comprehensive analysis of sam & cap meeting for the first time
  • ‘oh hey look how fast i can run look how fast and cool i am look at me’
  • cap is wearing a t shirt 2 sizes 2 small that may as well be soaking wet come the fuck on cap put on some fucking clothes
  • i can’t hear anything steve is saying over his flexing
  • ‘what unit u with? where u work? what’s ur name? u got a boyfriend? where yo boyfriend at?’
  • flimsy excuse to hold hands (’oh help me up from this tree i’m so tired i can’t possibly get up by myself’)
  • sam immediately all ‘must be weird coming home after the whole defrosting thing’ like wow personal much? buy a guy a drink first
  • steve is like ‘uh ya it’s weird that’s personal buy a guy a drink first’ and goes to leave
  • sam: -anguished expression- oh god i fucked it up
  • sam:

damn it sam save it! save it! don’t let him go! -says the first thing that pops into his head-

  • steve like

‘what the fuck buy a guy several drinks first?’

  • sam: your bed, it’s too soft. when I was over there I’d sleep on the ground, use rocks for pillows, like a caveman.


  • what
  • sam: -explains what the fuck he’s talking about, beds are too soft, etc etc etc’
  • steve: ohhhh the marshmallow bed thing? ya i get that. fucking soft beds right haha -is apparently into the whole caveman thing-
  • sam: nice, saved it -high fives self-
  • steve: -demonstrates how Knowledgeable he is and how much Perspective he has and how Funny he can be’ we use to boil everything!!!!
  • steve literally sounds like one of those beauty queens having a question sprung on her that she didn’t expect
  • ‘Miss New York how does the world of today compare to the days of world war 2??? 30 seconds on the clock’
  • ‘no polio is good’
  • ….’no polio is good’….
  • ‘we used to boil everything!!!’
  • somehow sam is still cool with this. it’s probably bc steve has mouth-watering melon pecs
  • Sam Makes His Move

you can tell this is his Move. he tells this to all the ladies. there’s no way you can get someone listening to marvin gaye and not get laid instantaneously

  • steve doesn’t know what the fuck sam is talking about but this is a great excuse to show off his arms by pulling out his little notebook

are you looking at those arms sam?? bc i am

  • btw
  • this

this is the face of a man who is DTF

  • ‘Miss New York, what are the most significant historical events and cultural changes that have occurred since world war two?? 30 seconds on the clock’
  • ‘uhh…. I Love Lucy. Moon Landing. Berlin wall… up and down. Steve Jobs…. apple….???? Disco. Definitely. Thai food. Star Wars and Trek. Nirvana… I’m pretty sure that’s a band. Rocky and Rocky 2. And whatever this guy just told me. idk I’ll look it up on the Google later’
  • ‘all right Sam, duty calls. Thanks for the run…… if that’s what you want to call running.’
  • ‘Oh, that’s how it is??’
  • ‘Ohhh that’s how it is.’
  • this is better flirting than i have ever implemented in my nearly ten long years after hitting puberty
  • ‘Hey anytime you want to stop by my place of employment that I told you explicitly within minutes of meeting you but now I’m bringing up again to make sure you remember where I work and where to find me again, make out with me me look awesome in front of the girl at the front desk, just let me know’
  • Steve: hella B)
  • nat: -rolls up-
  • nat:
road trip!peter headcanons

ok so i saw this post and i needed to write these it’s like 1.5k words and i think the next thing i post will be the second part of the harry potter au for all of you waiting for it!! love you guys so much

  • okay so all this boy wants is to go to disney world 
  • he’s eighteen years old at this point and he’s fresh outta high school and god damn it he wants to fucking hug mickey mouse
  • like seriously he’s dying to go and he’s never been able to because money was v tight when he was growing up and he’s considerate enough to never even think of asking may to take him
  • insTEAD you and peter plan to road trip it down to florida after buying your tickets with extensive research because disney tickets are expensive enough and neither of you feel like buying plane tickets in addition to that
  • you’re only staying for a day because you two are going to be struggling college kids come late august and no one wants to pay for the hotel rooms either 
  • so you get the one day park hopper tickets and for the two of you it comes out to $345.06 which is good because you’ve both been saving up for this since you were sixteen and had around $650 between you both so now you have $304.94 and half of that is going to gas money and whatnot bc you’re both v #prepared
  • so it’s road trip time
  • it’s mid july and it’s a sixteen hour drive and you guys are ready to get your disney on like peter is so excited and happy and he cannot stop talking about it to may
    • “we’ll only be gone for like…. three days ‘cause we’re doing most of the parks in a day. we got the park hopper tickets.”
    • “how fancy!” 
    • “i know right!!!!” 
    • “so on this extensive road trip are you gonna tell y/n you like them?”
  • but may thinks every time is the time for that so whatever
  • she has a bet that you guys will come home as a couple though
  • the bet is with herself 
  • anyways you guys rent the shittiest car you can find because it adds charm
  • you make a road trip mix that’s basically full of one direction songs
  • peter groans but secretly he enjoys listening to you belt out the lyrics to what makes you beautiful the way you used to in fourth grade
    • “y/n is this playlist really just one diRECTION did you seriously-”
    • “do you have a problem with harry styles???”
    • “no- no of course not!”
  • you take turns driving but peter loves it the most so he always extends his turns
  • he thinks it’s hilarious when you freak out because of his speeding down an empty highway late at night because he’s a little shit
  • a little shit that you love
  • he consistently asks to stop the car so he can take a picture of whatever scenery he thinks looks pretty
    • “peter it’s a fucking blade of grass stop”
    • “no but look at the way the sunlight is hitting it!! please!!”
    • “FINE”
  • he makes you play I Spy with him
    • “okay so round thirty five… i spy with my little eye someone who is very attractive”
    • “oooh is it that guy in the convertible next to us because wow”
    • “…… yep you got it. new game now”
  • he was talking about you but whatever 
  • he argues against wearing a seatbelt but you threaten to turn the car around and he really really wants to go to magic kingdom
  • you open up the sunroof that this crappy old car has so you can stick your head out of it and scream like sam in perks of being a wallflower
  • you now check that off your bucket list
  • he stops the car at every gas station just to make sure and then he buys fifteen different snack foods because “i’m a growing boy y/n i need nutrients”
    • to which you reply with “actually you’re not growing and this isn’t nutritious” 
    • “don’t act like you don’t like pop-tarts”
  • you do, so you share a pack with him
  • there are candy wrappers strewn across the backseat because neither of you want to litter
  • “are we there yet”
  • “no”
  • *five minutes later* *now whining* “are we there yeeeettttt”
  • “nO”
  • he’s bad at sitting still and always has to pee or eat
  • it’s late at night at this point and you’re freezing and you don’t wanna get out of your seat so peter huffs and pulls his sweatshirt off and gives it to you so you can sleep 
  • he acts annoyed but he’s secretly sort of happy in an embarrassed way because oh fuck you look cute and wow you’re wearing his sweater
  • you pass out on his shoulder and you’re drooling and peter can barely concentrate on the road anymore
  • it’s probably the way the moonlight is bouncing off your skin but like whatever this is totally just him gazing in a platonic way
  • except not really because he kind of is in love with you
  • peter takes a picture of you sleeping on his shoulder but he’s in it too making a stupid face into the camera that he knows you’ll laugh at when you wake up
  • peter pulls over so you can both get some sleep for more driving in the morning and he plays with your hair until he passes out and you wake up with his head in your lap because he moves around while he sleeps even though it does not look comfortable at all
  • and you smile down at this nerd in your lap 
  • he’s v cute and soft in the morning and you’re happy to know this
  • anyway you wake up really gently and you offer to drive first but he’s blushy and insists he can drive and that he got a perfectly fine sleep
    • “is my lap that comfortable then?”
    • “ummm. yes. okay so move over so i can drive haha” 
  • he finds a dunkin donuts and buys you can ice coffee
  • it’s your order exactly and you kind of blush because you didn’t really expect him to know the exact thing you order???
  • but he does
  • he’s just very attentive
  • boyfriend material is what you think but ignore that thought because like????? he’s your bff 
  • when you want to read he turns the radio off and insists you read to him
  • it’s quite adorable
  • you should be a lot more annoyed than you are about him constantly interrupting to ask in depth plot questions 
  • when you’re further away from big cities you beg peter to stop for a second and sit outside of the shitty rental car and stargaze with you
  • so you’re looking up at the stars and making up dumb names for random shapes you find
  • and you’re laughing and so is peter and you both just turn to look at each other at the same time and neither of you move
  • you can’t bring yourself to kiss him just yet 
  • he can’t do it either
  • so you reach over to hold his hand instead and he’s fine with that, too
  • you both just know at this point
  • so you get to disney and everyone assumes you’re a couple and neither of you really argue but you take really cute pictures together in front of cinderella’s castle and he finds spider-man mickey ears and wears them to be ironic because no one knows except you
  • it makes you roll your eyes but in an i-love-you-you-huge-fucking-nerd sort of way
  • you’re back on the road by one in the morning
  • only you’re both really tired so you stop for a sleep break
  • this time peter falls asleep first but it’s not a mistake when he winds up back in your arms because he sleeps well on the road like that
  • when you wake up he drives again 
  • you’re eating another s’mores pop-tart and it’s around eight o’clock in the evening and the sun is setting and end of the day by one direction comes on
  • you can’t help but scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs with the windows rolled down and the summer breeze flowing through your veins and he’s speeding down another road and you both can’t quit laughing and grinning and blushing and finally you look back at him
  • it’s just when you’re singing “you’re the one that i want at the day!” 
  • he kisses you
  • it’s quick because he’s driving and doesn’t want to crash the car
  • he ends up pulling over so he can kiss you again, this time better than the first because he’s been waiting for this and a one second press of your lips on his won’t suffice 
  • hands on the sides of your face as he smiles shyly at you and then leans in to kiss you again and again
  • you wind up making out on the road for an hour
  • nothing else except maybe some feeling up because you don’t want the first time you have sex with peter pretty boy parker to be in a car on the side of a road in a town you don’t know the name of
  • peter knows the name of the town because he wants to remember the place he kissed you for the first time 
  • aunt may wins her bet against herself
  • she’s very pleased 
  • peter really loves one direction now and ned teases him for it but oh well he’s gonna love harry styles until he dies ‘cause the man’s song was playing when he got his love to be his and like??? how can he not like them after such an event

