Blind: Phan smut one-shot

Pairing: Daniel Howell and AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Smut, Daddy!Kink, Daddy!Phil, Bottom!Dan, Degradation, Aftercare, slut shaming.

Warning: Sexual content, Explicit Language

Word Count: 1800+

Summary: both me and my beautiful wifey @quieted-songbird got sent a prompt with a Phil being blind because he lost his glasses and he’s feeling up Dan. On her account you can find a fluffy version but I had to do a smutty version. Enjoy.

“Dan! Have you seen my glasses?”

Phil called from in his bedroom, his hands roaming over his bed sheets as he tried to find them but couldn’t, being too blind to even see his hands.

There was no answer, making Phil’s head lift in questioning.

“Dan?” He called, standing and slowly stumbling to his doorway, listening carefully to see if he could hear him in the living room or kitchen but everything stayed silent.

His room maybe?

Gripping the walls tightly, he walked down the short hallway to Dan’s room before freezing just a few feet from the door, hearing something.

Through the thin walls, Dan groaned softly, making Phil’s stomach flip before he slowly crept closer to the door, pressing an ear to it.

He could hear small whines and moans leave Dan’s lip, the sounds causing his cheeks to brighten and cock twitch slightly.

It was no question how he felt about Dan, but the sounds coming through that door only made the experience that much surreal.

He knew it was wrong and probably really weird and creepy to do, but he could help as he slowly dragged his hand down his side, falling to his jeans before palming himself lightly, a hiss leaving his lips at the touch.

Pulling away from the door, Phil leaned against the wall beside it, his other hand going to the doorknob and twisting it open slightly.

Just a peek…I won’t watch for long…

A soft moan immediately escaped his lips as he saw a very blurry Dan on his bed, a sheen layer of sweat covering his skin as he groaned, his hand pumping at his cock furiously.

Phil groaned lightly, biting his lip to contain his noises as he drove his hand down onto his growing bulge, the friction, and sounds of Dan making his knees weak.

He closed his eyes, relishing in the sounds of Dan’s cries of pleasure as he imagined his body, curling up to meet his as he fucked him hard, Dan’s hands clawing at his skin as he screamed his name.

Dan groaned particularly loudly as he grinded into his hand, his head falling back to rest again the head board as he felt his stomach beginning to knot with heat.


He whined loudly, making Phil moan aloud before his eyes widened, realizing what he had done before his hand flew up to cover his mouth.

Dan immediately sat at the sound of Phil, his eyes going to the door and seeing him, his grip on his thigh tightening slightly.

“Ph-phil!” He exclaimed loudly, his cheeks going dark when he saw his body in the doorway.

Phil immediately dropped his hands to cover himself, his cheeks going dark in shame and embarrassment.

“I-I’m sorry!” He squeaked, getting ready to turn away before almost slamming into the wall, his hands coming up to save himself just in time.

“W-wait! P-phil!” Dan stopped him, his hands going to cover himself as his knees crossed, making him look small and innocent despite his earlier noises and actions.

“C-could you help me? Please?” He asked softly and Phil could feel his dick twitch from the blurry, yet incredible sight of Dan like this, small and helpless.

He nodded softly before turning around, somehow managing to make it from the door to the bed without stumbling, crawling over until he was hovered over Dan, his lips ghosting over his.

“A-are you sure about this?” He asked softly, not wanting Dan to do anything he think he might regret later.

Dan nodded, shivering softly as their bodies rubbed together, leaving him panting under him slightly.

“Y-yes, just please…Please…” He pleaded, a whine beginning to crawl its way up his throat, threatening to pour from his lips before Phil smashed them together hungrily.

Dan groaned immediately in response, his flying up to cling onto his shoulders to grip him tightly as he arched against him, pulling his body closer.

Phil sat upright, panting as he leaned over Dan and tugged his shirt off quickly before reattaching their lips, grinding against him achingly slow to drag out those precious sounds from Dan’s lips.

“F-fuck, Phil please…Please I need you..” he moaned, struggling to tug down his jeans from his legs, allowing them to eventually fall to the floor with a ‘thump’.

Slowly, Phil dragged his hands up Dan’s side to his arms before he lifted them above his head, pinning them, and grinding down harshly onto his bulge, making Dan whimper and tug at his hands.

