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Cállate (NSFW)

Summary: After seeing you dancing with another man, Steve gets jealous and makes a move about it.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Other Characters: Unnamed Male Character, Sam Wilson.
Word Counting: 2.1k
Warnings: Very dirty smut and dirty talk, lots of Spanish. This was vaguely inspired by Despacito. Translation to the words is before the tags.
A/N: A huge thanks to @widowsfics and @som3thingcr3ative for helping me with the Spanish parts.

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Steve tilted his head to the side while your body moved to the sound of the music. He’d never seen you like this, so free and open. It was as if you felt like home in that crowd.

Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote
Tengo que bailar contigo hoy

When that hit – the one he would hear all the time on the radio and Tony played just to bother him – started he braced himself to hear Justin Bieber’s annoying voice in the air, but that wasn’t what heard. A male voice speaking Spanish and completely natural filled his ear and the whole place, and you shoot the man in front of you a smile.

You had taken him to the party Tony was throwing and never left his side. You two were glued to each other, attached by the hip, and when the DJ started throwing dancing songs, you were dancing with him.

When your lips moved, he tried to understand what you said. Steve’s hearing was sensitive, but even he couldn’t hear you talking to the guy with all those the loud sounds.

The first steps you two gave coordinated had everyone moving away to watch, and some agents quickly pulled their phones to film the scene.

Your body moved fluid like water and your toned leg peaked from the slip of the red dress, and it didn’t even look like you were wearing the highest heels he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Damn, dude,” Sam exclaimed. “She’s a pro.”

And you really were.

Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome
Muéstrame el camino que yo voy

Your hips moved as you didn’t even have bones, and he quickly understood how you were so flexible during missions.

Steve’s mouth was hanging open and the crotch of his pants was very uncomfortable.

Damn him if he wasn’t hard for you right now. You were always so sexy – not even trying –, but now… You were driving him insane.

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Late night ramble:

I️ think the reason I️ love ‘good full-demon’ Inuyasha so much is cuz I️ firmly believe Inuyasha is A Good Boy, and that no matter what form he’s in, that inherent goodness is going to shine through.

Of course when his demon blood first awakened it was like a steroid his body couldn’t handle, but after he overcame that in the battle with Ryukotsusei, he showed he could still be himself even after he transformed and I’m just!! So proud of my dog.

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For your blurbs!!! Please please please with a cherry on top some angst. Y/N and Shawn get in a fight and she cold shoulders him and then they make up :))) thank youuu

Word Count: 861

Timing is a funny thing in how it makes you feel uncomfortable when two things fit together perfectly. As I sat up in the bathtub, I heard the front door slam. I gripped onto the sides as ripples moved across the water, waiting for another sign of movement from downstairs. 
I naturally inhaled deeply at the sound of footsteps storming up the stairs, and with the creak of floorboards, my body suddenly felt cold even though it was submerged in warm water. Shawn walked straight into the bathroom, remaining on the other side of the room without turning round to acknowledge me. The bathtub sat behind the door, and our sink was on the other side of the door. Shawn hunched over it as he fumbled for his toothbrush. For a few seconds, the room was filled with the noise of water gushing from the tap and Shawn spitting into the sink. And then, only the odd drip from the bath tap could be heard. As Shawn swiftly left the room, without so much as a glance in my direction, a tear fell from my eyes in the same motion as the dripping tap. 

We had fought the previous night, for several hours in every room of our gigantic house. And our house was at the heart of our argument. Shawn was hardly home, and I would spend hours alone in what was close to being a mansion. I was surrounded by five bedrooms, two acres of land and a wired fence all around the property. Alone. 
I had suggested that we move to somewhere smaller, and when Shawn kept pressing for the real reason why something snapped inside and I didn’t hold back. “You’re never here Shawn! This isn’t your home, what’s even home to you anymore?” I brushed the back of my hand across my cheek to catch the heated tears. “But this is my home, this is where I spend most of my time waiting for you. I should decide where I waste my fucking time.”

