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Japril BTS


                                       13x14-13x15 (probably)

                             13x16 AKA JapriltheSequel

                                                     13x17 (maybe)

a heart’s a heavy burden

Summary: In which Will Solace is compelled to seek his fortune, enters into both a castle and a bargain, and may or may not develop feelings for a man with a reputation for expressing feelings through green slime.

A Howl’s Moving Castle AU.

Most stories very much like this one begin with the words once upon a time. The thing is, Will’s never had much patience for fairy tales.

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Let’s Tango

Anonymous requested: Jealous mark scenario

Thank you for your request!

Scenario: You go to a club with GOT7 and start dancing with Jackson. Mark, your boyfriend, gets jealous and ends up trying to prove he can move his hips better than Jackson’s.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1773

“Would you like to dance?” Jackson asked, holding his hand out to you. You glanced at Mark, who smiled at you, so you gladly took Jackson’s hand. You had gone out with GOT7 for a fun night, which was a rare opportunity. You and Mark had been dating for a while now, and it was hard enough getting to see Mark with all of his schedules. All of GOT7 was an even rarer chance, since Mark wanted to keep you to himself most of the time.

Jackson led you out on the dance floor and wrapped his arm around your waist. He took your other hand and held it straight out. Latin music was playing, and Jackson was moving his hips and feet rhythmically to it. “Jackson Wang, I didn’t know you could dance like this. When did you learn to tango?” you asked.

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anonymous asked:

petition to give stiles stilinski a new best friend, because scott mccall doesn't deserve him. theo raeken may be considered a 'villain', but he did pretty much everything to tear stiles away from scott's abusive clutches and make him realize what a shitty friend (and shitty alpha) scott was to him. anyone but scott and the likes of him (gerard and deucalion) would be just fine :)

100% BEHIND THIS IDEA.(It’s sad how Theo was a villain but still a better  friend than Scott…) AND MY PROPOSAL FOR THE NEWLY VACANT “BEST FRIEND” POSITION IS JACKSON.

In my headcannon, Stiles and Jackson would become best friends when the Hale Pack moves to Paris. Like, Jackson is one of the only people that’d be able to keep up with Stiles’ snark and counter with his own sarcastic remarks (They’d be salt bros lol). Jackson would also call out Stiles’ shit if need be, and give super blunt but useful advice (”Just ask Derek out. I mean, the worst Derek can do is glare at you with his caterpillar eyebrows and say no.” “He does have nice eyebrows.” “Stiles, focus or I’m leaving.”) Also, Jackson and Stiles are both competitive af, so you bet your ass when Jackson finally gets with Isaac, there’d be arguments of “who has the better boyfriend” 

Yeah, Stiles and Jackson would be great friends :’)


Ever hear of the Nicholas Brothers? These two men were two of the greatest dancers of the 20th Century. Later they taught their signature moves to likes of Michael Jackson. In those days the “moonwalk” was called the “buzz”. Take a look at this short clip from 1942 and you can see some of Michael’s moves done 70 years ago to the big band sound of Cab Calloway and these guys are dancing in a tux and tails.

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I’m already fucking dead with this.