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Hey guys so this is part 1! I promise ill update more. I’m leaving for Korea in the morning so bare with me. Thanks so much for the support but once i come back i’ll update again


Genre: Slight angst, Dom!Kihyun Sub!Kihyun, Smut (a good amount of it), romance.

       Kihyun laid on his bed thinking about what had just happened in his kitchen. This always happened to him, everytime you would come over or when he was at your apartment it always ended with him having the most amazing sex with you. He would lay in his bed and think about you, about how your hands felt as they left scratch marks on his back or how they felt wrapped around his throbbing cock. To say he loved it was an understatment to say the least. He was despreate for your touch but he was also desperate for your presence. Kihyun thought about how you both met and couldn’t help but smile.

-10 years ago-

“y/n! Come say hello to my friends.” Rolling your eyes you rolled off the bed. You hated when your mom made you go and say hello to her friends. They always said the same thing “Aw your so cute!” “You look just like your mother.” Or your favorite “You must have all the boys in your class head over heels for you.” It was annoying and a little off putting. You really could care less about the boys in your class or even in your school. They were all gross to you.

 Walking downstairs you saw your mom talking to a woman that looked around her age. “Oh y/n, good you’re here this is my old roommate from college.” You looked at her friend and smiled, she smiled back at you and shook your hand.

“It’s nice to meet you.” she pulled her hand back and looked back at your mother. “Glad she didn’t get your looks that would have been a shame.” You couldn’t help but chuckle when she said that. Your mom had a shocked expression on her face.

“Wow I see your sarcasim hasn’t changed.” You liked this woman she wasn’t like your moms other friends.

“Mom the movers want you to sign the papers.” You heard someone say from the door. Peeking around your moms friend you saw a boy who was a little on the short side standing at the door. He was cute sort of that typical boy next door kind of cute. He wore a plain black t-shirt and some jeans that had paint all over them with black and white chucks on. ‘Yup typical boy next door look.’ you thought to yourself.

“Okay I’ll be there in a second. This is my son Kihyun, Kihyun come say hello.” Stepping in the house Kihyun walked up to you and your mom.

“Hello.” He greeted with a wave.

“This is y/n, she goes to the same school your going to be going to.” His mom said and you just nodded. He smiled at you and you were surprised at how nice his smile was.

“I can show you around on monday if you would like.”

“I’d like that.” he said then both him and his mother left your house to go finish doing what they had to do.

“He’s cute right?” Your mom nudged your arm.

“Don’t get any ideas mom.” You said as you walked away from her and back into your room.

You found out on monday that you were a year older than him so you didn’t have any classes with him but that was alright with you. He had made friends immidetly, so the walk to school and back was really the only time you hung out with him. The years passed by and you and Kihyun became close like brother and sister. You never saw him in that light and he never saw you as anything other then your sister.

Before you knew it you were a senior and it was graduation day. Your parents threw you a graduation party inviting everyone. Your friends were there having a good time and so were you but you just weren’t that into it. You noticed Kihyun walking up to where you were hiding yourself from the rest of the party.

“Is cinderella running out of her own party?” He asked leaning against the chair infront of you. He looked amazing that night, a pair of nice dress pants and a pale blue button up that fit his lean frame.

“Haha you’re so funny Kiki.” you smiled at the nickname you gave him, he on the other hand didn’t really care for it.

“So what’s eating you? Why are we keeping ourselves hidden in the corner of your own party?” He sat down in the chair opposite of you. As sharp as his mouth is he still was one of the most caring people you ever met.

Sighing you leaned your back on the chair letting your hrad fall back, “I don’t know like this is just weird for me.” Lifting your head so you could look at him. “You know I don’t do well with change Kihyun.”

“Is that what you’re worried about?” He scooted closer to you and grabbed your hands. “Nothing will change. In a year I’ll come meet up with you at the same college and save you from that sad life you will live okay?”

That made you smile, he always made you smile. You were going to miss your best friend. “I know but I dont know it just feels weird you know?” He could still sense your uncertency about everything and made you stand up.

“Don’t think about and come dance with us okay?” He pulled you to the dance floor where you greeted by friends and family alike.

Soon the summer passed and it was time for you to go move into the dorms at your out of state college. Putting the last box in the truck you looked back at your house and shoved your hands in the pockted of the jeans you were wearing.

“It’s gonna be weird not walking to school with you any more.” You heard a voice say behind you, Looking over your shoulder you saw Kihyun standing there holding a small present. “Here a little going away gift for you.” He handed you the small wrapped box. Looking at him then looking at the box you slowly opened it and say it was a necklace with a small crystal attached to it.