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Came across a new song “Move You” by Kelly Clarkson and was thinking this is what I hope to accomplish with every photograph, novel and painting I create. To move the viewer/reader…something I’m sure most artists strive for <3
Powerful words, beautiful tune, Kelly Clarkson, you moved me with this one!

Move You
Like a montage in a movie
Right before the hero dies
Like the first time that you listen
To your favorite singer live
Like an echo in a canyon
Like tears but you’re not sad
Like a sunrise on a mountain
I wanna move you like that

Like a symphony at sundown
In the middle of July
When a lyric really gets you
And it breaks you down inside
Like the home that you were raised in
Like faded photographs
Like the thrill of Christmas morning
Yeah, I wanna move you like that

Like a solemn Hallelujah
Like a choir shouts Amen
Like your first time falling in love
Or a stairway up to heaven
Like a soldier who is falling
As he holds his country’s flag
And he fights for freedom’s calling
I wanna move you like that

Like an endless fire burning
Like a hope that fuels the light
Like the hands that simply hold you
When words can’t make you right
Like the first time that I met you
I fell so hard so fast
Like the montage in a movie
Mmm, the way you move me
I wanna move you like that

tis-i-mango  asked:

Hihi I'm new to your acc but I live for your writing mygodd🙈💘 I was wondering if you could do a HC with RFA+V and Saeran reacting to when they find out that MC has a sketchbook filled with cute or maybe even spicy~ (lolol) drawings/doodles of them? And when they confront MC about it, MC gets super flustered?❤ Example: Yoosung finds drawings of himself

Thanks so much! Enjoy~


  • You were working on another sketch of him when you got up to do something else
  • You had left your notebook open on the table so he saw it
  • He noticed it was him…so he sneaked a peek at a few other pages
  • He was surprised to see how many pictures of him you had drawn
  • He’s especially intrigued at the fact that you’ve drawn so many…detailed pictures of him
  • He’s had fanart drawn of him, but yours was more precious to him because you captured him in such an intimate way
  • He takes a few of the ones where you drew him shirtless for blackmail
  • Whenever you complain that he’s talking too much about his abs, he pulls up the picture, “That’s not what your hand thinks.”
  • But he was super supportive of your work
  • In one instance, he really liked a picture you drew of him with this one costume
  • He showed it to his designers, and your design got created


  • You were drawing a flower while sitting beside him
  • He peered over your shoulder and asked if he could see it
  • You were already embarrassed as you didn’t show your drawings often, but you let him see
  • He took the book from you and you thought he was just admiring the one…
  • But then you heard the flip of pages, and it was too late to stop him
  • He stopped when he came across one particular drawing
  • It was one of him shirtless…with abs
  • It was super awkward for you both…since you haven’t seen him shirtless
  • You’re already dying inside as he now knows what goes through your brain…and into your notebook
  • And he just chuckles nervously, “Haha, this is exactly how I look like under this shirt.”
  • It was cute though, because you found out he started going to the gym two weeks later


  • As a gift, you two had matching best friend notebooks
  • That backfired one day when she grabbed your book instead of hers and left for work
  • She found out later exactly what you were putting inside that notebook
  • She had to suppress a smile when she found the whole section dedicated to hers
  • At first it was a bunch of chibi drawings of you and her
  • Some of them was her serving coffee or sleeping on the couch
  • She took a picture of a few for rainy days
  • But then she got to the more detailed pictures
  • When she returned the book to you, she had a little mini fan girl session and also an apology for intruding
  • Although, she said she had one critique for you
  • She turned to one of the more detailed photos and looked down at her chest 
  • “My boobs aren’t that big, MC…”


  • He always saw you sketching Elizabeth the Third
  • Or chasing her around the house to make her sit in one place while you drew
  • So, when you leave your notebook on the kitchen counter, that’s what he thinks he’ll find in the pages
  • He’s surprised when he flips the page and finds a sketch of him
  • And another one…and another one…and there’s almost a whole collection
  • He finds one picture where his tie is loosened and his shirt is half unbuttoned
  • He starts smirking to himself, wondering if this is how you really see him…or want to see him
  • But then he hears your footsteps and slams the notebook shut, suddenly feeling flustered
  • You never found out about it until one day he comes home from work and pauses in the doorway
  • He loosens his tie, gives you a small smirk, and unbuttons a single button
  • You just know he saw that drawing
  • You’re unsure whether you’re about to die from cuteness or embarrassment


  • It all started when he was hanging on the couch upside down
  • You walked into the room to get something, and he shot finger guns at you
  • It inspired you to draw something, so you told him not to move
  • You grabbed your notebook and started sketching
  • You got so into it, you didn’t even realize he had gotten up and tried to come behind you and see your progress
  • When you did notice him looming over your shoulder, you practically threw yourself over the book trying to hide it
  • He figured something was off, so he went chasing after you until he got the notebook and saw what you drew
  • It turned out his shirt slipped down when he was still posing, and you drew what you saw in detail
  • He was surprisingly chill about it, complimenting on the drawing overall
  • But he just waits…until you put your BTS playlist on
  • He slid into the room during No More Dream just to do Jimin’s Part™
  • Only he didn’t stop doing it until you were red in the face


  • He was in one of his organizing moods
  • He accidentally knocked your notebook off the shelf, and it fell open to a page
  • He was about to put it back when recognized a little chibi character that looked oddly like him
  • He took a closer look and saw that it was him holding up finger hearts
  • He checks to see if you’re around before pressing further
  • Apparently, that isn’t the only drawing of him
  • There’s tons…and they’re detailed and well thought out too
  • He’s too consumed in your art to remember it was him until he turned to your most recent drawing
  • He was wearing a yukata, dipping down his chest and you did not skimp on the details
  • He waltzes over to you in the living room, “You know how I always say I want to know what’s running through your head?”
  • “Yeah…”
  • He sets the book down next to you, “I don’t anymore. And by the way, you’ve been watching too many anime.”
  • He threw a smirk over his shoulder and watched you burn as you realized what he saw


  • He was talking on the phone with a client
  • So his hands were trying to find something absentminded to do
  • He started turning the pages of a notebook sitting on the table
  • It wasn’t until he noticed the drawings of him did he realize it was your sketchbook
  • Thankfully, his call ended when it did, because he came across one the most detailed pictures of himself he’d seen
  • You drew him in a deep V neck shirt with a chiseled jawline and prominent collar bones
  • It was a stunning drawing, and he would’ve been flustered if not for your little note in the corner
  • “V in a V neck lololol”
  • You were the one who was flustered later when you saw that he found it

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Werewolf! Kang Daniel (Part 1)

Masterlist can be found (here) & Part 2/Final can be found (here)

“If I were to live a thousand lives, I would belong to you for all of them. If we were to live a thousand lives, I would want to make you mine in each one.”

