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Tiptoe Higher 5/5 [Underneath Your Skin-verse]

Title: Tiptoe Higher (5/5) [UYS-verse]
Authors: savvymavvy, alittledizzy
Rating: NC-17 / Mature
Pairing: Chris Colfer/Darren Criss
Word Count: 9716/41k
Summary: A graduation and a birthday.
Warnings: Underage (17, turns 18), daddy!kink, D/s, barebacking.
Additional Warnings for this chapter: More actual threesome in this one! Joey/Chris/Darren
Notes: This is a sequel to Underneath Your SkinCome Running To, and Spring Break. It will be posted one part a day, for five days. 
Thanks: We would like to take this space on the post to thank each other— no, we’re joking. We’d like to thank Bee for providing an incredibly swift and awesome beta read. Despite lacking reliable internets she powered through and beta’d this tiny beast for us and we appreciate that. Also, huge thanks to everyone reading, it means so very much to us. Thanks guys!

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Joey is still jerking off on the bed, obviously into it - his body is glistening slightly with a sheen of sweat and he’s groaning. He falters a little when he sees them but his eyes go wide and excited.

“Need some help?” Chris asks.

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