move somethin

i thought it would be fun to do one of those animation meme thingys—– so heres a sloppy mob n reigen feat. disgruntled dimple

(colourless vers is under read more because i actually think it looks better than w colour???)

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Royal Guard Dogs: [OCT. Contest Pic]

Finally…FINISHED!! This took waaaay longer than I thought it would…fun, but kinda tedious really; didn’t mean to make it so big. But I will say I’m pretty proud of the BG for someone that kinda despises BGs…I’m gettin’ better! So all-in-all, mmyeah I’m pretty happy with this…~ :p
…I’ll be honest though, can’t wait to move on to somethin’ else.

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[askpuppylove]Polly@Freya: You have some sort of mewtwo blessing?? Proof or it didn't happen! Move a mountain or somethin'! *she wags her tail in excitement*

“Are you kidding?” Freya said, looking at the Shaymin in pure disbelief. It was one thing for someone to know she had a blessing from a Mewtwo… it was another one to ask for her to show it off in such a ludicrous manner. “A mountain? An entire, freaking mountain? I’m sorry, but I doubt any Mewtwo would be able to just yank one out of the ground without preparation!“ 


2 Live Crew - Move Somethin’ (Nasty Version) 

tbh im not even a huge karkat fan but something that stings abt the “””””ending”””” is that karkat didnt get to do jack fuckin shit to redeem himself in his own eyes. he didnt get to fight in the final battle, didnt get to “lead his people”, didnt get to goddamn make up for giving the frog cancer the first time round. you just know that this is something that daves gonna spend years trying to help karkat move past but unless somethin real important happens in the epilogue karkat’s gonna die feeling just as useless and out of place amongst gods and warriors as he did amongst non-mutant trolls on alternia- and that shit’s fuckin sad.