“It’s a healing crystal, I know you like that kind of stuff.” he smiled when he saw your eyes widen.

“Kihyun, thank you so much I love it!” Pulling him into a hug. You felt his arms wrap around you giving a litte squeeze. He buried his face in your shoulder and whispered something into that you held onto for a long time.

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

Those were the last words you both said to each other in person. You went off to college, at first you texted each other every day. But slowly the texts went from every day to a few times a week to once a week, then to once a month then only on your birthdays then nothing at all. Life had caught up with you and it did the same for him. He never went to the same college as you and you were busy with classes and papers you forgot about it too.

At 22 you graduated with a degree in history and were working on getting your teaching liscence. You always wanted to teach high school students and history was a passion of yours. And three years later here you were teaching a class all your own. You loved every minute of it, and your kids loved you too.

“Hey y/n!” Looking up from your desk you saw your friend Gina at the doorway of your classroom.

“Hey Gi what’s up?” Looking at her you put the papers you were marking away giving Gina your attention.

“It’s friday and I wanted to know if you were up to go to this party with me?” She asked as she sat herself in one of the student’s desks’. You loved Gina she was the best friend anyone could ask for, but she was a party animal. She still kept in touch with people on her old schools campus and knew when the frat’s were having parties.

“Sure I havent been out in a while.”

“Oh good. I’ll pick you at 9 okay.” getting up to leave you just nodded your head and told her to text you when she was outside.

Before you knew it, you were walking up the stairs to a frat house. People were haning put on the porch, the party seemed to have spilt out of the house.

“This is a pretty big party Gina.” You said as you followed her through the crowd of people.

“Well this is there biggest party of the year. Plus finals just finished this week.” She shrugged pulling you to the kitchen. “You never partied in college?” She pulled one of those red solo cups from the pile and poured you a drink.

“I did when I was dating this one asshole but not since then.” Taking a sip of your drink you looked around the crowd of people. Some were playing beer pong, dancing or just talking to friends.

“Oh that guy. I remember you telling me about him.” shacking her head she too took a sip of her drink as well. Just the thought of your ex made you want to throw up. He was a class A assshole. He liked to show you off to his friends as if you were a trophy. At fisrt it was cute but then it became a little bit too much for you. His ideal of a woman was she needs to be dumb, serve him like he is a king and speak only when spoken too. After that you told yourself you were done with the men. Being alone was fine with, you still had your ocassional one night stands cause at the end of the day you still had neededs. You were fine with being friends with benefits, but they always wanted more.

“Gina!” Looking you saw a guy push past people and grab Gina in a hug.

“Oh my goodness! Changkyun!!” She looked at you with a smile from ear to ear. “y/n! This is Changkyun, he was my best friend when we went to school.”

“Hello Changkyun I’m y/n.” You shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you.” He smiled showing off his dimples. 'He’s cute.’ You thought as you pulled your hand away.

“Come me and my friends are in the back.”

You and gina followed him through the house and out the backdoor. “Guys this is Gina the one I told you about and her friend y/n” Before you could even say hello someone interrupted you.


The Star and the Spider: Ch. 2

All right, chapter two. As I said, Peter will be joining us this chapter, so get ready. Enjoy!

Ch. 1

Eventual!Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,761

What was supposed to be only a two-hour drive, wound up turning into a four-hour drive.

Why do all these people have to be heading in the same direction we are?

I fell asleep at least three times. 

But, eventually, we made it to New York.

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HAIKYUU: Living With Bokuto

apartment hunting did me good for once, aLSO I LOVE BOKUTO SO MUCH HES SO PRECIOUS AND OSNBEIFJFOEK ++ this was way longer but tumblr kept crashing so i just typed what I remembered, i might edit later tho

Originally posted by volleygifs

- Literally says “this is the one (y/n)!” for each place you look at.

- Brings Akaashi with him before you guys sign the lease so he’s 100% sure he’s making the right choice.

- He ends up falling asleep on the ground after bringing all the boxes and furniture in. He doesn’t hire movers because he wants to prove that he’s strong. But Kuroo, Akaashi, and some others come over to help you guys move in.

- Whenever he wakes up he goes out and buys you both breakfast since he doesn’t trust himself in the kitchen. He might burn the house down.

- Binge watches TV-shows with you. You started ‘The Killing’ and he cried on the first episode and you finished the first season that same day.

- Bokuto probably takes long ass showers. Like he’ll be showering for 30 minutes but 30 minutes after that he’ll still be dancing in the bathroom while doing his hair.

- Always sleeps on the left side of the bed whether you like it or not. But most of the time he’ll move into the middle and you’ll sleep on him.