  • Werewolves find their mates by finding their scent
  • Each werewolf will have a unique scent on them that they are unaware of and only their mates can capture this scent
  • Humans and werewolves lived with each other but humans are unaware of the presence of werewolves as they don’t really behave differently
  • The only difference between werewolves and human are that werewolves were required to change to their wolf form during the full moon and they will experience ‘The Heat’
  • Which was sort of a mix between pain and discomfort and and it becomes better when they have found their mates 
  • On the other hand, if it takes you longer, the pain gets even more unbearable
  • And when they are sick, parts of their wolf side comes out as they can’t control it like they will have wolf ears or sometimes, even their tails will be out
  • No one was born being an Alpha or Beta
  • The Alpha is chosen by the members of the wolf pack and will be the leader
  • Most teenagers will move out from their families once they turned 16 to live with their wolf pack
  • Kang Daniel was part of District Moonlight and he was what you would call a special case
  • He was not an Alpha nor the most powerful wolf but he was a wolf with fur as white as snow
  • He lived with his pack which consisted of 11 boys in a gigantic mansion
  • They were very well off despite their age as all of them made use of their wolf abilities to make money
  • Like Woojin was a hacker for the International Police and Minhyun wrote really popular novels as werewolves were quick learners and very knowledgable  
  • Legends said that werewolves with a coat like Daniel only came once a hundred years were seen as a ‘blessing’ to their District as they brought happiness and peace
  • But it comes with a curse
  • They could not have a werewolf mate which meant it was most likely to be human
  • Unlike a werewolf, there are plenty of chances for a human to reject their mate after knowing his/her was a werewolf since it didn’t directly affect them
  • Humans don’t find a specific ‘smell’ and while they do feel ‘the pull’, it’s just a slight feeling to them
  • They could also live on without a mate as they were free to date or marry anyone else  
  • But if a werewolf had been rejected, they grew weaker and them in ‘heat’ was 10 times painful than usual 
  • Many white wolves like Daniel who were rejected had always died at an early age from the pain
  • Growing up, Daniel was always treated very well but he always noticed how people looked at him with pity
  • As if they could already predict that his future was a bleak one
  • He always tried to be as positive as he could and it helped that Sungwoo was 101% willing to be Daniel’s bromate till he dies lmao
  • He liked to comfort himself saying that his mate might be different from others
  • Maybe she wouldn’t reject him and accept him for who he was
  • How he met you was completely out of the blue
  • He was meeting up with Jisung at the book store when he suddenly smelled peaches and wrinkled his nose
  • “Jisung hyung, did you bought peaches? It has such a strong smell.”
  • It didn’t take less than 5 seconds for Jisung to realized !!! like how dense was this boy
  • “Kang Daniel, thATS THE SMELL OF YOUR MATE!”
  • Daniel’s eyes widen as he started sniffing around to look for the source of the scent
  • He soon found the origin as he saw your presence at the register
  • If he ever said Jihoon’s eyes were like looking at the stars, yours were literally showing him the path to heaven
  • He didn’t know to approach you like he was just FREAKING OUT
  • His wolf side was messing with him and the pull was just driving him crazy
  • You were behind the counter using your phone and you were looking sideways once in a while to see anyone needed help
  • The bookshop was near where you lived and it was also helpful to have some income while you studied
  • Till this day, you were grateful to have this job as you have never met any rude customers unlike your other friends who did complain that they have customers who just outright refused to pay, tried to haggle a fixed price etc
  • Plus the owner was a super sweet lady who did give you her homemade blueberry pies all the time
  • You had been keeping an eye on the sandy blonde hair who had been in the same corner for the last half an hour
  • He looked like he was actively searching for something
  • You decided to approach him cause helping a customer to get the right book was part of your job
  • But as you walk towards him, you were sort of lightheaded and your heartbeat rose
  • It was part of the pull but hey, you didn’t know what the heck it was
  • “Do you need help with anything?”
  • The sound of your voice was so hypnotizing and the pull didn’t help him out as he was so close to wanting to press your lips against his
  • He knew he was infatuated with you even if he knew nothing about you
  • When you stared at him, his heart felt soft and fuzzy yet, he also felt his body turning numb and he couldn’t move
  • You weren’t sure as to why your body was reacting this way as your lips have unknowingly curved into a smile and you were fidgeting
  • You just thought he was one extremely attractive male
  • Jisung who was next to him was sort of smirking and he gave a knowing look to Daniel
  • Daniel on the other hand, was literally hinting ‘PLEASE SEND HELP’ to Jisung
  • Jisng snorted but he still told you his friend didn’t need any help and nudged Daniel’s arm, going ‘right, Daniel????’
  • Daniel stuttered saying yes, his cheeks having a tinge of pink as he inhaled the scent of peaches that diffuse from you
  • He was sure you were his mate but this guy was shyyyyy
  • He was going to approach you but you beat him to it
  • When Daniel was paying for his Harry Potter Collection and Jisung’s cooking books, you asked if you could have his number
  • You slide over a piece of receipt and told him he could write it there
  • He was blushing till his ears at this point
  • You normally wouldn’t have initiated the first move since you were afraid of rejection
  • Somehow, you thought that this could be your lucky day but you some sort of attraction to him that you couldn’t pinpoint what it was
  • Your smile widen when he wrote it down and he felt his heart beating ten folds
  • “I - i should’ve been the one who asked.”
  • The first date involved you two eating dubbeokki at a street
  • You guys were supposed to go the pizza place after your work but it started raining so you two went to the nearest place to get shelter
  • It was not the most romantic setting, but you fell yourself for his charming personality and meeting him soon became a part of your routine  
  • He came to the bookstore a lot more times after that
  • Sometimes getting a comic book for Guanlin or he did drop by to pass you your favourite peppermint tea
  • One day, he asked you to be his girlfriend the same way you first approached him
  • He bought a book and wrote it on the receipt
  • It was pretty cheesy but you weren’t one for fancy things so you just giggled over it and said yes
  • Daniel was over the moon and his wolf side howled 
  • While you have met Jisung once and that one time Sungwoo tried to steal a glance of how you look cause he was curious of how his best friend’s mate look like (you still caught him in the end ;;;;)
  • You have not met the other guys yet although you had heard of their quirks based on what Daniel tells you
  • So Daniel invited you over to their home one day for their weekly ‘movie night’ a month after you guys have met
  • You got along with everyone very well and even Jisung’s, Sungwoon’s, Minhyun’s and Jaehwan’s mate who stayed together with the rest of the boys
  • You were surprised more of them weren’t living together tbh
  • Considering how big the house they lived in
  • The boys lived in a mansion that was in a forest and had up to 30 rooms and an infinity pool at the backyard
  • Before the movie, you had helped them to prepare dinner and during the meal itself, everyone was also asking if you needed more water or salt
  • There was not a better sight for Daniel to sight than seeing how well you blended with his other family
  • You were walking home alone after texting Daniel
  • He usually walked you home but this time he couldn’t
  • As it was a full moon tonight
  • “I’m so sorry I can’t pick you up tonight as uhhh … it’s Woojin’s birthday today and we are having an all boys pizza night.”
  • You could tell he was lying and feel disheartened seeing how he couldn’t fully trust you
  • But you knew better that you need to give him time and that he would eventually tell you so you don’t question him about it
  • “Ohh okay I understand. Wish Woojin ‘Happy Birthday’ for me.”
  • He knew that you weren’t totally convinced since well he was a terrible liar as his mum always taught him not to lie
  • However, he really couldn’t be near you while he was experiencing the heat as he needed to run out the discomfort in his wolf form
  • As you continued your journey, a few drunk and sleazy men came up to you, seeing as you were alone
  • They were putting their hand on your shoulders and just making you extremely uncomfortable
  • You shoved them off and was about to break into a run when you saw a wolf approaching you
  • While you love animals and was even studying to be a vet
  • You were definitely not prepared for this sight
  • The wolf with fur as white as snow growled and it frightened the drunk men who scampered off immediately
  • Strangely, you didn’t feel uncomfortable nor scared around the large animal
  • It was as if you knew it for a long time as you beckoned it over  
  • It came to you as it moved it’s head down as if asking you to pet it
  • You obliged, running your fingers across it’s furry head
  • That was Daniel in his wolf form who was literally having the time of his life as you pat his head
  • He had been going for a run in the forest when he smelled your scent
  • It was so easily distinguishable as not only it reminded him of his favourite peach soda but it was so distinct from the clear forest
  • Just from the scent, he could picture how you looked like  and he broke up into a smile  before “The Heat” started attacking him
  • His eyes furrowed when he smelled fear mixed with a hint of distress
  • Daniel ran without thinking of changing back to his human form as he was worried sick
  • Seeing you being surrounded by these disgusting group of people infuriated him as he snarled at them
  • As the white wolf, his aura was fierce enough to scare mere humans
  • But as his mate, you didn’t feel it at all
  • You continued to thank it as you stroke it’s ear and it followed you back home
  • Walking behind you as if it were your protector
  • You were amused when you reached your house, it had disappeared without a trace
  • Daniel had ran off to a forest as fast as he could as the heat was killing him
  • If he had to be near you any longer, he didn’t think he could control his wolf side
  • While you were able to see his wolf side, you still had no idea that wolf who had saved you was Kang Daniel, your very own boyfriend

A/N: I left a lot of hints that I MIGHT be doing for the rest of the members but I’m still not sure, what do you guys think? I will if there are requests for it ^^ THERE WILL BE A PART 2 TO THIS I’m writing this as a comfort for screwing up my maths test lol but I hope you guys like it!!!!

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)

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Sebastian, Claude, William, Grell, & Undertaker realize they are in love with their shy, pure and sweet human friend who is open-minded and non-judgemental since they're slow at everything and has no talent that is known so they know how is like to be judged unfairly?

