movie curve

I had forgotten how glorious Kate Winslet was in this movie, all creamy curves and luscious angles. Too bad women on screen have spent the last twenty years starving rather than celebrating different kinds of bodies.

[…] “Miss Mansfield does not even obey cliché No. 1 of the movie queen, which is to act bored with success. No teen-ager ever exhibited so much tenacity at seeking autographs as she does at signing them; she will stand in wind, rain or snow until her last admirer is satisfied.” LIFE Magazine - April 23, 1956

Your Ascendant + Physical Features
  • Aries Ascendant: strong facial structure, arched eyebrows, prominent chin, rugged hair
  • Taurus Ascendant: symmetric face, full lips, rounded nose, thick hair
  • Gemini Ascendant: supple face structure, doe eyes, long limbs, nervous musculature
  • Cancer Ascendant: round face, bulging eyes, thin hair, innocent-looking
  • Leo Ascendant: wide forehead, large nose, voluminous hair, strong musculature
  • Virgo Ascendant: disproportionate limbs, slender, small-boned, plain-looking
  • Libra Ascendant: symmetric oval-shaped face, silky hair, radiant skin, impeccable bone structure
  • Scorpio Ascendant: square face, brooding eyes, wide shoulders, sensual lips
  • Sagittarius Ascendant: large features, movie star smile, curved brows, big-boned
  • Capricorn Ascendant: deep-set eyes, prominent cheek bones, petite, small-boned
  • Aquarius Ascendant: large bone structure, dark features, sparkling eyes, thick hair
  • Pisces Ascendant: round face, big eyes, pouty lips, innocent doll-like features