Lesson Learned? When you don't know the real story behind it Don't over react!

I am fan of Eigenmann family. When I watched this i was really amaze on how she handle those judgemental people and those issues about her. Actually when I found out about that “pregnant issue” thingy I was so shocked. I never thought that she will be pregnant. But when I found out what the father of her daughter did I pity on her. Para kasing sinasabi nila na she’s a whore and she had other boyfriend other than him. i always check the tweets about her. I was so disgusted to those who bullied her on twitter. They don’t even know the story then they are reacting like that. That’s there personal life and where out of it. 

Do you ever consider and Abortion?
Andi: “Honestly yeah…. because I was alone.. because I was afraid… because I did'nt know if maybe my entire life will turn out to be a wrecked….. at that time  I was still inlove.. I was still belive myself inlove and i thought that it would be so wrong if i continue this without know I don’t want to this alone.. i don’t want to lose him….”

“I can so easily be judged about what’s happening to me”

“Just because your not pregnant, you didn’t have sex?” #tamangaNaman

“In truth I only have ONE boyfriend" 

"All I can promise myself is that I can make sure that I will try my best”

“I can still get married……”

“I only got pregnant, what’s wrong about that? why is it such a shocker to see me in public?”

“I’m not shy…No because I;m not hiding it. Its not chismis. It’s a fact..”

“Because I was in love and it didn’t work out…" 

"I’ve learned to stand uo from it because….yeah because I realized that if he’s here right now then obviously he’s not worth it…”

“because I have been blessed with an oppurtunity like this so why would I’ve be embarassed ‘bout it”

“Once upon a time there was a princess… but the story does not end with a prince or a kiss, or a happily ever after……it does not end at all..”