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365 Days of Journaling

This year I am comitted to journaling every day. To make sure I am inspired to write I’ve compiled a list of prompts using journaling prompts, list prompts and self-discovery questions. Feel free to use!

365 Days of Journaling

1. Your New Year’s Resolutions.

2. Personal fact file.

3. Review of 2014

4. How can you treat yourself more gently this year? Things you could lighten up on yourself about?

5. List 5 simple activities to nurture yourself.

6. What do you need to stop worrying about?

7. Secret

8. What do you repeatedly re-evaluate? Can you let it go?

9. List things you should be proud of.

10. What negative phrases do you say about your body? Can you replace them with positive affirmations about your body?

11. List 10 things your body does that is amazing.

12. How are you sleeping?

13. Friendship

14. In my heart I know the one way I can nurture my bod more this year is ___.

15. What makes you feel loved and cared for?

16. How does social media affect you?

17. List your greatest comforts.

18. Book Review

19. Design your outdoor area/garden.

20. Who do you want to surround yourself with this year?

21. An artist that inspires you.

22. List current and future goals and dreams.

23. What’s something you do differently to other people?

24. List what you are grateful for.

25. What’s something you want to do but haven’t?

26. Imagination.

27. List things you do to procrastinate.

28. Do you feel worthy of nurturing and gentle care? How does it feel for you to say ‘I am deserving of loving care. I take time to take care of myself?’

29. List words that touch your soul.

30. I wish animals could…… If they could, then…..

31. Has your greatest fear come true?

32. Never have I ever list.

33. What’s holding you back?

34. List dream jobs.

35. Favourite recipe.

36. List fictional characters with whom you have fallen in love.

37. Focus.

38. I am inspired by…

39. Your favourite flower?

40. Movie Review.

41. ‘If I won the lottery’ list.

42. In this moment are you happy?

43. Hope.

44. List things you like to do when you’re sick.

45. Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?

  1. 46.  ‘If I ruled the world’ list.

47. Words to live by.

48. I wish I had one more chance to….. Then I would…..

49. 5 things you want in a relationship.

50. My overused words and phrases.

51. Dream.

52. Recipe for a perfect weekend.

53. Make a table, 10 things you love and hate about your body.

54. List your greatest achievements.

55. Doodle here.

56. What’s your happiest childhood memory?

57. In ten years from now where would you like to be?

58. What’s your perfect trip?

59. When have you felt most passionate?

60. Your skills.

61. I wish I could forget the time I ….. because….

62. Book Review.

63. Believe.

64. If not now – when?

65. Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil?

66. Do you feel like you’ve lived this day before?

67. Write a letter, Dear Past Me.

68. What would you wish for if a genie granted you 3 wishes?

69. The most disappointed I’ve ever been…

70. What scares you?

71. Mystery.

72. 10 television shows.

73. Nobody knows that I…

74. Your favourite scent?

75. Do you cope with stress? How?

76. List your essentials.

77. Plan a romantic evening.

78. Your saddest memory?

79. What’s the difference between being alive and truly living?

80. Mistake.

81. I wish I had a million… Then I would…

82. List books.

83. Decide upon a three course meal.

84. If we learn from mistakes why are we so frightened of making them?

85. What’s something you’ve learnt today?

86. What was your favourite school subject?

87. 10 celeb crushes.

88. The most fun I’ve ever had…

89. What are you looking forward to?

90. List places you want to go.

91. Laughter.

92. Describe each day of the week as if it was a person?

93. Are you a worrier?

94. The tattoos you have?

95. 10 things to do before your next birthday. (95)

96. Who was your best friend?

97. List favourite quotes.

98. Favourite colour combos.

99. Movie review.

100. Who do you admire?

101. I wish I could learn….. because…..

102. Look through a magazine – what images stand out?

103. The biggest lie I’ve ever told is…

104. Favourite animation.

105. Something out of reach…

106. A mistake you won’t make again?

107. Wisdom.

108. List things that feel like home.

109. I am…

110. I’m not very good at…

111. List things you want to be known for.

112. What was your favourite toy?

113. Your character traits.

114. Pause.

115. Describe your dream job.

116. Write a letter, Dear Future Me.

117. Make an A-Z list of things that you want to do.

118. Write about your first job?

119. Adventure.

120. List of websites.

121. Ways to waste time…

122. Table of Do’s and Don’ts

123. Your make-up bag?

124. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

125. What makes you miserable?

126. Energy.

127. Things you find beautiful?

128. There’s no excuse for…

129. The most terrifying moment of my life was…

130. What was your first car?Design your bedroom.

131. In 25 years will you be proud of the things you did or regret the things you didn’t do?

132. Write a mantra.

133. Your bucket list.

134. Proud.

135. A-Z list of words to describe you.

136. What makes you unique?

137. Your next tattoo?

138. Lyrics of meaning.

139. Movie review.

140. Collection of jokes.

141. What happiness means to you?

142. Doodle here.

143. Simple.

144. List 3 things that went right or wrong today.

145. How do you deal with anger?

146. Are you forgiving?

147. Things I always did with my dad when I was young…

148. List things that remind me of a my childhood.

149. Favourite emotion?

150. What is magic?

151. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

152. When do you make excuses?

153. Unique.

154. List bad habits.

155. Childhood games.

156. List family traditions.

157. Something you overheard today.

158. Choose a poem.

159. List things that motivate you.

160. Grace.

161. Get a map and plan a route.

162. Qualities you look for in a boyfriend?

163. Your pet.

164. Your definition of beauty.

165. Plan a perfect date.

166. List things that happened on the day you were born.

167. Myth.

168. List of questions.

169. Your perfume?

170. HTML colour codes.

171. List pet peeves.

172. Robert Frost write a poem titled The Road Not Taken.  Name a road you’ve always wanted to travel.  Where do you hope it takes you, and what might you see on the way?

