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Thanksgiving Headcanons

- Chandler has the epitome of Thanksgiving dinners. I’m talking like champagne in pure crystal glasses, the best turkey money can buy, all that good stuff. She invites one friend a year to join her and her family, which is like the highest of honors and Chandler obviously uses it as a power play. It alternates every year between Duke and McNamara being invited, but when Veronica joins the group the year Duke is supposed to be invited, Veronica gets invited instead. McNamara thinks it’s hilarious and Duke doesn’t speak to Veronica for a solid three days after the fact. 

- All four girls went Black Friday shopping one year. Veronica left the Heathers for like five minutes so she could grab some electronic sale. While she was gone, Chandler beat an old woman with a handbag, Duke bought ten signed copies of different books, and McNamara almost got trampled to death by a crowd in the cosmetics sections. They don’t do Black Friday anymore. 

- Duke and Chandler are the kinds of people who use Thanksgiving as the marker for when it’s appropriate to start listening to Christmas music. McNamara and Veronica are the kinds of people who start listening to it the minute October rolls around, if they haven’t started listening to it already. JD “doesn’t do Christmas music”.


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