move with your lover

You have to understand where her fears coming from. She’s scared. You’re the only constant in her life, and she wants to keep it that way.

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man, i don't even know what to do with kenny omega man; first he and kota slaughter us with their undying love. now, he riling the shit out of okada and making mr. stoic mcsparkles FEEL things like anger, disgust, irritation and maybe, just MAYBE some grudging admiration and respect. all while kenny just sort of flirts with him in his weirdo passive-aggressive way he did with kota. he's moving on in the most masochistic way possible, i think, although that title's a nice bonus as well.

okay this turned out more about kota/kenny because I hadn’t thought about Kota at all in the context of Kenny/Okada stuff till this came into my inbox, and then the information about Kota being in the G1 came out today and just. it got away from me.

In a wonderful post that you should all check out @mithen said “Kenny alternately taunts and pleads with [Kota] through social media” and I think that’s a great way to describe it.

A theme that arose in Kenny’s Kota-related interviews in 2016 was that Kota probably isn’t even on his level anymore.

“There are precious few people that can change the face of wrestling. It may even just be the two of us. So I’m going to stay here in New Japan, doing my best and waiting for him. (At the G1 finals) I finally surpassed him. I was chasing Ibushi for eight years and finally outgrew him. I hope that’s inspiration for him, right?” - Kenny Omega, Aug 28 2016 (as translated by Chris Charlton (which kenny retweeted))

He’s spent eight years chasing Kota. He wants Kota to come to him this time. He’s been waiting for him in NJPW. He’s been giving him “inspiration.”

Kota defeated Kenny the only two times they’ve ever been in singles competition against each other. Kota has also had matches against Okada at least twice that I know of (not counting Tiger Mask W, who is, of course, an entirely different person) and lost both times. Beating Okada certainly would put Kenny on a whole other level. Especially beating him clean which is something Kenny has been very focused on.

Kenny doesn’t just want to win. He’s made that clear. He wants to beat Okada. Because he’s not just after the belt and the power that comes with it. He’s after the knowledge that he’s better. Better than Okada. Better than Kota Ibushi.

if you look at it like that, one might almost say that he’s been baiting Kota in his current run for the title. I’m better than you. I’m better than you. I’m better than you. I’m doing things you never could. Come home and prove me wrong.

I knew it was time to move on when I saw you looking at your new lover with the same adoration in your eyes that I once had every time I looked at you.
—  And once again you broke my heart just like that // a.s
Bad Puppy : Taehyung Werewolf AU!

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Kim Taehyung Smut! Dom Tae! Sub Reader! Werewolf AU! Smutty smut smut.

Your boyfriend had always managed to be in control of his werewolf senses in order to keep you safe and his hyungs unhurt. But what happens when his uncontrollable heat occurs right after his comeback performance and you jut so happen to be wearing his favorite dress? ;)


You watched your boyfriend strongly perform his comeback for “Not Today”, obviously proud and a little turned on by your boyfriends powerful moves. He seemed to be having the time of his life till you noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see him make a few gestures, inferring that he was in some sort of pain. You continued to watch him carefully, and  that’s when you noticed it. His eyes were turning from his usually sweet brown to bright yellow.

“Shit”, you mumbled. Walking over to the side of the stage to see the boys finish up their performance.

“Come on baby , your almost done, finish strong then run off, you can do it, control it”, you pleaded as you desperately tried getting one of the boys attention.

“Chong, jujun,Balsa”, the song finally ended as you made eye contact with namjoon, him reacting to your worried expression.

You then mouthed “ his heat” vigorously pointing to tae. Namjoon then looked at tae, tae panting heavily, gripping onto namjoons jacket for dear life.

“Hyung, I need to get out of here”, Tae growled, panic spreading through Namjoon’s body.

Namjoon then looked at you sending you a slight nod, meaning they were ready to abort mission. You then ran off to the van, they used for tae if this sort of thing were to possibly occur. Waiting for your lover to arrive you grabbed the chains that were secured in the van.

The door swung open as tae crawled inside, Namjoon giving you a worried look, you nodding as if saying “ I got this”, him closing the door. A groan escaping tae’s lips as you locked the doors and told the driver to step on the gas. 

