movie fangirling

Fantastic Beasts And Where Its Relatable

When your parent catches you raiding the kitchens at 3am

Leaving school on a Friday

When you see a bitch side eyeing you and you know you look good

Trying to flirt like a human and not a social disaster

Me slowly losing all the fucks I ever gave

When your parent scolds you in public and you contemplate running into traffic

Remembering to act normal when talking about Harry Potter with people

Praying you packed the assignment you started and finished that morning

Getting up to do a speech and blanking on the words

Wishing you were invisible when you’re caught sneaking out

When a hot person enters the room and you try to look cool while staring

The feeling when you get out of the car after a long drive to stretch

When someone you know says they found your online profiles

My life every day since Harry Potter existed