173. Hug.

174. Ways to relax…

175. Your favourite albums?

176. Authors whose work you enjoy.

177. The worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

178. 5 things you can’t live without?

179. Every child deserves…

180. What would you change about the world?

181. List things to collect.

182. Plan an exercise routine.

183. I wish I had enough money to……

184. Cocktail recipe.

185. List summer goals.

186. Best advice given.

187. Religion.

188. Your favourite piece of classical music.

189. Your talents?

190. What 5 traits do people first notice when they meet you for the first time?

191. List of 10 boy names.

192. Designer inspiration.

193. How much will power do you have?

194. Your favourite place and why?

195. Place your playlist on shuffle, write the lyrics to first song played.

196. List people you love.

197. Think back to the toys of your childhood.

198. Choose some scenery.

199. Favourite days of the year.

200. Today’s horoscope.

201. I wish everyone loved……

202. Advice to your best friend.

203. What does your sleeping position say about you?

204. Is there a heaven?

205. Things I always did with my mam when I was young…

206. Who would you like to thank for something they did for you in the past?

207. Favourite holiday.

208. Design something.

209. What did you buy today?

210. Favourite colour palette.

211. Are you competitive?

212. Create a pattern.

213. Your pet.

214. Find a new poem.

215. Independent.

216. What does love mean to you?

217. Ten ways to improve yourself.

218. Miracle.

219. Your karaoke song.

220. Here is what others see me as …

221. Your favourite weather.

222. What is your personal secret to happiness?

223. What does real success in life mean to you?

224. Things that happened ten years ago today…

225. Vision.

226. Your blog.

227. Your favourite season.

228. Honestly.

229. Mission in life…

230. In three words, describe your life.

231. Dreams for someday…

232. What do you think of the saying YOLO?

233. Best advice received.

234. What are means to you?

235. Most valued idea.

236. Most fun day ever.

237. Are you brave?

238. Happiest moment lately.

239. Who am I really?

240. Yesterday, I was…

241. What kind of day are you having, and why?

242. Your wedding song?

243. In what areas are you optimistic, and in what areas are you pessimistic?

244. Describe your life in colour.

245. What do you see in the mirror?

246. Future.

247. Interior design inspiration.

248. Success.

249. The headlines today are…

250. Write down today’s stresses.

251. What is your earliest memory of home?

252. Qualities you look for in a friend?

253. A promise I must make myself.

254. Cloud.

255. Something you learnt the hard way?

256. Urgent challenges.

257. What would your superpower be?

258. Lost.

259. How much self-control do you have?

260. Who do you talk to when you have a problem?

261. Paint a picture.

262. Where would you like to be lost?

263. How old were you four years ago? Describe some things you can do now that you could not do then.

264. Book review.

265.  Choose a religion.

266. List of things to photograph.

267. A place you relax.

268. Favourite family photo.

269. Describe how university was for you?

270. A photo that makes you happy.

271. Complete.  

272. Use a newspaper for inspiration today.

273. Your house rules?

274. When I am old I will…

275. Who or what has had a strong influence in your life?

276. Write about climbing.

277. What’s the meaning of your name?

278. Make an emotional graph whilst listening to a song.

279. Doodle here

280. List places you would not visit.

281. What other profession would you do?

282. Power.

283. What does it feel like to be wrong?

284. Would you jump out of a plane?

285. What have you won?

286. Favourite brands.

287. Where do you feel most comfortable?

288. A woman who inspires you.

289. Which is least important to you–money, power, fame–and why?

290. Describe a dream that you had recently. Provide as many details as possible.

291. Why is it important to be honest?

292. A ridiculous law held in your country.

293. Why do you work where you work?

294. What’s your least favourite mode of transportation?

295. Place your playlist on shuffle and write the first ten songs that are played.

296. Where do you people watch?

297. Collect some wallpaper.

298. Movie Review

299. Draw optical illusions.

300. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

301. What headline really got to you today?

302. Write about a difficult time in your life when you showed strength.

303. Best lesson you’ve ever learnt?

304. Something expensive you won’t buy yourself.

305. What historical events happened the year you were born?

306. Legend.

307. Does Never Never Land really exist?

308. Favourite candles.

309. List of fictional places you wish you could visit.

310. Do you look after yourself?

311. Seven things I love to do.

312. How does the weather effect you?

313. What do you think of animal testing?

314. Escape.

315. List five things you would buy if money wasn’t an object?

316. If you were a doctor, what kind of doctor would you be?

317. Open up a random book to page 33, and take the first sentence at the top of the page and start writing from it.

318. A-Z list of words that mean something to you.

319. Sometimes I pretend to be.

320. Describe your relationship with your grandparents.

321. As a writer, my dream come true would be…

322. List 3 things that went right today.

323. Trace your hand, write words on how you feel today inside.

324. Favourite superhero?

325. I promise to…

326. What effect does music have on you?