You quickly grabbed his wrists to wrap the chains around him, only to be tackled down onto the seat, a yelp escaping your lips.

“Tae, baby”, You whispered in fear. He didn’t say anything,as he dipped his face into the side of your neck. You grabbed onto his shoulders tightly. “Control it “, you said, unsure of what was to happen next.

“(Y/N)”, he growled, as his fingers ghosted down your body frame.” This is my favorite dress of yours”, he said before yanking it up above your waist, exposing your black laced thong.

You yelped at his sudden action, pushing at his shoulder’s. “Baby you need to…”, you stopped as he interrupted you.

“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down”, he growled, now completely ripping your dress apart. Your eyes widened at his strength, this was the first time you’ve experienced his heat away from home. This was dangerous; no chains, no face mask, and no basement separating the two of you. 

No matter how dangerous this situation was, the way he was being with you turned you on. He was always so sweet with you whenever you two had sex, while he was always dominant, he was never this rough with you, and it turned you on , so much. 

“You like this don’t you kitten?” he growled deeply, “you like how rough i’m being, I can smell how wet your getting”, he said as he roughly grinned his pelvis into yours, earning a moan from you.

“And don’t call me baby, i’m daddy tonight”, he said before ripping off his clothes, connecting his lips roughly to your neck.

“Baby”, you moaned. Completely ignoring his request. He grunted flipping you over, smacking your ass roughly, earning another yelp from you.

“What was that kitten? I don’t believe that’s what I said you can call me tonight”. he growled smacking your ass again, you gasping; his actions turning you on even more.

“Daddy, i’m sorry daddy, i’ll be a good kitten”, you moaned. His spanking making you wetter by the minute. He gripped your hair roughly, turning you around, still on your hands and knees. His dick was now right in front of your face, throbbing harder than you’ve ever seen it before. You licked your lips at the sight, squeezing you thighs together to release the aching. 

He looked down at you, “such a cock slut”, he barked. “Open that mouth so I can fuck those pretty lips of yours” he ordered, pressing his cock against your mouth. 

The second you parted your lips, he forced himself into you mouth, fully pushing himself in, making you choke around his thick length. Your hands rested on his thighs as you looked up at him with teary eyes. He groaned/howled at the feeling of your throat clenching around his cock, turning you on more than you already were. 

“That’s right kitten let me fuck those lips of yours, such a good cock slut”, he growled as he started pounding into your mouth.

You had a feeling that this was going to be his way of releasing his heat tension so you let me fuck your mouth. Not only did his barbaric actions turn you on, but his harsh words did as well. You were definitely a cock slut for him and you loved the way he looked when he got off too you. 

After a few minutes of him brutally fucking your mouth he pulled out, you whining at the sudden loss of contact.

He sat back in his seat, looking you in the eyes,” come here and ride daddy, kitten”, he said his canines, looking smaller than they did when he first got into the car.

You applauded yourself, the sex was working, and you sure as hell weren’t complaining. 

You positioned yourself above his cock, slowly sliding down his shaft; moans leaving both of your mouths, filling up the car as much as his cock was filling you up. 

You started moving a reasonable pace, to get use to his size, earning moans from your lover. His hands moved to you hips, pushing you down onto his cock. “Faster”, he moaned, you quickening your speed. “Faster” he repeated, your hips now moving faster to fit his needs. 

“I said faster goddammit”, he yelled as he started pounding into you himself. You holding onto his shoulders for dear life as he thrusted into you with such force that would have send you flying into the ceiling of the car. 

“Fuuuuuccccckkkk”, you moaned/yelled, your walls clenching around his cock. “Daddy i’m gonna cum”, you whined loudly, throwing your head back.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum until i say you can”, he barked, pounding into you in an inhumanly speed, chasing his own high. 

After a minute of you holding back your orgasm he finally approached his.

“Now”, he barked. The two of you screaming out each others pet names as you both came harder onto/into each other than ever before. You both clung onto each other, coming down from your highs. You looked into his eyes, his eyes now returning to his lovely shade of brown as you smiled at him, giving him a light kiss on his lips.