- He’ll ask the most random questions sometimes.

- “Do you think the grass gets hurt when we step on it?”

- “What the fuck Bokuto.”

Roommates? Pt.1 | Taehyung (Rated M)

A/N: OKAY so I’ll be posting any scenarios I have written already from AFF. I’ve been MIA from my AFF for a while (oops), so I’m going to try to keep both that and this blog updated.

I really want to rewrite this lmao It’s based off a hentai manga i read once, but I don’t think part 1 is that good, especially leading to part 2 which is where the frickle will be frackled. 

Word Count: 1079
Genre: Light Smut (Masturbation) 
Scenario: Accidently renting the same apartment w/ V

Part 2 

“….Who are you?”

“I’m… I rent this place now.”


“Well, looks like we’re roommates now.”

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sanha/rocky, kids!au, introductions

~450 words

Sanha stands in the living room, fingers curling around the edge of the curtain as he tentatively peeks out of the window.  His parents don’t share the same curiosity about the new neighbors; they merely complain about how the noise of unloading the moving truck might rile up the little old lady down the street who yells at anything and everything.

The thing is Sanha’s best friend used to live in that house, but since his friend’s family packed up and moved to China (for reasons that Sanha cannot fathom), he is in the market for a new best friend.  Maybe just a new friend if suggesting best friendship is coming on too strong.  Hopefully, the new family happens to have an eight-year-old of their own who also appreciates having a friend on the same street.

He slowly leans further into the light of the window, attempting to nail down the new characters in the neighborhood.

Maybe he could upgrade Myungjun to best friend status.  Probably not, he hasn’t really wanted to hang out with Sanha since he entered middle school.  (Sanha doesn’t want to become a middle schooler if it means he has to abandon his friends.)

A stern looking man talks to one of the movers. 

Perhaps Dongmin would want to hang out more; but then again, he’ll graduate primary school in a year and he might distance himself from Sanha as Myungjun did.

A boy hurtles out of the house and body slams into the man.  He says something frantically, pointing at one of the windows on the upper floor of the house, gripping at the man’s side as though it’s his only tether to the world.

Sanha examines the boy.  He seems to be roughly his size, perhaps a little bulkier. He concludes that his new neighbor is the perfect candidate to become a friend. 

The stern man says something, and the boy backs away with a look of disbelief.  It quickly shifts to anger and prompts him to march across the street, where he takes a seat in Sanha’s front yard.

Sanha sees it as an opportunity, quickly asking his parents if he can play in the front yard.  His mother nods, listing her standard requirements: don’t go into the street, don’t make too much noise, be polite to neighbors, be safe.

He skips out of his house and walks straight up to his new friend.  “Hi. I’m Yoon Sanha.”

The boy looks at Sanha’s outstretched hand and swallows dryly, “Minhyuk.”

“What brings you to my front yard?”

Minhyuk shifts, motioning for Sanha to come forward.  Once Sanha complies, Minhyuk whispers, “There is a spider in my new room.”

hi hi, rocky is scaredy cat & they’re gonna be besties.

i don’t have much else to say, have a good one. (feedback?)

White’s a Good Color on You

in which Percy moves in to his new apartment and Annabeth lives just across the hall

Words: 2,417

Warnings: Language.

              The first time Percy and Annabeth meet, Percy’s slump on the floor, leaning against the door of his new apartment. He doesn’t want to make much noise, but, well, it’s 5 in the morning. Every noise will be equivalent to ‘much noise’.

              He was supposed to move in yesterday afternoon, but the moving people had to reschedule to the following day, at 4 fucking 30 am. Percy Jackson isn’t – and never will be – a morning person. On the way to his new building, he was half-awake. When the movers asked if he wanted help bringing his stuff inside, he shook his head without recognizing what he was doing, already starting to doze off. They looked unconvinced but Percy just paid them for their service and bid them goodbye, groggily walking towards his apartment door.

              That’s how he ends up with most of his things out in the already-tight hallway, lightly snoring as his head rests against the wall. His couch, bed and dining table were already moved in a week ago, but he assumed that chairs, appliances and the coffee table are certainly light enough for him to carry alone. He tried to put them all in, honest. He’s sure he even made a ruckus whilst doing so. He just didn’t expect to find himself sleepy. Or, well, sleeping, presently speaking.

              So that’s how Annabeth finds Percy. She’s ready for her 5 am jog to find a completely unfamiliar man with black hair sitting on the floor across the hall from her. She’s scared that he might be dead (he certainly looks like it) but, upon closer inspection, he seems to be merely sleeping. Although, yes, sleeping at 5 in the morning is completely normal, she doesn’t recommend doing it out in the hall. Not to mention with your stuff lying around.