The evening ended with Shawn grabbing his duffle bag and walking out on me standing in the middle of our kitchen which was too big. 
As soon as I thought I heard him venture back downstairs, I lowered my body and let it sink beneath the water again. I felt that having my head underwater helped me block out the noise in my head, it helped me relax somehow. 
I screamed at the feeling of someone else’s hand on top of mine. Water went over the edges of the bath and I glared up to see Shawn kneeling at the side.
“Are you crazy? You scared the shit out of me” I gasped, covering my bare body even though he had seen it hundreds of times. 
“I had to get your attention somehow,” He mumbled, pressing the side of his head into his arm as it rested on the edge of the tub. 
“What are you talking about? You’re the one who isn’t paying me any attention? Do you realize you just walked in here to brush your teeth, and I was here the entire time?” I huffed, trying to ignore the fact that he looked adorable. 
He nodded with a grin, “See, that got your attention.”
I shook my head and faced forward. 
“(Y/N) listen,” Shawn said calmly, raising his head. “What happened last night, the things we said… It was all in the heat of the moment.” 
A shadow of guilt hung over me as the words played over in my head. 
“You’re not a waste of my time, waiting for you is not wasting my time,” I said quickly, turning to face him. He opened his mouth but resigned in saying anything. 
“I promise,” I said as I placed my hand on his cheek. “I would wait forever and a day for you.” 
He leaned his head into my hand and smiled. “And I you.” 
We were quiet for a few seconds, just absorbing each other as if it had been months since we last saw each other. 
“I do all of this for you so that we could live in houses like this and eventually start a family and be happy” Shawn admitted. 
I brushed my fingers through his curls, “And I love you for that” I said before lowering my head. 
“But….There’s a but isn’t there” Shawn said, touching my arm. 
“Go to the bedroom, and look in my bedside drawer,” I said. 
I looked up at him, “Do it.” 
Shawn’s eyes scanned my face as he appeared lost. He soon scrambled to his feet and hurried to the bedroom. 
I stepped out of the bath and reached down for my towel. I patted my hair dry before brushing the towel over my body. Just as I heard the creaks of the floorboards, I placed my hands on my lower tummy.
“We’re having a baby?” Shawn asked in a hopeful tone. I glanced over at him as he stood in the doorway with the test in one hand. He hurried over to stand behind me, placing a kiss on my cheek before covering my hands with his. 

Losing it All — Sweet Pea x Reader part 2

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Synopsis: Y/N is a former north sider. Her mother has recently died of cancer, her father has turned to alcohol, which has caused them to lose everything and move to the south side. The story starts on her first day at Southside High where she has to figure out how to fit in.

A/N: this chapter will include violence. I normally won’t be able to post this fast but I finished my homework early so here you guys go. Hopefully you like it.

I walked with Jughead to the Whyte Wyrm in silence, after all what did we really have to talk about. He held the door open for me.

“After you,” Jughead said while gesturing inside. I took a deep breath and walked into the low lit cloud of smoke.

“Who is this?” The man who asked the question was huge, I mean giant huge. “You can’t just bring outsiders here Jughead.” Just then Sweet Pea ran up to the door.

“Y/N! Tall Boy you should have seen her beat the shit out of some Ghoulie today at school.”

Tall boy looked at me and there was a quick flash of what looked like astonishment. “You took on a Ghoulie?”

“I mean he was nothing you should see someone that’s actually challenging.”

“So, what are you doing here? This place is for Serpents only.” Tall Boy changed the subject. “You don’t look much like Serpent material.”

“Just killing time,” I shrugged, “I needed a place to chill before my fight tonight.” As I spoke Sweet Pea’s eyes lit up.

“We should go,” Sweet Pea clapped Tall Boy on the shoulder, “ I know how much you love a good fight.” He was trying to goad Tall Boy into giving in.

“I got nothing better to do. You in kid?” He turned to Jughead.

“Fine.” Jughead replied noncommittally. My phone rang.

“Sorry guys, it’s my dad,” I took a recipt from my jacket pocket and wrote down the address, “10:00 at this address,” I handed it to Tall Boy, “oh, and leave your jackets at home.”

Sweet Pea’s POV

I rode my bike behind Tall Boy until we reached a warehouse in no man’s land. The parking lot was filled with cars.