I’m sorry this is a bit late, I have been a little tied up lately! In an effort to show my gratitude of your ask and my apologies of the lateness, I made these super freaking long lolol

-Admin Robin


  • Ok whoa whoa whoa, wait a fuckin lil minute
  • Demon royalty??? Liking….A human? Yikes
  • He acknowledges the fact that he holds a certain admiration for his human friend, but he thought It was just because they intrigued him and peaked his interest
  • But like, shit, the way it happened was so fuckin cute watch this
  • It was one of those rare occasions where Ciel was working on paperwork and didn’t need him to do anything, and the servants were actually doin good, so he took you out into the garden and set out a lil picnic (because mortals like those, right??) and was just chilling under the shade with them and he looked over to them as they rambled on about something they thought was beautiful, and their theories about the universe and reincarnation and stuff that a mere mortal should not really worry about
  • And he just thought that it was so amazing, the way somehow their eyes shined even in the shadow of the shade, and he absolutely adored that passionate gleam in their eye when they talked and he just
  • Fuck he was so enraptured by them which is weird as hell because 1) he was 100% down for toying with/eating humans so wtf and 2) HE WASn’t eVEN supposED TO BE CORDIAL WITH otheR HUMANS LET ALONE FAL L FOR ONE
  • He freaks out and excuses himself, and goes to his master’s study, knocking and once he’s got one foot in the door is just like
  • “Young Master, I think (Name) has made me ill and I’m not sure how to respond to the way my body is reacting,”
  • And Ciel knows EXACTLY what’s up and is like “dear lord, get out of my office,”
  • He would try to distance himself as much as possible but fails miserably in the end
  • Admires how you are so laid back and calm and just a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kinda person
  • Once he tells you about his feelings, and the contract, he is so floored when you’re just like, “Oh, so you’re a demon? That’s cool; do you wanna make some pound cake?”
  • You teach him how to be gentle with humans and he adores how intently you listen to his stories of his many years of life
  • Loves you
  • “My, my, you’re quite the sight in that dress, my (lady/lord),” “Oh? This? I made this out of the drapes of my room, but thank you, Sebastian,”
  • Gets protective if anyone/anything tries any shit
  • When you tell him about how you view yourself his eyes flash and he pulls you to him
  • “Someone is putting that vile rubbish in your head -who? I demand to know,” and kisses the top of your head


  • At first he denies it completely, thinking that you’re just a fun toy and nice smelling soul
  • But then he sees you in your nightgown/sleeping attire and just kinda loses it in his mind
  • He is a predator, so he doesn’t really have emotions, so he thinks, so he deems what he’s feeling as hunger and protectiveness of his meal
  • But then he finds himself letting his gaze linger on you and he studies the way you move and he makes you food and makes sure you’re comfortable and he does not allow Hannah or the Triplets to serve you because he’s that protective lmao
  • Absolutely not you are not allowed to leave his sight because there is a chance that you’re either in danger or in the hands of some other demon
  • Likes to have you beside him chatting his ear off about anything and everything all the time, whether he’s doing the dishes, playing piano, cooking, doing errands for Alios, etc
  • Alios gets very jealous of you, so if he orders Claude away from you out of spite, the demon will still find some sort of contact with you
  • “Miss/Mister (Name), might I interest you in some (favorite drink)? I hear that it is pleasing to the tongue,” *cue weird claude glasses glint thing*
  • If you like to go out on the roof at night to stargaze, he will go with you solely based on the excuse that you might get yourself hurt, and he doesn’t want to trouble himself with the time of cleaning up the mess you’d make if you fell to the ground
  • Will 100% leave his scent on you and dwells within the shadows of your room at night to watch over you
  • Gross but loving in his own way


  • They’re so excited!
  • They’re all “Oh forsure this shit is gonna be legendary”
  • Once they are totally comfortable with you, they’ll come clean and tell you that they’re a reaper, and that they kinda harvest souls
  • It was a super big risk for them, and they didn’t want to scare you off, but they trusted you
  • So, it all started as a harmless friendship, and then one day you were all “Grell, I think that you should get a raise, you’re always working so hard! If I had half a mind, I’d go to your boss myself and demand that you are given rewards and so much gratitude that you could drown in it”
  • “And also, you look very lovely in the color red,”
  • And boom, they’ve lost it, they’re fuckin hooked
  • Like the combination of your laid back personality, and they think you’re stunning as frick, and they’re just so enticed by you idk
  • Really bothers them that you don’t put yourself on a pedestal, because they think you more than belong there
  • Tries very hard to make sure that you know you are extraordinary and one of a kind
  • Thinks you possess many talents, and tries to emphasize on them
  • Not-so-subtle flirting and courting
  • Doesn’t really gather up the courage to court you until you make a huge move
  • You are allowed to admire their death scythe, but not touch it, because that’s a risk of you getting hurt
  • Loves you more than Bassy, much to Sebastian’s relief


  • What the fuck
  • Feelings? Ew. Romantic feelings? Absurd. Towards a Human? Bro u smokin
  • Seriously though, he has zero experiences with romance, so he doesn’t really know what to do poor bb
  • Flushes around you a lot (his glasses do the thing where they fog up lmao)
  • Is super duper strict with you, but like it’s cute because he’ll be all “(Name), that was uncalled for and reckless, you could have gotten yourself killed,” (You: But Will I just almost tripped over a stair-)
  • And he gently takes your face in his gloved hands, his gaze softening and his voice dropping, “But are you okay? Did you obtain any injuries?”
  • Is a closet softie shut up
  • Studies you from afar and burns the images of you into his mind
  • You really help him de-stress, so he likes you around his office
  • Shares as much details with you as possible without giving away too much information that will get you hurt
  • So protective like it’s sickening
  • Thinks taking his hand and rubbing soothing circles on your thigh to calm himself down is platonic but it kinda isn’t so you blush
  • “(Name), why is your face red? Is my office too warm for you?”
  • “Mortals are such peculiar creatures”
  • If Ronald or some other reaper flirts with you they get copious amounts of overtime haha fuckers
  • William always wins
  • Gets a little annoyed when he finds out how lowly you think of yourself and is constantly reminding you that if you’re good enough for him to not only befriend but to also harbor feelings for, then you are the best of them
  • His heart stops when he sees your name on the “To Die List”
  • Im srry


  • This Meme Reaper™ is your best friend before he even considers you to be a possible partner
  • You hang around his shop and cook and help decorate and tell jokes and he is deff hooked
  • He thinks you’re prettier than the corpses he dresses up so like don’t ever tell him that you think your looks are average again
  • Actually kinda gets sad when you tell him about how little you think of yourself
  • “Now now, Dearie, I won’t be having any of that rubbish,”
  • Is like that weird uncle you can get shit-faced with and that has his weed stashed in his closet in the back but he’s super good company, especially if you’re feeling down
  • You brushed back his bangs once and was met with gorgeous yellow-green eyes and a scar that ran across his entire face
  • And like he was kinda scared that you were gonna be all “Ew gross why are your eyes like that” or “FUCK your face dude what the hell happened”
  • But instead you just smiled and said: “Your eyes are so unique! And I have scars too, do you want to count them? Each of them has a back story,”
  • And he loves your personality and they way you blend in with your surroundings
  • He loves seeing you comfortable and he kicks you out of the shop with an excuse (like he needs more tea or more flour) when he has company come, especially Phantomhive and his damn butler
  • Actually pulled his scythe on Sebastian one time because of how overly-friendly he was being
  • His voice instantly dropped and his hat was off and his bangs were pushed to the side, his eyes blazing
  • “It would be greatly appreciated if you were to mind yourself around my (Name),” and he would side-glance a flabbergasted Ciel and say, “That is all the help I can provide. If you’ll excuse me, I believe it is high time for you to show yourselves out; the shop is closed for today”
  • Your dick: out
  • He is too clingy and apologizes after they leave
  • You mean so much to him
Promptis headcanons

ok first can we talk about how much the boys must love water (Prompto always photographing Noct in front of the water ingame and ofc Noct x fishing)

