movie cheater

I will never understand why someone would ever want to cheat on their significant other.
You have someone who cares for you, who loves you, and expects nothing more than to have those feelings reciprocated in an exclusive relationship.
You are choosing to break someone’s trust in you, to willingly break their heart, and for what?
You can do the same things that you’re doing with the other person with your significant other.
Why be in a relationship if you’re going to throw all of that away for some temporary lust?

Cameron Dallas One Shot-Cheaters

You were in a blind rage. You threw anything and everything that was in your reach at Cameron’s head. “Babe, stop.” Cameron pleaded, watching you as you tried searching for something else to throw, flinching when you hands grasped the picture frame of him and you, and ducking when you aimed it at his head. “You want me to stop?” You growled, stomping over to him so you were directly in his face. “You want me to fucking stop?!? Did you tell that bitch that when you fucked her? Huh? Did you tell her you had a fucking girlfriend? Tell me Cameron.” You were beating on his chest as you spoke every word. He couldn’t even look at you, so he stared straight ahead, trying to refrain from crying. “Fucking look at me, Cameron!” You exclaimed, roughly grabbing his face so he was now facing you. “Was she good? Was she better than me? Huh? Is that why you left in the middle of the night to go fuck her? Was her pussy tight and we-” “THAT’S ENOUGH!” The sudden outburst startled you, but it didn’t stop you from continuing. “Don’t be shy with the fucking details.” You spat. “But it’s okay, I guess I’m not completely innocent either.” His eyebrows furrowed at your words. “remember when I went to Mexico with a few friends and came back with a hickey and told you that I had pinched myself with the zipper of my wet suite?” Cameron nodded eagerly, bringing his hands up to yours. You pulled away. “I lied.” You spat. “Remember Daniel? Well, I fucked him and good god, was it good. He was so thick and he *actually* knew how to please me.” It was low blow, you knew it as soon as the words left your lips, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. He had hurt you so bad, and anything he was feeling at that very moment, didn’t compare to what you felt. With another look of disgust, you made your way to your shared bedroom and began throwing all you shit in one of your suitcases. “Baby, stop. Please don’t go. We can work through this.” Cameron was now next to you, taking the clothes out of your suitcase as you were putting it in. “Stop it right now, Cameron, and get the fuck away from me. I don’t even want to see your face.” You spat angrily, violently wiping the tears from your face; he could not see you cry. You heard Cameron’s sobs and rolled your eyes. “Shut the fuck up! You have no reason to be crying, because nobody told you to put your dick in someone else’s vagina.” You felt Cameron’s hand squeeze your waist and his hot breath wash over your shoulder. “Get off of me.” You said, even though you weren’t making a real effort to move away. “Please, baby.” He gave your shoulders opened mouth kisses, and slowly moved to your neck. “It was a mistake.” He whispered,turning you around and bringing you in for a kiss. You brought your hands up to his arms and pinched him, while roughly biting his lip. Cameron pulled back with a gasp. “I deserved that.” He said, leaning in for another kiss. The kiss was hot and passionate and any other day would have made you felt something. But today, you felt nothing. Cameron pushed you back onto the bed and got on top of you. “I am so sorry.” He said, slowly unbuttoning your shirt. “Shut up, Cameron.” You spat, roughly tugging at his shirt, hinting that you wanted it off. With another kiss to you neck, cameron pulled off your jeans and underwear and got up to rid of his own too. As he climb back on top of you, he pathetically looked up as if asking for permission. You rolled you eyes. “Put your dick inside me before I change my mind.” Cameron didn’t waste time, and as he thrusted, he whispered sweet nothing’s in your ear that usually made your heart flutter, but now made you felt like you were being lied to. “You’re the only girl.” He moaned out, making you let out a dry laugh. “Get off me.” You said, pushing him off and began looking for the clothes you had taken off minutes before. “Baby girl, think about this.” He pleaded. “Cameron! You’re such a fucking liar.” You spat. “You’re the only girl.” You mimicked as you tugged your jeans on. “Bullshit! Did you tell her that too?” “Don’t act like the victim here, you cheated too!” “Are you fucking stupid? I lied. I would never do that to you because I love you. I just wanted you to feel what I was feeling.” Cameron now had tears rolling down his face. “But I love you, so, so much.” You finished dressing and grabbed your suitcase. “That sounds like a you problem.”


Movie Cheater 

Begin Again - Chapter 20

Justin’s POV:

Two days passed and Kaylie was still talking to me. Instead of bringing her to my house to hang out, I’ve just been going over to Mandy and Brian’s house, and sometimes I’d take Kaylie out to lunch or to get ice cream.

I could tell she was still a little shaken up getting into a car, but her nervousness was subsiding.

