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Realistic Teenage Girls in Movies

Jane-American Beauty(1999) Allison-The Breakfast Club(1985)
Minnie-The Diary of a Teenage Girl(2014) Diana-Girlfight(2000)   
Nadine-The Edge of Seventeen(2016) Ana-Real Women Have Curves(2002)   
Chantel-Just Another Girl on the IRT(1992) Bobo-We are the Best(2013)

The end of all things (Pt.1)

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Taehyung X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: BigHit thought it would be a good idea to have someone else be your boyfriend’s girlfriend. As in she walks around him and takes pictures with him for social media but he was all yours when he came home. That’s what you thought until he admits you’re actually the other woman and he’s been in a relationship the entire time you were dating. He’s just now telling you he wants to break up after you tell him you love him for the first time.

Pt.2 // Pt.3

Originally posted by the-rap-man

The restaurant was filled with people sitting around the two of you. Across the table was the man you’d fallen in love with but he had yet to say anything since you arrived. You watched him face to get a read on him but all you ended up focusing on was the details of the face you loved so much. He long eyelashes became apparent as he just stared down at the table. You focuses changes to look outside the window and across the street you see a sign about a movie night. Your lips curve into a smile and you look back at Taehyung.

“There’s going to be a movie night tonight. We should go together-”

“Y/N, Stop it..” He says with his deep voice.

Your smile begins to fade and you grow quiet. 

“I don’t want you to make this harder than It already is. We both know why we’re here….” Taehyung adds.

You look down into your lap, trying to push down the overwhelming feeling to cry.

“I know. I just Don’t believe you.”

He finally looks at you.

“You’re lying when you say you don’t love me. You’re lying when you said you never loved me..You-…..We spent all that time together so don’t tell me that none of it meant nothing to you. I don’t even care if you’re still going to see her! I just want to be with you. Please, Tae.”

He sighs, knowing you wouldn’t just give up.

“I don’t love you. What did we do for the most part?”

You looked up at him, meeting eye to eye. He serious expression was a little intimidating but you had to respond. 

“…What are you implying?”

Taehyung stood up from the chair, getting his wallet out of his back pocket. He paid for your meal.

“Let’s not do this here. Come on, let’s go.”

You grabbed onto his arm, turning him around.

“Just answer me!” You finally cracked. 

The whole place got quiet and people turned their heads to see what was going on. When they took notice of the two of you people started to recognize Taehyung and they took pictures. You knew this would be bad publicity for him but nothing else matter to you than the fact that you were going to lose him. He pulled his arm away from you slowly, leaving the restaurant alone. You stood there in the middle of the place all by yourself. Before you could stop yourself you chased after him. 

“Wait! Just give me one week!”

He stopped walking on the sidewalk to turn around and look at you.


You ran over to catch up, looking up at him.

“If you stay with me for a week I’ll make this easy for you. No strings attached and we can have a clean break-up….Please. I don’t know if I can just get over you this easily otherwise.”

A look of pity swept across his face and he sighed once more. 

“Fine. One week but Y/N. I love her and one more week with you isn’t going to change that.”

You nodded. “I know…but can you at least act like you love me for this last week?”

Taehyung looked down as if he was contemplating it but eventually agreed. You had him for one more week and it didn’t even bother you that it would be filled with fake love and meaningless sex. If you got to hold his hand for just a little bit longer or see him smile at you one more time you were happy. That in itself was sad but you were blinded from the stupidity of it. The two of you went your separate ways home and you found yourself in your bed checking twitter. Not to your surprise were pictures of you two at the restaurant from earlier and people wondering who you were. You sighed knowing this would cause slight drama for him but also felt he deserved it. You kept replying the memories of you two that you cherished. You refused to believe that he was using you for sex when he was always so sweet to you. Afterwards he’d turn on the TV for the both of you and cuddle you until you fell asleep. The night he thought you’d fallen asleep he kissed your head and whispered something you knew was a lie.

“I love you…what bullshit…” You mumbled to yourself.

Then you started to think about all the times he invited you over with the boys and how well you all got along. He’d sneak up behind you and scare you, making you both laugh. The thought of him laughing back then feels so strange now. Why would he try so hard to just hide the fact he never loved you? What did that girl have that you didn’t? She never once interacted with the other boys, unlike you. From the one time you met her she was high maintained and awfully stuck up. You couldn’t help but wonder why someone as sweet-well who you thought was sweet, would end up with someone like her. You reached for your phone off the night stand, dialing the number and placing the phone up to your ear. You took a deep breath.

“Hey Jimin…are you busy?”

“Y/N I don’t think I should be talking to you right now.” He stated, sounding sorry for you.

“P-please, just wait. I wanna know what I did wrong and I know for a fact he won’t talk to me about this. If you don’t know anything it’s okay…”

Jimin sighed. “It’s really not what you think and it’s not my call to talk about this.”