  • imagine both of them going camping while in highschool and Prompto’s delighted because it’s the first time he really goes out of the city apart from school excursions and this is a huge deal for Noctis too because his father actually agreed to let him go?? On his own?! (PEACEFUL TIMES)
  • So they choose to go camping near a river, so that Noctis can fish and Prompto will take so many pics of the scenery, Noct will get mad at him bc the fishes are going away because of him but really he’s just so happy he’s out there with his bestfriend
  • Prompto splashing water at a napping Noct. Yes this ends up in a terrible waterfight
  • Prompto staying still in the water and suddenly he feels ?? Small things pecking at his skin ?? And in 30 secs this turns into 20 small fishes eating his dead skin
  • “Noctis do you think they’re gonna eat my freckles too ??”
  • Noctis suddenly being very aware of all the freckles that cover his friend’s body
  • Noctis blushing 
  • “O-of course not”
  • MIDNIGHT BATH and there are fireflies all around them
  • Regretting sleeping under the sky next to the river the following day bc they didnt plan to get THAT MANY bites from mosquitoes (you can bet your ass next time they’ll bring some anti mosquitoes products)
  • For the time being they’ll sleep in the tent
  • hiking up the mountain by following the river stream and Prompto litterally c r y i n g when he sees the view from the top and Noctis just hugging him from behind without saying a word
  • Watching the shooting stars from atop of the mountain while chatting about very personnal stuff
  • Prompto loving being massaged (unlike Noctis -throwback to Galdin Quay-) so at night in the tent Noctis will give Prompto massages after their long day’s walk and if you dont think Prompto moans and Noctis is hella flustered and stops everything then you’re very wrong
  • both boys trying to be subtle when they try to close the gap between their sleeping bags at night
  • ends up with both of them being milimeters apart but not doing the last move
  • You can bet in the morning they’re snuggled together
  • Prompto waking up first but being prisoner of the royal arm around his chest and yes he tries to break free (#nohomo) but he’s just ?? HELD EVEN CLOSER ?
  • And obviously he can’t win bc it turns out all those trainings with Gladio really did good for Noct’s muscles
  • So you have a sleepy Noctis and an overthinking (and hungry, maybe also wanting to pee) Prompto also very bothered by how cute Noctis is with his bed hair
  • the astrals shipping the fuck outta those two rn
  • Eventually Noct wakes up and is face to face to a Prompto who may or may not have been trying to get a taste of Noct’s lips bc anyways Noct was asleep ?? But he woke up just before it happened
  • They can feel each other’s morning breath on their own lips (which, let’s be honest, smell bad) and woooooo INTENSE STARING
  • Noct just kinda presses the hand he already had on Prompto’s back and Prompto can feel his heart beating even faster than it already did bc now Noct’s closing his eyes and oh my oH MY IS HE GONNA ???
  • fall back asleep
  • That Royal asshole
  • can you hear this sound yes it’s Prompto’s heart breaking in two
  • (that’s what you get for trying to take advantage of a sleeping prince, blondie)
  • Prompto finally goes outside the tent and is met by rain and yeah his day couldn’t have started in a worse way
  • But the weather’s still very warm so he takes off his clothes except for his briefs and wristband and stands outside
  • How long he stands there he doesn’t know
  • He suddenly has a lot on his mind and he’s angry at himself because this week end was supposed to be a special time with his bestfriend why did he have to let his feelings in the way
  • But next thing he knows Noct’s there too ??
  • “Couldn’t sleep with the rain. Let’s go”
  • Prompto doesn’t ask questions and just follows him a bit farther into the woods
  • That’s when he notices Noctis is also only in his t-shirt and briefs so he offers a silent prayer to Shiva to thank her for his view on the royal ass
  • And they finally reach a small waterfall with a large pond. It’s very humid and you cant see clearly the other end but Prompto has a feeling there might be more to it. He can hear frogs croaking 
  • Noct just offers him his hand, and although Prompto is intrigued and still a bit sulking, he lets him lead him into the water
  • When they’re midwaist and Prompto still doesn’t know where this is all leading to, Noctis tells him, a slightly bit anxious “ok, on three we go underwater. Keep your eyes open. Three…”
  • “but Noct you know that with my eyes-
  • Doesn’t matter here. Two… ONE !”
  • Noctis drags him underwater by force with his hand. Prompto, taken aback, forces himself to open his eyes, trusting his bestfriend. And then he sees.
  • Everything is light. The fishes are luminescent, shiny frogs are passing by him, and he feels safe in this water, almost at… Home. Noctis points him to rarestones that are emetting their own light. He’s never been more amazed. And flowers are growing from the bottom. Actually, they’re growing everywhere they can. Soon missing air, the boys quickly come back to the surface. Back to the dull and misty pond, assaulted by rain.
  • “Dude what was that ?!!
  • -Ok, you know the legend of that florist who died at the hand of the bringer of destruction?
  • -Yes it’s a classic
  • -So you know her true love left her dead body in a pond. Well now the legend has it that, when it rains, it means people are still mourning her death, and if you come to a pond pure enough with the person you love  then under those circonstances you can enter the realm of wonders her spirit built. Iris showed me the pond”
  • The last part had been said way more quickly than everything else. Prompto slowly processed the information
  • “Oh. I hope you and her will be happy…”
  • Prompto thought he had seen what was underwater only because he was with Noctis. Not because his feelings were reciprocated.
  • Noctis, eyes wide and suddenly very unsure, added “but Iris didn’t see what was underwater ! Only I did. Because I was the one she loved. It works only one way. I didn’t tell her I saw it, though. … But you saw the flowers, right ?”
  • “Yeah… I did !”
  • Noctis looked at him and couldn’t hide his smile any longer. “So did I.”
  • Before he let his tears slip out, Prompto jumped at Noctis’ neck and brought him underwater. There, they exchanged a look that meant more than any word could say about their mutual affection, and it was as if the water brought them closer for a kiss only the flowers witnessed.

…. So yeah, Promptis and water are important to me.

cat cafe with wonwoo
  • he’s been wanting to go for a very long time
  • but you thought you’d just get cat hair in your drinks and everything and yeah u like cats but not eating their fur
  • BUT
  • you decided to go
  • little wonwoo smiled so big and grabbed your arm and hopped up and down
  • you were already dressed because you just went out grocery shopping with him
  • his definition of “dressed” is just.. not pajamas
  • so he pulled you over and finished putting the groceries away and grabbed his keys and pushed u right back out the front door boy he was ready to GO
  • inside the cafe it was pretty empty
  • there were these 2 girls squealing over the cats on the opposite side of the cafe and this group of 3 friends sitting down at a table but that was really it
  • you and wonwoo went up to order a drink each before finding a table 
  • and to your surprise
  • a bunch of cats just ..came up to you?
  • no you as in him and you
  • but just you
  • wonwoo smiles to himself as you get overwhelmed with cuddly meowing cats because
  • because he put a tiny pouch of catnip in your jacket pocket before you guys left the house
  • but u dont know that and you’re so happy like look!!
  • look wonwoo they love me!! and he’s like jhhnggnghsjsk yes they do
  • he pets the cats too even though they only move out of his touch and paw at your legs and everything
  • but it’s cute
  • the drinks come and neither of you notice 
  • and now wonwoo is getting a teensy bit jealous !
  • “y/n the drinks- hello, y/n? do u hear me?” and no you dont theres so much cat
  • he pouts and takes the catnip from your pocket and just tosses it onto the floor and all the cats run to it
  • and you’re :( but he’s :’(((
  • so sad
  • you ask what’s wrong and he’s like
  • you were only paying attention to the cats and u were ignoring me..
  • and he’s so jealous and demands you give him the same treatment as the cats
  • you’re like haha okay babe
  • and pick up your drink and take a sip
  • u got plain tea and he did too
  • and you were like mmm but almost spill it when
  • wonwoo puts his head on your lap
  • and you’re like what?? wonwoo get up-
  • he just closes his eyes and doesn’t move
  • you knew he wanted the “same treatment as the cats” but not right here right now
  • you sigh and go along because nobody’s around
  • and you have your tea in one hand 
  • with your other hand you start running your fingers through his hair and rubbing his head a bit
  • and he’s just in bliss
  • you see him start to smile that smile
  • the one where a kind of strip of his teeth show but like
  • u know?? yeah that one
  • so you keep doing it and he almost falls asleep
  • he knows it’s a bad time for that so he sits up
  • drinks his tea too
  • and now you’re the one staring and smiling to yourself because how cute was that
  • a little weird
  • but cute
  • you scoot closer and kiss his temple 
  • and he didn’t expect it so he was like woahowwohah!! and blushed red as a tomato
  • and smiled at you and you giggled back
  • “y/n?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “..can you please do that again tonight when we want to fall asleep?”
  • “it’s really that soothing?”
  • “yes…”

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Can I get an Exo reaction of them confessing their feelings after a long friendship?

Xiumin: Minseok would definitely be the most mature and level headed, he would sit you down saying he needed to talk to you and confess completely to you telling you everything

“I like you.. I’ve liked you for a while now and I want to take our relationship to something more serious”

Suho: Junmyeon would be a “in the spur of the moment” type of guy, you two would be playing at the lake late at night, both of you sitting on a bench he’d avoid eye contact as he confesses slightly nervous

“You know how I feel about you right? this isn’t just a friendship to me…”

Lay: This sweet boy would’ve prepared days in advance making sure the confession is perfect. He’d surprise you with flowers as he tells you his true feelings.

Originally posted by daenso

Chen: You’d be facetiming him laughing and joking having to lower the volume every five minutes due to how loud he gets. Suddenly Jongdae would go quiet and confess to you 

“you’re really the only one for me… you know that?”

He’d quickly hang up after because he couldn’t believe what he just did.

Baekhyun: He had taught you how to play his favorite games with him and now you were better than him, in the middle of an intense gaming session you’d be talking through discord and ended up kill off Baekhyuns character 


You: “wait what did you say?”