Now, Jazzy, Gracie, my mom, Mandy, Brian and I were all at the hospital in Selena’s room. Still not wanting to have Kaylie see Selena just yet, Tori agreed to take Kaylie out to Chuck E Cheese, so she and George could hang out again.

Tori told me how Selena told her about what I had said about getting George to have Andy’s last name so Colton couldn’t have custody what-so-ever and that’s what she did. Tori, was also happy the judge agreed since Colton hasn’t been in George’s life not once.

George was officially Andy’s.

I had noticed Jazzy and Gracie were being a little jumpy since we got to the hospital and they both kept whispering things to each other, and sometimes I could hear Jazzy say ‘I know I have to tell him’.

“Jazzy, Gracie are you both okay?” I asked.

My mom, Mandy and Brian all turned their attention from each other, to Jazzy, Gracie and I.

“Yeah we’re—“Jazzy began but Gracie elbowed her in the ribs and shook her head. “Okay no we’re not, Justin there is something Gracie and I need to tell you.” Jazzy said.

“Okay what is it?”

“Sashaischeatingonyouandthebabyisntyours.” She said really fast.

“What? I couldn’t understand that. Jaz, you need to slow down.” I chuckled.

“I said, Sasha is cheating on you, and the baby isn’t yours.” She said this time for me to understand, but, I couldn’t believe what came out of her mouth.

“What?” I said confused.

“She said, Sasha is cheating on you—“Gracie began pronouncing every word but I cut her off.

“No I heard her clearly the first time. What I’m confused about is why would she say that? Jaz, why would you make up such a lie like that?” I said in disbelief. First Selena accuses the baby not being mine, now Jazzy and Gracie?

“Grace, I told you he wouldn’t believe me.” Jazzy said rolling her eyes.

“Of course I don’t believe you!” I said. “Why would you lie?”

“I’m not lying Justin!” Jazzy defended.

“Justin, Jazzy really isn’t lying!” Gracie said defending Jazzy also.

“Do you two have proof with you?” I asked crossing my arms.

“Well, no,” Gracie began.

“See, then I don’t believe you.” I said.

“I told you Gracie. Justin’s too busy under Sasha’s evil love spell.” Jazzy snickered. She turned to face me her eyes fuming. “You know what Justin, maybe if you open up your eyes and get your head out of your ass you’ll see that your not so faithful girlfriend is a lying, cheating whore!” Jazzy said, nearly yelling.

“JAZMYN!” My mom yelled in disbelief at Jazzy’s tone—and use of words.

All of us were shocked. My mom, Mandy, Brian, me and even Gracie were shocked at Jazzy’s out burst.

“Apologize to your brother right this minute young lady!” My mom exclaimed.

“Why would I apologize? I’m telling the truth!” She defended.

“Whether you’re telling the truth or not, that is not the kind of language you need to be using!”

Jazzy looked at me and rolled her eyes, before storming out of Selena’s room with Gracie right behind her.

“I’m so, so sorry for Jazzy’s behavior.” My mom apologized.

“Mom it’s nothing to apologize about, okay?” I said getting up to hug her.

“Pattie don’t stress about it. I’m pretty mad about Gracie having Jazzy’s back. I don’t know why both of them are acting this way.” Mandy said shaking her head.

Jazzy’s POV:

“Jazzy what the heck was that about?” Gracie said storming up behind me.

“I don’t know okay?” I yelled shrugging once we were out of the hospital. “Justin just makes me so mad. I can’t believe he thought we were actually lying!” I said upset.

“Well he’s your brother—he’s stubborn, just like you.” Gracie chuckled.

“Oh like you aren’t stubborn.” I retorted.

“Oh, I know I’m stubborn. It runs in the family; Me, Selena, our mom, and so on. I bet even Kaylie is stubborn.” She chuckled. “At least I admit it.”

“How are we going to give Justin proof?”

“Well I guess we’re just going to have to go to the source first.” Gracie smirked.

“There is no way our moms are gonna let us go to the diner to meet with a 20 something year old man.” I said. “Plus I doubt I’ll be able to go anywhere.”

“Well it looks like we’re just gonna have to sneak then.” Gracie continued smirking.

“You mean like—sneak out and meet him?” I asked surprised and Gracie nodded her head.

“Exactly what I’m thinking,” She smiled.

“Damn, we’re not even teens yet, and we’re already sneaking out and being bad asses and rebelling.” I chuckled.

“Hey, you’re the one who started it.” Gracie said.

Before I could reply my mom came out the hospital looking mad as ever.

“Uh-oh.” I groaned.

I’m going to be grounded for the rest of my life.

Justin’s POV:

My mom had took Jazzy and Gracie home, and her and Mandy were gonna talk out the girls’ punishments later on.

After spending another hour at the hospital, talking to Selena, hoping she would wake up, I decided to go home.

I needed to call Mrs. Rogers and ask her about the five grand missing from the charity account anyway.

