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Bad Boy Ashton *PART 2* imagine

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Part twoooo

You got it! :) Here it is i think people wanted it too lols x


You and Y/F/N walked back to your house. 

“Just text him!” Y/F/N squealed. 

“No I don’t wanna. You text him!” you threw your phone in her hands. 

“What no way!” she threw it back to you. You guys did that for a minute. 

“Alright fine I’ll text him!” you growled. “It’s about time. I think you guys would be a great couple!” she cooed. “Okay whoa stop right there…” you turned around and made her stop talking. “I still don’t like bad boys alright?” you cleared that up, and began finishing whatever you were doing. “You said you liked-" 

"I was joking. I don’t like like him! He’s gonna try way harder than that to get me to like him,” you said. “Alright you know what?” she stood up and walked to you. You turned around. “What?” you cocked your head. “How about… you and Ashton hang out for one day?” she asked. “No.” you smiled. 

“Fine. Tomorrow when we go to school, you’re talking to him!” she yelled. “BUT I-” “NOPEEE!” she yelled and slammed the door and left. You got an angry look and rolled your eyes. “Like I will like him… sure,” you said to yourself. 


You walked into class, math. You sat down and saw Ashton talking to a bunch of girls. You rolled your eyes.

“Just go talk to him seriously,” you jumped. You looked at Y/F/N.

“Yeah like that will happen,” you scoffed. “He gave you his number. C'mon I know he likes you,” she winked. You were never gonna talk to that bad boy, or player. No way. 

“Hey Y/N..” you heard. You looked over your shoulder seeing Ashton. You sighed in annoyance. “Hey!” you said, quite a little annoyed. “Mmmm, why didn’t you text me?” he asked, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Uh why would I?” you laughed. He was really going to be annoyed with you. He leaned down and grabbed your chin softly, making you look at him. “Because I know you like me,” he smirked.

“Yeah…. you keep telling yourself that okay Irwin?” you smirked back and took his hand off your chin, looking back at the textbook.  "Aww c'mon Y/N,“ he leaned in closer. His lips were so close. "W-Would you just go talk to your girls?” you stuttered and blushed. “Look whos blushing,” he laughed. “Shut up Ashton,” you growled.

“Alright,” he put his hands up. “Meet me after school yeah?” he smiled and walked back where he was. “Y/F/N..” you glared at her. “Hey! You’re doing it! I’m making you go with him after school,” she said. “I hate you,” you groaned.

“Alright settle down class!” the teacher came in and everybody sat in their seats.

Ashton put his feet on the desk and crossed his arms. “Mr. Irwin! Put your feet down this instant!” the teacher yelled. Ashton groaned and put his feet down. Then he took some paper and threw it at the teacher. “Thats it! Go to the principal office!” she yelled. “Fine. I don’t care.” he laughed and put his hands in his pockets, not even caring. 

You hated so much. How annoying he was to you. You chuckled at how he got in trouble. Good for him. “Is there something funny Miss Y/N?” the teacher asked. “Oh um No sorry..” you sighed. The teacher grabbed her paper and walked to you. You looked up. “What is this?” she showed you. 


It was on her grade paper. “I didn’t do that!” you weren’t lying. You really didn’t do that. “It clearly says Y/N was here? Thats it I’m sending you to the principal’s office,” she ordered. “But I didn’t-”

“Save your excuses, go!” she pointed to the door. The class was laughing. You stood up and walked. You walked to the principals office and opened the door seeing, just Ashton there. He turned himself around from the moveable chair. “Oh and why are you here?” he smirked. “Oh don’t give me that look. I know you put that Y/N was here on the teachers grade paper,” you glared and sat down.

“Maybe I did,” he chuckled. “Why?” you asked. “Because you won’t ever talk to me and we need to spend more time together. Plus I need you to like bad boys like me,” he said. You scoffed. “I will never like you okay Ashton? I don’t like bad boys or you,” you glared. He stood up. He walked to you and sat next to you. His hands were still in his pockets.

“Oh really?” he asked. “Really,” you smiled fakely. He kissed your lips. You widened your eyes, but suddenly, you began to kiss back. Closing your eyes a bit. You kissed back.

His lips were soft and it felt good. You guys kissed for a little while then heard the door slam. You immediately broke the kiss and stood up straightly. The principal. He didn’t see anything which was good. Ashton was still where he was, but he looked at the principal.

“And why are you two here?” he asked.  

That was so fun to write omg. YES PART 3 ON THE WAY. Is this some kind of fanfic I’m writing -Kelly :) xx