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i get what you're saying about iw but like. it's directed by the russos. i'd be worried as fuck if it was whedon but it's the Russos.

Civil War was directed by the Russo’s and it was garbage so I stand by what I said.

Civil War...

I’ve been reading people’s reactions to the new Captain America: Civil War trailer. I just realized something: 

There are people out there who don’t know how the Civil War story line ends.

If you read the comics, you probably know what happens right at the end of the Civil War story. If you are constantly on Tumblr or Wikipedia like us, there are dozens of ways to be exposed to spoilers. But still: There are lots of people who watch the Marvel movies who don’t read the comics.

The Civil War comic book sold 341,856 copies (issue #2). The collected graphic novel edition sold 122,597 copies in Diamond comic book stores between 2007 and 2014. It probably sold a lot more than that through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but I can’t find actual numbers. Civil War is still the third best-selling superhero graphic novel on Amazon today.

For comparison, the movie Captain America : The Winter Soldier sold 31,795,174 movie tickets in the U.S. (It sold almost three times that if you include international markets.) When you add up the Blu Rays and DVD, The Winter Soldier sold 3,121,395 copies on home video.

So, in total, in the US, 554,453 (Half a Million) people bought the comic in a comic book shop, and 34,916,569 (35 Million!) people paid to watch the last Cap movie. For every 1 person who bought the comic, there were 63 people who watched the movie. 

Regardless: A lot of the people who walk into the movie theater on May 6th will be completely unspoiled. They will have no idea what they’re in for. That makes me really excited, and here’s why:

The ending of this movie is going to DESTROY people.

Imagine you went to see the Winter Soldier movie for the first time, and you somehow avoided all the spoilers, so the soldier’s true identity was a complete surprise. Exciting, right? 


That’s nothing. There is a thing that happens at the end of the Civil War movie that is going to blow people’s minds. I don’t think the general public is prepared. I don’t think we as a fandom are prepared. Hell, I know what happens, and I don’t even think I’m prepared to see it acted out on the big screen with real actors and orchestral music and everything.

If you don’t follow the comics, please do whatever you can to stay spoiler-free. Do not google the wikipedia article. Do whatever you can. Because this movie is going to be Amazing.

I was reading people reactions on Tumblr: “It’s all focused on the characters’ relationships”, “They’ve given us a movie that looks like fan fic!”,  “Ha, ha, it’s Stony versus Stucky!” And at first I thought: Well…. They’re certainly not wrong.

And then it Hit me: We Are Not Ready. We are not emotionally prepared for what happens next.

I’ve decided that the easiest way to ignore the hateful comments I’ve been reading/seeing about Bucky Barnes is to remember this:

If Sebastian Stan weren’t such an amazing actor, people wouldn’t be hating on his character so much. 

Think about it. He was in about 5 hours worth of movies (Cap 1 & 2) for only about 20-30 minutes total. There have been two glimpses of Civil War, thus far…one full-length trailer, clocking in at 2 min 26 sec and a tv spot that’s about 30 sec. 

He barely had any dialogue in Cap 2. Probably the most we’ve seen Bucky speak has been in that trailer for Civil War…and yet with very little exposure, he’s created a shitstorm against his character. In reality, all it took was a very believable 1.5 seconds of film to really set their ire. 

Well-done, Sebastian! Chris Evans was right…you are phenomenal and Marvel is lucky to have you!

Fic idea: What would have happened if Steve had been accepted into the 107th with Bucky.

I accidentally gave myself feels:

Steve gets accepted into the 107th and has to go through basic training with Bucky, except neither Peggy nor Erskine are there of course and all he has is Bucky, like always.

Except, Steve just really cant keep up. The troop has to do extra push-ups constantly because of Steve, they all really don’t like him because of it. And of course Bucky steps in when someone badmouths Steve, and it gets them both into massive trouble.

Bucky gets so angry, cos he didn’t want to go to war in the first place, but was drafted. Steve is here when he could be at home, safe, and it makes him so unreasonably angry.

Steve is making it all even worse, cos soon it’s not just going to be the two of them vs. the rest of the troop. Soon they’re both going to get killed and Bucky won’t be able to do shit about it. And everyone’s calling them fags and the other men make fun of them and it’s all just fucking horrible. 

Then the whole 107th gets captured by Nazis like in Cap 1 movie canon.

They’re kept in cells. It’s dirty and cold, too many guys per cell and one by one they’re being taken away and experimented on.

They can hear the screams of the men that are taken and no one who gets taken ever comes back. Bucky and Steve aren’t even in the same cell, because life just doesn’t always let them be together after all.

Steve is constantly freezing and with Bucky meters away, they can’t even see each other (cos their cells are on the same side of the corridor), nevermind cuddle up to keep the cold at bay.

No one keeps Steve warm and they’re not being fed properly. They cant talk much. The guards don’t let them call out to each other through the hall.

Everyone knows they’re all going to die here and Bucky wishes more than anything that Steve wasn’t there, so they wouldn’t have to hear each other die. He can hear Steve coughing in the night and it sounds wet and horrible. Bucky knows that sound and it’s not good.

So they’re in there for a long time, weeks. No one’s coming for them and Steve thinks he’ll die before they even get to him because he’s getting real sick under the conditions.

Steve keeps losing weight he doesn’t have to spare in the first place and wonders if he could fit through the gap between the bars. He tries, once, at night when everyone’s sleeping. He can’t quite fit through, his ribs get stuck, but just barely, but he can’t manage to get out.

The next day they take Bucky.

They call out to each other when they drag Bucky by. He sees Steve for the first time in weeks and is completely shocked by how bad Steve looks and he knows they’re both dead. It’s over. 
Bucky struggles anyway, because he sure as hell ain’t gonna just let them kill him. In the commotion and Bucky’s struggle one of the guards loses his keys and doesn’t notice. 

Steve doesn’t even see cos it’s out of his cell’s line of sight, but he hears the subtle commotion of the guys in the cells closest to the keys trying to get to the keys but not managing. They have no tools, no clothes, belts or shoes long enough to work. He asks what’s going on and when they say there are keys on the floor he tries to get through the bars again, still getting stuck.

This time the guys in his cell are awake and he begs them to shove him through. They hesitate, cos damn that’s a small space to fit through, but he insists. He has to! They have Bucky!

Reluctantly. the other men shove him through, breaking and cracking a lot of Steve’s ribs as they do and oh god it hurts so so badly and Steve can’t even breath.

He makes himself move anyway, through the agony, they don’t have time, they need to get out NOW. He drags himself to the keys and tosses them to the guys in the nearest cell before collapsing on the floor.

They unlock their own door and quietly free all the other men from the other cells. Someone scoops up Steve on the way out and he begs them to please please please get Bucky.

The escape happens like in the Cap 1 movie canon, except Steve is unconscious for most of it. 

They do free Bucky on the way out. He’s drugged out of his mind, but it’s better that way, cos no one knows how to help Steve properly anyway, he’s in such bad shape. 

Finally, finally they make it to allied troops and they have doctors who can help Steve. They don’t think he’s going to make it for a while. He’s so weak and sick and hurt! Bucky doesn’t leave his bedsite once he’s aware again, talking to Steve constantly, holding his hand and forbidding him to die.

It’s slow and gradual, but Steve starts to recover. They offer to send him home with a medal of honor, but Steve refuses to leave Bucky in the war zone.

Meanwhile, Dr. Erskine has heard of this brave young man who saved his entire troop and asks to talk to Steve. He tells Steve about the super soldier serum and lo and behold, Captain America is born after all.