move yo body


Natsu wakes up in the middle of the night, he doesn’t know what happened to him, he opened his eyes and he looks everywhere, everything is in silence, then he sits and finds his favorite girl sleeping all uncomfortable in the chair, resting her head in his legs. He looks at her and asks to himself:

“was she waiting for me all this time?”

He smiles to her, and moves a hair from her face, then he notices she has been crying for him. He passes his thumb through her cheek. Then, he carries her and makes a space from her in the bed with him. Resting her head in his chest while admiring her sleepy face with a smile in his face.

When she wakes up, she’s in alone in the bed, Natsu was already training outside.

“” Lucy starts to mourn when she sees him moving his body.

¡Yo, Lu..-“ He couldn’t end because she jumped to his arms and hugged him stronger.

"I was so scared!! ” she says crying. “ I was so scared, Natsu!” She keeps saying

“I’m… Alright Lucy…” Natsu says surprised while looking at her. “Sorry for worrying you” he says softly

“I thought I had lost you..” She says while hugging him

“Hey, hey, you’re not gonna lose me, Lucy” Natsu takes her cheeks “you’re not going to lose me, I promise” he kisses her forehead

Lucy nodded and hugged him again