327. What can you see out of your window right now?

328. Name one thing you have always been good at doing.

329. What is your favourite form of exercise?

330. A festival you would like to experience?

331. The problem with being me is that…

332. Today’s fashion inspiration.

333. Families are important because…

334. Are you doing what you believe in or what you believe you should be doing?

335. What era inspires you?

336. A myth or legend that intrigues you.

337. What really moves you?

338. Take a walk, what did you think about?

339. What must I do tomorrow?

340. What’s making you mad today?

341. Write a letter to your future daughter about growing up.

342. List of 10 girl’s names.

343. Write down something no one knows about you.

344. Give yourself a pep talk?

345. When I was a child I didn’t realise that…

346. Your starsign.

347. List of your firsts.

348. What would you tell your future self to stay more positive?

349. Book Review

350. Words that mean something to you.

351. List of things you look forward to.

352. Was today a good day?

353. Something that helped to shape your outlook to life?

354. Write a description of a winter’s scene.

355. Your Christmas shopping list?

356. Events to remember this year…

357. What did Christmas mean to you as a child?

358. What does Christmas mean to you now?

359. How was your Christmas?

360. What’s great about today?

361. Would you change anything about this year?

362. What are you proud of achieving this year?

363. What I learnt this year…

364. Words to describe 2014.

365. What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?

100 AU's

1. Mermaid Au
2. Firefighter AU
3. Vampire AU
4. Magic AU
5. Zombie Apocalypse AU
6. Vampire Slayer AU
7. DJ’s AU
8. Pole Dancer AU
9. Bartender AU
10. Werewolf AU
11. Magicians AU
12. Vloggers AU
13. Beach AU
14. Space AU
15. Dragon AU
16. Magical Forest AU
17. Zoo Keepers AU
18. Bowling Alley Workers AU
19. Sirens AU
20. Pirates AU
21. Medieval AU
22. Royalty AU
23. Youtubers AU
24. Authors AU
25. Demon AU
26. Farm AU
27. Tattoo AU
28. Edgy AU
29. High School AU
30. Criminals AU
31. Mobsters AU
32. Gardeners AU
33. Bake Sale AU
34. Modern Day AU
35. Slayers AU
36. Centaur AU
37. Castle AU
38. Harry Potter AU
39. Horror Movie AU
40. Romance Movie AU
41. Techno Music AU
42. Travellers AU
43. Pregnant AU
44. Adoption AU
45. Fairy AU
46. Forbidden Love AU
47. Rivals AU
48. Best Friends to Lovers AU
49. Scientists AU
50. Western AU
51. Movie Stars AU
52. Teachers AU
53.Witches/Wizards AU
54. Competitive Etsy Sellers AU
55. Store Owners AU
56. Cooks AU
57. Same Awful Job AU
58. Animators AU
59. Super Hero AU
60. Disney AU
61. Reality TV Stars AU
62. The End of The World AU
63. Fireworks AU
64. Bad Asses AU
65. Meeting Beyoncé AU
66. Meeting Nicki Minaj AU
67. Finding A Magical Sword AU
68. Reading Smut to One Another AU
69. Deep Sea Adventures AU
70. Camping AU
71. Concert AU
72. Meme AU
73. Hairstylists AU
74. Killers AU
75. Flower Shop AU
76. Rock Star AU
77. Soul Mate AU
78. Meeting in Hell AU
79. Asshole Cat AU
80. Marriage AU
81. Met in the Club AU
82. Backwards Day AU
83. Kindergarten AU
84. Cash Register Person AU
85. Same Dorm AU
86. Prank War AU
87. Hackers AU
88. Goth AU
89. Pretending to be Dating AU
90. Motorcycle AU
91. Meet through their siblings AU
92. Same Bus Ride AU
93. Tax Driver AU
94. 20 Questions AU
95. Puns AU
96. Ghost AU
97. Time Travelling AU
98. Singers AU
99. Dogs AU
100. Wings AU

Draw your OC group meme.

I always see these memes for just one character so here’sone for a group of OCs to draw them interacting together and such. Draw one a day or whenever you feel like it or have your followers, friends, and anons send you numbers; whatever you like.

Feel free to use this for fanart, too.

Introduce your OCs (optional)

1.     Line them up. Let’s see their height differences.

2.     Wearing what you’re currently wearing.

3.     In formal clothes.

4.     In school uniforms.

5.     In their underwear.

6.     In swim suits.

7.     Dress for a hot summer day.

8.     Dressed for winter.

9.     Wearing ugly winter holiday sweaters.

10.   In Halloween costumes.

11.   Wearing flower crowns.

12.   Wearing silly hats.

13.   Sharing a really long scarf.

14.   In sexy armor.

15.   In practical armor.


17.   At meal time.

18.   Sleeping.

19.   Dancing.

20.   In a band. (if already in a band draw them in a different genre of music)

21.   Playing a sport.

22.   With a box of kittens.

23.   Camping.

24.   Movie night. (what movie or genre?)

25.   Game night.

26.   Reading.

27.   With action figures of themselves.

28.   At the mall.

29.   Tea time or coffee break. (or both)

30.   Building/in a fort. (made of anything you want)

31.   Running.

32.   In a water gun/balloon fight.

33.   Putting on a play.


35.   Aged up or down. (or both)

36.   As a magical girl team. (one that exists or original)

37.   As animals. (If they are animals draw them human)

38.   As RPG classes. (Warrior, Cleric, Wizard, Bard, etc. Like Dungeons and Dragons classes)

39.   Each as a ‘sona. (witchsona, gemsona, etc.)

40.   As characters from a movie.

41.   As characters from a TV show.

42.   As characters from a videogame.

43.   As stick figures.

44.   As Lego mini figures.

45.   As merfolk. (if already merfolk then as humans.)

46.   In any time period in the past.

47.   In a futuristic time period.

48.   With the rage face that fits each of them best.

49.   GROUP HUG!

50.   Draw a sequence or comic. (any length)

The Questionnaire for Aspiring Friendship (Open to Additional Questions)

1) Reason for your Tumblr username?