“Baby… i’m sorry if I was too rough”, he said with a guilty tone in his voice, scared that he might have harmed you.

You giggled, a confused expression appearing on his face. 

“Please be that rough more often daddy”, you purred into his ear. Him blushing and holding you closer as the car came to a stop. 

“Oh my god … we were fucking in the back of a van”, you said, embarrassed that the driver would judge you highly. 

“Okay kids, here’s your stop.” the driver said as he looked back at the two of you quickly covering yourselves. 

“And just some advice honey”, the driver said looking at you. “Take a long shower, your sure going to feel that in the morning”. He said with a slight smile, you covering your face in embarrassment. Your boyfriend laughing at the situation.

“And you”, he said to Tae as he stepped out of the car. “You better treat her like a queen after the damage you did to her walking schedule”. Tae only laughed as he pulled you close.

“I sure will”. he said closing the door, leaving butterfly kisses on your cheek. 

“ My queen”, he mumbled onto your cheek, causing you to giggle.


Authors note! 

I hope you guy’s liked this one ;) 

Please let me know if you want any similar stories like this one, with other members. or other band’s!

Imagine: Falling for the Joker’s Son

The clown prince gripped the steering wheel tight with one hand and kept his other on your bare thigh. His gold bracelet he inherited from his father almost made you jump at the cold touch. But he had a firm grip on you, keeping you in place.The sky was almost pitch black over Gotham besides the green lights shining from where his club was. Harley and Joker’s son and heir was carving out his own piece of history. His very own club downtown from his parents was all his, he was feeling more powerful than usual tonight. You could feel it radiating off his body… but

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Morning Daze (M)

Requested by anon ♥

→ Reader x Baekhyun 

→ DomesticAU; in which mornings with Baekhyun are the most pleasurable ones.

→ Warnings: Smut: thigh-riding, riding.

Word count: 1,2K

Entering consciousnesses, all you could hear was the sheets and blankets around you shuffling before a small gasp and then a petite moan sounding throughout the bedroom. Your eyes opens with ease and you let out a quick moan before turning among the warm blankets to see what the commotion was all about- only to find Baekhyun laying, sleeping on his back in only his boxers that explained just what had Baekhyun gasping in his dreams; morning-wood.

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I want to remember...

Summary: What if you wake up and can remember enough of what happened the night before to know that everything has changed, but still don’t know who made the first move? (just a little friends to lovers sexy times for your Saturday) AO3

She wakes up to the usual sounds of squealing brakes followed by impatient horn blasts, security gates rattling in their journey upwards, murmurs of cell phone calls and the occasional bark of a too small dog. The noises of the city around her never seem to change, even on a morning that feels like it should be different. She presses at the base of her neck to see if the skin there is raised, fingertips tracing the same pattern as his lips, his tongue, the coarse hairs of his chin. Scrunching her eyes ever more tightly closed, she tries to add clarity to images threatening to disappear as consciousness fights with the fog of drunken mistakes.

Was it a mistake the way his mouth felt against hers, the weight of his hands on her skin or the possessive feel of his fingers anchored in her hair. Did he not mean the words he breathed between her lips between soul deep kisses?

“Finally…I’ve always wanted…Emma…”

She knows the truth of hers.

“Me too…”

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Allie can you do a playlist with like chill vibe songs??

okay this is kind of all over the place but here ya go lmao lemme know what u think