“You sure this is the place?” I asked Tall Boy.

“Yes,” he replied gruffly. We walked in the door. This wasn’t what I had pictured. This wasn’t a professional match, it was an underground fight. Y/N was full of surprises. Just then I saw her talking to an older man, it looked like they were fighting. I got close enough to hear,but not close enough to be seen.

“You better not lose.” The man stuck his fat sausage like fingers in her face.

“I won’t dad.” She wrung her hands together.

“See that you don’t. Remember what happened last time. I have a lot of money on this fight.”

“I know dad.” The crowd started yelling.

“It’s time. Get up there.” He pushed her forward. I stepped back into the shadows. When they passed me I rejoined Tall Boy and Jughead.

“Where did you go?” Jughead asked.

“None of your business.” Y/N stepped into the makeshift ring. Damn she looked good in those shorts. The crowd cheered as her opponent stepped into the ring. The girl on the opposite side was huge. At least as tall as me and definitely had about 20 pounds of muscle on Y/N. She was fucked.

The announcer started speaking, “remember everyone. The first person to tap out or get knocked out loses. The rules are no rules.” Y/N scanned the crowd and our eyes met. Then the bell rang. The other chick got closer and threw a punch, I saw a quick glitter as her hand moved, brass knuckles. Y/N dodged the punch and returned one into her stomach which connected. The other chick wasted no time in swinging again, this time connecting with Y/N’s face. She turned her head and spit a pool of blood on the floor.

“Looks like your girl’s screwed,” Tall Boy muttered under his breath. Y/N regained her bearings and landed a kick in her opponent’s knee, which was returned by a kick in Y/N’s ribs. I knew I had to do something. Y/N stumbled backwards close enough to hear me.

“Y/N! Catch.” I threw my brass knuckles, which she promptly caught her face contorted in pain. She slipped them on and swung connecting with the other chick’s face. Her lip split in two. Y/N didn’t relent. She kicked the girl’s feet from underneath her, strattled her and punched the side of her head over and over. The girl was knocked out after only a few hits. The bell rang the announcer held one of her hands over her head as she gripped her right side.

Tall Boy grabbed my bicep and brought his face close to mine, “do anything you have to, but I want her initiated.” I nodded. I glanced around the room and saw her dad collect his money and leave. I stayed and waited for her.

“Not bad,” I said with a smirk on my face as Y/N approached.

“Thanks by the way,” she said tossing the brass knuckles my way. “I wouldn’t have won without those.”

I looked her up and down, her face was cut up, she had a large bruise forming on her right side. “You need a ride?”


We walked out of the warehouse and over to my bike. “It’s too cold for you to ride like that, here.” I wrapped my flannel around her shoulders and hopped on my bike.

“Thanks.” Y/N winced as she hopped on and wrapped her arms around my waist. “I live on 5th and Vine.”

“Hold on tight.” Her arms squeezing as hard as she could muster, which wasn’t much so I made sure to drive slow. We drove into the heart of the Southside. I stopped in front of a decrepit brick building. “Here you go princess. Let me walk you up.” Y/N nodded still clutching her right side. We walked slowly up the stairs.

“This is me.” Y/N tried to get her keys out of her pocket.

“Let me get that for you.” I reached gently into her pocket grabbing the keys. I couldn’t help but notice how firm her ass was. I opened the door. “I’ll help clean up your face.”

“You don’t have to. You’ve done enough.”

“I wasn’t asking,” my voice more forceful than I had intended. Y/N led me to her bedroom.

“Sorry it’s not much,” her hands gesturing to the shabby room around us.

“It’s fine. Do you have a first aid kit?”

“Closet, top shelf.” She sat on the bed wincing with every movement.

“Let me see your ribs. They’re probably broken,” I said joining her on the bed.

“It’s fine.”

“I’m not going to try anything just let me wrap them. It will help you.”

“Are you always so pushy?” Y/N asked sarcastically while removing her shirt.

“Only when I’m invested,” I said carefully but firmly wrapping the bandage around her purple torso. After I finished I took an alcohol wipe out of the white box, “ this is going to sting.” As I started dabbing it on her face she pushed my hand away.