“Did he really never love me?”

Jimin grew silent on the other end.

“I think it’s best if you just let him go. He can make his own decisions and he made it clear to us what he chose. I’m really sorry. Things will get better, okay?”

“No, I get it. Thanks anyways.” Your voice was starting to shake.

As you hung up the phone you realized you couldn’t hold it back any longer, sobbing into your pillow. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted when you finally ended up crying but you also felt weak. Normally you wouldn’t be so hung up on a guy who cheated on you but technically he was cheating on someone else with you. A text notification went off, penetrating your train of thought. You wiped your eyes, checking to see who it was.

TaeTae ♥:

  “I’m coming over soon so be ready.”

You sat there trying to figure out what he was talking about until you remembered what you had said earlier about the movie night. You jumped up and rushed to get ready before he showed up. If you had one week left you were going to make the most of it.

Round curve of an R || Richie Tozier

Request: can you do a richie x reader fic where bev catches the reader doodling richies name, and she tells richie & it’s all cute and stuff?

Characters: Reader x Richie Tozier, Bill, Eddie and Beverly 


Word count: 460

Warning: nothing 

A/n: she a shorty

Originally posted by beepsrichie

You hadn’t been paying attention to the teacher for the last 5 minutes at least. You  doodled in your notebook, not really putting any thought into it. Just jotting down random words and patterns. You finished the last petal of a blooming flower when your head snapped up at a smartass comment from Richie Tozier. The teacher hushed the laugher from the class and moved on with the lesson, queueing you to return to your drawing.

You subconsciously started on the round curve of a R. You continued writing out a fancy Richie on your page. You smiled at it and ran your thumb over the lead on the page. What a boy Richie Tozier was. The bell rang and you rushed, putting everything in your backpack and running out the door to your next class.

Richie sat at the lunch table with Eddie and Bill when Beverly came up to them with a smirk plastered on her thin lips. “Guess you have a admirer, Tozier.” He gave her a confused look, “what?” “I saw a certain someone writing your name in her textbook.” Eddie coked on his milk, “seriously?! Him.”

Bill and Bev laughed, “seriously. She was totally zoned out.” “who the fuck is it?” She started to laugh again, “now why on earth would I tell you.” Richie squinted through his thick glasses. “This is for calling me Molly Ringwald, trashmouth.” as she spoke the smirk returned to her lips.

“Please I’ll do anything,” Richie then overdramatically dropped out of his seat and kneeled before her, “I’m begging you Beverly, I could die.” he went into his british impersonation. Bev just shook her head as Eddie and Bill laughed. “Please, I’ll do anything.” she shook her head and he resorted to tickling her to find out who was his secret admirer. “Richie stop, I can’t breath- stop!”

Beverly could barely make out between laughs, But that didn’t stop Richie. He needed to know. “Just T-tell him.” Bill laughed. “No- I- (y/n)!” she screeched. “Yeah?” you asked, you had been walking to your seat when Beverly Marsh, the girl who sat next to you in history, yelled your name. Her and Richie whipped around to face you with wide eyes, “Oh, I just-” “Hey babe.”

Your cheeks reddened instantly. “Wha- What.” you looked between the two of them and realize she must have looked at your notebook earlier that day. “Oh- I-” you think of anything to say, Lucky for you Eddie beat you to it. “Seriously? Him?” you gave a weak smile and shrugged your shoulders. “Wanna sit by us?” Richie asked with a smirk. You opened your mouth to say something but when nothing came out you just nodded and took a seat next to Richie.

cheater cheater (l.h.)

I looked over my appearance once more, not quite as satisfied as I could have been with myself, but figuring it was just Calum and he had seen me at my absolute worst.

I had on an over sized white Blink-182 shirt, considering all we had planned was a movie day in, maybe even a few of the boys might stop by, so I didn’t feel the need to get dressed up or anything. Leggings clung to my legs as I struggle to squeeze my vans onto my feet in attempt to avoid retying the shoelaces.

My phone buzzed next to me on my bed just as I had finally gotten myself recomposed, from Calum.

Cal: Hey (Y/N), the doors open for when you arrive :)

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The Wait Is Finally Over: Carmilla Is Back!
The Carmilla Movie is coming and your two favorite web-series starlets are ready to dish.
By Lisa Tedesco

2 more days, folks! (or one if you’re lucky and in Canada.)

Can’t wait? Check out this piece to get hyped! 

it’s the 15 year anniversary of this movie (Real Women Have Curves) starring 17-year-old America Ferrera and i just want to remind everyone that this (i think… if i remember right) is a really good bopo movie if you haven’t seen it yet!

lol and for anyone who’s gonna say “all women are real women” yes i agree with u but still watch this movie