4 years ago, my last year of school, I was interviewed by a teacher about what I wanted to do for a living/job. 

I replied “I want to be in my band" 

Straight away I was told and put down to think more seriously and it’s unlikely, so I need a ‘proper’ job.

4 years later after not listening to what people said or thought that said wrong and put us down or tried to, our band and myself carried on strong to do what we love to do, which is making music with my 4 best friends in the world.

And now I can stand here and say my band are signed to one of the worlds largest major labels. Not only is it just amazing and actually a dream I thought would never come true. But the team, bands and everyone on it are incredible. 

Thankyou to my family, friends and everyone part of this from the start even maybe till the end. 

It’s weird to say this is my job to do something I love doing and always will. And not ONE person can put me down now.

Going to be much more downs but twice as much ups! And the band and I are going to work triple times as hard.


Thankyou to everyone for the amazing support and for the support anyone will still give. It makes me pretty emotional…

It’s just the most surreal feeling.