I dialed her number and right away she picked up.

“Oh Mr. Bieber, how can I help you?” She asked in her bubbly tone.

“Hi Mrs. Rogers, I was calling you to discuss about a money issue.” I said.

“Oh, okay. What’s wrong?”

“I noticed there was over five grand missing in one of the charity’s banking account. Do you know what happened?” I asked.

“I do know what happened, but I’m sorry to say I’m not allowed to tell you.” She said nervously.

“What do you mean?”

“I was told not to tell you anything, because you already knew about it.”

“Well I did not know about this, so I’m demanding you to tell me.” I said.

I heard Mrs. Rogers shuffling some things around before she began to speak.

“It’s Sasha.” She said.

Did she just say Sasha?

“Sasha?” I said gritting my teeth.

“Yeah, I’m sorry sir, I thought you knew.”

“And why would you think that?”

“Well she told me she was telling you herself, and told me not to say a word or else she would fire me.”

Why would Sasha do that? And how dare her say something like that to my employees.

“Well I’m your boss, not Sasha.” I said.

“I know, and I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Mrs. Rogers.” I said pinching the bridge of my nose. “Did she tell you anything else? Like why was she using the money?”

“She said it was some sort of retail therapy.”

Sasha stole money from a charity, just so she could go shopping hoping not to get caught by using my credit card?

“Thanks Mrs. Rogers, and don’t worry your job is not a risk.” I said before hanging up the phone.

I walked into the kitchen, putting my phone on the counter and grabbed me a cup and filled it with water.

Sasha. I can’t believe she would do something like this.

The door bell rang interrupting my thoughts.

I walked to the door, opening it seeing it was Jazzy and Gracie.

“Jaz, Grace what are ya’ll doing here?” I asked shocked. Weren’t they on some kind of lock down?

“To introduce you to proof.” Jazzy said both her and Gracie walking in my house.

I turned to face them still in shock. “How did ya’ll get out of the house? Aren’t ya’ll on lockdown?”

“What do you think? We snuck out, duh.” Gracie said.

“Well I’m calling mom.” I said. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you both, but I don’t like the rebel stage.” I said.

I tried walking pass them but they blocked me in.

“No Justin, you need proof to see your girlfriend is a cheater so we brought you proof.” Jazzy said.

“Okay, so where’s the proof?” I asked.

They both motioned me to turn around and I did so, and I came face to face with an older man who seemed to be in his late 20s.

I spun around to face both of the girls furious that they were with an older man—a stranger.

“What the hell are ya’ll doing with an older man? Did he hurt ya’ll?” I asked checking out both girls, and then I turned around to face the strange man. “I swear if you hurt my little sisters I swear—“I began lifting up my fist but Jazzy and Gracie both jumped infront of me, stepping in between me and the stranger.

“Aw, look at Justin, protecting his little sister and her bestfriend.” The man said.

“How the fuck do you know my name?” I snapped.

“Well Sasha has told me a lot about you.” He smirked.

That’s when I realized the man in front of me, was the proof Jazzy and Gracie had brought me.


I sat there.


I couldn’t believe it.

The man—John was his name; he was the one.

The actual one that my own girl—ex girlfriend cheated on me with.

To make it worse, he’s the baby’s father—not me.

“Justin, are you okay?” Jazzy asked.

Pfft. Am I okay? Am I okay? I just found out my girlfriend for over four years, was the not the girl I thought she was.

She’s not faithful.

She only wanted me for my money. That gold-digging whore.

She cheated on me with some scrum.

She had sex with that scrum.

He got her pregnant.

She lied to me about the baby.

It’s not even mine, and she’s more than two months pregnant, she’s almost six months pregnant.

So you tell me if I’m okay, because I’m pretty sure I’m fucking far from okay.

My leg was going 1,000 miles a minute. All I wanted to do was punch John in his mouth for using my girlfriend, but it’s not all his fault. It takes two to cheat. And what from I heard, John didn’t even know about me until four months ago, when Sasha tried to end it with him but he wouldn’t let it happen because he didn’t know why she wanted to end things.

Selena warned me.

Kaylie—the movie—talking about a cheater, she wasn’t talking about a movie she was talking about Sasha and John.

Yeah John even told me how he ‘informally’ met my daughter which made my jaw clench.

That’s probably why Kaylie kicked Sasha. Sasha must have threatened her and made Kaylie mad.

I’m such a screw up.

After 30 minutes of sitting in the family room with Jazzy, Gracie and John I heard the front door open and close and I heard Sasha’s voice.

“JUSTIN! YOU HERE?” She yelled.

“I’m in the family room. “I said in monotone.

“Justin you wouldn’t believe what I bought—“She said cheerfully, that was until she saw I wasn’t alone.

Sasha stood there, caught in her own lies.

“Care to explain, babe.” I said fakely.