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Organizing Moves

Well, I missed last week, so this week you get a larger dose of selfies.  I think I’ll try to keep the text to the same length though. I get the idea that there’s a limited amount of attention for that sort of thing.

I’m moving at work, in the next couple weeks. We’re just changing desks, but I’ll be right in front of a window. I’m happy to move - right now we have windows but we can’t keep them open because our office is on the ground floor and we would get people distracting us and peeking in on things. I’m a little nervous about the makeup and the social change that the move will bring. We will be much nearer some of the people I’ve had contact with and a little more visible, and I’m not sure what it will mean for my sense of how the team actually views me. I’m under the impression that I can do my job but it feels a little like I’ve been moved into a larger pond (or at least a bigger fishtank). We’ll see what happens.

I know that I say this about once a month but I am starting to be really happy with my hair again.  I’ll play a little more with it as soon as I can, but when I tilt my head back I can feel the length of the hair on by back, and it all can go to one side and stay there, and it just feels good to have my hair be this type of thing that I can play with and do multiple things with. It feels good. I’ve got a couple of plans for it coming up though.  I’ll be getting a trim, since it’s been more than a year since I went to my stylist and got it cut.  Just the ends off, and hopefully now that I’m caring for it a bit better the split ends will be less prevalent.  About May timeframe I’m going to get it recolored.  I really like how it’s fading now, thankfully, but I kind of am yearning for that type of vibrant color that I had before. Once a year seems okay.  I’m not going to change it up too much, but I have some hair color goals and my hair is almost long enough to actually do it now.

I got a chance to go to a show in the last week on my own. This is the first time I’ve ever done this, if I can remember right.  I saw Fun Home at the Curran theater and it was pretty great, really touching in parts and also fun in other parts. I’d recommend it if you can find a good performance.  D and I got season tickets to the SHN musical season (which includes Hamilton, the actual goal of our purchase) and it’s been really great to see all of the performances this year.  I’m really a fan of musicals and I’m really glad to be living in a city where I can attend a lot of them.

I’ve been slowly but surely starting to get a little more organized lately, and that has given me a little bit of pause.  Now that I’m trying to make a concerted effort to make my life “post-transition” I’ve started picking up a bunch of the things that took up my free time before, and feeling at some of them.  Some of them seem to have a little bit of gender baggage attached.  I’ve been playing in a fun Magic: the Gathering league with some people at work for example, and it’s a little weird because I hadn’t played the game since transition. Picking up some of the programming side projects that I haven’t touched in a while is strange too, as I keep finding little pieces of what feels like a fake life sitting around.  I realize what I’m doing is more, discovering what was facade and what were things that were authentically me. There’s maybe more to it than that. Drudging up these old projects and habits connect me socially to people who I might have to coach through my transition too, and I really might not care for that.

Oh, did I say it would be the same length as normal?  I got a little carried away.  I hope you all are surviving.  I see you. You are important. <3 

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what are your favorite bellarke moments? :)

omg my favorite bellarke moments that’s a hard one.

there’s just so many to choose from. Okay fine I’ll pick three lol:

1. In season 3 when Bellamy searches for Clarke when she’s being kidnapped by Roan. That moment when he moves her hair out of her face and basically tells her he’s gonna get her out of any situation she gets in. I just, I get emotional every time I think about it lmao.

2. The scene in season 3 when they’re trying to find Luna and Bellamy’s frustrated and Clarke goes after him and he ends up confessing his emotions about how angry he was and they have this real heart-to-heart moment and then they had the epic hug where he LITERALLY nuzzles his head onto her shoulder and lips touch skin. I’m literally in love with them

3. Most definitely, the 3rd episode of season 4, where Clarke and Bellamy realize that they can’t live without the other so they put each other on the list, and then the hand on the shoulder and then nuzzling it. like if that doesn’t tell you this slow burn is about to be endgame, idk what will.

Scanty commission for @parmesannightmare!

ive never drawn scanty before and thats a crime tbh…shes one of my faves

for those who are curious, the commissioner wanted her with a messy bun, black polo shirt, and heart shaped sunglasses! i tried my best, and i kinda like how i drew the hair, but if you want me to try to change anything i can!

shout out 2 my pal for helping me with the hand (hands are ofc hard for me to draw)

Only commissioner can use | Commission info


Fairly happy with Lunar’s face shape and features so I’m moving on to carving her hair before finishing work on her eye.
#art #artist #sculpture #woodart #woodcarving #preraphaelite #beauty

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I am looped in the loops of her hair (brown penny)

Darcy always wanted princess hair. Silky smooth and down to her waist, or further still. She wore a t-shirt over her head pretending she had long, long hair, and danced around her room singing Disney songs and ballads from her mother’s favorite 80s hair bands.

