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we talking headcanons about the boys? ive got a silly one: sometimes when they're watching movies theyve seen before, mccree will mute the tv and he and hanzo will dub over the movie with their own story. those nights usually end with them laughing themselves to tears bc of how ridiculous they both get doing these impromptu movie dubs

*flips a chair* I AM ALSO SO HERE FOR THIS! 
my family used to do this and it was a blast so i can toooootalllyyyy see the boys and the whole gang on movie night do this. They call it improv night or something. this is so good and wholesome


The best of being a pre-teen in the late 90s/early 00s

When you loose a best friend, it’s worse than breaking up with a boyfriend. Because you lose more than a heart, you lose a little bit of yourself.
—  M.

“Everyone lies: ‘Oh, getting old is terrible.’ What the fuck are they talking about? It’s so great! Let me count the ways. It takes until you’re 40 for you to have enough money to buy anything—like a bunch of weird chairs, that thing for my cat, the stuff for the web comic. You can’t afford a comic made of tiny things when you’re in your 20s. You need to get to a point in your life when you’ve made connections in your community, and you can do fun artistic projects, and you can buy a couple of movie chairs and have them sent to your apartment. That’s what it means to be 40. You just do whatever the hell you want. It’s awesome!

People say, ‘Oh, being in your 20s is the best.’ Is it? Because I found it very anxiety producing, and sad, and kind of lonely. I feel none of those things now. Life is awesome. And then they say, ‘Oh, you know, you’ll be wrinkled and ugly.’ Wrinkled? Maybe. Ugly? Are you kidding me? I’ve never looked this good. Look at my hair. I just had it done. Ask me how much that cost. I couldn’t spend that much on my hair even in my thirties. Look at this thing. It’s a shirt from a museum. I’m going to get all my clothes from museums. I couldn’t get any clothes from museums when I was in my 20s. Also, I know so much more now. I’m like a genius—just from life. I have all sorts of knowledge.

I feel like we’ve all been lied to by society—that youth is where it’s at. Not really. Youth kind of sucks. It’s thrilling, but it’s also terrifying. I’m not scared of anything now.

Oh, that’s the other thing. It’s the biggest thing. When I turned 30, a friend of mine wrote to me and said, ‘Tell me what you’ve learned. Give me your wisdom at 30.’ I remember reading that and thinking, ‘I have no idea.’ But I thought about it for a couple of days and I wrote back to him. ‘You now? I do have an answer for this: I feel more confident now. And I care a little bit less about what other people think.’ Now, at this age, I don’t give a fuck what people think.

This is how this translates to me. I’ve never attempted to be popular by any definition, which is good, because I certainly haven’t been. But it always killed me to disappoint people. I feel that less now.

You can’t hang anything over my head emotionally because I just don’t care. I don’t feel that I have to impress anyone anymore. It’s awesome!”

Cambridge, MA

A Captains Wish

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Promise me you won’t let anything happen to him.”

A Captains Wish

It came second nature to baby Bucky. The man was a walking cuddly bear. So Steve wasn’t surprised when he had brought his friend in the compound and a special tech worker was bewitched by James.

She was a very good tech, so good that she became the second hand for Maria Hill, helping her hack programs and websites to the point where she could do it in her sleep. So having her roaming the compound wasn’t very strange. She’s an eater, wastes half her time chewing on junk food. So waking up at around half past three to grab a chip bag wasn’t out of the norm. But finding a slightly trembling hunched Bucky, sure as hell was.

From then on, the girl kept crossing paths with him. Seeing him sitting beside her in movie nights, finding his chair closer to her during the time the whole avengers gather to eat together, finding his things with hears, (her headphones would be next to his wallet, her shoes would be close to his boots.) And she liked it. Very much, actually.

"Hey Bucky,” The brunet tech asked, as she walked closer to the man on the stool. “What are you up to?” The girl grabbed the milk jug and poured herself a glass.

“Nothing,” Bucky grumbled, pushing away his hair before grabbing his water bottle. Eyes trained everywhere but her.

“Well, its Sunday.” The girl grumbled, making an icky face. “Wanna do something before it strikes Monday?” She offered, drowning her cup before opening the cup bored and grabbing out her stash of junk food. She would always re fill it. Seeing as half the team takes whatever they want. Albeit she never showed any sighs that she didn’t want them to, or that she found it annoying, because truth be told she didn’t.

Bucky didn’t respond. His metal plates squeezing the plastic, as his hair fell before his ears and covered his cheeks. Grumbling incoherently he pushed it back behind his bitty ears, slightly scratching his skin from his rough metal slits with the force he had added.

“Can I braid your hair?” The girl asked, turning around to show him her hair. She had Dutch braided it to the tip of her ass, the wave looked magnificent.

“Go ahead.” He sat strainer in his chair, having the girl come behind him and running her fingers through his skull. The pads of her thumbs grazed his soft roots, while she parted three stands and started its brim.

“So, do you still want to do something?” She hummed, focusing over the braid. “I thought maybe we could go out,” She contributed, her tone faltering. “I mean it’s so stuffy being here, I mean maybe we should just go out and see the park, the one that has a forest in it.” She stoped after a while, having ended right at his ear lines, “Bucky do you have a hair tie?”


The tech didn’t say, but ran a hooked finger behind his ear and pulled a strand of lock. She might as well finish it to the bottom.

“There,” The brunet stated, she had removed one of her hair ties and enclosed it around his hair. “You look very handsome.” She giggled as he turned around but couldn’t see his hair. “Let me take a picture.” She pulled her phone then clipped him a shot.

“Looks very nice.” Bucky answered, running his soft metal plates over the contraption.


“Let’s just watch something. I don’t feel like getting out.” Bucky honestly replied. He put his bottle in the fridge before turning to her. “I don’t care what movie, it’s too cold to go out.” Pointing to the window to further prove his point. Cobwebs of frost caked the windows, but evident flakes drifted the nights air.


Together they walked and sat down, the common room being empty, they watched movies after countless movies. Both funny, scary and dumb. Bucky was enjoying himself. Having his foot patched up the table while half his body laid over the couch. His laugh was contagious, boisterous chuckles filled the void with her perky giggles laced together in perfect harmony. 

And before they knew it, as Monday neared it’s peak, Bucky had fallen into a dreamless blissful sleep, while the girl stood up to push the super solider over the couch and cover him with her blanket. Kneeling down, she pressed a hot kiss to his cheek before being caught by Steve’s lingering look.

The day Bucky had entered the life of the avengers, Steve made it clear he didn’t want his friend to feel out of place, and gave Sam a long lecture of behaving himself before Bucky. He even begged Tony’s new recruit to heed his thoughts and stay away from the metal arm. Something about Peters love for science would annoy Bucky. 


“Promise me you won’t let anything happen to him.” Rogers interrupted, motioning to his only link from the 90’s. "He means everything to me, (Y/N).” Steve corrected. “Promise me,” Rogers asked again,  "You won’t let anything happen to him.” Captain walked from the door and closer to the couches.

Nodding her head, The super solider crushed her between his chest. The platinum hair shoved in between her eye sight. “Thank you.” Rogers chanted, as he crushed her with each embrace.

“It’s fine Steve,” The young lady assured. “He means a lot to me too.” The lady spoke softly. Returning his embrace as he picked her up From the ground and and continued to find solace in her embrace.

Their heads shot to the side once Bucky made a move to stand up. Not even blinking an eye towards his friends sharing an intimate moment together. But fell back right onto his pillow, his snores loud and clear. 

“Does he sleep walk?”

“I don’t know …”  


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