2) Who do you follow most and how did you find them?

3) Favorite season of the year?

4) Favorite weather?

5) Worst injury that your willing to speak about?

6) Most embarrassing moment you can laugh at now?

7a) What state(s) have you lived in?

7b) What countries have you lived in/visited?

7c) Where would you want to visit?

8) Choose your weapon!?

9) Current/Future Pets?

10a) If you could hangout with a fictional character for a day, whom and why?

10b) What would you do with said character?

11) Favorite mythological creature?

12) Favorite half-human hybrid creature?

13) League of Legends, favorite champion(s)?

14a) Do you believe in the paranormal? Ghosts, Aliens, Cryptids, etc.

14b) If you could, would you explore a reportedly haunted location? A reportedly recent crash? A recent sighting nearby?

15) What fiction world would you want to live in?

16) Favorite element of nature? Also, yes, you could bend it to your whim.

17) Favorite type of food from that good old fashion food pyramid?

18) If you’re into that sort of thing, what peaks your “interests”?

19) Robots/Androids/Cyborgs, which do you prefer?

20) Favorite creature in fiction that you would keep as a pet?

21) If you do drink alcohol, favorite?

22) Land/Air/Sea, which would you live in if able to without dying?

23) How do you prefer your potatoes? If you don’t like potatoes, why?

24) That show(s) you could sit down for and watch till its over?

25) Favorite Pokemon(s)/Digimon(s)/Monster Rancher(s) and why?

26) Pirates/Cowboys/Ninjas, who do you root for?

27) Favorite Sport(s) to play/watch?

28) That game you could play for hours/days at a time?

29a) Would you live in a world where furries/athros were cohabiting?

29b) If yes, would you stay human or change into one of the above?

30) Favorite suit in a traditional card deck?

31) Lucky number(s)/charms?

32) That cereal you’ve enjoyed to this day?


34) For those kinky people, those closeted thoughts? That “ideal” scenario?

35) That happy place, your safe haven? Location and people eligible.

36) Rock/Paper/Scissors?

37) Favorite gemstone?

38) That band(s)/soundtrack(s) you could listen to all day?

39) Those things that keep you up at night?

40) Your partner in crime?

41) Disney: movie, character, song?

42) What do you believe is the answer to life, the universe, everything?

43) What would you pilot? You also can have it be a mech or transformer, or both!

44) That Youtube/Twitch channel(s) you watch?

45) That book you could read in one sitting?

46) What do you collect?

47) Favorite actor/actress? Living or passed.

48) Zodiac Sign? Astrological and/or Chinese.

49) That BOARD game you break out when friends are over?

49b) That VIDEO game you break out when friends are over?

50) What would you do first if you won that lottery after paying those bills and debts off?

51) That thing that isn’t creepy to others but still creeps you out?

52) That thing that you enjoy that others tend not to?

53) That drink you could enjoy with every meal?

54) That meal you enjoy every time?

55) That article of clothing you enjoy wearing most?

56) That thing that people do that just makes you feel fuzzy inside?

57a) That smell you could breathe in forever?

57b) That smell that scrunches up your face?

58) That artist you follow on here?

59) That comic you read? Can be a strip like on Taptastic or Marvel/DC/other.

60) That person that ticks you off?

61) That special someone in your life, how did you meet? Best friend and/or beyond.

62) That color that catches your eye?

63) That stuffed animal/toy you’ve kept around since you were a kid?

64) That console that got you into gaming? PC denied, tis beyond in power.

65) That teacher you had? For better or worse.

66a) What traits in others do you tend to gravitate towards?

66b) What traits do you avoid?

67) Regrets?

68) The saddest moment(s) in your life?

69) For the “passionate” folk out there, you know the question already.

70) The happiest moment(s) in your life?

71) That small thing that is satisfying every time you do it?

72) Would you change anything about yourself?

72b) If yes, what and why? If no, please explain.

73) What would you ride into battle? Living, dead, mechanical, real or fictional.

74) Alright, what do you look like? Hair/eye/skin color. Shouldn’t matter all  that much, that’s why it’s so late on this list, but hey- it’s here.

75) Measurements? Break out the tape and scale.

76) That thing you do to show off to new friends?

77) How would you describe your personality?

78) What personalities do you look for in others?

79) What do you do to relax and unwind?

80) Favorite places to hang out? Outside of the home that is, because really, that should be the ideal place by default.

81) What RPG class would you be? Video games count too.

82a) Play any instruments?

82b) If no: would you want to? If you just said yes, what? If you said no again, why?

83) Waifu(s)/Husbando(s)? We don’t discriminate.

84) That band you listen to that hardly anyone else around you does?

85) Oversized/Perfect/or Tight apparel?

86) That thing you bought on online recently?

87) What do you bundle up with on a cold day?

88) Travel back in time or to the future?

89) Spirit animal? Be specific.

90) That fictional character you wish you could hug?

