Communism and feminism.

So I came to a bit of a realisation. Not sure if it’s correct or not but by definition communism would be great. In practice it isn’t. There are instances that it works but the actions of modern communist countries make lots of people dislike communism. This is accepted.

Feminism as a word and movement is the same way. In theory, by dictionary definition, it is great but the actions of modern radical feminists make lots of
people dislike the movement.

Why is it acceptable to say you don’t like communism because of the actions of communists but not that you dislike feminism based on the actions of its members?

People try to defend movements even though many members do horrible things. I think it is completely valid not to like a movement based on its members’ actions.


Love has no labels


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"Cloud Beams"I was having trouble finding the best way to time stack this sunset timelapse, but I eventually came up with this. First I stacked 199 photos with the long streaks preset. (which is part of this script, Then I added the next 38 photos using the lighten layer-blending mode, and finally, I faded out the last 19 photos with 5% increments of the layer opacity. So in total, this is 256 photos merged into one image. It’s a less "truthful" representation of reality than the majority of my time stacks, but sometimes you’ve got to put a little extra work in to get the best results.