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to your post, yes. I feel that way all the time. especially right now. I feel like I'm the friend that is always here to eat a pizza and talk but I never get invited to do anything more. it makes you feel like shit. just wanted to stop by and tell you you're not alone. xoxo

thank-you, lets all sit and eat pizza together! 

moveslikemurphy asked:


K: What’s the biggest lie you have ever told? that i had a yacht in like the 2nd grade (i don’t remember any others)

A: Are you a virgin? yes

I: 5 turn ons: answered

T: What kind of underwear are you wearing? regular panties i guess lol

L: Would you ever date someone of another race? sure it really doesn’t bother me at all

Y: Do you name your private parts? no lol

N: Top 5 traits you look for in a person that you want to have a relationship with: funny, good looking, isn’t boring, can have a converstion, or vianca