move with caution

Brianna was coming down the stairs as he pulled the door of the study closed, moving with exaggerated caution. She arched a brow in question and he lifted the folder, smiling.

“Got him,” he whispered.

She didn’t speak, but an answering smile spread across her face, bright as the rising sun outside.

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

When it comes to the discovery of Jamie in the records of Ardsmuir prison, I feel like this little detail gets overlooked. Jamie is often associated with imagery of the sun in the book. Is this Brianna being associated with the sun in a way that creates yet another thing she’s inherited from Jamie? Or is the sun that is associated with Jamie shining on her because the record of him has been found and it brings her one step closer to him personally?

The Archetypes in Action.

Whether in Film or Literature.

Aries- That character that can’t wait to go on an adventure, even though everyone else tells them to move with caution. The one that pushes people, for good or for bad. Hot headed, protective and spirited. One of the first to fight through dangerous situations. 

Taurus- The character that wants a simple life, only for some kind of chaos to ensue completely out of their control. They make reserved company, only for strength and stamina to arrive when they really need it. Sensible and dry humoured. Admires physical delights, materialistic.

Gemini- The trickster character, changeable and witty, always ready to trip people up, prince or pauper. They will be the mischievous one, the one with sparkly eyes and a way of looking at life with much curiosity. Intelligent and communicative. 

Cancer- The character that nurtures the others around them, that provides support, yet will also react strongly to the events that take place. Intuitive and receptive to others, they will make strong bonds in even the most unlikely of circumstances. 

Leo- A just leader, yet with underlying egoism, Leo would be the loyal and brave character with assertion yet warmth. They could have a bit of a hero complex, but would be committed to protecting the vulnerable. Theatrical and humerous. 

Virgo- A cautious character, worrying about the health and well being of the ones around them. They would also be a brainiac of the group, seeing logic and patterns that many would miss. Yet this all partakes with grace and sensible qualities. 

Libra- A character wonderful at calming tense situations and arguments, exceptionally talented at bringing a sense of ease into the mix. They are diplomatic, charming, and are able to make themselves a match to many people. The primped one or the dandy. 

Scorpio- An enigma character, someone that is not easy to get a grasp of when first meeting them. They may turn out completely different later in the story, yet throughout, they are talented at dispelling situations. They have emotional intelligence and raw expression. 

Sagittarius- Wonderful with humour and adventure with a certain lightness radiating from them. Recklessness and irresponsible qualities may follow, yet they always manage to make you fond of them despite this. Like Gemini, they may take on the role of the trickster. 

Capricorn- The character with the solid plan, the support system for many of the other characters, also the one to be relied on. There is wisdom, maturity, dry wit and lessons that come with this character, yet also an old soul and melancholic expression. 

Aquarius- The rebellious character, often doing exactly what they have been told not to. They are cerebral, intelligent and eccentric, often adoring shaking things up, especially archaic qualities and systems. May come across as somewhat anarchic and insensitive. 

Pisces- The character that seems somewhere else entirely, yet is also infused with wisdom. They are likely compassionate and sensitive, yet may get forced into unfortunate situations due to rose tinted glasses. If they were one of the seven dwarfs, they would be sleepy. 

║It’s magic the way you came around║

He was risking everything for her. His job, his life. But he didn’t care. As long as he got her back safely. That’s all that mattered at the moment. He flashed his gun to the cart guy to show him he wasn’t in the mood to play games. But they were true to their word and soon after he made a call Levi saw a white van roll up suddenly. He didn’t waste any time and started running towards it. 
A door opened and he saw Samar crawling out very slowly. She was dead on her feet, moving with caution. She reached for him when he arrived at her side. “Sammy,” he said, his voice betraying his worry while he put his arm around her to support her.

Please Stop - Part 4 (Luke Imagine)

Requested: a shit load of times. thanks bros :D

Content Warning: some mild swearing anD A TON OF FEELS

Word Count: 1,500+ (including the endings)

Author: Emi :3

Notes: i added a few new characters and some foreign language to help build up the story, if you don’t mind. other than that, please read on with caution :)

Moving on from Luke

Read the whole story here!

Part 1 (Text au)

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“No. Grazie, bella signora. Buona giornata.” The little boy selling roses grinned as you watched him run off to another costumer. You smiled softly as you felt the petals from the rose that he gave you. You recognized him as one of the little boys who lived with their grandparents next to your apartment. You sometimes babysit the boys so they’re family is one of the closest people you made since you moved in last year.