91a) That thing you bought that didn’t meet expectations?

91b) That thing you bought that you wish you bought sooner?

92) What word do you have trouble saying? We all have at least one.

93) Is there someone you hated that you are now friends with?

94) That show from your childhood?

95) That song that makes you want to dance? Even if you don’t dance.

96) Crushes you had/have?

97a) Best class subject you had/have in school?

97b) Worst class subject you had/have in school?

98) For those that move around: where would you revisit, if your friends were still there?

99) Magic vs. Technology, which would you side with?

100) Where do you see yourself in the future, ideally?

Feel free to add more if you see this. This is meant to break the ice if you ever get stumped in a conversation. Try to keep it clean people.

Poor Descriptions of Godzilla movies.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters – Sad science man’s suicide kills dinosaur.

Godzilla Raids Again – Fishing industry proves more resilient than first thought.

King Kong vs. Godzilla – Publicity stunt featuring alcoholic goes awry.

Mothra vs. Godzilla – Get rich quick scheme goes very wrong.

Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster – Space dragon foiled by the power of teamwork.

Monster Zero – Astronaut Besties save the earth from extraterrestrial flim-flam men.

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster – Boat tour results in destruction of terrorist military base.

Son of Godzilla – Awkward orphan finds a place to belong despite sounding like donkey.

Destroy All Monsters – Woman has worst first day on job ever.

All Monsters Attack – Home alone with imaginary monster friend.

Godzilla vs. Hedorah – If you pollute you want to kill us all.

Godzilla vs. Gigan – Cartoon characters defeat supposedly charitable cockroaches.

Godzilla vs. Megalon – Smiling robot man teams up with gravity defying dinosaur to defeat undersea cult.

Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla – Space engineers ruin Okinawan holiday for everyone.

Terror of MechaGodzilla – Controlling father’s dinosaur hobby ruins daughter’s love life.

The Return of Godzilla – Cold War dinosaur adventure ends in volcanic eruption.

Godzilla vs. Biollante – Uncle Shirigami gets a green thumb, angers Saradian industrialist.

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah – White people from future intent on ruining everything.

Godzilla vs. Mothra – Confused group of people believe meteorite is somehow mankind’s fault while Moth War rages on.

Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla – How to waste tax payer money and discover the healing properties of ferns.

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla - Island hermit reintegrates into society and learns to tolerate his scaly neighbor.

Godzilla vs. Destroyah – Severe heart burn kills movie star at age 41.

Godzilla – Entire city gives single mother hard time about living conditions.

Godzilla 2000 - Alien creature learns the importance of being themselves and then explodes.

Godzilla X Megaguirus – Woman takes revenge on large lizard while dealing with dragonfly infestation.

Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah – Angry ghost proves too powerful for military.

Godzilla X MechaGodzilla – Lonely woman pilots corpse in effort to find redemption.

Godzilla X Mothra X MechaGodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. – Socially awkward mechanic caught in middle of argument between military and tiny religious cult members.

Godzilla: Final Wars – Cosplay group and angry reanimated dinosaur defeat cyberpunk aesthetic in hand-to-hand combat.

Godzilla 2014 – Man continuously loses consciousness while angry dinosaur murders young couple.

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Relationship Status: Mentally dating Camila Mendez (actually incredibly single 😞)

Sexual Orientation: Hopelessly queer

Favourite colour: Black, LIKE MY EMO SOUL 💀😈

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick, during frigid Canadian winters

Last Song I Listened To: “Over My Head (Better Off Dead)” by Sum 41

Last Movie I Saw: War for the Planet of the Apes

Top 2 TV Shows: Justice League: Unlimited and Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Favourite Ship: Snowbaz ❤💛💚💙💜

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Finding things out about people is fun so let’s snoop around and ask people questions!!!!!!!!


1: Rose Art or Crayola?

2: Jeans or Leggings?

3: Books or eBooks?

4: Computer or Laptop?

5: Dentist or Doctor?

6: Knitting or Crocheting?

7: Pens or Pencils?

8: Beach or Pool?

9: Manual Toothbrushes or Electric Toothbrushes?

10: Netflix or Chill?

How Many…?

11: Kisses?

12: Crushes?

13: Pets?

14: Failed Quizzes?

15: Scoops on an Ice Cream Cone?

16: Times You’ve Lied About Brushing Teeth?

17: Classes Have You Ditched?

18: Fan-Related Merchandise?

19: Concerts?

20: Projects You Haven’t Started?


21: Was your favorite teacher?

22: Your first crush?

23: Was once your best friend but now, isn’t?

24: Your internet crush / best friend?

25: Are your top 3 favorite celebrities?

26: Are your top 3 OTPs?

27: Have you lied to in the past 48 hours?

28: Have you last called in the past 48 hours?

29: Is your #1 stan?

30: Got your your most treasured thing?


31: Is your favorite Asian food?

32: Is your favorite subject in school?

33: Movie have you watched most recently?

34: Clubs do you participate in?

35: Are you most skilled at?

36: Is your favorite tropical animal?

37: Is your favorite Neon color?

38: Is the number that you favor most?

39: Have you done recently that got you in trouble?

40: Is your favorite animated movie?

Random Questions…?

41: Who are you voting for in the 2016 Presidential Election (If you’re over 18)?

42: What’s your favorite highlighter color?

43: What season do you prefer most?

44: Forks or chopsticks?

45: Hot Topic or nah?

46: Apple or Windows?

