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I’ve had friends say that I should work in the Film Bureau, because then that institution would become more tolerant. I tell them that it would only make me a worse person. If you have a guard at the gate, then the guard becomes oppressive. It doesn’t have anything to do with the person; it’s the system, the environment.

Jiang Wen on censorship               

interviewed in Oracle Bones: A Journey through Time in China by Peter Hessler

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A movie studio of this scale would never take the risk of showing representation because they know that it would cost them money at the box office.

I know that when Disney announced BATB has a canon gay character even though it’s just a blink-then-you’ll-miss-moment, the movie faced potential restriction in some countries, but disney refused to back down and cut that scene and the movie passed the censorship in Malaysia in the end because after all it’s really not an obvious Gay Moment. (you can read more about the discussion on recent mainstream lgbtq representation on this article by WIRED) It’s a small baby step, but the success of beauty and the beast in box office should have given the studio more confidence to show representation in their movie in some way, knowing that it’s not gonna drive audience away (because it’s so brief lmao it’s sad but still, at least they have the guts to announced he’s gay). 

And back to Black Panther, we’re not talking about having a big Lesbian Kissing Moment here, we’re just asking Ayo, who is canonically a lesbian character in the comics, to have her sexuality acknowledged but marvel denies the possibilities right away. It’s ridiculous that this is still too much to ask from marvel, and since when marvel studio is not about taking risk? Iron Man was a big risk to begin with, and then the Guardians introducing a talking tree and racoon, but somehow we live in a world that aliens and talking tree are way more acceptable than a LGBTQ human character in mainstream movie. But seriously it shouldn’t be the case anymore, the world has evolved, audiences are not as homophobic as you think, and it’s aout time to catch up with the world @ marvel studio

Okay, so I discovered the trailer for Sausage Party earlier today and I just now finished reading the script. I’m going to see this movie. I am going to watch it and laugh at it and enjoy every disgusting second of it because I am a bad person. But please:

Do not take your children to see this movie.

I know it looks cute and happy and whatnot but trust me when I tell you that it will fuck your kids up for life. I know people are going to take their kids to this movie anyways because the same idiots took their kids to see the South Park movie, Deadpool, etc. But I’m still going to try and warn some of you. Don’t take your kids to see Sausage Party. Just don’t.

[TRANS] Rhian Ramos admits they hold back on sweet moments on The Rich Man's Daughter because of self-censorship

Rhian Ramos on doing a kissing scene with Glaiza de Castro on The Rich Man’s Daughter: “To me it’s not a big deal. I mean, I’ve done kissing scenes before. I feel like it would be the same thing and I feel like the story deserves it.” The GMA-7 actress reveals that this lesbian-themed series will end by August 7.


August 7 is the set date for the ending of the controversial primetime series of GMA-7, The Rich Man’s Daughter.

In this lesbian-themed series, the leads are Rhian Ramos(who portrays as Jade) and Glaiza de Castro (who portrays as Althea, Jade’s girlfriend). (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed Rhian during the launch of her show on History Channel, the Full Throttle, at House Manila, Remington Hotel, Pasay City last Thursday, July 16.

According to Rhian, they are still scheduled to do tapings for TRMD until August 3.

Based on the Twitter post of the head writer of The Rich Man’s Daughter, Suzette Doctolero, the ending of their show will be “liberating”.

Rhian explained about this, “Because we’ve watched Jade for the entire first half of the show really, really struggling with who she is.

“She was having a hard time accepting it because the people that she loves don’t accept it.”

“So she can’t really say that she’s proud to be a lesbian.”

“So she’s really been struggling with that. “

“We’re gonna see her become mature and really learn what it’s like to love yourself and to be really proud of who you are.

"So that’s probably why she said it’s gonna be liberating.”

KISSING SCENE. One of the longtime wishes of the fans of the show is to have a kissing scene between the characters of Rhian and Glaiza.

When we asked Rhian if she’ll agree with it, she answered, “I know that a kissing scene is something that the fans have been really asking for.”

“And to me it’s not a big deal. I mean, I’ve done kissing scenes before.”

“I feel like it would be the same thing and I feel like the story deserves it.”

Even if she agrees, Rhian knows that the censorship is one of the reasons why it is hard for them to do it and to portray her character.

She explained “Creatively, I’m having a hard time with the censorship.”

“When you’re in love with someone, there are so many things that come natural.

“But we have to hold back because it can’t be shown for free TV.”

“It can’t be shown for free TV.”

“So there were times that were like that, you know, you’re in character and you’re in love and when the scene intensifies and then it’ll be like , “Oh wait! That’s forbidden!”

“When you want to do something but it’s forbidden.”

“Like there was this one time when Glaiza and I were teasing each other and we were sitting on a mattress.”

“We were teasing each other and because we were laughing, I said, “You’re super persistent!”

“And I tackled her on the bed and then they said, ‘Uh cut, that is forbidden…’”

“I was like, ‘Was that forbidden?’”

“It slips my mind that there are things we can’t do.”

“So just that, that’s also how I feel about the kissing scene, it’s like ‘Free the kiss!’”

MOVIE VERSION? There’s no problem for Rhian if ever The Rich Man’s Daughter will be turned into a movie.

She said, “If it was turned into a movie, the censorship wouldn’t be an issue.”

“Except that we would probably go to a smaller audience.”

“Because it’ll be R-16 or R-18, like that.”

Will she agree on a bed scene with a fellow woman?

The Kapuso actress answered, “If it’s really necessary because not even with guys do I agree sometimes.