Phil tsked.

“Be a good boy, Daniel, or I won’t give you what you want.” He purred into his ear, a smirk immediately finding his lips when Dan groaned, his head falling back to lay against the bed, panting heavily.

“P-phil, please. Please, please- A-ah!”

He squeaked when Phil leaned down to suck at his neck, working a dark mark onto his soft skin as Dan squirmed under him, whining pathetically.

Soft whines left at the teasing pleasure Phil was giving him, taking matters into his own hands (even though they were still pinned above his head) by wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist, grinding up into his body for search of friction but stopping immediately when Phil growled into his ear, removing a hand to smack his upper thigh, making Dan flinch slightly.

“Such a needy brat..” Phil growled, before taking his cock into his hand, running his up and down it slowly, Dan’s body jerking up into his hand as a loud moan released from his throat.

“God, Phil! Yes, yes please, faster, please please” he begged, his voice becoming higher in pitch with every stroke Phil made.

An evil grin grew onto his lips.

“Not until you use the right name, bear.” He purred wickedly before completely removing his hand and pinning his hips to the bed, keeping him from moving.

“Ph-phil! N-no! Please, please please, I need you. Please! Dan begged quickly, desperation in his voice as he tugged at his hands once more, praying that Phil would have mercy upon him and release him but whimpering when his grip tightened.

Phil rolled his hips to Dan’s, leaning down to bite marks into his chest making Dan groan, his hips fighting against Phil’s hand but staying put.

“Say it, Daniel.” Phil growled once more, biting particularly hard at a spot onto his chest, making the younger buck up into nothing, biting his lip to hold in his noises, his blush dark on his cheeks.

“Daddy…” He whispered softly, hoping it would be enough to satisfy Phil so he could have his way without saying it again.


Dan groaned in frustration, his tip leaking precum down his cock continued to rub against his but not enough to give him any satisfaction, the teasing only making him harder before Phil suddenly wrapped his fingers around him again, making him jerk.

“D-daddy! P-please! Please! Make me feel good, make me cum!” He pleaded helplessly, giving up and only focusing on grinding into Phil’s hand, the added pressure making him weak.

Phil grinned widely before pulling away slightly, reaching over to the side of the bed before grabbing his belt from the ground, sitting back up and reaching forward to Dan’s wrists.

“D-daddy…Please…W-wanna touch…” Dan panted as Phil grinded into him, releasing Dan’s hands momentarily only to wrap the belt skillfully around his wrists and the bed, tying them to the bed and tugging on it afterwards to.make sure he was restrained.

“No touching today, baby. You’ve been a bad boy, haven’t you? Touching yourself like the little whore you are… Calling for me…”

Dan whimpered, his back arching up into Phil’s as he spoke, the words going straight to his cock as he nodded quickly.

“I-I’m your slut, Daddy… Please…M-make me feel good…” Dan whimpered, his hips rolling against Phil’s until he held them in place, layering kisses down his chest until he reached his waist, licking a long stripe up Dan’s cock, making his hips buck and a loud moan fill the room.


Phil grinned, taking his tip into his mouth, sucking on it and causing Dan to jerk, his words being cut off with another strangled moan.

“Such a good boy, Danny. Being loud for me. I bet you like being like this, huh? Being loud, letting everyone hear you, your pathetic little whines…”

Phil groaned softly before taking him again, bobbing back and forth on slowly, making Dan whine, tugging at the restraint on his wrists roughly, his hips bucking into his mouth involuntarily.

It was when Dan had somehow managed to hit the back of Phil’s throat that his moans got louder and higher, his legs curling to wrap around Phil’s body as his back arched up, his head being thrown back against the bed, rocking his body against Phil’s mouth.

“D-daddy! C! Please! So close! So close! G-god!” Dan screamed, hiding his face into his arms to try and muffle his screams as Phil continued, using a hand to pump faster as he sucked, the other dragging over Dan’s chest to claw at the precious skin there before Dan released, spilling into his mouth.

Phil pulled away as Dan moaned loudly, his body twitching and spasming with the climax, continuing to buck into Phil’s hand before he slowed, exhaustion beginning to overtake him as he rode out his climax, panting heavily.