47: Veggie Chips??????

48: Night Owl or Early Bird?

49: How many piercings?


72 Obscure Questions to Ask

1. Do you keep your childhood art?
2. Oddest purchase at a garage sale or thrift store?
3. One thing you tried to learn but never have?
4. How long do you typically chew gum for?
5. Which one of your childhood trends was your favorite?
6. How many pillows do you sleep with?
7. Favorite holiday decoration you own?
8. Have you ever waxed? If so, where?
9. What’s the first injury (serious or not) you recall?
10. Favorite way to stay warm in the winter?
11. Favorite way to cool off in the summer?
12. Do you enjoy singing cards/balloons?
13. Favorite museum?
14. Do you prefer bells or whistles?
15. What social media network did you first join?
16. What’s one habit you wish your favorite person would break?
17. Do you prefer curtains or blinds?
18. Favorite condiment?
19. When was the last time a stranger made you blush?
20. Do you do most of the cooking in your home?
21. What was your first day of kindergarten like?
22. What did you spend last Saturday doing?
23. Do/Did you ever play sports?
24. What’s your favorite calm down method?
25. Last dream you remember?
26. Do you collect anything?
27. What was the last picture you took?
28. What do you see yourself doing this time tomorrow?
29. Are you flexible?
30. What is your least favorite sound?
31. Do you share hobbies with family members?
32. Do you still talk to your first best friend?
33. How many freckles do you have?
34. Which swear word do you use the most?
35. Last time you got serious butterflies?
36. One fact you recall from elementary school science?
37. Do/Did you like high school dances?
38. What is your favorite potato chip flavor?
39. What was the first major cosmetic change you made?
40. Who would play you in a movie?
41. Are you a good hula hooper?
42. When was the last time you volunteered?
43. How often do you check weather reports?
44. How many twins/multiples do you know?
45. Have you ever written a love letter?
46. Which Friends character are you most like?
47. Which book or movie ending was your least favorite?
48. How many doors are in your home?
49. Have you ever been in a video on YouTube?
50. How do you feel about being on time?
51. Are you listening to music right now?
52. Favorite warm beverage?
53. How many hats do you own?
54. Have you ever danced in the rain?
55. What was your most recent intimate experience?
56. Where are you at noon on Tuesday’s?
57. How many pairs of jeans do you own?
58. What’s the first thing you check when you get home?
59. Why did you join Tumblr? 60. Last song you danced to?
61. What kind of flavor was the last food you ate (sweet, spicy, savory, etc)?
62. What is your favorite color for underwear?
63. How did you meet the last friend you talked to?
64. Do you prefer wrapped gifts or gift bags?
65. How many keys do you own?
66. Last kind of art you took part in?
67. How often do you travel out of the city?
68. Last time you spent more than an hour naked?
69. Which aspect of nature do you feel most connected to?
70. Which phrase do you overuse?
71. Do you prefer paint, pencils, markers, or crayons?
72. When was the last time you climbed a tree?

Survey 24

[Survey Made By: itakesurveys

01. Are you wearing socks? If so, what color and do they match?

02. Dunkins or Starbucks?

03. What can you hear at the moment? 

04. Which shampoo do you use?

05. Do you have blonde hair?

06. Do you drink milk?

07. Do you live on your own?

08. Are you currently attending college?

09. What is the last book you read?

10. What do you think of Beyonce?

11. Do you agree the 90’s where the best?

12. Do you use iTunes to play your music?

13. Do you have a Twitter account?

14. How many windows are in the room you are currently in?

15. Do you have a friend you use to hate at some point in past? 

16. Name the first three people who come to mind. now!

17. Are you legs freshly shaven? 

18. Do you believe in karma?

19. Are your nails painted? color?

20. Do you have any pets?

21. Does your best friend wear glasses?

22. Who is closest to you in your family?

23. Look to the left.. what do you see?

24. Have you been to the beach in past month?

25. Pizza, Chinese, or home cooked meal?

27. Did you ever play soccer?

28. Are you currently wearing pants?

29. Who was the last person to text you?

30. What do you think of Iggy Azalea?

31. Do you bite your nails?

32. Are you currently wearing any rings?

33. Is the last thing you purchased from Forever 21?

34. Do you have a white iPhone?

35. Best thing that happened today?

36. What time is it?

37. How many surveys have you taken today?

38. List 1 person who also takes surveys:

39. Do you have more than 1 job?

40. Quote a line from Mean Girls the movie:

41. Do you know what you want to press up as for Halloween?

42. Do you have any vacation plans?

43. Have you listened to a Britney Spears song today?

44. Do you have a large DVD collection?

45. What is the last CD you have purchased? Not digital download. 

46. Do you plan on going out today?

47. Do you know someone who is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe?

48. Is your birthday this month? 

49. Do you have a pet turtle?

50. How would you rate this survey? 1-10 (10 best)

Have a great day! (: You are beautiful. 

summer bucket list 2015

1. Giant Inflatable Pool Swan
2. Sand Mermaid Fin
3. S’mores Innovations
4. Dimmer Light Switch for Room
5. Wine Popsicles

6. Late Night Skinny Dipping
7. Learn French
8. Bohemian Beach Tent
9. Flash Tattoos
10. Waterfall Exploring

11. Bridesmaid at Cousin’s Wedding
12. Fishbowls
13. Sparklers
14. Get Accepted into Humber College
15. Rooftop BBQ

16. Tea Leaf Reading
17. Pineapples. Lots and lots of Pineapples!
18. Yogi Goddess Crown
19. Bag-o-Lemonade
20. SUP Yoga

21. Do the Splits
22. Say “Yes!” to a Spontaneous Adventure
23. One Word: SANGRIA
24. Make Frozen Yogurt
25. Manis & Pedis

