“Ethereal Explosion”

An explosion of pastel colours paints the sky, as the sun sets over the frozen and snow dusted Little Cranberry Lake.
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“Cranberry Flames”

A nice sunset over Little Cranberry Lake, which was calmer than usual, providing some good reflections of the colourful clouds.
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Amble - walk leisurely

Careen - move swiftly in one direction

Falter - move hesitatingly; start to lose strength and momentum

Flounder - walk with great difficulty

Limp - walk with difficulty, normally due to injury

Lumber - move heavily or clumsily

Lurch - walk as if unable to control one’s movements; an unsteady tilt or roll

Meander - walk aimlessly or with little purpose

Parade - march in a procession

Prowl - move about in or as if in a predatory manner

Ramble - move about aimlessly or without any destination

Saunter - walk in a slow, or relaxed manner, without hurry or effort

Skulk - move stealthily; keep out of sight

Stagger - walk or move unsteadily, as if to fall

Stalk - walk stiffly

Stride - walk with long steps

Stroll - walk leisurely and with no apparent aim

Strut - to walk with a lofty proud gait

Stumble - miss a step and fall or nearly fall

Swagger - walk with confidence, arrogance or aggressiveness

Totter - move in a feeble, unsteady way

Waddle - walk with short steps and a clumsily swaying motion

Wade - walk through shallow water

Initial Thoughts: Rocknaldo

I liked the new episode a lot. At the heart of it was good social commentary. Often when talking about a cause or a movement, there are always attempts to undermine those who are actually in it. Fighting for X? Are you even X enough? 

People asking for the same rights granted to everyone else are often discredited, because people think it’s far easier to err on the side of giving no one the same respect because of a few possible “fakes.” 

And that’s not great. Because that does make it all about the majority and what they’re comfortable with, rather than the people whose lives could change drastically with every decision made.

I liked how the episode started with Ronaldo telling the gems he was wrong about them, and saying he wanted to champion their cause. A lot of the time, people earnestly believe they’re doing the right thing. 

Hurting others isn’t the end goal for the reasonable person; it’s just, they don’t see their actions in perspective, like when Ronaldo kept criticising Steven.

These days, a lot of bias is deep down. It’s harder to root out because no one believes they could be “guilty” of such an abhorrent thing, like discrimination, like prejudice. 

But in refusing to acknowledge that some of our actions might be tinged by our contexts, we benefit none

I applaud the subtlety in the episode. It’s a good springboard to talk to anyone about these issues. But it shouldn’t end there. I mean, the episode is a start, but it isn’t the answer to systematic marginalisation. That requires a lot more effort, just like how picking a gem name, without the love and acceptance, harms and hampers the cause more.

And it was helpful to present Steven as not dismissing Ronaldo. Each time Ronaldo misrepresented the Crystal Gems, such as with the first Ronaphlet and again as Bloodstone, Steven talked to him. And it wasn’t always without opposition, but Steven didn’t just fence of Ronaldo and refuse to educate him. 

I feel that’s what made the difference. It’s not an easy thing, to face someone who’s causing hurt and refuses to believe it. It’s not a responsibility forced on everyone, but in choosing to engage and educate, a change happened for the better. I hope we keep getting this sort of slice-of-life episodes.