move to londen

The one where you move to London for him (Niall imagine)

‘Are you really sure about this?’ Niall asked you for the millionth time, what made you sigh out of frustration. ‘Yes, Ni… I’m very, very sure of this. Please stop asking or I’ll change my mind.’ You said to him, while you were filling another box. ‘But do you want to change you mind then?’ Niall asked again, what made you stop in your actions and glare at him darkly. ‘Babe… I’m sorry. I just don’t want you to do this if you don’t want to. I feel guilty for you leaving behind all of your friends and family. I want you to be absolutely sure of this.’ He explained looking worriedly. And it was true. It wasn’t something easy to do. But you would do it for him. ‘It’s you Niall.’ You just said to him, making him look very confused. ‘You’re the one I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with. So if you ask me, to move to Londen to be with you, I’m surely willing to do that without any hesitation. And it’s also because I know, the moment I miss my family and friends, that you will let me go to visit them. And that’s everything I’m asking for. So please… Believe me on my word when I say that I am sure of my decision and I didn’t doubt it for a second, and I never will either.’ You finished and during the whole speech you looked into his eyes, making sure he understood everything you were saying. And when he started nodding, moving towards you, you knew he got it. He took you into his arms and held you tightly. ‘I love you so much for making that sacrifice for me.’ He whispered into your hair, what made you roll your eyes in his chest. ‘This isn’t a sacrifice. It’s a new start. The start of my life with you!’ You ended with a smile. He chuckled because of the obvious excitement into your voice. ‘I love the way that sounds.’ He admitted just before he kissed your forehead. ‘Me too…’ You smiled at him, making your way over to kiss his lips.

NOTE: It’s quite a short one… I’m sorry about that :-) I just didn’t really now what to add more!