26. Hula Hooping
27. Escape Room
28. Treat-Yo-Self Leggings
29. Sugar Free Baking
30. Grateful Journal

31. Get a Pie from Son of a Peach
32. Picnic in the Park
33. Sport Kayaking
34. Brew My Own Beer
35. Drink Out of Fruits

36. Fire a Gun
37. Renew My Passport
38. Beach Volleyball
39. Outdoor Music Festival
40. Free Movies!

41. Buy Myself Flowers
42. Wanderlust 108
43. Hollow Out a Book for Secret Hiding
44. Master the Art of Shish Kabobs
45. Magical Fort

46. Crowd Surf
47. Helicopter Ride
48. Beach Yoga
49. Toronto CN Tower Edgewalk
50. Skydiving

51. Write a Lofty List of Long Term Goals
52. Plan a Trip to South America (10 Days: Rio, Machu Pittchu, Argentina?)
53. Berry Picking
54. Hair Makeover
55. Make Pizza on the Grill

56. Beer Can Chicken
57. Ultimate Summer Playlist
58. Concerts
59. Teach Fit In The Core
60. Paint Balling

61. New Light Fixture for Room
62. Ear Candling 
63. Slip & Slide Flip Cup
64. Scavenger Hunt
65. Swimming with Glow Sticks

66. Hiking
67. Finish Europe Scrapbook
68. Learn How to Roll in a Kayak
69. Spend the Day on a Boat
70. Bungee Jumping

71. Farmers Market
72. Roller Blading
73. Brunch Outside + Mimosas
74. Champagne “BUBBLY” Pool Party
75. Smart Serve

76. Finish a Book
77. Homemade Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
78. Cannonball Contest
79. Beach Picnic
80. Run on the Beach

81. Banana Boats
82. Girly Night at Martini House
83. Long Bike Rides
84. Tequila Shots
85. Glamping

86. Lots of Beach Days
87. Road Trip
88. Good Laughs on Summer Patios
89. Full Moon Seance (Aug 29)
90. Blue Jays Game

91. Rock Climbing
92. Do Something that Scares Me
93. Complain Less
94. Save Money
95. New Glasses

96. Draw/Paint a Picture from Nature
97. Donate Old Clothes & Books
98. Climb a Tree
99. Photo Capture the Classic Mermaid Hair Flip
100. Get a New Pillow

101. Axe Throwing
102. Reiki Level 1 Certificate
103. Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture 
104. Picnic on the Pool Deck
105. Light Saber Pool Noodles

The 50 days of Moviemas

(Adapted from tweets I made)

On the 50th day of Moviemas my true love gave to me:

50 Shades of Grey

Ladder 49

Another 48 hrs.

47 Ronin

Code 46


Catch .44

Movie 43

42 (the movie)

41 (the movie)

(This is getting boring)

No, This is 40


Dakota 38

37: A Final Promise

36th Precinct

35 and Ticking

(Boy, are we ever)


The 33

West 32nd

(Thank god for Korean movies)

Oslo 31. august

30 Minutes or Less

29 Palms

28 Days

27 Dresses

Special 26

25th Hour

Twenty-Four Eyes

(Screw you Jack Bauer)


22 Jump Street

(White-washed) 21

Twenty colon 20

K-19: The Widowmaker

Apollo 18

Stalag 17

Sixteen Candles

15 Minutes

(thank god humans love numbering things)

Fourteen Hours


12 Monkeys twisting

11:14 clocking

10 Things a-hatin’ (about you)

9 Plans from Outer Space

8 Super um… 8s

Se7en (that was scary)