Chanyeol: He wouldn’t want to ruin the friendship and keep his feelings in for a long time, he had prepared a song for you but didn’t want to make things awkward so decided not to show you,

One night he might have a little too much to drink though and confess to you through the phone

D.O: I feel like he wouldn’t want to confess first wanting you to do it, he knows how you feel about him and he was too shy to actually make the first move

You: “I like you ok?! aren’t you going to say it back”

Kyungsoo would walk away leaving you dumbfounded but then turn around 

“finally… me too” 

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Kai: He’d take you out all day, making sure the day was extra special, shopping, sightseeing, movies everything! eventually he was planning to do it at dinner but he couldn’t contain his feelings and would blurt it out in the middle of the store

“pretend you didn’t hear that… it was supposed to be later this is why today was so special to me”

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Sehun: He wouldn’t know how to confess at first! opening and closing his mouth re-thinking everything and even wondering if the right thing to do is confess

He will end up taking the simple approach as he cuts you off mid-sentence 

“I think I…. like you”

“did i tell you that you’re hot- I MEAN GOOD AT DANCING?”

scenario/summary: you’re debuting in your group for your company brand new music, and you’re struggling with dance and you of course, had to ask the dance god park woojin.

person: park woojin / y/n!trainee au

  • so it starts off like this:
  • a couple of months ago you decided to become a trainee in brand new music
  • you realise youre debuting a couple of weeks
  • and youre hELLA scared
  • like
  • you seem to struggle with dancing
  • even tho youve basically stayed up every night just to learn the routine
  • because everyone talks about it
  • you yoURSELF decided to watch p101
  • and you noticed how skilled woojin is, who you know
  • you both dont talk often
  • you see each other in corridors, and stuff
  • i mean u did vote for him lolz
  • so
  • SKIP to nOOOOw
  • managers, and staff around congratulate woojin
  • and you smile as you hear the praises
  • once he’s left alone, you quickly tap him on the shoulder
  • “a-ah! oh, annyeong, y/n” woojin bows as he smiles
  • “annyeong,” you bow
  • “why are you here?”
  • “well uh, i sort of.. need your help..”
  • “with what?” woojin smiles as he scratches the back of his neck
  • also this boy kinda likes to pretend u both ‘bump’ into each other on purpose lol HES SO HAPPY TO FINALLY TALK TO U
  • “d-dancing.. if youre free- i mean, youre hella busy-”
  • “nONONO”
  • “y/n im totally free rn!! i was gonna have some break but its totally fine since ik you’re debuting :))”
  • “h-how-”
  • he turns red (like his hair. lmfao bYE)
  • “when do you want to start?” you ask, as he chuckles at your shyness
  • “i dont mind, anytime”
  • “how about we can both have break before we start? im uh, pretty hungry..”
  • “sure!”
  • time skip: u both are too cute beans getting shy and getting to know each other
  • “lets see how your moves go.”
  • AYYY WOOJIN GOTTA SEE UR MoVES wait i gotta chill
  • you dance, carefully not trying to fuck up lol
  • “Y/N!!”
  • woojin begins to clap, a hugE ASS grIN forms on his face
  • “you’re really good! you have clean moves, i know the footwork is hard, but i’ll help”
  • “thanks!” you smile
  • woojin then gets up as you both play the music, slowly going through each move
  • you can tell he’s really passionate
  • he’s concentrated
  • and u like it. wtf y/n
  • you werent going to lie, you couldnt concentrate yourself
  • not only did he just finish his smol cute shy bean time, hE TURNED INTO A HOT DANCE BOI
  • anyways
  • “okay, should we both try together and see how you do on your own?”
  • you nod, he picked the choreo up pretty easily
  • then, you did it on your own
  • hella supportive, loves to praise u
  • you begin to blush
  • “hehe, thanks woojinnie!!”
  • and there we go. u both became dancing buddies and best friends :::))))) 
  • also wtf was i writing?? thIS WAS SHIT SORRY BYE
Peter Pan Imagine Request/Imagination

“Can you write and Imagine where a girl has imaginary friend named Peter Pan? Peter has been with the girl since she was young. Then when she’s older he asks if she wants to come to Neverland with him, and she says yes because she trusts him and he is her only friend. When. She gets to Neverland she realizes Peter isn’t there because he is dead. But her presence on Neverland brings him back.”

Warnings : Cussing, sexual, sexual harassment, death, mean parents.

“oh the cleverness of you.” you would giggle , your best friend in the world just did something mischievous , and of course got away with it.

You and him did everything together, you ran, skipped, jumped, got scared, even danced together.

You would spend every waking hour together, after all he was your best friend.

You loved him and he loved you, but your parents, well they had enough of your “imaginary friend”

“Why do you have two bowls of cereal Y/n?” your mom asked

“For Peter.” you simply stated.

Your mother gave you a concerned look, then looked at your father for guidanced 

“Look hunny, your friend doesn’t need to eat.” he said

“Well why not?” you asked

“Because umm, well he is imaginary, and imaginary people don’t get to eat.” he said

“What ? Why?” you asked 

“Because they don’t Y/n stop asking so many questions.” your mom said, trying to support your father


“I SAID ENOUGH” your mom yelled at you, which scared you and made you drop yours and Peter’s cereal.

“Ugh! Now we will be late for work, get yourself cleaned up and leave Peter here!” she yelled at you

Most days were like that, but you stood by Peter, and no matter how much you got yelled at, no matter how much you got grounded, no matter how much you got your phone, tv, and laptop get taken away, you stood by him, he was your best friend, and you weren’t going to let him go.

But as much as you stood by him, you were getting tired of it, and he knew it.

“What’s wrong love?” he asked as you lay on your bed staring at the ceiling.

“Peter it’s Friday night, everyone is at that awesome party, and we’re stuck here.” you said sitting up and facing him

“Well, why don’t we go?” he asked

“Because I’m grounded, AGAIN!”you stated , folding your arms.

“Ah, I see, well, let’s sneak out.” he said

“Yeah so I can get grounded again.”you rolled your eyes

“No love you won’t get grounded , I promise.” he said.

“Yeah, YOU won’t .” you say with an attitude 

“Hey, this is the party of the year, let’s go.” he said, winking at you

You smile at him, “Okay.” you couldn’t resist him, he was just too damn adorable 

You both get ready for the party

Once you arrive, you get welcomed by a couple of your friends from school, Peter just watches from a far and smiles. You give a smile back

After chatting with your friends you spot a cute boy that you’ve been crushing on for a while, and he was coming your way!

“Hey.” he said with a drink in his hand

Peter’s eyebrows knitted together. Obviously upset.

“Hi!” you said a little bit more energetic than you should've 

“Didn’t think I would see you here.” he said

“Oh yeah I’m not really a party go-er , but I mean I’m trying.” you said 

“Thats adorable.” he said 

You just blushed and looked down.

“Awe you’re blushing, thats hella cute.” he said brushing his fingers against your cheeks.

Peter’s eyes became neon green, he was upset, but he couldn’t explain why. You were his friend, just his friend, right? He shook his head, trying to focus on something else, but he couldn’t.

You guys caved in and now touching each others arms and what not, you were so shocked, he was actually into you.

“So uh, you wanna go upstairs?” he asked

Peter’s head popped up quickly “The hell?” 

“Excuse me?” you asked shocked

“Well, I mean you know.” he said bringing you closer to him

“Wait I’m not that kind of girl.” you said

“Oh come on, it will be fun!” he said grabbing your ass, 

Peter marched straight to you 

“I said no!” you splashed your drink on him.

“The hell, you stupid bitch!” he said yelling at you

“What a freak” some girl said

Others just laughed

Then everyone started chanting “freak, freak, freak, freak!”

Tears ran down your eyes, you just ran out of the house, the party ended as soon as it started for you.

You ran and didn’t care if Peter was behind you.

“Y/n!” he yelled out 

“Go away!” you yelled back

You guys passed a park , it was dark, cold, and windy.

“Y/n stop!” Peter yelled at you

“Dont tell me what to do Peter!” you yelled back

“I”m your best friend I just want to be there for you!” he yelled

“You ruin everything!” you yelled at him

“What?” he asked quietly 

“Everyone thinks I’m a freak, its because of you.” you sniffled and wiped your tears. “Peter, you’re not real, you know you’re not, but still, you incest on thinking that you are.” you cried

He walked to you, picking up your chin with his finger. “Do you want me to leave?” he asked

“I just need space.” you said, you walked away, crying , Peter slowly walked behind to make sure you got home safe, once he knew you did he went away, and slept in tree for that night

You wake up to no Peter for 16 years , you always woke up to him, but not today, it felt weird.

You didn’t feel like getting up, so you didn’t you just stayed in bed all day

It was 5 in the afternoon and you heard a tap on the window

You saw him, his face was filled with concerns , you spend the window.

“Yes?” you asked him

“I need to ask you something.” he asked

“Well ask.” you said with an attitude 

Come with me.” he said

“What?” you asked

“To Neverland.” he said

“To who?!” you asked confused

“To Neverland.” he said, he was just staring deep into your eyes, wondering what you would say

“Where is that?” you asked

“It’s a place, that you will never, ever, have to worry about grown up things again.” he said

“Peter, I don’t know.” you said 

He came behind you and wrapped his arms around you

“Y/n listen, I know you’re tired, come with me, Neverland is waiting.” he whispers in your ear.

You turn around, facing him “Never again?” you asked

“Never again.” he smiled

“Fine, take me.” you said with a smile


You arrive on Neverland, but Peter isn’t there.

“What the hell?” you said, did Peter lie? Did he leave you on this island to die?

Well you weren’t going to stay and find out.

You decided to explore.

Looking at the trees they never end, this place was remarkable, the flowers had the most sweetest smells to them, the atmosphere was more of a thrill, you could hear drums, and music, and boys?

You decided to go closer.

You see around 10-15 boys.

“That’s a looooot of boys. you said

You decided to sep back but you tripped over a stick and screamed 

The boys ran over and saw you

“A girl?” a older boy with a scar said

“Why a girl?” he said

“I mean, she is hot.” an other said 

“Shut up.” an other said hitting him in the stomach.