“God damn it.” I finished and got up. “Stay with me please?”

MY STOMACH HURTS (a darkstache)

Summary: Dark ate something bad. And he’s suffering. Based off current personal experiences. (Though not as severe lol). WARNING: VOMITING. Enjoy~

Dark groaned, hands flat at his sides. He hadn’t moved in over twenty minutes, his stomach in agonizing pain. He didn’t know what he’d eaten to make it feel this way, but it was something.

“If you just got sick, it would be over sooner~” Wilford chimed, coming in with some Squirt. “You could try drinking this? Maybe burping will help.”

“Get away from me.” Dark spat. “There’s no way that I’m going to drink that. And, I have never once thrown up. I’m not going to start now.”

Wilford shrugged and put the waste basket next to Dark. “Still, it might help.” He huffed.

Dark refused and suffered more.


Half hour later, the sound of vomiting was echoing through the room. Wilford rubbed his back, sighing. Dark barely had time to get to the waste basket, body going limp as soon as it started. Wilford of course demanded he lean over into the waste basket, and was now comforting him.

“It’ll be over soon.” He soothed.

“Wh-why does it hurt so bad?” Dark sputtered, before leaning back into the waste basket.

“I wish it was easier, my love.” He whispered, kissing his head. “Woulda made my first few hangovers more tolerable.”

When his stomach was finally empty, Dark leaned back, shivering and shuddering. Wilford pulled out a pocket square and dabbed the throw up off of his face.

“I hate existing.” Dark muttered quietly.

“Oh no you don’t.” Wilford smiled gently, playing with his hair lightly. “Feel better?”

“Ye-yes…” Dark admitted.

“Alright. I’ll go get some water for you to swish and throw this out.” Wilford told him, kissing his head once again before getting up.

Complete works masterlist

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You and Porter remained side by side as you waited in the queue, moving slowly towards the check in desk at the hotel you were going to stay in during your latest mission. At first you had been adamant that a hotel would be too high profile and you could easily be found out, but Porter didn’t want you sleeping rough and had been on enough missions now to know how this kind of operation worked. Both of you had aliases, complete with driving licences and passports that had been specially made for you back in London. In fact, originally you were not even meant to be accompanying Porter on this mission; he had been asked to go to the US to seek out a group of terrorists, however, intel had been from your home back had been proving Porter’s suspicions correct: these terrorists were being funded by the government and were allied with a well known terrorist organisation back in the UK. Your stubborn streak had won out as you had argued your point, wanting to be beside Porter in the field and get experience, but also be able to watch his back. 

Porter looked over at you as you stood beside him and he smirked, loving your will and strength to fight beside him. He had met you only six months earlier when you had been transferred to the London base, working alongside the main intel teams, but now you wanted a piece of the action. Your side of the deal had been that you could accompany him on one provision: you left the altercations to Porter and only worked as a secretary of sorts. 

Once you were both checked in, you took your key card and looked at Porter. “I’m on the third floor,” you said in disappointment, knowing he was on the first. 

A voice suddenly came from behind. “I’m sure he’ll come and visit you later tonight.” You turned to see an elderly lady who was quite unsteady on her feet, arm in arm with a slightly younger man, maybe her son or nephew. 

“She’s quite perceptive, you know?” Porter grinned. “Here, give that me,” he instructed, grabbing your large bag from your hand. 

You put your hand on your hip. “I can carry a bag myself, John,” you told him. 

“I never said you couldn’t, but you never know, you might stumble on the stairs and twist your ankle,” he teased. 

“Oh, fuck off!” you called back. 

That evening and you remained in your room with Porter. You kissed, drawing yourselves against each other slowly, and gradually your kiss became deeper. You had both been having a relationship now for around four months, and it had been something you had kept secret from those you worked with, although you had your suspicions that some of them guessed something was going on. 

“I really wish you hadn’t of pushed to come,” Porter said, pulling away from your kiss. “You have no idea the kind of shit we do out in the field, and you know I’d be constantly watching out for you.” 

