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there's this new house being built on the my route home from school and I like to torture myself so for fun I like to think about Larry checking the place out and observing the neighborhood and finally moving in and throwing themed house parties and inviting the neighbors over and they'd be all dressed up and I'm not fine :))))

louis and harry would be the best hosts honestly like you know the second you walk in the door louis would offer you a drink and harry would shove a platter of assorted cheeses in your face

redirect theme #01 – by quiffly (robinthemes)
static preview + code


what features
llike seriously
there aren’t any features here
it’s just a redirect theme
(im being mean ! you have to go inside of the code to edit the link. underneath <body>, there’s a small bit of coding that looks like this: <div class=”container demo-1”> <div class=”content”> <div id=”large-header” class=”large-header”> <canvas id=”demo-canvas”></canvas> <h1 class=”main-title”>I’ve moved to…<span class=”thin”><br><a href=”NEW URL”>NEW URL TITLE</a></span></h1>. where it says “NEW URL” and “NEW URL TITLE”, you can put your url.)

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if you have questions/concerns/issues, message me here or here for help!
for this theme, i’d like to give codrops complete credit: i got the whole animated header design and idea from here. i just thought that i would bring it to tumblr for all the amazing people on here.

REDIRECT THEME - everybody knows by echeladder (arnpora)

this is the first code for tumblr i’ve ever published!! i personally hate redirect pages with just text and no image options so i decided to make one solely centered around pictures!


  • 2 200x200 images
  • 4 image effects (none, opacity, greyscale, color on hover)
  • toggle hover text
  • color, tile, gradient, or full-screen background
  • optional left + right side images

for the text fields “old url” and “new url” only add your respective TUMBLR USERNAMES, not the entire web addresses

contact me if you have any questions and let me know of any glitches! my credit rules apply; LIKE/REBLOG if you like or use it (let me know if you do)!! thank you :’)


REDIRECT THEME 2 - COLOR RING by echeladder (j1nwoo)

haha hey it’s been 4 months since my last theme :’) i made this theme to celebrate my new url! fuck man i love yg winner


  • color, tile, gradient, or full background
  • cool loading effects- check it out!
  • all colors customisable
  • it’s pretty simple.

contact me if you have any questions and let me know of any glitches! my terms of use and credit rules apply; please LIKE/REBLOG if you like/use it (send me an ask if you do)!! thank you :’)


I’ve Moved Tumblr Theme



Moved Landing Page Theme


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN”


<html xmlns=“” xml:lang=“en” lang=“en”>


<meta http-equiv=“Content-Type” content=“text/html; charset=utf-8”/>

<meta name=“robots” content=“noindex”/>

<title>I’ve Moved</title>

<link href=“” rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css”>

<meta name=“text:New URL” content=“http://”/>

<meta name=“text:New Username” content=“NEW USERNAME”/>

<meta name=“text:Message” content=“I have changed my URL”/>



<div id=“container” style=“margin-top: -150px”>

<div class=“leds”>

<div class=“green active led”></div>

<div class=“red active led”></div>


<div class=“flip” style=“text-align:left;”>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I’ve Moved.

<div class=“break”>

<div class=“link left”></div>

<div class=“link right”></div>

</div> </div>

<div class=“sorry”>



<h2>&nbsp;You can find me here: <a href=“{text:New URL}”><font color=“#FFFF00”>{text:New Username}</font></a></h2>


<div align=“center”>

<small><small><small>Get this theme <a href=“”>at Kawaii-desu Themes</a>





Static Preview | Install | Terms of Use


  • Custom colours
  • Toggle to show description


  • If you don’t want your blog description to show, do this:
    • Go to your blog > Edit Theme > Theme Options
    • Turn off “Show Description”
  • When typing URLs, only type in the blog name, not the blog url
    • Typing in the entire URL will break the links

If you like or use this theme, feel free to like/reblog this post!  :3

#06 | 01 - I moved theme! (PREVIEW | CODE)

  • 64x64px Avatar image.
  • Customizable background bar, choose between 5 backgrounds.
  • Optional top-bottom lace border.

Okay, so this is my first “I moved” theme. It’s pretty simple to use since you don’t even have to open the html page cause everything is in the first customize page. Hope you enjoy :)