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Find the bad guy, push ‘em aside.
Then move on forward with your friend at your side.
It’s a two-player game, so when they make an attack,
You know you got a brother gonna have your back.

I’ve recently fallen into the Be More Chill fandom, and I’m in love with these two nerds! o(≧∇≦o)

I might make a MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE~~~ artwork soon ^_^

Lazy Days (Marco Asensio)

“Are you ready for this?” You asked Marco, waiting to make your grand entrance.

“Get your cute ass out here.” He called from the living room.

You took a few steps back, running and then sliding with your white socks on the wooden floor into the room. From your phone, you blasted ‘Old Time Rock n Roll’. Marco threw his head back in laughter, clapping as you mimicked Tom Cruises’ infamous dance from Risky Business.

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#91 #69 with Stiles:) thanks

Stiles Stilinski - “Tell me you need me”

Stiles stared at the letter in his hands. He had applied for the FBI college months ago and he had almost started to think that maybe he had not gotten in. But now he was holding the proof. He had gotten in. He would become an FBI agent. He would go and save the world. And he would have to move to the other side of the country.

“Stiles?” You looked up from your book and you curled your lips up into a smile. “Is everything alright?” You cocked your head a little and Stiles nodded.

“Yes, yes, I’m perfect, I’m great, it’s just…” He licked his lips and he placed the letter on his desk. “We need to talk.” He swallowed and you narrowed your eyes. “No, no, it’s nothing bad, on the contrary, it’s great news and I’m feeling great, but…” He paused for a moment. “Do you think we could make a long distance relationship work?”

“You got in?” You raised your voice and you jumped up from your seat to wrap your arms around his neck. Your lips kissed his and for a moment Stiles didn’t know what to do you with your overwhelming enthusiasm. “Congratulations!”

“Thanks…” Stiles hesitated a little and reluctantly he wrapped his arms around your waist. “But you do know that this means I have to move, right?” He whispered, his voice a little raw. This was what he had always wanted. This was what he had always dreamed of, but somehow he was afraid of what it would mean for you, for what he had with you, for the relationship he was so incredibly happy with.

“Yes, I do.” You nodded while you stepped back. “But I have known from the beginning that you would get in.” You shrugged your shoulders. “We’ll find a way to make it work, really. We can skype or we can text or we can send each other all kinds of messages using whatsapp. We’ll find a way.”

Stiles relaxed a little and he curled his lips up into a small smile. “So, you’re not happy because you’re finally free? Because this way you can easily get rid of me?” He winked and he reached for your hands holding them firmly in his.

“No! Why would you think something like that?”

“Well, Scott thinks Beacon Hills can live without us. I was afraid that maybe you could too.” He swallowed. He had actually been joking, but maybe the joke had been a little more serious than he had initially thought. “I just need you to tell me you need me. I just want to be needed. By someone, anyone.”

“Stiles…” You shook your head and your fingers rubbed his knuckles. “Of course I need you. I love you. I don’t want to lose you, but I don’t want you to give up your dream! You go to that college, I’ll stay here and we’ll make it work, I’m sure about that.”

Stiles wrapped his arms around you and pressed you as tightly to his chest as possible. “And that, that’s why I love you, why I want to marry you some day, why I won’t stop loving you for the rest of my freaking life.” He almost tripped over his own words and his lips kissed your cheek. “You’re the most amazing person in this whole wide world.”

Moving Blogs

Hey fam! I originally made this blog as a side account and (to my surprise) this has basically become the blog I put all of my effort into so I’d like it to be my main account. So, I’m moving blogs. From now on, this page will just be an archive of my old posts until I’ve moved all the posts I’d like to keep at which point it will be deleted. 

If you’d like, please go follow my new account @lovingnikiforv

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so I have a weird sleeping fetish. I have fucked my gf more than once in her sleep. The first time I fucked her in her sleep I was in the living room jerking off but couldn't finish so I went to the bathroom and walked passed out room and she was sleeping in her blue thong. I couldn't help but lay next to her and jerk off but I just move her thong to the side and spit on her pussy and it went in. I record it and showed her 2 days later. She was ok with it but not really.. I want to fuck again!

If she’s not okay with it don’t fucking do it

i’ll pretend not to know how you are doing when my friends ask me about you  
i’ll pretend not to miss you when that’s the only thing i feel
i’ll pretend that i don’t want to see you when everywhere i  go yours is the only face i look for
i’ll pretend i don’t think of you when i am all alone when you are the only thing on my mind
i’ll pretend that the butterflies i feel in my stomach when you text me aren’t butterflies but leeches trying to suck my blood
i’ll pretend i never wrote a word about you when you are the only person i have ever written about  
i’ll pretend i don’t feel anything for you when you are the only person that has ever made me feel  
i’ll pretend that you don’t mean anything to me when you are the centre of my universe, have been for longer than you should be
i’ll pretend that i don’t even like you when i am in love with you
—  i’ll pretend that i have moved on from you like i never ever held onto you // JustScribbledWords
If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. You’re not missing out. Your life has different plans for you.

When Chloé adopts Ladybug’s moves.

Stormy Weather / Climatika

Pixelator / Numéric


The Evillustrator / Le Dessinateur

💛This is a season of immense growth, which forces us to really look within. We are evolving all the time, whether we realize it or not. I love this spread for journaling purposes. It really breaks down various aspects of your character and sheds some light on what we think about, how we are feeling, and what we need to do to move forward and improve. The best part- you can do this spread every few months to track your progress. 💛

This tarot layout requires a quiet space and a lot of energy! As you can see, it’s a little complex.
You can shuffle your deck and lay down the cards all at once, or you can focus on each section individually until it’s all out. Completely up to you and what feels right! (Sometimes I will dedicate one deck to love, another to personal growth, and a third to career!)

(The 1-3 on the bottom is for either oracle cards, or if you want to continue to use tarot cards for the overall energies)

✨Please only use this spread for personal readings, as it was not created for your monetary gain✨

1. My true character
2. What’s in my heart
3. What’s in my mind
4. My perspective on love
5. My perspective on money
6. My perspective on spirituality
7. My perspective on myself
8. Where I’m at in my romantic life
9. Feelings I hide
10. What I need to improve on
11. Where I stand with my family/friends
12. What I need to express
13. What I need to improve on
14. Where I’m at on my career path
15. What I am missing
16. How I can move forward
17. A side of myself I don’t acknowledge
18. What I need to improve on
19. Advice

Oracle Cards (Optional)

1. Love
2. Personal Growth
3. Career