“I’ve only done twice, I only agreed twice because when I read it [the script], ‘Oh right, that’s right!’

“Because that’s where the story is heading.”

“I really, really don’t like reading things that you know when you feel like, ‘Oh that scene is just there to sell!’

“So I’m really there that wherever the story takes it, it’s suitable.”

That’s pretty much the whole trailer for The Shining: a static shot of an empty lobby filling with blood. How did Stanley Kubrick convince the censors to let him do that? By being full of shit, essentially. When Warner Bros sent the trailer to the MPAA, they called back to ask what the literal bloody hell they’d just seen (and presumably to tell Kubrick that if he needed anyone to talk to, they were there for him). WB’s response: That wasn’t blood, it was merely “rusty water.” Obviously, the MPAA bought it, because a wacky comedy about a hotel with poor plumbing sounds exactly like the sort of movie Kubrick would do.

6 Brilliant Ways Movies & TV Shows Stuck It To The Censors
"Pride" DVD cover conveniently omits any LGBT language

External image

The film Pride was released on DVD in the United States in December, and though the whole story centers on the work of gay and lesbian activists, the film’s DVD cover says nothing at all about its LGBT themes.

Pride is a British film about a group of LGBT activists who supported a group of striking miners in the 80s, and it’s based on a true story. As you can see in the image above, graciously put together by BuzzFeed, the original art for the movie (left) shows a sign in the background that says “Lesbians & gays support the miners.” In the DVD artwork to the right, the sign has been cropped out. The DVD synopsis also leaves out some pretty important words that the original movie synopsis did include:

The original synopsis reads: “Pride is inspired by an extraordinary true story. It’s the summer of 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers is on strike, prompting a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists to raise money to support the strikers’ families. Initially rebuffed by the Union, the group identifies a tiny mining village in Wales and sets off to make their donation in person. As the strike drags on, the two groups discover that standing together makes for the strongest union of all.”

And the synopsis on the U.S. DVD box reads: “Pride is inspired by an extraordinary true story. It’s the summer of 1984 and much of blue-collar Great Britain is on strike. For one tiny Welsh village, the strike brings unexpected visitors — a group of London-based activists who decide to raise money to support the strikers’ families and want to make their donation in person. In this feel-good, heartwarming comedy, two groups seemingly from worlds apart, discover that standing together makes for the strongest union of all.” [emphasis added]

CBS and Sony, who acquired the U.S. distribution rights for the film and its DVD distribution rights (respectively), have said they are “working together to find out who altered the language and the artwork.” It’s 2015, and yet you think a little bit of Photoshop work will make us believe a movie called Pride isn’t about LGBT people? Really? 

What’s weirder than TV featuring the more grotesque is the fact that it’s somehow less glorifying to do so. Growing up with parents who paid very little mind to gory films like Aliens and Terminator, I was always baffled when my father would shake his head at TV shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos for glorifying violence. As I got older, the logic finally clicked when watching World War Z and The Lone Ranger gruesomely slaughter hundreds of people without actually showing the bloody consequences in the same indifferent way that AFV slaps goofy music and laugh tracks over dogs getting concussions.

The national hard-on for PG-13 has turned R-rated premises like Die Hard into pre-edited-for-TV movies, John McClane being forced to censor the word “motherfucker” over the sound of him murdering someone with a gun. And thanks to a study from Ohio State University, we know that gun violence has actually become more prevalent in PG-13 than R films, due to the MPAA’s preference for death over blood, dick, and boobies.

5 Advantages Movies Always Had Over TV (That TV Stole Away)

Smh, some people are really angry at me lol !! they claim that i’m misleading y’all, they’re telling me to stop posting fake shit lol !! cuz Kubo never said that on his Twitter account !! I’m not gonna respond to them i’ll just post the links to the original tweets here (Here’s my proof) : ( 6:23 AM - 16 Aug 2010 ). ( 6:28 AM - 16 Aug 2010 ). ( 6:36 AM - 16 Aug 2010 ). ( 6:54 AM - 16 Aug 2010 ). ( 6:59 AM - 16 Aug 2010 ).

So please don’t be angry at me, nor at Kubo, just try to get over your hate issues toward Hime, be more gentle with people on the internet and keep in mind that Nobody cares about what a stranger thinks of them or if he doesn’t agree with them, so whining and complaining won’t get you anywhere.

It’s so sad that many people choose to live in denial even tho the Truth is right in front of them… The author tried to clearify things for them he told them that The relationship is completely platonic, Unfortunately, much of the Bleach fandom refuses to accept it, many shippers were tweeting Kubo repeatedly messing him and people involved with the manga to give Rukia more screen time, remove Orhime from the story, and that they would attempt to start a boycott of The movie Bleach Hell Verse if Orhime had any role in it at all, so no one can blame Kubo for his reaction……It can’t be easy to create a manga series, and then getting repeated complaints and being dissed and insulted by KIDS and stupid people (Man !! imagine yourself getting dissed 24/7 and being called shitty and stupid by 12 years old girls smh).

If you want to blame someone for being unprofessional please blame Studio Pierrot, don’t blame Kubo, beacause most of the IR is totally Pierrot’s fault though ( those endings, fillers, movies, IH censorship…). 

Even after such response did they stop their Let’s hate on Inoue then complain to Kubo movement tho ? y'all know the answer… So here we are now after 5 years of that incident and things are still the same… 

So wanna know how the author of the series dealt with them ? he simply ignored them, they doesn’t exist in his world, and that’s what we should do too.