movie grain

I like my coffee like I like my men



I got secrets that nobody
                                                                                                                                 nobody knows


You’d like to know
where they reside
But there are so many
places they could hide
In old VCR movies
crackly and grained
Maybe that’s where
they’re all contained
Perhaps on glossy
sheets they shine
Images saved serving
to remind
Maybe on paper
in ink
Scribbled notes of
what we used to think
Perhaps in boxes
with lids
Happy recollections of
raising three kids
Possibly expressed
in hundreds of cards
Celebrations had in times
less hard
Nowadays they could be in
gigabytes on USB
More recent times of
you and me
We must find them all
recall them again
All those good times
to ease the pain
We are so much more
then painful recollections
From a score and eight of
our imperfect perfection
But don’t worry as I know where
to look, the exact place to start
As the best collection
of our life’s memories
Is permanently recorded
in my soul and in my heart
Ask me and
I’ll show you

—— for JH