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Can someone explain why the Russian Yuri thinks he has a limited time before his body changes? I know he's going through puberty but he can still skate if his body grows so what exactly is the issue here? Didn't Yakov say that he couldn't do the quadruple jump because his body isn't done developing?

Seda and I have talked about this and we rewatched the scenes over and over, but we still didn’t understand that part about Yuri’s limited time before his body changed. But I read some articles in google and I found maybe this is something related to puberty and growth spurts.

Its not from official figure skaters site but its somehow interesting:
“On a whole, I’d say it is best to have all the triples before puberty - that way the skater (ideally) has a solid foundation of technique to begin with. In skating, puberty affects girls more than boys - girls obviously develop curves, which has a larger impact on jumps than simply growing taller and more muscular. However, what seems to happen to a lot of skaters is that they go through puberty and temporarily lose some of their jumps, but then improve once they have adjusted to their new body. ” source yahoo answers

Basically, when skaters are hit puberty, they’d have some limit in their movemont, especially regarding jumps. That’s what I thought. Still I’m still unsure, I can’t say this is the right answer but I hope someone who has more knowledges and experience in figure skating can help us answering this because we can only found information from internet.

Feel free to add or correct us if we’re wrong! :)