moved into a new home

i’m not 100% on this but i spent like 6 hours painting and this is as good as it gets my friends
can you tell that this is my favourite photo off the album?

aaron’ll be out in no time - the writers will figure something out so he come back, i’m sure.
and then! we’ll get to see them move into their new home together! and they’ll finally be happy because they deserve it

anonymous asked:

i purchased my first baby crested gecko 6 days ago and i do not believe they are eating or pooing. the first day i bought them they pooped at least 4 times but over the course of five days they've only pooed once. i am feeding them Repashy MRP and keeping their heat and humidity within the right levels and i'm going to try feeding them gut loaded and dusted crickets later tonight. they are, from what i can tell, healthy and moving around but i'm worried, especially since they are just a baby.

Aww, congrats on your first crestie! c:

alright, so cresties are prone to relocation stress and it tends to stretch on for a bit.  It’s totally normal for them not to eat for a while after being moved to a new home. Babies also eat tiny, TINY amounts of food.  It’s entirely possible that you just don’t see a visible difference in their food bowl.

Did the breeder tell you what the baby is eating?  It’s way easier to get them to continue on a diet rather than switching to a new one.

Other possible reasons for not eating: they don’t feel secure.  Cresties REALLY like densely ‘planted’ terrariums, especially as babies.  Ideally, you won’t be able to find your baby immediately, tbh.  I say ‘planted’, because they don’t need to be real plants.

Setting up a few different feeding stations may help as well. Also, get an elevated feeding platform, if you don’t use one already.  Cresties are most comfortable off the ground.

TIPS: adding a tiny bit of honey to their food can entice them to eat. Organic raw honey is best.

On Christmas Eve of 1990, Thomas J. Grasso broke into the home of 87-year-old Hilda Johnson and strangled her to death with her own Christmas tree lights before stealing a measly $12 and her TV. Grasso then moved to New York with his wife, Lana, where he broke into the home of 81-year-old Leslie Holtz and strangled him to death and stole  his Social Security check. Grasso was sentenced to death. After making a number of bizarre statements on the day of his execution, he had a last meal of steamed mussles, steamed clams, a double cheeseburger from Burger King, a half-dozen barbecued spare ribs, two strawberry milkshakes, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, diced strawberries, and a 16-ounce can of spaghetti with meatballs which was served at room temperature. His last words before being executed by lethal injection were:

“I did not get my SpaghettiOs, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this.“ 

Here’s the scenario: You’ve moved into a new home, and your significant other has given you $1,500 to buy appliances for the kitchen. Doing some research, you see that you could get a stove, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher for that amount of money if you shop smart. So you head out to go shopping, and you come back several hours later with a single countertop toaster oven.

The June Oven is a $1,500 “smart” oven, because someone involved in the decision had to be smart. It’s capable of detecting what sort of food you put in there and cooking it appropriately, showing you a live feed of what your food looks like while it’s cooking (and providing a time-lapse video), and giving your phone a notification when your food is done. Alternatively, you can buy a normal toaster oven for $25, look up cooking times online, pay attention to your food, and still have $1,475 left over for a gold-plated toilet. Then again, if having to press a hundred buttons to cook toast is good enough for Ashton Kutcher, who are we to judge?

If you only have $80 to spend on a toaster, and you coincidentally don’t have any time to check the weather report as you’re getting ready in the morning, then your incredibly specific need can be filled by the Toasteroid, which will burn the forecast into your bread. Simply set your particular burn design on your Toasteroid app, and watch as the results show up on your toast a few minutes later. If you’re like and are wondering why you can’t check the weather on your phone as your toast cooks, Toasteroid has a response for you: Shut up.

9 ‘Smart’ Products Clearly Designed For Stupid Rich People


Quartzbound’s Home Protection Ritual

So I just moved to a new city, about a month ago. I’m not staying long enough to get a proper lease, so I’ve been subletting through Airbnb and it sometimes makes me really uncomfortable not knowing who else has keys to my apartment. I’m also pretty unaccustomed to living on my own since my partner and I have been living together for nearly 2 years, so this particular move has been particularly disorienting. Fortunately I was finally in a good place to start creating demonic sigils, so I gave it a whirl with some pretty ironclad wards. There were a lot of decisions that were a bit personal to keep this ~mine~ but the process seems pretty generalizable so I wrote it up. The whole thing from start to finish takes a couple of hours depending on your candle and the state of your apartment, but feels pretty damn satisfying.

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The Cooper Falling Body

“The details are pretty thin on the ground and are really just a couple of sentences. About half way through the last century (judging by the clothes), the Cooper family moved into a new home somewhere in Texas. They took a photograph to mark this occasion and this thing appeared in the left of the frame upon development. Aaaaand that’s it. I’m told that the original snap has been cropped, which explains why the family is now not centred, as one would expect them to be. However, there is some degree of vignetting, which points towards the photograph being uncropped. Hmmm.

Another possibility is that a doll or something was being dangled in front of the camera to make sure the boys looked into the lens, but would anyone really let an object into the frame so much? Surely it’d be just as easy to dangle the doll above the lens.

I’ve had a quick Google, with a variety of keywords, but more details than the above evade me, so if anyone can squirrel more than I have been able to out of the internet it would be very enlightening to read. Furthermore, the farthest back it seems to appear online is April, 2012 – although I can’t find the original source.

Whatever the truth behind this photograph, it sure is an intriguing image.”

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Hi everyone!!

I’m still alive!

Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time!
Its just that right now I’m moving to a new home and at the same time I’m finishing illustrating a new book, so a have so much to do!!

I miss so much posting my own drawings. But soon I will have time for me again! I check my tumblr today and realized I reach 17,000 followers!!!

Thanks so much for all the support guys! I will continue practicing and improving my drawing skills, thanks again!! Now I have to go back to work but I promise I will return soon!

Oh, and the illustration is for my zine I’m making!!!! It’s about how Japan inspired me with the trip I did there last spring! The background is a real photo of my travel! Is in Kinosaki Onsen! It’s a beautiful place!!

Hope you like it!! and thanks again!!!


Things I got from this episode

- never talk to people on the bus
- if a creepy man starts talking about the queen having a slaughter house you fucking leave
- when moving to a new home search for a landlady that is called Mrs Hudson, she’s the only one that matters
- never change your therapist
- if all your friends are having breakdowns just bang the colleague you have known for a long time

Feel free to add more I’m still in shock and can’t think anymore