Follow - Tom Misch & Laura Misch

Body - Syd

(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano - Sampha

Japanese Denim - Daniel Caesar 

Didn’t Cha Know - Erykah Badu

Land of the Free - Joey Bada$$

Wats Wrong (feat. Zacari & Kendrick Lamar) - Isaiah Rashad

Best One - NxWorries

Where Did I Go? - Jorja Smith

Saved - Khalid

Why iii Love the Moon. - Phony Ppl

Over (feat. 6LACK) - Syd 

Nights -Frank Ocean

Un-Thinkable - Jamie Isaac

Crazy Dream (feat. Loyle Carner) - Tom Misch

Love Test - The Growlers

Palo Alto - Devante Hynes

Amnesia - Blu

Don’t Know Why - Norah Jones

Time Moves Slowly (feat. Sam Herring) - BADBADNOTGOOD


One Million Lovers - The Growlers

Limit to Your Love - James Blake

Replica - The xx

Kutless - NxWorries

Bonita Applebum - A Tribe Called Quest

The Season / Carry Me - Anderson .Paak

Shot Down - Khalid

8 (circle) - Bon Iver

River - Leon Bridges

GLOWED UP (feat. Anderson .Paak) - KAYTRANADA

Chanel - Frank Ocean

I still think about how Michonne ,aka queen of the apocalypse, kicked Rick’s arm making him give up his spot on the couch and then 30 seconds later she’s all giggly and nervous holding his hand

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A Valentine’s Promise: Peter Parker One Shot

Warnings: kissing, food, fire, loveeeeeeeee

A/N: this is the cutest, cheesiest thing ever but in the BEST way omg I’m crying why can’t I have a Peter AH!

Originally posted by marveling-over-imagines

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(not my gifs)

(I see Peter as being 18 at this time)

Everything was set up. Netflix was loaded, candles were lit, and snacks were out; all that was missing was your boyfriend.

Peter had texted you saying a spider-man thing came up so he’d probably be late… six hours ago. To say you were worried would be an understatement, but knowing Peter, he probably had everything under control.

All you could do was sit and wait.

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The Rooftop (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

(Collab with @nonstop-smashing-expectations)

Requested?: ‘Hi! Can you write a poly hamilsquad fic that’s very angsty and sad? Maybe the reader gets into some type of accident?’ 

Prompt: Reader has been missing for the past hour and the boys find her about to jump.

Words: 2500+

Warnings: Depression, Suicide, Angst



9:45 pm

Alexander was pacing the living room floor. His hands were feverishly running through his hair and he was murmuring to himself. Lafayette was scrolling through Facebook on his phone while he was lounging on the couch. John was in his studio painting while Hercules was taking a shower. It was a somewhat normal night for the four.

Except there was one person missing.


You were supposed to be home an hour ago.  

You were never a forgetful person. You always showed up on time for things, sometimes early if you felt like it. But you were never a late person. Yes, you disliked your job, but it put money in your account so you couldn’t complain. You were the Chief Editor for a local newspaper, meaning that you control what was or wasn’t going to be published. There were a few people on the editing team that tries and boss you around when really it should be the other way around. You were soft-spoken and had an anxiety problem so it was an unlikely job for someone as quiet as you. But, your boss liked your creativity and put you as the Chief Editor with no second thought.  

Your boyfriends were very proud of you for getting such a high rank and even took you out to dinner to celebrate when you told them you got the job. Those boys, they loved you to the ends of this universe and back. Alexander smothers you in affectionate love letters and sonnets, John loves to paint and draw pictures of you, Lafayette likes to cook for you and sing to you when you’re tired, and Hercules always insists on making your clothes anytime you grow out of them. All four of them simply adored and loved you and each other to no end. Not many people understood the polysexuality and call it ‘cheating’ or something similar to ‘sister-wives’. Hell, your own parents disowned you for your sexuality and called you a whore. You ended up moving in with Alexander once he got his first apartment. That was a few years ago and you managed to move into a large apartment with all of your lovers living happily together.  

But, somehow, you weren’t happy.

Not with yourself.

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Body and Soul - Namjoon

Group: BTS
Member: Namjoon
Type: Smut, Devil!AU
word count: 2947

A/N: when LOTR inspiration goes wrong. 

One dick to rule them all, one dick to find them
One dick to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

He stood outside on the empty, sleeping street in the night. The lights inside the houses dimmed, the yellow lanterns lighting up the grey, dark road he was roaming instead.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose as he caught that familiar sweet scent again. The scent of his next victim. A sly smirk spread across his face as he casually headed towards the house effusing that distinct smell that made his mouth water and all the blood in his body flow down to one particular body part.

The window on the first floor was open on this hot summer night, the gentle breeze making the flimsy curtains billow, sending another dazzling whiff of that delicious aroma his way. He licked his lips as he stared up at the window, knowing he only had to climb his way through it to be with you.

