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Companions when out and about
  • Skyrim: ughhhhh omf do we have to keep walking, what, why are you turning around wtf is going on whhhhhyyyyy.
  • Dragon age 2: look at us we can stand in perfect af little triangular formation. We won't move our fcking asses unless you do, Hawke.
Sambucky headcanons because I’m in hell

(I got really carried away with this I’m so sorry)

- Sam always comes up with the most elaborate, well constructed insults and Bucky has yet to match him with a good comeback.

- He has been known to message Sam with a comeback days after the argument. So far the record is 8 days. 

- Despite insisting that Sam is “a punk who should respect his elders”, Bucky shows up on his doorstep fairly regularly to get away from Steve and his bullshit for a little while.

- Despite insisting that Bucky is “a lame old man who should get to thinking about retirement”, he always lets him in and they spend hours talking about their time in the army and all Steve’s ridiculous antics. 

- Even though Bucky would never admit it, he prefers being in Sam’s company most of the time. He’s one of the few people to treat him like a normal person instead of acting like he’s made of glass all the time, and it helps him feel a little less broken. 

- Whenever Sam makes a pop culture reference that Bucky doesn’t understand, it always results in them sitting down and marathoning whichever movie or TV show it came from. 

- The fact that Sam slowly begins making more and more pop culture references is entirely coincidental shut up Natasha

- Since getting back Bucky spends a lot of time just sitting on his own getting lost in his own thoughts, sometimes with some nasty results, so Sam takes it upon himself to find that sad old grandpa a hobby. 

- When he suggested knitting it was supposed to just be another old man joke, but it turns out they both enjoy it. It takes Bucky longer to get the hang of it, but Sam still uses his first tangled creation as a scarf for Redwing. 

- Whenever Steve goes on missions with Nat or Clint, Bucky will spend the night at Sam’s because he hates being on his own at night. 

- Sam always comes to check on him because he knows Bucky still gets nightmares sometimes, and they’ll stay up until the morning (or until Bucky falls asleep) talking about the last movie they watched or making plans for the next day. 

- He doesn’t realise he’s in love with Bucky until one night as he’s getting up to leave, Bucky grabs his arm and asks him to stay longer, and Sam realises he never wants to leave him on his own again. 

- Bucky doesn’t realise until the next day, when he wakes up in Sam’s arms and feels safe for the first time in 70 years. 

- The romantic mood is utterly ruined when Sam is abruptly woken up by Bucky’s cold metal arm touching his skin. 

- He spends most of that day knitting a sleeve for Bucky’s arm, so the incident isn’t repeated the next time they spend the night together. 

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all of the music is still there, which definitely makes this feel like a "time for y'all to get the fck up outta my personal life" move, at least to the degree of sm. obviously her music is still going to be hella personal, but like, she's not taking her work away. Just the places where people are waaay too liable to cross boundaries. Maybe she deleted them bc she's over all that old drama & wants the music to be the focus for once / prepping for all the new drama that is def about to happen lol

yeah that’s why i figured like she is trying to prove you can stay the fuck out of her life and still appreciate her for the work she’s putting out (??)

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We have the same man no harm in being sisters💜

Same man yea? I’ll fuck you up you little bitch. Yeah we are sisters after me being with your dad you little snakey bitch move the fck outta here are you fucking dumb bruv

Allah why did you use my Purple Hearts? They’re haram now. Shit

I need some time to re-center myself and figure my shit out. But I’ll get there.

If you did me grimey...

Honestly I dunno how other people do it. Yeah, I can forgive you, I can move on. We can still kickit, hang out but there’s no way that I can be close to the point we’re buddy buddy, bestfriends & shit cus you lost my trust. & if we WERE close before, then that’s even worse. That’s what you call a backstabber. I don’t ride with that.

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Hey, I really need some advice. There's this guy that has feelings for me but he's also got a girlfriend. He asked me to wait for a month... Should I wait for him to make up his mind or should I just move on?

what the fck is he doing u should slap him and move on bcos clearly hes an idiot