“Thank you…Thank you…fuck thank you..”

Dan groaned softly, as he sank into the sheets, Phil grinning before standing, grabbing a nearby clothing item to wipe his hand and Dan’s body, cleaning the area around him before Dan tugged at his wrists once more, clearing his throat.

“Ph-phil, a little help here?” He asked softly, his voice deep and gravely from the over usage of his moaning.

Phil grinned but nodded, saying a quiet apology before leaning over to release him, the belt falling to the bed.

Instantly, Dan was up, pushing Phil back to sit onto his lap, his lips dragging down his jaw before reaching his ear.


Phil grinned, his arms finding its way around his waist before humming in response, feeling Dan kissing at his neck.

“Wanna touch…Make you feel good…” Dan pulled away slightly to look Phil in the eye, and Phil swore, although he was partly blind at the moment, he knew there was no way he’d never forget how Dan looked at that moment.

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Are you safe?? Is there anything anyone can do to help?

I am safe. I am very far away from Marawi.

If you are from the Philippines, here’s a link to an article by Rappler providing contact information of people organizing relief operation and donation sites:

Currently, I do not know how people from other countries can provide help.

But please continue praying.
We cannot let fear win.

Two Special Pieces of Plastic

Summary: Dan is the worst person in the world to need hearing aids and Phil really should have thought to get an adapted fire alarm.

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluffy angst

Warnings: Deafness, Fire

POV: Third Person

Words: 2060

All my deaf fics can be found here (each is an independant oneshot)

A/n: Don’t tell anyone but I’m actually writing chapter 7 of Babyface and should be able to get it up before I go on holiday (I couldn’t choose what to write so you’re getting both ;D)

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Wait! M was bragging about moving in with PH? When and what did she say?

think December and she wanted to live with him for 6 months to decide if she wanted to stay with him or not. LOL not lying, Lisa ling, I’ll see if I can find it in archives

thanks anon


The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted to Japanese forums and this batch showcases more information about the upcoming game Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. This reveals Mega Altaria, who is Dragon/Fairy with Pixilate and Mega Lopunny who is Normal/Fighting with Scrappy. It also confirms that when you change your Pikachu’s clothes for contests, it gets special moves. Pikachu Rock Star gets the move Comet Punch, Pikachu Ph. D. knows Electric Terrain, Pikachu Pop Star knows Draining Kiss, Pikachu Belle knows Icicle Crash and Pikachu Libre knows Flying Press

Source: Serebii

Lesson Learned? When you don't know the real story behind it Don't over react!

I am fan of Eigenmann family. When I watched this i was really amaze on how she handle those judgemental people and those issues about her. Actually when I found out about that “pregnant issue” thingy I was so shocked. I never thought that she will be pregnant. But when I found out what the father of her daughter did I pity on her. Para kasing sinasabi nila na she’s a whore and she had other boyfriend other than him. i always check the tweets about her. I was so disgusted to those who bullied her on twitter. They don’t even know the story then they are reacting like that. That’s there personal life and where out of it. 

Do you ever consider and Abortion?
Andi: “Honestly yeah…. because I was alone.. because I was afraid… because I did'nt know if maybe my entire life will turn out to be a wrecked….. at that time  I was still inlove.. I was still belive myself inlove and i thought that it would be so wrong if i continue this without know I don’t want to this alone.. i don’t want to lose him….”

“I can so easily be judged about what’s happening to me”

“Just because your not pregnant, you didn’t have sex?” #tamangaNaman

“In truth I only have ONE boyfriend" 

"All I can promise myself is that I can make sure that I will try my best”

“I can still get married……”

“I only got pregnant, what’s wrong about that? why is it such a shocker to see me in public?”

“I’m not shy…No because I;m not hiding it. Its not chismis. It’s a fact..”

“Because I was in love and it didn’t work out…" 

"I’ve learned to stand uo from it because….yeah because I realized that if he’s here right now then obviously he’s not worth it…”

“because I have been blessed with an oppurtunity like this so why would I’ve be embarassed ‘bout it”

“Once upon a time there was a princess… but the story does not end with a prince or a kiss, or a happily ever after……it does not end at all..”