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Trust Me | Jumin Han x Reader

RATING: Teen | WORD COUNT: 1,326 | GENRE: Drama/Fluff
SUMMARY: A rumour comes out that you’re cheating on Jumin with Zen, and you’re afraid of what Jumin’s reaction would be.

It’s amazing just how vicious the public media could be, twisting words and statements around and interpreting situations to suit their own satisfaction. They would do anything to get a good story and try to rile up the general public. They can either raise a simple nobody to glory and make them out to be a hero, or they can drag someone so revered down through the dirt. Say what you will, the media possessed power.

Jumin was already used to dealing with those vultures from a young age. It was something he learned quickly and by himself, but you were different. Being hounded by the press or having self-proclaimed experts spouting nonsense about you online was completely new to you. Though you expected this kind of response after that public stunt Jumin pulled at the party, it was a bit more intense than you had initially thought.

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Snuggling - Ignis x Reader

Last part of the Snuggling series! Loved writing these so much ♡♡

Tag List: @itshaejinju @disneygirl2202 @newrecipehhhh @mp938368 @stargurl16 @blindbae @longlivethenightmare @firefistnoct @mimickers @centari @rubyphilomela @blondechocobobutt @guardianwxrthingtons @idiotflowerex @iwantedtobeadored @eternallydaydreaming2015

Word Count: 586 words

It’s been a really long time since you saw Ignis without his glasses. He took them off and put them on top of his head while he cooked, fog continuously gathering on them.

You watched in wonder. He looked different from when he had them on, but his eyes are just as beautiful. Your eyes gazed over your lover, watching every perfected move he made, your eyes wandering lower and lower until-

“Darling, my eyes are up here.” His voice nearly startled you. A blush quickly formed on your cheeks, forcing you to look to the ground.

“You think you’re so funny, huh?” You asked, leaning on the table. He looked over at you and smiled, gently pressing a kiss to your nose.

“Indeed.” He murmured. You pecked his lips softly, taking his hands in yours.

“Hey, Iggy? We should stay somewhere nice tonight.” You suggested, he pulled away and went back to cooking breakfast. Usually he wasn’t so keen on the thought of PDA, however, Prompto and Noctis were still asleep, Gladio was nowhere to be found. Plus, you ended up waking at ungodsly hours in the morning, since you could always feel him get up.

A grin lined his features as he put the food onto plates. “Unfortunately, our funds are running low. Unless you would like to offer some hunts along the way to Lestallum, no soft beds tonight.” He explained, which made a sigh leave your lips. Ignis slid a plate over to you, scrambled eggs with bacon, it smelled heavenly.

“I don’t mind a few hunts, it’s just a matter of convincing Noctis.” You replied, beginning to eat the eggs.

“If you manage to convince Noct, then we will rest in Lestallum tonight.” He replied, taking a sip from his ebony can. You nodded in reply. Before the conversation could carry on, Gladio returned from his daily run, soaked with sweat. He quickly took over the conversation, agreeing to convince Noctis.

Finally, the five of you were on your way. You picked up six hunts along the way, each of them about a mile or so apart from each other. Afterwards, you made your way to Lestallum. You were all extremely tired, your body ached and the thought of falling asleep in a soft bed made you nearly pass out.

The car ride was extemely long. Maybe it was because you were exhausted, or maybe it really was that long, however you ended up dozing off. Your head laid on your arms, which were crossed on top of the door. Noctis and Prompto were asleep as well in the back. It was noticeable that Gladio began to feel the affects as well. How could Ignis still stay awake after so much fighting?

He pulled into the Outlook parking lot, waking the others and allowing them to get out. Instead of waking you, he gently lifted you out of your seat and carried you slowly. You didn’t open an eye, you were dead asleep.

He managed to pay for the rooms while carrying you, once you felt the soft bed under you, an eye opened. Ignis stood at the foot of the bed, his back to you as he began to shed his jacket.


He turned towards you, that same grin from earlier lining his features. Slowly he leaned down, pressing a sweet kiss to your lips. You gently brushed your fingers along his cheek, a soft smile taking place on your lips.

