New Spider-man: Homecoming trailer! 

As a little warning, this trailer is really spoiler heavy, and you’ll probably enjoy the film more if you don’t watch it. 


Spider-Man: Homecoming - Tailer

I have written a LOT about Spider-Man over the years. Excitement, disappointment, joy, sadness, concern… you can find a range of emotions if you look at #spiderman on this blog.

We can add a new adjective to now: smile-inducing. This trailer made me smile. It made me smile in every possible way. Peter is good and happy and his interaction with his high school friend seemed natural (albeit brief) and MAN Tony taking away the suit is also fantastic. It makes Peter have to earn becoming Spider-Man without Stark’s tech. To (dare I say) learn power and responsibility, without it being a gift.

And Michael Keaton as Vulture has presence. He has presence and a mission not seen in a Spider-Man villain since Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2. The best villain aren’t bad for the sake of being bad, they just have rival ideology. Give a villain a mission and real motivation and it’s so much more powerful. It’s why Magneto works so well. With just a few lines of dialogue it certainly seems like Vulture has all that.

I love this trailer on every level. And I probably wont watch any more before the movie comes out in July.