This, though, this is not what she wanted not one bit. Her hair fills the room, cascades of curling brown locks swirling across the floor, burying everything. She can’t move, something more than her cursed hair is weighing her down. She fists her hands in her hair and pulls hard.

“Oof,” groans a voice.


“Yeah.” A hand rises up from a mountain of hair. Thick strands wrap tight around Steve’s wrist. When he moves it pulls her hair and makes Darcy’s scalp sting. “Sorry,” he says swimming up through her hair pushing it off of his face.

Darcy tugs at a different bit of hair, twisting the strands in her grip and pulling hard. Something crashes to the floor in the kitchen. Her heart jumps in her chest.

“What happened?” Steve asks brandishing a small utility knife and sawing at the hair looping around his wrist.

“I don’t know, but I’m gonna blame the bugs,” Darcy snarls taking a step forward. Her hair isn’t going with her. It’s like the stuff has woven itself around the furniture like creeping vines. “I’m gonna strangle them.”

“With your hair?”

“Shut up.”

Never leave me again

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Jordan Parrish x Reader 

Request :  Hi! If you have time, could you do a reader x Jordan Parrish where they always flirts and eventually sleep together, but then the reader discovers she is pregnant? So she tries to escape during the night (because she thinks Parrish will hate/reject her and the baby), and when he notices she’s missing, he panics and goes looking for her? Thank you

Warnings : smut , teasing , Pregnant!Reader 

     Your scent , the way you moved your hips , your hair , your mouth , your beautiful eyes , all about you drove him crazy you always tried to spend more time with him in order to see if he feels something for you but he never said anything , neither did something until one night you both got drunk at your house .


     After a fucked up week at work you decided to invite Parrish at your house , he was your partner at work so you had some reasons to invite him bedside your feelings for him that were growing more and more until you loved him so much that you was sure that if he will ever tell you that he wants to be more than friends with you , you’ll accept without even thinking about it .

     After a few glasses of wine and a heated chat you couldn’t keep hands of each other . You brought Parrish to your room and he pressed you against the wall his lips kissing yours hungrily , you dug your hands in his hair messing up his locks while he was kissing down your jaw and to your neck . Slowly the clothes disappeared from yours and Parrish’s body . his hands traveled all over your body , his lips getting stuck at your neck and nipples while his hand made circles on your tummy as mire moans escaped your lips he made his way down your waist and ripped your underwear before touching you in the most intimate zone on your body .

     “ Parrish , please …” you moaned out and he got the message , he got fully undressed and he was on top on you in a matter of seconds . He buried his manhood into your tight , wet pussy and moved slow at the beginning before increasing speed more and more until you got truly lost in the act of love making . In that night he came several times inside of you but at that moment you didn’t even realized what was happening , you just knew that the man that you loved made love to you . You didn’t cared that you woke up alone because it was the most wonderful night of your life .

           End of Flashback 

     From that night everything changed , you and Parrish became inseparable and you even moved on with him . He was a great lover , he took care of you , loved you , made you happy and he was amazing in bed but besides all of that he was the chosen one , the one made for your heart and everything was fine until something destroyed the clam in your mind .

     It was the fourth time in this day when you needed to go to the bathroom in order not to vomit all over the papers on your desk , your co-workers were worried for you and this all made the things even worse since Parrish was gone with the sheriff and you didn’t wanted to ask Parrish to come back just to give you a drive home .

     “ Come with me !” Deputy Clark said and you followed her out of the station . She stopped to a drugstore before finally arriving to Parrish’s house .

     “ Take this !” She said handing you a little bag that she got from the drugstore . You looked into the bag and your face went pale .

     “ Don’t you think that I’m … ?” You whispered and she sighed .

     “ I’m not sure (Y/N) but it’s better to check , if you’re not than maybe you should go to the hospital to run some tests .

     “ Thank you !” your small voice said and you got out of the car , you hurried into the house and ran straight to the bathroom . After doing what you needed to do with the 4 pregnancy tests you waited for 5 excruciating minutes until they showed the answer and they were all positive . Your hand immediately went to your belly and you felt the room spin . 