“John, do we really need to talk about this now?” you groaned. “It’s all we’ve argued about. Command let me come and that’s that.” 

“Only because you wouldn’t fucking shut up about it!” Porter snapped. 

“At least it shows I care enough about you that I want to be out here with you!” 

Porter scoffed and got up off the bed, turning his back on you. “If you cared about me then you’d have done as I asked and stayed at home.” 

“Leave, John. Please. If you’re just going to keep raking this shit up then just go. I’ll work this one mission and then I’m out, and you won’t hear from me again.” 

“Oh, don’t come that bollocks!” 

“Just leave!” you shouted again. 

Porter glared at you, his jaw clenched and he stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. All he wanted was you safe; why ever would you consider walking into the very centre of some of the most dangerous operations? The truth was you loved him. Neither of you had been bold enough to admit how far your feelings ran, but you did love him and felt that he also reciprocated on that. 

The next morning and you woke to the bright sun at your window. Through the night and you had tossed and turned, your argument with Porter still fresh in your mind. You checked the phone on your bedside table, an old Nokia 3310, which command gave you due to it not being as easy to trace like newer Samsung, Sony and iPhone models. 


You showered, ordered a breakfast to your room and then opened your laptop, ready to begin your research for the morning. But suddenly, out of the blue, your phone chimed and a text came through. It was from Porter. 

I have a lead. Bomb in the building. Help people out but don’t wait. Get out as quick as you can. 

As soon as you had read the message, the fire alarm began to wail loudly. Your heart was thundering as you grabbed your laptop and phone, racing to the door and you sped out into the hallway. 

Guests began appearing at their doors, wondering what all the commotion outside was about. Their heads would appear around the door as they questioned staff who were walking on by. 

You began running to doors, telling people to get out quickly and watched as terror washed over their expressions. Some doors remained closed so you began knocking, shouting for people to get out the building. 

In your panic to help people you also tried to call Porter but there was no answer. His phone kept going on to voicemail; he knew you would try and call him, and had probably turned his phone off for this very reason. 

In your descent down three floors, you were pushed against walls and shoved out of the way in everyone’s race to get to the exit whilst the alarm kept on blasting overhead. There may not have been a fire, but it seemed that some people had been made aware of the threat due to their panic. 

You kept trying John’s phone, and once you were in the lobby you heard a boom, only just loud enough above the wailing of the fire alarm. Pieces of glass chandelier fell from the ceiling and people began to scream. 

Terror set in and you felt tears sting your eyes. You feared for John. 

airport goodbyes

personal harrison blurb for @holllandtrash <3

“you’re literally so annoying, stop,” you complained, shoving the camera haz held in front of your face away from you, leaning back in your seat and trying to catch a quick nap before your flight back home.

“i’m annoying?” he asked, fake confusion and feign offence. “you’re the one who is trying to fall asleep instead of staying up to talk to their boyfriend!”

“maybe i wouldn’t be so tired if you didn’t work my so hard last night,” you smirked in victory, wanting to remember the pink spreading across harrison’s face when he registered what you said.

“w-whatever, babe. you liked it.”

“didn’t say i didn’t.” you moved from your seat, switching sides so you laid near Harrison, resting your head on his lap. he pulled out his phone after he set down his camera and opened the camera app instead. he held the phone at a distance from you with one hand, while his other hand combed through your hair, him taking a picture of how content you looked with your eyes closed. “are you taking pictures of me?”

“yeah, they look very Instagram-couple worthy.”

“you’re so annoying,” you murmured, stilling his hand in your hair and forcing him to hold yours instead. when your fingers intertwined, you pulled yours and his hands toward your lips, placing soft kisses along harrison’s hand.

“emma?” harrison whispered, even though he didn’t need to. your eyes were open as you traced your thumb over the back of his hand. but, you looked at him, and nodded, silently telling him to continue. “i-i’m gonna miss you.”

you watched as he bit his lip slightly, looking down at you with his sad eyes. you frowned, reaching your other hand up toward his face and cupping his cheek.