You put down the red rose beside the cup of coffee you were having at one of the tables outside the cafe you were in. It was located on a wide piazza a couple blocks near your apartment. You often come here and it’s where you find peace. To get away from the war that is your thoughts.

You continue doodling in your notebook when your phone rang. Looking at it, you saw that Ashton was calling.

Normally he would just text you. So you were confused as to why he’s calling you now. Especially when you’re out of the country.


Y/N! Thank God we reached you. Where are you?” Ashton sounded relieved and breathless. What is going on?

“Ash. I’m at the piazza’s cafe. Why?” You told him.

Shit.” Ashton hissed. “Y/N go home right now. Please.

“What? Ashton why? Tell me why?”

Just go home. Get out of there. Please.” He pleaded, his voice sounding worried.

Is she out of there?” You heard Calum and Michael talk in the background, sporting the same worried tone that Ashton seem to have. Which left you more and more confused.

“Guys, what is going on? Explain now.” You said as you gathered all your things as quickly as you can. Then after you placed a couple of bills on the table, you turned around and froze.


The first thing you noticed was his expression. He looked so helpless, it hurts to look at him.


The second thing you saw was his hands. They were shaking.

“Y/N I miss yo—”

“What are you doing here, Luke?” You said, sounding colder than you intended to. He flinched at your words and took a step backwards.

You heard the faint sounds of Ashton and the others swearing and cussing on the other side on the phone line. You hung up without a word and focused on Luke in front of you.

“They tried to stop me.” He said nodding at your phone, talking about Ashton, Calum and Michael. “I ran away actually. I went straight to the next flight for Italy.”


“I want you back, Y/N.”

“Why now?”

“I was wrong.” He said, moving closer to you. But you held up your hand, stopping him from where he stood, defeated. “So wrong, Y/N. Please. I was weak. I didn’t fight for us. I gave up and that’s all on me. Blame me for everything. Just please come back.”

Here it is. The words you wanted to hear from Luke. For him to take you back. You were so ready to say yes and be with him again.

But that was a year ago.

“No. You specifically told me to move on and I did. Even if I didn’t want to. Even if it killed me each day. I moved on.” You said, holding back the tears that threatened to spill. You must remain strong. “Because you said so, I did it.”


“Go home, Luke.”

“But Y/N—”

“Please. I can’t do this anymore. You can’t just push me away then expect me to come back to you just like that. You don’t get to beg to take me back, Luke. We’re done.”

And with those words, you turned around and walked away from him. He didn’t try to stop you. You were grateful for that. For he would have seen the waterfall of tears escaping from your eyes.


Knock knock knock

You wiped your nose and breathed deeply, trying to regain your composure. Whoever was behind your front door must never know you were just finished crying.

“I can’t come into the door right now!” You shouted, not wanting to open the door.

“Mio caro, there’s a man outside the gate looking for you.” The little boys’ grandmother next door informed you outside your door.

“What?” you said, opening the door and facing the old lady. “Who is it?”

“He’s a young man. Very tall. Nonno Pablo is outside talking to him, asking him what he wants.” she explained to you, keeping a close watch on your red -rimmed eyes. This old lady knows but chose to ignore it. You were thankful for that. “He’s asking for you, Y/N.”

Your shoulders sagged as you felt more tears coming up. This is just so Luke. He makes you cry so much yet you know that deep in your heart, you still love him. Nonna Miranda gave you a hug when she saw you were about to cry. This old woman and her family has been so accepting of you for the past year. Now they were with you at a very bad time of your life.

You have to end this now.

Nonna pulled away and smiled warmly at you. She didn’t say anything and just let you walk out of your apartment and out into the gate where Nonno Pablo was.

When you got closer to where they were, you hear him talking to Luke about his own love story with Nonna.

You cleared your throat and smiled at Nonno Pablo. “I’ll take it from here, you old man.”

He beamed and walked towards the house. “Remember what I told you, Lucio. You should never let the woman of your dreams wait for long.”

Nonno chuckled loudly as he went inside the house, leaving you alone with Luke, underneath the stars and the bright Italian moon.

“I’ve learned from the past year that you should take whatever advice Nonno gives you.” you said, breaking the silence.

Luke grinned but he kept his head down. “This place is beautiful. You’ve got lovely people around you, Y/N.”

“Thanks. It makes you forget all the worries you have.” you told him.

“Y/N, please.”

“I’m still hurting, Luke.” you surprised yourself when you end up being so calm about this conversation. “But it’s getting less painful the longer I stay away from you and your life. That’s a good thing. I was doing what you told me to do. I’m trying to stop myself from loving you anymore.”

