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3am Thoughts - Part One
  • Me at 3am: "It's really late, I should be getting some sleep."
  • My brain: "If Voldemort was powerful enough to give Pettigrew a new hand, why couldn't he give himself a new nose?"
I don't want hate for this, okay?

Lucius Malfoy broke down his own son so that he could build him back up again and mould him to be exactly how he wanted him to be.

When Draco had done something his father disliked, he was often physically or verbally abused.

Draco often talked about himself like the world owed him a living but I don’t think he ever believed that.

I think he was frightened.

I think he was insecure.

He never had the opportunity to be himself. Almost every decision he ever made was impacted upon by his father whispering in his ear and telling him what to say or do.

And Draco didn’t know any better because they never really let him be his own person.

When Draco got to make his own decisions, he couldn’t be cruel;
1. He couldn’t identify Harry at Malfoy Manor, scared of the outcome.
2. He couldn’t kill Dumbledore because the only reason he’d ever hated him was because he was told he had to.

When he started his own family, Draco tried so hard to be less like his father. He tried to create his own person and then pass that onto his son. He’d hoped his son made better decisions and had a better life than Draco did and Draco didn’t want control over his sons life.

He didn’t want to be like his father. His son wasn’t his project.

If Draco was the cruel monster, like his father, that everyone sees in the series, he wouldn’t have changed for his kid.

But he did.

And I just don’t know if the Draco Malfoy we all see, is the Draco Malfoy that he was or wanted to be.