“Ouch!” he yelled

“Look where am I?” you asked

“You’re on Neverland.” a little boy said 

“Do-do you know where Peter , Peter Pan is?” you asked

Suddenly, everyone became sad, some even took off their hats, others looked down

“What?” you asked, you were totally confused 

“Peter, Peter died, a while ago.” the guy with the scar said

“What?” you asked, but now that you think about it, it made sense.

Peter was always imaginary, only you could see him, but what was weird what that you could touch him, and he could touch you.

“How long?” you asked

“Forever it seems like, time stops in Neverland.” the guy said

“Peter was my friend, I lived, well he lived with me, for 16 years, we did everything together.” you said

“I’m sorry.” the guy said

“No , I’m sorry.” you said

“Well , I’m Felix, and these are the lost boys, I’m head in charge now, but you are more than welcome to stay, even for a little bit, I can show you Peter’s favorite spots.” he said

“I’m Y/n and yeah that sounds good, I shall stay, just for dinner though.” you said, even though you felt safe with the boys, knowing that Peter wasn’t there unsettled you deep down.

Watching the boys interact with each other made you happy, in a way they all reminded you of Peter, its they all grabbed a little of his personality, it was cute, they must’ve really looked up to him.

The boys were amazing and talented, they knew how to fight, make food, they played the drums super well, they defended themselves, Peter taught them well.

That night the boys made a special feast for you, there was so much food.

“I don’t think I ever seen that much food in my life.” you said

“Well eat up!” one of the boy said, 

You guys ate and ate tip you couldn’t anymore, with your stomachs full you decided that story telling was the best thing, because nobody wanted to move

You told stories all the time to Peter, and he loved it, so you thought why not the lost boys?

As the boys start to fall asleep, and the youngest lost boy fell asleep in your arms, you realize, you couldn’t just leave , not know, not ever, these boys needed you, weather they knew it or not, they did.

You had to stay, Peter would’ve wanted it that way.


The next day you made the boys breakfast

“This is awesome!” a younger lost boy said waking up, as he woke up the rest of the boys, they all smiled and thanked you, you made them start a line and one by one take their oatmeal.

They all made a line and got their breakfast, and their orange juice, it was exciting, they learned really fast, for these boys didn’t know the meaning of manners

You lived on Neverland for a couple of months now, the boys do their own laundry, they clean their own tents, and they things like excuse me and thank you, all of this because of you, who would’ve thought a girl would change so much.

Well After a couple of summers go by, and you’re officially the “queen” of Neverland, someone arrives on Neverland

You were all sitting by the campfire, it was the afternoon and you guys were roasting marshmellows, when all of a sudden you heard a voice, I familiar voice.

“Hey you guys gonna save me some or what?” he said

You turned around you dropped your stick in disbelief .”P-Peter?” you asked

“Yeah, thats me.” he said ever so cocky

“But how?” Felix asked

“Y/n actually, her presence , it brought me back., I wouldn’t be here without you love.” he said walking over to you, 

You get up and now are face to face with him

“I-I can’t believe it.” you said , tears running down your face, “You’re real?” you asked

“I am, only in Neverland, if you leave, I won’t be real anymore.” he said

“Well , then , I shall stay.” you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

He smiled and grabbed your chin, pulling you in closer to him, and kissing your lips ever so softly.

His lips tasted like mint, his lips felt like velvet, his hands felt like clouds wrapped around your waist, wanting more, you pulled his neck in closer, tongue wrapped around each other fighting for domain ,he won, you guys pulled away and smiled at one an other

“Do you understand how long I’ve been wanting to do that?” he smiled

You smiled and just laughed.

You both lived on Neverland, happy as can be.


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@magnass asked: Bernie Wolfe + Who Do You Love (+ Escort!AU)

Everything goes quiet, it’s like I just can’t move
You say I might as well try it, there’s nothing left to lose
Nothing will change if you never choose


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  • getting the obvious stuff out of the way first
  • he’s a fucking meme and you WILL get 3am texts of a meme he found
  • also don’t open any link he sends you it’s either like the kazoo kid remix or he wants to rickroll you
  • the safest is to just answer “UuuuUuUrg Hansol why”
  • okay now that’s said
  • he will want someone laid back and chill something like a best friend but not totally 
  • I think there is also a big fat chance you’re dirty minded and yes he thinks it’s funny but that won’t stop him from reacting like a 7 y/o whenever you refer to something dirty
  • he’s pretty shy so PDA is an absolute no, it feels very uncomfortable to him because so don’t push him
  • some people think it’s like a turn on when you secretly start touching them in risky surroundings but no he might even get a little mad/frustrated because it feels very just not right
  • but BOI when you’re alone he’s the clingmonster
  • like you can’t reach something? You bet he’s gonna do the move
  • you know the move, like hovering over you to get something and it just gives you butterflies
  • he is someone that would call you bae but before you were even dating just to test out the waters because what does it really mean? nobody knows
  • ticklewars are a definitive thing with him
  • and not just hihihi cute
  • he doesn’t stop till 1) he has a bruise 2)you’re crying from laughing 3) he’s the one getting tickles now OR 4) someone walks in
  • in the last scenario he will frieze, huge eyes
  • nvm just the caveman spongebob meme, that’s it
  • kisses always start out as sweet but if you’re both in the mood they sure as hell don’t end sweet
  • he’s def a guy that’s up for slow sloppy makeouts with a lot of feeling/passion
  • if he moans which is more often than you’d expect he’s gonna be embarassed but quickly finds out you think it’s a turn on
  • surprisingly isn’t that much for tongue action but won’t mind it if you initiate it
  • loves to take the lead though
  • smiling between kisses is something he does when it’s a sweet makeout
  • but if it’s not it’s more like gasping for breath
  • okay imma stop sinning right there
  • he has a lot of feeling but is not great at expressing them, like not bad but not great either
  • at 3am Hansol either thinks everything is hilarious or he’s super deep and confused
  • he def confessed to you in the deep mood
  • he is 100% down for lazy dates
  • the king of lazy dates
  • he’s gonna kick out all members or make sure he has the room for himself though
  • he will do the yawn arm trick but ends up elbowing you in the face or something smh
  • ”Hansol if you wanted some more popcorn just get some in the kitchen, no need to have a knock down with Y/N.” ~S.Coups
  • he will get you some ice and give Seungcheol a deathglare
  • he’s not intimidated, not even the smallest bit
  • you will always tease him for the mansae hair
  • if you have bangs you know what to do, part them in the middle and start some rap
  • Seungkwan absolutely loves you for that and will occasionally join in
  • Hansol know how to have a laugh and starts singing some horrifying beautiful adlibs
  • he will want to teach you how to rap
  • he likes couple clothing but only the cool ones
  • like don’t start coming with your shirts with ‘If lost return to…’ on them no but he’s all for those matching flannels or just cute shirts but in a different colour
  • he will have you as his lockscreen and background like not pics of you together because he doesn’t like to have to see himself every time he looks at his phone 
  • but he loves to steal your phone and take some selfies but like don’t be fooled they’re not pretty selfies but not ugly selfies either
  • like just downright weird, like let me explain
  • he’ll just like put on a tough face, show a swaggy handsign and he’ll be crouching next to you sleeping
  • or like the same but just outside next to a tree
  • maybe where he has a shocked face and a hand in front of his mouth with a box of food next to him
  • later when you ask him he will be able to explain every single one of them and you’ll just be shaking your head because they’re just the worst reasons you’ve ever heard
  • ”nono you don’t get it I wanted to contrast your calm sleeping with hardness of my expression.”
  • queue for your dirty mind to bop in “hardness? Oh Hansol if only you’d woken me up…”
  • HE SCREACHES and runs away
  • you run just behind him and backhug him
  • but extreme version, you jump on his back
  • he falls with you on top of him
  • you end up laughing for a good 10 minutes
  • he’s such a shy cutie
  • would def call you bae unironically
  • but one flaw if you even consider this a flaw when you have a fight he just acts distant with glares for 5 minutes or less and after that he comes back like nothing happened
  • well atleast for minor arguments
  • take care of this memeboy people


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:
Broken One

Originally posted by shyymoob

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Warnings: cursing, maybe a little too much angst?

Prompt: what happens when your love finds another?

Word Count: 3,208


All along it was a fever

“John! You scared the crap out of me!” You shouted, jumping up from your bed. John shut your window and pressed a finger to your lips.

“You can’t just climb in my window, unannounced!” You harshly whispered. He gave a soft laugh and shook his head.

“I have news.” 

A cold sweat, hot-headed believer

“What is it?” You tried your best to act angry with him, but the smirk dancing upon his lips made you smile.

“I asked her out today. And she said yes.” John tapped his foot, nervously waiting for your response. You were his best friend, he needed your approval.

“Who’s she?” You tilted your head, obviously confused.


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Dating Carlos De Vil Would Include...

Request: I’d like to request dating headcanons for Carlos, please.