“Please, stop.” he whispered, looking up at you now. “Stop trying to distance yourself from me. We’ll be okay. We’ll work things out.”


You didn’t know what to say. You were lost.

“Y/N.” he stepped forward. “Come back to me. Please.”

Will you take him back?

Or will you continue to stop loving him?

You stared at him and shook your head.

-alright alright alright. how will you choose to end it. 

Will you pick…

The Happy Ending?


The Sad Ending?

your choice, dear reader. until next time. -Emi :3

This Week For The Signs Nov 3rd - Nov 8th
  • Aries: You may have a bit of a rebellious attitude, but Karma is hot on your trail. Move with caution, it seems everyone knows about your agenda. Attempting to talk yourself out of these may seem futile, so not getting caught is key. Karma may reach you in the end, though.
  • Taurus: You're in for the picking, Taurus! You intuition is in a great place, and so is your sex life. If you are flirted with, push back your doubts and know that if you percieved it to seem genuine incially, you may have a love interest looming here.
  • Gemini: You can seemingly talk yourself out of anything - and when you do, it seems like its for the greater good! Though, even if you manage to get out of this, Karma is well aware of what you have done... so don't do anything that may rack up massive karma.
  • Cancer: Your emotions may be all over the place, but, you are well aware of what you need.. That counts for something, right? Oh, and you are just about to communicate the fuck out of things. Speaking about your problems have never been easier, and people recieve it well!!
  • Leo: Your ego is about to take a hella hit. Grab on tight. You seem to be a walking contradiction and people are gonna call you out on it this week.
  • Virgo: Get laid. Thats it. Go be flirty and follow your intuition and please oh god get fucking laid. The planets are setting up the perfect scene as we speeeaaakk.
  • Libra: Your lawful nature is at question, and lets hope you talk yourself out of that before the midweek, because then its practically futile.
  • Scorpio: Ego is at an all time high, You're like super fucking flirty, rebellious as fuck, probs gonna do some nasty shit in the bedroom soon.
  • Sagittarius: Karma is gonna hit you like a truck. You'll try to flitter under the radar and perhaps you'll find a way to escape.
  • Capricorn: Skeptical as ever, trying to take on all the work. You'll probably get laid, yet you're emotionally at war with yourself. (Perhaps thats why you pushed yourself to get laid?). Your needs and wants are at totally different ends at this moment.
  • Aquarius: You're currently able to talk yourself out of anything, and you seem to be full of good Karma! But, towards the end of the week, you may have some emotional issues, and won't be able to revieve information as well as you should.
  • Pisces: You're as dreamy as ever, and a dreamer. Your expectations for yourself and others are extremely high, especially with a lover. This may cause a fight, due to the fact the expectations you have set for your S.O. are too unrealistic, yet you push to make these happen. Be careful, Pisces.
snores - mc

requested?: nope!

warnings?: none

word count: 315

i got the inspo for this from that snapchat we all know, and all died watching
Michael had just gotten back from tour, and to say he was exhausted was an understatement. he returned home relatively late, if 3am is considered late. and he moved with total caution and silence, assuming you were asleep. he was wrong, but you didn’t want to worry him when he was already extremely jet lagged.
when he opened the bedroom door, you stayed silent. you had barely slept in days, stress had been taking over and you were missing michael really badly. so seeing his silhouette in the dimly lit doorway made your heart pound. the small grin on his face made your stomach do backflips as he admired what he thought was you sleeping. he didn’t hesitate to climb into bed beside you once he was convinced you were settled, and within minutes his tight grasp on your hips loosened and quiet snores and whimpers escaped his chapped lips. you gave it ten or so minutes before turning around and resting your head on his now bare chest. you sighed quietly to yourself, having missed the familiar warmth of his presence. the quiet thud of his heartbeat removed any previous stress from your head, and instantly calmed you. you never knew how michael was capable of doing this, but he never failed. you lay still, admiring the features of his face that you could only see from close up. you gently ran your finger over his stubble, enjoying the tickling feeling it gave. the look of him, totally in peace and vulnerability, was too precious not to capture. you grabbed your phone, opening the camera and turning off the ringer as not to wake him. taking a small video, you smiled to yourself, completely happy and consent with everything in the moment, and you managed to slowly fall into sleep, not wanting to await the following hours so you could finally welcome michael home.

naruhina; sway with me

prompt: dancing (D-7)
rating: K+
a/n: short one for this prompt cause I was really drawing a blank haha. enjoy!



