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Can we see Basel as a toddler?Thais is probably over asked but I just think he would be sooo cute!

Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you asked this because he is ADORABLE!

Here are his sisters too because toddlers=life

welp after 3 months the guy i’ve been ~talking to finally made a fuck boi™ comment. he also took it back almost immediately lmao. 

i’m actually gonna give him a little bit of credit for lasting this long bc we’ve been in that weird stage between friends and more than friends for a while.

anyway i’m actually gonna have to have The Ace Talk with him tonight so wish me luck


this week was an emotional rollercoaster and i’m still not 100% recovered, but i am doing a lot better (thank god). i’m finally in the writing mood again so if anyone has any prompts or requests, hit me up! i mostly pretty much always tend to write yoi, but i’m willing to write for other fandoms/pairings as well. you can find that list HERE.

things i’m currently planning/working on: 

also, i’d just like to thank everyone who reached out to me (here, on facebook, wherever) when i was a giant pile of sad. thank you all so much. seriously, i’m so lucky to have such caring friends. <333

no offense but long live all the mountains we moved i had the time of my life fighting dragons with you i was screaming long live that look on your face and bring on all the pretenders one day we will be remembered

“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..

Hi so please vote Hillary so trans people can stay on hormones and go to the bathroom.

It would be nice if you could save your shows of write-in candidate bravado for a year when trans people aren’t being openly attacked and attacks on them literally aren’t part of the Republican platform.

I mean Bernie gave Hillary his endorsement and if he’s obviously gonna vote for her and not himself or a third party I think it’s time to vote for Hillary to not wreck a bunch of people’s lives for the sake of a spiteful political gesture.

This trans person says thanks.

twenty one pilots performs Holding On To You in front of 12 fans (on their first show outside of their home state of Ohio)
Basement show, Chicago, June 2011 (x)


I would just like you all to know

That I cried while drawing this part

And we’re not done just yet! There’s still one more left to go, coming along later…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

For anyone who’s afraid they’re moving apart this year:

“2016 was a really crazy year for me and Phil, and we want 2017 to be more chill, a lot more YouTube-focused…then we’re gonna, just do some life things.” - Dan

“That is definitely gonna go on our wall for years to come.” - Phil

“Like what would happen if we did go further apart?” - Phil
 “I think the universe would rip in half, let’s not try that, Phil.” - Dan