  • he’s a nervous boy
  • so you made the first move
  • you had known him since he arrived in Auradon
  • you thought he was really cute
  • but you were wary of the VKs when they first arrived
  • but soon you realized that they weren’t so bad
  • well after all the wand stealing nonsense
  • you trusted them after that
  • so you decided to take a chance
  • you asked to sit with them during lunch
  • and the rest of history
  • your crush on Carlos was growing
  • lots of advice from Evie
  • just be yourself
  • what if he doesn’t like a princess/prince?
  • omg y/n he likes you!’ mal yells from her bed
  • you blushing bc of her comment
  • but now you were on a mission
  • the next day you asked him out
  • he was a stuttering mess
  • you thought it was cute when his face grew red
  • you made it officially after a few dates
  • all his friends loving you
  • lots of hand holding
  • not too much pda
  • he’s not big on it
  • but you surprise him a coupe of times with a kiss on the cheek
  • maybe a few times on the lips
  • being one of the cutest couples around
  • everyone shipping you??
  • no one expected quiet carlos to get a s/o
  • but there the two of you were
  • being cute together
  • Evie makes you matching outfits bc she’s #1 shipper
  • she’s like an older sister to him so she gives you a stern talk
  • you actually were never so scared of Evie in that moment
  • but you were perfect together so everything works out
  • walking Dude together
  • movie marathons with the other Core Four
  • just being super comfortable with each other

anonymous asked:

Can I request a HC about the RFA(V+Saeran) having a really bad fight with MC, that they(MC) run out the house in frustration and an accident happens? The accidents are different for each character, like they slipped and broke a bone or a car crash?

Ayyyyyyyyeee my first request~


  • A misunderstanding happened when you tired to get him to cut down on gaming and focus on school
  • He took it as you were trying to change him 
  • ‘Rika would have never acted this way!’
  • He instantly regretted what he said as he saw you storm out of the apartment with tears falling down your cheeks 
  • Tears blurred your vision as you drove away from your shared apartment
  • All you knew next was a loud honking noise and white lights
  • As soon as Yoosung got the news of what happened he rushed to the hospital
  • He started crying as soon as he saw you lying in the bed hooked up to the machines
  • He blamed himself and stayed by your side until you woke up
  • Once you woke up he is clingy 1000000000% more
  • He repeats 10000000 times how sorry he is 
  • cuddles and kisses galore 


  • He came home a bit tipsy one night
  • You had enough of him coming home drunk so you scolding on how irresponsible he was
  • ‘Just stop nagging me already! God you are so annoying.’
  • You huffed and turned your back to him as you slammed the door to the bedroom shut and stomped down the stairs.
  • You missed a step and slipped down the stairs
  • A scream echoed through the house as you felt a huge pain in your ankle
  • He quickly sobered up and rushed down to you
  • Regret filled him as he saw you in pain
  • Babe…Are you okay?! I am so sorry…’
  • He helped you up and placed you on the couch making sure that you didn’t move a muscle
  • He wrapped your ankle in a wrap and placed some frozen peas over it
  • cuddles and kisses and love foreverrrrrrr


  • Poor bby had a tough day at work
  • He was tired and just needed a rest
  • but you wanted some love and cuddles
  • But he wasn’t having none of
  • he pushed you away and walked away
  • before you could get your balance you fell and hit your head against the wall
  • The loud thud immediately caught his attention along with the sound of your whimpers and sniffles
  • Poor bby runs back you and cradles you in his arms
  • Are you okay Darling?? I didn’t mean to push you..’
  • calls all the best doctors even cause his princess has to  be safe


  • You accidently broke one of hr Zen Dvds
  • The smol crazy fangirl came out :(
  • ‘How can you be so reckless? Do you ever use that brain of yours? If you have one…’
  • A sound of a door slamming and a scream was heard
  • you had managed to slam the door on your foot…
  • You fractured your small pinky toe :((
  • ofc she apologized a million times and gave you kisses
  • ofc she drove you to the hospital to get it wrapped up


  • He was in one of his depression modes… and poor cinnabun was pushing you away :’(
  • wow that hurt my heart
  • you had enough of him thinking that way!
  • You reached to grab his sleeve but instead you slipped and hit your face on the desk
  • blood dripped down your nose and he looked at you wide-eyed
  • small giggles came out of your mouth as you realized how stupid you looked
  • a smile soon came on his face
  • ofc hugs and kisses and love
  • don’t push me away Saeyoung baby :(


  • I Will always love Rika’
  • Shot through the heart and you’re to blame-
  • A huge pain was in your chest as you tried to turn away
  • You rushed down the stairs and tripped, landing on your face
  • You had a smol concussion
  • Realizing what he had done he quickly wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a tight embrace
  • ‘I didn’t mean I have said.. I now realize that you are my moon and the person that I truly love. You have helped me out of the darkness of my life and I would be stupid to not love someone like you’
  • muffin takes care of you and takes you to the doctor to make sure you are fine


  • ‘Just leave! That’s what you are gonna end up doing anyways… everyone leaves so what makes you any different?!’
  • ouch my heart
  • Being really upset and hurt you decided it was best for him to calm down before you tried to talk to him
  • Going out for a walk you hadn’t noticed the truck coming as you crossed the street
  • A loud honk and white lights came but it was too late for you to move
  • you were rushed to the hospital and had a broken arm and leg
  • Bby here felt like it was all his fault that this had happened
  • ofc he stays by your side and helps you 
  • always beats himself up over what happened 
  • being amazing lover you are, you didn’t hold it against him
  • 10000000000000% more protective

yandere-appreciation-blog  asked:

New yandere OW blogs give me life. What are some of your Genji headcanons?

  • He can be very patient. He can stand stalking you for literal years before making a move
  • You won’t know he’s in your house, ever, and when he kidnaps you, neither of you will make a sound
  • He prefers to knock you out with a drug, namely chloroform, than with brute strength
  • He likes to sneak in and watch you sleeping
  • He’ll sometimes steal clothes and trinkets around your house, as well as leave them
  • You’ll sometimes find a lingerie set you hadn’t previously known you had in your underwear drawer, regardless of your gender
  • He likes to dress you up when you’re his. He loves you to look your best
  • He adores brushing your hair, and loves when you run your hands through his
  • Steals your underwear so he can masturbate with them
  • Very into pet play
  • Can be very strict but dislikes punishing you
  • He prefers to terrify you into submission instead of beating you into submission
  • He low-key gets off on the look of fear that flickers over your face when you see him
  • Even so, he’ll feel a profound sense of pride when you finally break, and you’ll basically become like a lap cat to him

Request:  Wow those Soulmate ones are great! I love that idea and independent movies based off it are great… Could I request one with Jun? Take your time love 💖

  • So meeting your soulmate was a thing people looked forward to of course but you weren’t in a rush to find them
  • you were just gonna let it happen when it does
  • the magical words on your wrist were “Hey that’s exactly what my wrist says!” so you knew you had no idea how you’d meet your soulmate
  • of course every time you met someone new you hoped to hear that but sadly you didn’t have that much luck
  • but one day you were grocery shopping in a small store
  • you knew about everyone in your town or well at least the faces
  • but now there were a few ones you’d never seen
  • if by a few you can say 13
  • there was this one guy who stayed with the cart and ordered the others around to get stuff, he was pretty buff that’s nice
  • and you saw him smiling at this teen you saw about every time they went to the store. *cough*  Soulmate!S.Coups *cough*
  • but moving on you were going on with your own business just getting what you needed
  • you passed this tall guy getting flour from the highest shelf you could never reach so you asked him to get you one too
  • which he did and you were all like “I’ve never seen you guys here before where did you come from?”
  • apparently they were all visiting one of the boys’ hometown and yeah the rest is history
  • you had a nice little chat with the guy that was apparently called Mingyu
  • they seemed all like polite guys as you passed some of them on your way to the items you needed
  • after some time you saw one of those guys taking selfies in the cereal aisle
  • and you had to admit he had the right because he looked hella fine
  • you were pretty far away from him but you knew you were in his selfie
  • so of course you wanted to photobomb him
  • you decided to go classic and throw up a peace sign and try to look cute from behind your shopping cart
  • after a few selfies he turned around and started grinning
  • you rolled your cart a little closer and said “Shouldn’t you be searching like eggs or something for your friends?”
  • and he was like “Hey that’s exactly what my wrist says!”
  • “No way you have that written on your wrist omg I’m so sorry” because thinking about it the poor dude needs to live with that horrible sentence on his wrist forever
  • he shyly showed you his wrist with a little chuckle “Yes way, my name is Junhui but you can call me Jun for short how about you?”
  • you shortly introduced yourself and suddenly you couldn’t move
  • you had been wrapped by Jun’s arms
  • he was like swaying you a bit from side to side like a little kid who was hugging his teddy bear
  • “I’m sorry I’m just so excited I’ve finally found my soulmate!” he genuinely seemed overwhelmed with emotions
  • seeing him so happy made you even more glad to have found your soulmate
  • “Wait send me that selfie where I’m also in! I need to have our first picture together i mean we basically met through those”
  • and so that specific selfie of Jun became your wallpaper also
  • you clicked so easily with each other it was ridiculous
  • every time you could you would remake your first pic together in as many ways as possible
  • (switch ver.) (summer ver.) (outside ver.)
  • just all the fun and being silly