cut

 for long rambly stuff about comics CW that’s more for future reference to point anyone to should they ask.

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im really sad bc princess jasmine is my favorite ever like she was my first disney princess i ever saw and she inspired me and i love her but so much fanart and stuff is so either whitewashed or sexualized or people fantasizing about her "slave outfit" and im really tired of it

yeah…the film itself is a mess when it comes to how she’s represented (even more gross when you remember she was meant to be 16..but she’s stuck in that outfit and has to “seduce” jafar who calls her a “pussycat” cos she’s brown and “exotic”..kguhkljklklk)

and eta, yeah this is so shameful and disgusting:

Ruke asks why there's fanart blogs for the upcoming Captain Underpants movie.
  • 1nky: Ruke, you know why.
  • 1nky: It's Tumblr.
  • Ruke: yeah, you're right
  • 1nky: They take stuff generally intended for kids and make rad fanart. And then suddenly, the AUs start popping up.
  • 1nky: And there are several versions of the same character.
  • 1nky: There's going to be a Mr Krupp X Captain Underpants fic, Ruke.

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Hi, I'm sorry if you've received this question before, but are you at all looking forward to the upcoming Valerian movie? I'm not too familiar with the source material myself, but the trailers make it look interesting enough, and I am a fan of the director.

I’m really, really looking forward to it! Of all the movies coming out this year, I look forward to it the most. In a weird way, Luc Besson’s earlier movie, 5th Element was a Valerian and Laureline movie, as V&L creator Jean-Claude Mézières was a creative consultant on the film. Take this scene from the comics, for example: 

I think Valerian and Laureline have some lessons for young writers. The thing about the Valerian and Laureline comics that I find the most interesting and that often throws new fans off guard is that it isn’t just space opera, but also time travel. Laureline, for example, was born in 11th Century Gothic France, which is why she’s so wild and unpredictable, being from a more savage age.  

One of the earliest mistakes that novice science fiction and fantasy writers tend to make is to create an “overly broad premise,” a place where “anything can happen.” An example would be something like Dimension Agents that can visit any timeline, or “the space station at the center of all known realities” where anybody from any universe could walk down the hallway. 

I discourage young writers from doing this because for people to buy your fantasy, there have to be rules you establish. One way to do this is, I recommend for them to make a list of five things that will absolutely never happen in the world of their story. “Anything can happen” in a story, but think of a story as a funnel: at the beginning, anything can happen, but the more you continue, the more the possibilities narrow.

One of the key traits of making scifi/fantasy people accept is “establishing the outer limits of the reality” of the story. That is, in order to accept that this is a world that contains a far-out element, you have to establish it as early as possible. If you’ve ever read Game of Thrones, you’ll notice that the very first chapter of the very first book is about a party of Night’s Watch men who run into a group of the Others, magical, eerily beautiful, and hostile invaders who are not human and have ice swords. Except for dragons, the Others are the most far out thing in the Song of Ice and Fire series; they had to be established early so we could accept it as being possible when they show up. 

If you go through your favorite stories, you’ll see examples of the first scene or scenes establishing the outer limits of reality. The opening scene of “It’s a Wonderful Life” is angels talking, so we know the story will have angels. 

“But,” you say, “how can you reconcile that with comics like Valerian and Laureline, and shows like Doctor Who, where it seems they can go anywhere and do anything?” Well, Doctor Who really can’t do anything. At first, the show started with the occasional very grounded historical episodes, and a few far out ideas like one where the TARDIS shrank and went into a community inside a droplet of water, but eventually these were phased out totally. Even in past ages, Doctor Who doesn’t become something other than scifi. If the Doctor goes to the Renaissance, he finds science fiction monsters, always of alien origin. There are always “rules:” no solutions via violence, alien monsters that are creepy but sometimes a little goofy, etc.

Valerian and Laureline also sound like they have an overly broad premise, but it really isn’t. It’s strictly science fiction, so the far-out things turn out to be alien or futuristic technology every time. More importantly, there’s an ethos, a worldview at work, shaped by Jean-Claude Mézières’ belief in humanism and pacifism. Almost always, the “threat of the hostile aliens” turn out to be a miscommunication, and that by talking things out, the problem is solved. This ethos and liberal humanistic morality means that even in far out places you can identify a V&L story.