“haz,” you whispered back, sitting up and moving in your seat so you faced him. you frowned at the sight of his lip quivering and couldn’t help yourself as you leaned forward and pulled his face closer to yours, kissing him softly on the mouth. “i’m gonna miss you, too… but, it’s only two more months.”

he nodded against you, not saying anything, except pulling you back in for another, much longer, kiss. “i know, i know,” he sighed, pecking your lips a few times before moving his lips across every inch of your face that he could reach.

“i love you, harrison,” you said, as the intercom sounded, and your flight was called.

“i love you, emma,” he said, smiling sadly when you got up, grabbing your suitcase. “you’ll call me, when you land?”

you nodded, reaching forward and giving him one kiss. “i miss your voice already,” you teased, causing hm to roll his eyes.

“nerd,” he scoffed.

“yup, miss that, too.” you smiled, moving away form him, turning around every so often to give him another glance. when you were at the gate, you turned once more, waving goodbye. he waved back, blowing you a kiss. you pretended to catch it and put it on your cheek, patting it lightly. he rolled his eyes again, but had the goofiest smile on his face.


“Is this a bad time?”

He scratched his fine black quill over the parchment, pausing to take a breath when the voice at his back moved a step closer. Flames warmed his side as he leaned against the table in the Main Hall, illuminating the trite, empty words and only making a mockery of the pathetic letter he’d started at least a dozen times already. The page blurred momentarily as his eyes watered, and the dwarf let out a resigned sigh, crumpling the loose leaf in a fist.

Shit. It was no use.

“…I can come back,” Elgara offered as he tossed the paper ball hopelessly into the flames.

Pressing his lips to a fine line, Varric pivoted on the heel of his boot to face her. “No, it’s fine,” he uttered a gentle reply, ignoring the stale quality in his tone. “Need something, your Inquisitorialness?”

She regarded him with a warmth and care he’d come to expect from the elf, although he was unsure of how to deal with it now. “Actually, I thought you might need something.” Stepping around, she took a seat on the chair he’d avoided using and cast her eyes up at him expectantly.

Lie, his body urged him, make up a story. Varric kept his gaze level for a moment, then swayed to the side. A smirk. A shrug. A skirting dance he knew by heart. Dodge the issue, play the part. It was always easier to pretend than to admit to some personal flaw or failing. “Nah, I’m good. Today’s just been a little–”

“Varric, is this about Bianca?”

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Do you know what function would be super swell? The ability to move content from a side blog to a standalone blog without the issue of starting totally fresh.

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1) Erwin feels someone nudge him out of his sleep, his heavy eyes opening to darkness, sheets twisted tightly around his legs. Yawning, he raises his hand to push his hair away from his face, turning his head to the side to find the force shaking him awake. In the dimness, he can barely make out the outline of Levi’s body lying beside him.“What is it?” he says, his words drawn out in another yawn. Levi speaks in a voice thick with sleep, tinged with annoyance.

2) “You’re snoring again,” he mumbles. He feels his cold hands move under his body, pushing him onto his side. “Turn over.” Erwin finds himself facing his nightstand, the sheets pulling tighter against his skin, entangling their limbs together. Strong arms wind their way around his waist, pulling him closer to Levi’s chest, his face nuzzling into his shoulder. Erwin smiles to himself as he always found it endearing when his husband tried to be the big spoon. He was ridiculously smaller than him.

3) “Levi?” He grunts out his response. “What.” “Love you.” He gets a groan in response, smirking as Levi’s arms tighten around him. His lips find their way over his neck, pressing against his pulse. He shivers, feeling him grin against his jaw.“Go to sleep, old man” Levi says, moving his head onto his pillow, his breath falling even with his. Erwin smiles to himself, linking hands with him before closing his eyes again.

jetpacking levi midnight fluffs oh my god are you trying to murder

Welcome Me Home

closed mini rp with @marmorared

Shiro parked the car in the driveway and stared at the house. He was early and it was late. Keith might be in bed already. Actually. all the lights were off so there really was no ‘might’ about it.

He considered calling Keith to let him know he was home, but decided against it as he was unloading his luggage from the trunk. His trip to Japan had taken a lot out of him and he was sick of just talking to his husband on the phone.