6 Undiscovered Countries


4 Fantastic Heroes

3 Days to Kill

2 Fast 2 Furious



send me anon asks
  • 1: Favorite colors?
  • 2: How tall are you?
  • 3: What is your sign?
  • 4: Favorite shows?
  • 5: Favorite manga?
  • 6: Favorite anime?
  • 7: Favorite foods?
  • 8: Favorite academic subjects?
  • 9: Favorite books?
  • 10: Favorite bands?
  • 11: Favorite singers?
  • 12: Things that made you cry?
  • 13: Things you look for in a person?
  • 14: Biggest fears?
  • 15: Do you have a crush or are you in a relationship?
  • 16: Do you play any sports?
  • 17: Favorite movies?
  • 18: Do you have any dimples?
  • 19: If you could go back in time and change something in your life, what would you change?
  • 20: Goals in life?
  • 21: How many piercings do you have?
  • 22: Other forms of social media?
  • 23: Places you want to travel to?
  • 24: What are you wearing?
  • 25: What time do you go to sleep?
  • 26: What time do you wake up?
  • 27: Have you ever been hurt (physically/emotionally)?
  • 28: Where do you live (country)?
  • 29: Tea or coffee?
  • 30: The book or the movie?
  • 40: Favorite season?
  • 41: Pet peeves?
  • 42: Favorite place in the world?
  • 43: Favorite fruit?
  • 44: How many friends do you have?
  • 45: Dogs or cats?
  • 46: Favorite curse words?
  • 47: What color are your nails?
  • 48: If you could have one power, what would it be?
  • 49: Favorite perfume/scents?
  • 50: Is you hair long or short?
99 Movie Questions To Answer Before You Die
  • 1. In a movie about your life, who would play you? Why?
  • 2. Which TV star did you think would make it on the big screen but didn't, or hasn't yet?
  • 3. Everyone's seen Mean Girls, right? Go on, tell us your favourite quote...
  • 4. If you could only watch films from one foreign language country for the rest of your life, which country would you choose?
  • 5. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye or Nick Fury?
  • 6. Which movie written by Charlie Kaufman do you like the most?
  • 7. Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?
  • 8. Your favourite Batman movie.
  • 9. Your least favourite Batman movie.
  • 10. Favourite song from a film.
  • 11. Which actors would you put in detention to attend a modern day Breakfast Club?
  • 12. Tell us your favourite biopic.
  • 13. Who's your all-time favourite comedy actor?
  • 14. Guardians of the Galaxy or The Avengers?
  • 15. Choose a sport, or sporting event, that you'd make a movie about if you had to.
  • 16. Choose your favourite Disney Pixar film.
  • 17. What's your favourite Christopher Nolan movie?
  • 18. Spike Jonze or Danny Boyle?
  • 19. Ewan McGregor or James McAvoy?
  • 20. Gandalf or Magneto?
  • 21. Jean-Luc Picard or Professor Xavier?
  • 22. Your favourite actor in the Harry Potter series.
  • 23. Spiderman, or The Amazing Spiderman?
  • 24. Harry Potter or Twilight?
  • 25. Titanic or Avatar?
  • 26. Your favourite Leonardo DiCaprio role.
  • 27. Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg?
  • 28. Rank: Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Indiana Jones.
  • 29. Rank: Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, Dylan O'Brien.
  • 30. Rank: Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, as Batman.
  • 31. Your favourite female director.
  • 31. Your favourite foreign language film.
  • 32. Your favourite actor/actress of colour.
  • 33. Your favourite deceased actor/actress.
  • 34. Your favourite musical.
  • 35. Your favourite Western.
  • 36. Your favourite book adaptation.
  • 37. Your favourite sci-fi of the 1990's.
  • 38. Your favourite performance from a child actor.
  • 39. Your favourite documentary.
  • 40. Your all time favourite movie.
  • 41. Watching in the cinema or at home?
  • 42. Watching Netflix or a DVD?
  • 43. Tell us about a non-horror film that scares you. Why?
  • 44. A movie you've turned off because it was so bad?
  • 45. The Wizard of Oz or The Sound of Music?
  • 46. Willy Wonka (1971) or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)?
  • 47. Your three favourite animated characters.
  • 48. Your favourite romantic moment in a movie?
  • 49. Your favourite film from before 1950.
  • 50. Your favourite movie of the 1980s.
  • 51. Scenery that blew your mind.
  • 52. Acting that blew your mind.
  • 53. Special effects that blew your mind.
  • 54. Direction that blew your mind.
  • 55. Cinematography that blew your mind.
  • 56. What was your favourite movie as a kid?
  • 57. Which film character do you wish you could be friends with in real life?
  • 58. Which film character do you wish you could be in a relationship with in real life?
  • 59. Which film character would you 'get it on' with in real life?
  • 60. Which film character would you most like to punch in the face in real life?
  • 61. Name a film that never fails to make you smile.
  • 62. Name a film that you watch when you're sad.
  • 63. Name a film that you watch when you're ill.
  • 64. Name at least two guilty pleasure movies.
  • 65. Are there any classic films you'd like to see remade? If so, which ones?
  • 66. Write out a film quote that changed your life.
  • 67. Write about a moment that made you tear up with happiness.
  • 68. Your all time favourite movie moment.
  • 69. Who's the best antagonist in the history of movies?
  • 70. Who's the best protagonist in the history of movies?
  • 71. The Empire or the Rebel Alliance?
  • 72. Star Wars: The Original Trilogy? Or, Star Wars: The Prequels?
  • 73. Choose 5 movie characters you'd like as a part of your dream team/squad of Avengers.
  • 74. Tell us about your greatest film watching experience.
  • 75. Your favourite film score.
  • 76. Your favourite film soundtrack.
  • 77. Your three favourite film directors.
  • 78. List at least two actors/actresses that you can't bare to watch.
  • 79. What is the one subject matter/story that you'd like to see made in to a film?
  • 80. What's your favourite mystery film?
  • 81. A film you love but others may not know about.
  • 82. A movie that photographs a particular location beautifully.
  • 83. An unforgettable death scene.
  • 84. Your three biggest same sex crushes.
  • 85. Your three biggest on-screen crushes.
  • 86. Your favourite movie duo.
  • 87. The best movie to watch with friends.
  • 88. Name at least two movies that are so bad, they're good.
  • 89. Try and think of a movie character that you are most like. Now explain why you think so.
  • 90. Name one movie family that you'd happily be a part of.
  • 91. Outline one movie scenet that made you cringe.
  • 92. Name a film character that reminds you of someone you know. Explain why.
  • 93. A cult film you'll always love?
  • 94. A book that should get a faithful film adaptation?
  • 95. Outline your favourite action scene.
  • 96. Name a movie set you'd like to live in.
  • 97. Name at least two TV Shows you'd like to see made into movies.
  • 98. Admit to not seeing at least one movie everyone else has seen.
  • 99. Oh go on then... Pitch your own movie idea!