“You should rest. You’ve had a long day.” He murmured. He began to pull away, however you quickly caught his wrist.

“We all had a long day, you should rest too. The others will find their way here.” You whispered. He sighed and brushed his knuckles along your jaw, his touch lingering.

“I suppose so.” He replied, pressing his forehead to yours. You let out a giggle, gently caressing his face in your hands. He pulled away and pulled his jacket off finally. You stood, beginning to change into more comfortable clothes to sleep in. Eventually, you heard Ignis walk up behind you, his hands slowly wrapped around your waist.

“You’re much more loveable than I imagined at first.” You admitted. He tilted his head a little bit.

“How did you imagine me?”

“I imagined you as this really quiet man, not really wanting to bother himself with a relationship. I guess I was wrong.” You explained, turning to him. He gently pressed a kiss to your lips.

Finally you two crawled into bed. You switched the lamp off and snuggled close to Ignis. He wrapped his arms around you, holding you as if he never wants to lose you. You hid your face in his chest, your hand moving up to his side. He slowly slipped his glasses off, setting them on the table behind you.

You couldn’t decide whether you preferred glasses or no glasses.

Plain, White Shirt - Part 2: On

A/N: This is Hotch’s POV of what happened that one Friday night mentioned in Plain, White Shirt (plus one tiny paragraph from the Reader’s perspective in italics towards the end). I have nothing to say other than this is all @imagicana‘s fault. I have sinned and I hope to see you all in hell with us. That’s it :D

Enjoy these 1680~ words. Consider this a little gift for reaching 600 followers! Woop, woop! ;)

Warnings: Smutty Smutterson is in the house; children, please, leave the premises.

Originally posted by profiler-in-training

He could probably count the instances in which he hadn’t been able to physically wait to have sex with someone with the fingers of one hand. It had been years since he felt that kind of… primal need –for lack of a better expression–, something that made his body feel like it was instantly on fire. And he still wasn’t completely sure what had prompted such a reaction out of him.

You two had been sitting, side by side on the couch, with a glass of wine each, trying to unwind after a long day at the office. One of your legs was draped on top of his lap and his free hand was drawing circles on your skin. You had changed out of your work clothes before you started cooking and were only wearing a loose t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

It was probably that domestic aspect –that of him arriving from the office to find that you had already prepared dinner and that all you had to do was wait for it to be done– which tugged at something in his heart despite all the walls he had built around it. It could’ve also been that you hadn’t had the chance to be intimate with each other yet; your jobs keeping you busy enough as it was beside him being a single parent.

So, all of that combined plus the way your pupils kept dilating the higher his hand went up your leg and your little intake of breath once he reached the hem of your shorts and his fingers dared go underneath the thin garment, made him realise that he couldn’t really wait until after dinner.

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that scene in kings rising when they hold a random ass olympics and laurent gets roped into that spear-throwing-from-horseback game and EVERYONE even damen thinks he’ll literally die during it BUT not only do both laurent and damen BEAT EVERYONE they also hit every bullseye WHICH IS UNHEARD OF, and not only do they do THAT but damen CATCHES A SPEAR as if it weren’t thrown right at him full-throttle & ready to kill, he CATCHES IT unscathed, meanwhile laurent JUMPS!!!! JUMPS FROM HIS HORSE to another horse to avoid getting hit, takes up the other player’s spear and throws it right on target, looks at damen like ‘your move lover’ and then damen throws the spear THAT HE SNATCHED!!! OUT OF THIN AIR!!! across the entire fuckening length of the field and hits the last target dead center right next to laurent’s bullseye. WHEN will your otp EVER be this EXTRA

Progressed Venus

I am going to talk about progressed Venus! Progressed planets are mostly useful for predictive astrology and helps show how you’ve grown in certain aspects of your life. Progressed planets are when your planet(s) actually moves through the signs, houses, or other natal planets. Progressed Venus rules over your relationships and where you might be headed with romance and connections.

Progressed Aries Venus: This is a time when you want to make the moves and you want to take charge of your relationships. You also might be more independent and impulsive in love.

Progressed Taurus Venus: This is all about loyalty and commitment. You want to slow down and take your time with love, friendships, and strong connections. You are building up trust and deepness with quality.