     You got yourself pregnant . What if Parrish doesn’t want the child ? What if he doesn’t wants me anymore ? What if he wants me to do an abortion ? I don’t want to give up on my child . I don’t want to do that . I don’t want anything bad to happen to my little baby . But if Parrish doesn’t wants it what am I going to do ? all this thought and even more rushed trough your head , you was worried about you and the baby so you decided to go away rather than to hear Parrish rejecting you and the child .

     At 8 PM Parrish returned home , his hands went around your waist and he pulled you extremely close to him as is he wanted to bury you in his body .

     “ What happened today at work ? The others said that you felt really bad and Clark brought you home .” Parrish asked concerned and you tried to smile even if it didn’t reached your eyes .

     “ Nothing , maybe it was from the last night food , nothing to worry about .” You answered and Parrish kissed your lips before letting you go . You two ate in a comfortable silence which gave you time to think about how you’re going to disappear .

     It was almost 12 AM when you got out of the bed and got dressed into some casual clothes before picking you a bag that you hid downstairs in the closet as you knew that Parrish will never look for it in there .

     You went outside and got into your car , you started the engine and drove silently until you arrived to the next street so you could safely speed up .

     Driving into that dark night wasn’t safe and the tears that steamed down your face were making diving even more dangerous . You drove alone in silence for hours until you hear another car behind you . It drives fast and soon it stops in front of your car making you stop . You knew too good who owned that car and it wasn’t a surprise for you when Parrish got out of the car a concerned look on his face . Your face was still covered in tears whom never stopped crying so when Parrish opened the door he was hit by your wet face and red puffy eyes . You jumped from the car in his arms and started to cry very loud as you couldn’t stop the feeling of pain in your chest .

     “ Shhh baby , you’re alright . You’re safe .” Jordan whispered to you thing that made you cry even harder .

     “ I’m so sorry .” you whimpered in his chest and he kissed the top of your head . “ I never meant for it to happen , I’m so sorry Jordan . Please don’t push me away .” the whining sound made Parrish’s heart melt and he was just confused about what you talked .

     “ What are you talking about ?” he asked as he put a hand under your chin so you’ll look him in the eye .

     “ I’m pregnant …” your whisper was almost to low to be heard but Parrish got it .

     “ (Y/N) , I love you . I’m happy that we’re going to have a child and I love you more than you can image . You made me the happiest man on Earth but please never leave me again . I need you here with me . You and my child . Okay ?” he told you and you nodded your head in approval .

     “ I love you .” you whispered and he kissed the top of your head before he got you in his car and drove both of you home . You fell asleep in the car and Parrish couldn’t help bit look at you and think about how much he loved you and your unborn child .

SubaYume Fluff

hai this took me so long to figure out how to upload lol

it wouldn’t post the first 4 times so I HAD TO FREAKING RE WRITE IT 4 TIMES. that’s why it’s really short.

plz send requests lol


The girl that stood in front of him had her usually tied up ombre hair flowing down to her waist. Her sunset eyes gazed up at the night sky, the one they were experiencing together. A breeze passed by and her hair moved naturally, making him think about the intense natural beauty she has.

Gently, he took her smaller hand in his larger one, making her turn to him in surprise. “Yume.” he whispered smoothly.

Yume’s eyes widened at her name; he never says it.

“I love you, Yudetako”

Both of their faces were flushed red, causing one another to laugh. “You’re bright red!” the girl giggled.

“So are you, idiot!” They continued laughing.

After catching their breaths, he repeated himself. “I love you, stupid.”

The blonde looked up at her smiling boyfriend. “I love you too of course, dummy.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment before the gap between them closed. Subaru rested a hand on her waist and one was on the back of her head, pulling her closer. She raised her hands up to his face and cupped his cheeks, feeling them burn. Tilting her head up, she saw into his sapphire eyes while he saw into her sunset ones. The brunette leaned down, letting their lips gently yet passionately connect.


“It’s Love, Isn’t it?” (Viktor’s Moving Castle!)

I live for Hat Maker/HouseKeeper Yuuri, Wizard Viktor and Apprentice Yurio! 

@starphases @weebhyun @riiza <33


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf


Viktor’s Moving Castle~

(Yuri on Ice AU for my babes @starphases @weebhyun @riiza <3)


Caejose Week 2016
Day 7 - Growing Old

you guys remember that Howl’s Moving Castle au i did last september? well its back


all.. mine!


Books; Howl’s Moving Castle

“I think we ought to live happily ever after,“ and she thought he meant it.