              “Hello?” Annabeth steps over the coffee table and a blue beanbag chair. (Why does this man have a beanbag chair? Annabeth wonders.) She crouches down to the man’s level and pokes his shoulder gently. When this doesn’t work, she pokes him with more pressure, sure to leave a bruise.

              Percy startles awake, arms and legs lashing out everywhere. “Wha-? How? Huh?” He sits up and rubs the sleep out of his eyes, only to find a pretty face with intimidating gray eyes staring down at him. Great, Percy thought, first day in and you already made a fool of yourself to your pretty neighbor.

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Mystery Spot - Part 2

Word Count: 4315

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, more death

Series Rewrite Masterlist

When Dean was still getting ready for the day you grabbed Sam by the arm and pulled him outside as hard as you could. “What the fuck is happening to us?” You were trying to yell in whispers so Dean couldn’t hear. “I’m freaking out.” You had your hands grasping your hair so tight Sam thought you might pull it out. He put his hands on yours and gently detangled your fingers from your hair.

“Look I’m freaking out too but we need to figure this out.” He said.

“Figure what out, Sam? It’s like fucking Groundhog Day! I can’t watch him die again. I can’t!”

“Groundhog Day…” Sam muttered as Dean walked out the door.

“Groundhog Day?” Dean asked.

“Yes!” You exclaimed. “I think Sam and I are stuck in…some kind of time loop.”

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Living in a memory

Summary: ”Training” session with Korra and Kai. Kai admits to Korra that she reminds him of his mother. 

Rating: K for fluff.

A/N: So I was thinking about Kai and Korra, and how they are very much alike. Taking into consideration that Korra saved Kai from being arrested, he probably instantly felt a closeness to her. Older!Kai, friendship!Kaiorra and a exploration of Kai’s character as an orphan. Mentions of Kainora; but there’s really no pairing for this story.

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Going to Miss you

TITLE: Going to miss you


AUTHOR: tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: Erotica / Fluff / Romance

FIC SUMMARY:  The movers have arrived to move in some furniture into OFC’s and Tom’s flat. While getting ready in the bathroom, Tom can’t help keeping his hands off of her.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I had an anon who requested some smut and to make it long. it’s not really long so i’m sorry. Hopefully, it’s okay…

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So i’m sort on cash, looking for jobs on craigslist. dude needs his dog watched for 2 weeks, $25 a day, i’ve got a dog too, i know dogs, easy money.

man is traveling, dog isn’t in town yet, man is deaf, man needs dog watched by the 9th, man needs dog watched by the 12th, man says my trip on the 23rd won’t interfere, man says dog needs to be watched at my house, man says dog can be watched at his house, man says movers will bring the dog to my house man needs me to take care of paying the movers, man refuses to give me his information or return dates of his trip, SUSPICION INTENSIFIES: 75%

i ask the man to text me, prove he’s a real person, man reacts poorly to being accused of scamming, man calms down, man complies, man writes like a real person, Suspicion Lessens Greatly: 30%

man’s finance people send me a check, man provides tracking number, details instructions for how to pay the movers. man wants me to pay the movers asap to judge my efficiency as a method of seeing how well i’ll watch his dog. A BIT OF A STRETCH: suspicion intensifies:40%

check arrives, check is for the full amount said, check is from a real place, looks like a real check, has a real finance company behind it, Suspicion Lessens: 35%

before depositing i check with the bank; their rules on checks are very firm. i ask for someone who knows about checks to advise me, they look up the number for the check’s bank, i can call and make sure there’s that much money in the account. bank has an 80% automated system. bank tells me i have to subscribe to a website to check the veracity of the check, website has a fee and a stupid design, my bank lady tells me if it bounces, it’s all on me. SUSPICION INCREASES: 55%

bank lady comes back, tells me about craigslist scams with money grams and basically exactly the amount on the check from real finance people, breaks it to me gently. SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: 100%

the check, UNDEPOSITED, goes with the lady for the fraud police, i’m out a small job, but DEFEATED THE SCAMMERS

hells yeah, be careful online folks!

Phew!! I made my move from LA to the east coast 2 days ago!
Me and my two cats flew out and left all of my stuff behind with my boyfriend who is waiting around for the movers. (I didnt want the cats there when that happened.)

I also brought 3 suitcases with me on the plane that I filled almost entirely with just alpacassos!!! I only brought 3 outfits with me, because priorities :)

Im staying at my parents house until my boyfriend gets to this coast then we are going apartment searching! In the meantime, im in the tiny guestroom, and there is no where to put all the alpacas! And I still have a bunch to unpack still!