Hinata believed she never knew how to dance but Naruto showed her she’s known how to all along.

He took the lead, as his nature suggested he would, offering a hand not so full of poise but brimming with confidence. She hesitantly reached for it; her palm shying away from his but his grip became the reassurance she needed. No music played for none was needed, only the melody of their heartbeats pattering in unison was loud enough to echo their dance forever. He positioned her hands, her body, her everything against his, wearing his signature grin so she knew he was there and he would be there with her every step of the way.

Then they began.

It started at a slow pace, feet moving limber but full of caution. As though uncertain on the next step to take, as though unsure on the next move to expect, as though afraid. He whispered softly into her ear but his voice rang aloud as the day he declared their ninja way proudly and cemented her vow to him forever. He conducted the sway of their bodies, leaving behind footsteps for her to follow and guiding her through till she was rhythmically pursuing them naturally by herself.

She took one step back, choosing to admire him from a further distance and being content with gazing ahead at the person who shone too brightly for her to even touch. So she decided that was possibly enough, she couldn’t dream for more. But then he made a daring step forward, encouraging her to do the same with that exact willpower, reminding her that nothing hindered her from taking that step ahead except her own doubts. Failure was always an option but accept it with pride because everybody falls but not everyone stands up again. And he knew she could.

His belief made her change the rhythm.

She took two steps forward. One when she figured out the seed of admiration had blossomed into beautiful petals of deep affection where their vibrant colours could be seen when the sun was the brightest. She marched forward till she was willing to place her life on a platter for death to reap should it mean his was kept safe.

The other was when he had taken a withering step back, a step full of uncertainty on whether he deserved to walk the road to his dreams when so many dear lives laid on the path frozen. But she leaped ahead, coming up to him aggressive and confident while her hands kept him still as she reminded him how he had been the one to lead all and he was the one who deserved to lead all. That courage was more than what it seemed and that strength grew far beyond physical limitations.

Now they stood in the middle together.

So they started to twirl, one circling around in hesitation as she wonders day and night whether her feelings will ever truly reach him while her hands knits away at the red thread she hoped would tie their lives together. While the other turned around in ignorance, unaware that his eternal happiness waited for him to awaken from the shrouds of doubt blinding him to what he could’ve held before it took him letting her slip away to realize.  

And then she started to dip, falling lower and lower away from him till he could feel the tremors of fear crawling through his skin at the thought of losing her from his side. So he hurriedly charges ahead again, holding her hand tightly and never wanting to let go as he catches her. Like he always did. Like he always has.

He brings her to stand once more, his arms slipping around her waist while hers wrapped around his neck. Both of them holding on as strong as the bond gleaming from their ring finger.

He grins widely. “See, who said you can’t dance?”

She smiles herself, leaning on his chest so she could continue swaying to the dance she hoped would never end.

“Only with you.”


previous day // next day


The great blizzard had swept through Falkreath so suddenly that neither Rowan nor Farkas had seen it coming. Wind and snow came blowing down from the mountains in a relentless fury, overwhelming the gloomy village and the surrounding forest in such powerful torrents of frost that it would be nigh impossible for travelers to navigate through… and Divines watch over anyone who tried. 

As the wintry gale raged on, Rowan made his way about Lakeview Manor, checking the doors and windows to be sure that all were closed good and tight. Suddenly, he caught an unfamiliar scent emanating somewhere from the lower level of the cabin. Moving slowly and with caution, he followed it to its source, knowing Farkas would have easily caught the smell of a stranger as well. When he came upon the opening to the entry hall, he found his husband already there, staring down an unexpected visitor who had sought shelter in their home while the violent weather ravaged the land outside.

“You didn’t lock the main doors?” asked the vampire, turning to Farkas with a quizzical look of disbelief written across his pallid face.

“I was getting to them,” said the wolf, eyes flashing perilously at the stranger while his posture lowered into a threatening position and his hands curled into fists at his side. “Guess I didn’t get there fast enough.”

Rowan sighed at his husband, but didn’t seem willing to argue the subject any further. He regarded the unknown guest with an air of consideration, deciding to allow them a chance to explain themselves before casting them out into the deadly cold. “All right, tell us exactly who you are,” he demanded, calm and concise - but there was a mild flare of danger in his scarlet eyes that suggested his good grace was not to be trifled with. “We can’t very well send some poor traveler away into this mess, but do not think for a second that we won’t kill you if we think you’ll try to kill us first.”