move that dope video


December in Kyoto, Japan (2015)

Featuring: Bgirl Narumi, Bgirl Ayumi, Bboy Zeshen

Body Carnival / Havikoro Crew

Dope moves, dope music, dope scenery, and overall dope video!


Move That Dope - Future Feat. Pusha T & Pharrell

Future FT Pharrell & Pusha T - Move That Dope (Official video) (New)

Ciara And Her Dad Dance To Future’s ‘Move That Dope’


Future Drops “Move That Dope” Music Video Featuring Pusha T And Pharrell Williams


Future feat. Pharrell Williams & Pusha T. - Move That Dope


Gambino freestyling over Move That Dope
video: @diegitomolina_

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oneyoungkazz  asked:

casino left out of move that dope video, his second snub after karate chop. is future not his brother's keeper?

I met Future at a listening session a few weeks ago and asked him about this. It turns out Casino wasn’t supposed to be on either of these records initially but he went rogue and snuck his vocals onto Future’s Pro Tools sessions. Future then found the verses when it was time to send them out to be mastered and decided to leave them on the street versions as a way to boost his brother’s profile. He assured me that Casino’s “Move That Dope” verse will appear on the album.

I like Casino. “All I do is sell dreams” is one of the realest and truest things any rapper has said in a long time. I could easily see him surprising people and growing into the Waka to Future’s Gucci.