Progressed Gemini Venus: This is a time where you come out of your shell and this doesn’t always mean with romantic relationships! In romance you are more communicative, flirty, and open. In friendship you are much more active and social, this might be a period where you make a lot of friends and touch a lot of lives.

Progressed Cancer Venus: This position has a focus on the home. You are centered on family more than anyone else. When it comes to romance this might mean you are going to make a move towards engagement, marriage, or moving in with a partner. Making a lover part of your family or maybe introducing them to family.

Progressed Leo Venus: This is actually a time where you might distance yourself from loved ones to concentrate on yourself and your goals. You aren’t aloof with friends and family but you are more self-authoritative and focused. This position is also associated with being more confident in love.

Progressed Virgo Venus: This is a time of improvement in relationships. You want your loved one and you to grow and change in a beneficial way. But this can also be a time of being overly demanding and critical of a partner. Be careful of trying to force change.

Progressed Libra Venus: This is a time where you want more romance and pleasure out of relationships. Conflicts in relationships might also be solved and settled. This progression is also associated with finding clarity in what you want out of relationships and what helps balance you and your connections.

Progressed Scorpio Venus: This is all about finding passion, meaning, and deepness in your relationships. Connections are truly forged, intimacy is at its rawest, and you are taking love seriously.

Progressed Sagittarius Venus: You want freedom and this progression is associated with breaking free of relationships and being on your own. BUT don’t completely fear a breakup, this can also be a time period of exploration. You might want to explore your partner, a friend, family member, or even yourself more. You want to test your limitations in love and this could be a time where you just assert your independence.

Progressed Capricorn Venus: You are very serious when it comes to love and partnerships now. This is a time where you want to settle down with someone. You’re ready to take on huge commitments and you might also give into more traditional senses of love. This progression is also associated with a time period where you might be “married to your career”.

Progressed Aquarius Venus: This progressed Venus might find themselves to be less passionate in relationships. They are distracted and curious about other people or other things in life rather than their close loved ones. This time period is associated with being hurt to where you want to distance yourself from love. It is also associated with focusing less on individuals and more on the group. You could channel your energy into charity or leading.

Progressed Pisces Venus: Your intuition is guiding you in love now. You want to help your family, friends, and lover and might be attracted to those who need aid. You find yourself to be more giving and kind in relationships. You could be at a point where you are helping others form relationships and have a greater understanding of people’s intentions and actions in love.

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Can you do a scenario where the boys are sitting peacefully with their S/o and suddenly realize she has fallen asleep on their shoulder

Vampires, the ultimate pillows!


Shu - “How troublesome… I guess you’re better like this though, you’re more quiet.” He’d lay his head on top of yours and go to sleep with you.

Reiji -
“What a bothersome woman… but I guess you have been working harder lately.” Reiji would take you on to bed and make sure you were comfortable before kissing your temple and going back to work.

Ayato - “Hey Pan….” He didn’t finish his sentence when caught sight of your sleeping form he could only huff in defeat, he really wanted you to play basket ball with him. He’d probably turn on a movie and fall asleep with you.

Kanato - Kanato would grumble at you before waking you up so he could nap in your lap, you’d probably fall back sleep though but this time without your Kanato shaped pillow.

Laito -
“Oh, looks like you’re more tired than you let on right (Y/N)?” It’s so peaceful that Laito drops the nickname had a genuine smile on his face before planting a kiss on your head and carrying you to bed.

Subaru -
“Tch, are you seriously letting your guard down around me?” He’d sigh at your gullibility and carry you to bed and cuddling you to make sure you were comfortable.


Ruki - “Hmm I guess I wore you out with chores today livestock.” He’d allow you to stay like that until he was ready to move then take you to bed.

Kou - “Aww Masokity you’re so adorable~” Kou would definitely be snapping pictures of you to upload to his snapchat and instagram.

Yuma - “Tch, geez Sow you’re suck a pain.” He’d take you to bed and go about his buisness.

Azusa - “Eve… are you tired?” He wouldn’t move a muscle until you moved, too afraid to disturbe your sleep.