Biniamino Marquez!! MANUEL GETS A FIRST NAME THIS TIME!! 👏🏻👏🏻

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I know you already have an interpretation of Harry's movie, but I'm looking forward to your vision, you're so good at it. Thank you for your wonderful work.


Harry is so handsome in the video. And judging by the quality of his acting, he learned a lot on set with Dunkirk and he’s going to be superb in it.

However, I do not understand the video.

SOTT has a lot of imagery alluding to the apocalypse, as depicted in the Book of Revelations– the last show, best clothes, rising into the atmosphere, you look pretty good down there (the people left behind), but you ain’t really good, the bullet. These allusions are reinforced by promo imagery– the red sunset/ sunrise cover, the submersion into water, the television ad with Harry walking toward light, dripping in baptismal water.

The album cover of water depicts purification; the pink color alludes to newborns, nudity, and rebirth.


The music video does not, imho, understand the dramatic arc of the song.

I’m not a movie maker or anything like that, so take this with a grain of salt.

A 6-minute video has to have momentum and narrative tension. Even if we’re watching a nature documentary, some conflict is happening, some character development.

This video is a narrative mess. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. An art thing? A technology thing? A visual metaphor? An ad for Harry Styles, solo artist? It doesn’t have vision or integrity. It’s all over the place.

Close-ups and wide shots alternate randomly. Sometimes the camera cuts away in the middle of a musical phrase. How the shots are used do not correlate at all to verse/ chorus, chest voice/ falsetto; the camera switches in the middle of phrases, for no reason. The tension gets cut off with shots of scenery that say nothing, except, “look at this shot we took with an expensive wide range lens.” Wow, what a great lens.

Blurred shots come into focus haphazardly. Close-ups of Harry’s hands are gorgeous, but do not develop into any visual, poetic meaning.

When Harry first takes off, there is narrative momentum, but it gets cut off awkwardly when we see him back on the ground. There’s no explanation why? And before we can try to understand it, it’s cut away again.

The shots of Harry against the sunset are very beautiful. But by then, I don’t trust the director anymore. I’m seeing a very expensive, very pretty… ad, I guess, for a song that promises so much, but is ultimately about… a handsome guy? An ad for Gucci?

Other interpretations might be more valid than mine. I know not every music video has to mean something. But, take for example two videos from other 1D guys. Zayn’s “Still Got Time,” with all the random, NSFW imagery, is shot so precisely and esthetically coherently– the visual cutaways aligned with the rhythm of the music, the intimacy of images matched the intimacy of sound. The video for “Just Hold On,” for all its (maybe) cheesy special effects, was charming and had narrative momentum, and the camera switches actually made sense. The visual and audio worked together. One could sense an organizing principle other than: look at the expensive pretty.


After I saw Wonder Woman (I still haven’t seen BvS for the record), I was so happy, so genuinely happy and amazed, it’s like something resonated deep inside of me, as if the spark in whatever’s left of my child self’s eyes had been revived. Not only did I (and every single girl or woman out there) finally have a ‘female’ superhero (with her own movie) to look up to; I also got a female superhero that resembles me.
Well, okay I’m not pretending I look like her, I’m not nearly as magnificent as Gal Gadot/Diana. But as I got out and looked back on this experience (yeah that was an experience, I don’t care what you say), I thought “finally! a strong superhero woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes and real brown eyebrows”. A woman that I can identify with. Not the typical blonde bombshell, the American idea of a beautiful woman. Not even the faded, washed down version of a brunette (you know, the brown-ish haired girl with light colored eyes).
That might seem stupid to some people, but it was a pretty big deal for me (and to little me deep down inside, the little girl that never really related to a strong female lead before and always wanted to be a skinny blonde instead). And it helped me further understand how freaking important representation is. And all that I hope is for every other girl or woman out there that is not well represented, for every girl or woman that is constantly fed images of beautiful women that don’t look like them, to get the chance one day to get out of a movie theater and feel like they can finally relate. To finally see themselves in an important character, with her own badass movie. Just like I did.