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“Am I up next?” Jyn asked. She laughed caustically as she guessed why Mothma had approached.
“You here to prompt me?”
There had to be versions of Jyn’s story that Mon Mothma, chief of state of the Rebel Alliance, wanted told — and others she wanted silenced.
But Mothma shook her head. “No. I wanted to say…” Her gaze held on Jyn’s face as she searched for words. Jyn thought through all the trite, meaningless statements the woman might make: I’m sorry for your loss. The Rebellion is proud of you. Good luck with the crowd.

Tutti aspettiamo qualcosa.
Una data, le vacanze, l'uscita di un film, un viaggio, un concerto, un bel voto, una soddisfazione, l'amore, un bacio, un abbraccio, la felicità.
Passiamo tutta la vita ad aspettare e nemmeno ce ne rendiamo conto.
—  acquatempo

Now showing: the world’s first cognitive movie trailer.

IBM and Watson went to Hollywood to help create the trailer for 20th Century Fox’s new suspense/horror film Morgan. But first Watson needed to understand what scares us. So Watson watched over 100 horror movie trailers and analyzed their imagery, audio tracks and scene composition to determine their underlying emotions and understand what elements make up a good trailer. Watson then watched Morgan in its entirety and selected the 10 best moments of the film for the trailer. IBM filmmakers edited these moments together to create a cohesive narrative and a finished trailer in just 24 hours. Go ahead and watch it now, if you dare.

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