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I love @mywaay ’s hp au with all my heart but I realized I headcanon some of the characters’ houses to be different so I thought I’d share my own opinions before I go to bed, hah

Buster Moon: Slytherin
He’s cunning, has broken laws for his own interests, he’s ambitious. Need I say more?

Eddie: Hufflepuff
I know puffs are supposed to be hardworking but he is also a very loyal friend and is so dang patient with buster lmao

Rosita: Ravenclaw
She has built a complex machine from scratch. She was head of the “renovation” of the theater. Gunter literally said that she thinks too much with her head

Mike: Slytherin
Same reasons as buster tbh

Johnny: Gryffindor
He’s brave and has a heart of gold I dont need to explain myself
Also I loved the hc that he’s the first gryffindor in a family is slytherins om g

Gunter: Hufflepuff
He’s passionate and works hard on what he loves to do aka dancing

Meena: Hufflepuff
Like gunter she’s very loyal and hard working and passionate about music

Lance: Slytherin
He’s not afraid to shove his gf to the side so he can be the main singer, he’s ambitious and manipulative

Ash: Gryffindor
unlike lance she never showed ambition, just a lot of passion and nerve and was brave enough to face her feelings and write them in a song and sing them in front of a crowd alone for the first time

I dont know enough about the other characters to have a clear idea of their houses so I’m gonna agree with mywaay on those!
Also this is in no way meant to diss on their headcanons, everyone has their own interpretation of the characters, I just wanted to share mine ^^

Pride/Harry Potter Au things.

The slytherins:

  • Mark: He’s so ambitious that I can’t really place him anywhere else. I guess he could be Gryffindor. Mostly I can picture him running around hogwarts and pinning up posters near all the common rooms about LGSM. He would get detention for Hexing anyone that calls him slurs. 
  • Jonathan: Again I think it’s the ambition and initial disregard for LGSM, he didn’t see how it would benefit him. He’d put on performances by the lake to raise money for LGSM. I think he’d even manage to get the mermaids to make an appearance.
  • Stella: When LGSM stops tending to her needs she fights for her own space and her own group. She is the best at hexes and the quidditch captain. Her favourite pass time is hexing Gryffindors who hit on Zoe.
  • Hefina: I think of her a bit like Andromeda. She is truly Slytherin but also has hufflepuff goodness. She is top of the pack and everyone knows not to pick a fight with her but they also know they can come to her when they have troubles.
  • Maureen: *sighs* it pains me but she is. She is doing what she thinks is best for the community and for what she thinks is best for her own family.

The Gryffindors:

  • Joe: Yeah he’ll just hop on a train to go to Pride without telling anyone. Very brave (tad reckless). Also he ran away to join his friends. He left a cosy home with a fairly well off family to go flat share (we assume). So he’s a lion.
  • Steph: She’s fiery. She’ll fight anyone who tries to take on her friends. but she’s a sweetie at heart really. I was stuck between snakes and lions for her though. I think she’d choose Gryffindor.
  • Dai: When he makes the speech in the club. That’s hella brave. He’s sort of Ravenclaw too but I think his bravery outweighs it. Polyjuice potion to sneak into Slytherin common room? Dai is on it. It’s not even because of Basilisks. It’s because Mark dared him.
  • Gail: She doesn’t know it but her boyfriend treats her like shit. Yet she still manages to turn up to class with a smile on her face. When she’s with Steph the two of them are unstoppable. They have far too much fun running around the forbidden forest with the Centaurs when they get detention.

The Ravenclaws:

  • Cliff: His pursuit of poetry and his dedication to its art form is beautiful and I believe a classic Ravenclaw.
  • Mike: He’s the mind behind Mark’s schemes and he secretly has all the volumes of herbology encyclopedias he can find under his dorm bed. Mark always finds him asleep with ink blots all over his face in the library. 
  • Sian: She could be a Gryffindor but I believe she uses knowledge in battle instead of a sword. She’d never go over the top without thinking about it first and getting all the details. Once she knows she can win though. Even the Gryffindor’s wouldn’t fight her. 
  • Gwen: Could be Hufflepuff but she’s always curious. The world around her is changing at such a fast rate that she can’t help but want to know everything about it. 

The Hufflepuffs:

  • Jeff: He’s quirky, he’s brave but he will always put others first. He desperately wants to give the money to help the miners that he’s willing to give up the credit and do it anonymously. He’ll be the one sneaking food out of the kitchen and into the Library to make sure Mike eats. He’ll be knitting little jumpers for the house elves in the winter when they get cold around the castle.
  • Gethin: He would almost get sick himself trying to look after Jonathan. He would beg the house elves to give him a basket of fish so him and Jonathan could go sit by the lake and feed the giant squid. He would sneak the others into the hufflepuff common room when they get locked out of their own.  Just Hufflepuff Gethin. I love it!
  • Zoe: She tries to keep Stella in check. She knows the boys mean well. When she’s around Stella is softer too and Stella helps Zoe to learn how to stand up for herself and be her own person. 
  • Reggie and Ray: I don’t know so much about them (shameful I know) but they remind me of Dean and Seamus but I think they are more Hufflepuff. They join LGSM to help their relationship. They believe in equality for all. Love can solve anything. You just need to nurture it. Why hate when you can love?
  • Margaret: Dai’s adorable girlfriend. She supports him in everything he does. She knows how to fight for herself and will stand by his side and not in his shadow. She helps out in the infirmary when she has free time and acts as Hufflepuffs first aider and is frequently seen on pitch when someone falls in quidditch.

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