Being as quiet as possible, Shiro let himself in the front door and abandoned his suitcases the moment he was inside. After stepping off his shoes, he made a beeline to the master bedroom, shrugging off his coat and  undoing his tie as he went. Both items dropped to the floor unceremoniously. He’d pick them up later.

“Keith?” Shiro whispered, from the doorway. “Baby?” he continued forward, moving to kneel at Keith’s side of the bed, smiling just from the sight of his sleeping lover. “C’mon, baby, wake up. You need to welcome me home.”

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Bill. You remember the Ultra Beast attack in Alola right? I volunteered to leave Unova with my Pokemon partners and other volunteers, and go to Alola to help with fixing the damage caused by Ultra Beasts. While there we lost a team of volunteers in Poni Island, and I was sent to look for them, and I stumbled upon what I think is an Ultra Wormhole. Do you think they are in the portal? What I see in the portal is a different looking Alola region. What should I do? Should I go in?

I can’t say for certain if they’ve gone through the portal, and I doubt it would be possible to know for certain unless you go through yourself. Even psychics don’t quite have the reach to tap into minds on different planes of existence. (Don’t ask me how I know this.)

However, I wouldn’t recommend going through yourself. That’s a dangerous move; after all, who knows what could be on the other side? It could indeed be a mirror of our own universe, or it could be a place full of dangerous and powerful pokémon. Dimensional travel isn’t always straightforward either, and you don’t know for certain whether or not the portal is stable enough to support a return trip.

I would recommend contacting the rest of your team and formulating a plan together. Best of luck, anonymous.

Maldron’s feet hit the ground. One after the other, he was sprinting through the Undead Settlement, sliding into the large stone tower with a skid. The pulleys and mechanisms lowered him into its depths, where his morning run would take him to the Road of Sacrifices, and to Farron’s Keep beyond it.

The lift had barely settled before the assassin continued his morning run. The morning fog was clinging to the earth, and monsters and demons alike had both yet to wake.

Maldron’s feet slowed, helm moving from side to side, watching around every corner. Despite the general sense of isolation he felt on his runs, only a fool would truly believe he was alone. There could always be a monster or hollow willing to dive forwards and slice open his throat.

The assassin neared the bonfire, whose idle glow spread through the fog, serving to be a beacon in the swirling nothingness. The crucifixion woods loomed, but the morning fog kept him from seeing further than the slope. Perhaps his nightmare had woken him too early to start his exercise on this day.

It would be better to pass time by the warmth of the flame, than move through a swamp in dense fog, after all.

Decreasing venaflaxine/effexor

This is brutal , I’ve never really had bad withdrawals but with this one I am , it’s day 4 and my sleep is interrupted.

I’m so tired I’m struggling to stay awake but then I’m having restless nights , where like last night I woke at 1 then 5 then 6 . My legs keep waking me up as I keep moving them and they are so restless.

On the positive side it’s seeming that digestive and urinary system are starting to work a bit better and I’m not as bloated by end of day.

Honestly, Dan would be such a cute lee. Like, his neck is so ticklish, you don’t even have to touch him and he literally just screams when you touch him there. His armpits are probably ticklish, cause that’s a common area. His sides are ticklish, a fan said she wanted to see if he was so she kinda wiggles her fingers on his sides and he laughed really loudly. We’ve never seen his belly or thighs tickled without him also being tickled elsewhere, but he is definitely ticklish on both of those spots. Heck, even his back is ticklish, look at my profile picture, Phil tickled him on his back and then moved next to Dan’s side, and Dan jumped giggled really adorably.

And Dan would look sooooo cute getting tickled. Like if you wiggled your fingers at him, he’d giggle slightly and look up at you with his big ol’ puppy eyes. Imagine him being a scrunched up and with squinty, sparkly eyes, and his laugh is loud and squeaky and he’d be squealing.

And Dan is the type of person who literally just goes down when you tickle him. The type of person who is so ticklish, they just collapse in squeals and laughter. And the best part is he never tells Phil to stop. He gets squirmy as a natural reaction and says stop but never pushes Phil away. I️ just need Phil to fill on tickle him on camera :(