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what are the lyrics????

i;m so bad at this so these are prlly 50% wrong but

she’s got a family in carolina

[no clue]

oh so far from home

she never saw herself as a west coaster

moved [somethin] cause her grandma told her

[i think more lyrics but he skipped them bc he got distracted] swim before you drown

she’s a good girl

she’s such a good girl

she’s a good girl

she feels so good

she’s got a book for every situation

gets into parties without invitations

Royal Guard Dogs: [OCT. Contest Pic]

Finally…FINISHED!! This took waaaay longer than I thought it would…fun, but kinda tedious really; didn’t mean to make it so big. But I will say I’m pretty proud of the BG for someone that kinda despises BGs…I’m gettin’ better! So all-in-all, mmyeah I’m pretty happy with this…~ :p
…I’ll be honest though, can’t wait to move on to somethin’ else.

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Do Michael have the tiddie yet? Or is he still built like a damn brick house after all this time

    One would think that fifteen years of a strictly sedentary lifestyle would rob a growing boy of his lankiness but regardless of spurious catatonia, Michael has retained a decent figure befitting any average person that one might see on the street. Truthfully, Michael’s physical makeup is also verse dependent. One might think that this silent slasher is always a giant, but in the original films, Michael stands at about 6′0″, a perfectly average height that allows him to merge with and disappear into a crowd should he desire it. The way that his body is built suggests to others that he is underdeveloped ( and he certainly should be, being that he sat perfectly still with little exercise for fifteen years ) but he possesses much more strength than what meets the eye. In the reimaginings, however, Michael’s physical strength matches his appearance. Following a long period of captivity, he emerges at a towering 6′8″. Here his strength is much more evident as he is much larger than other people, but his size is limited mostly to height. He’s hardly as wide as he is tall. In both of these cases, however, he’s much stronger than he looks and I believe that that plays a role in his deception ( much more so in the original films, as he is much more outwardly intimidating in the reimaginings )—people might underestimate him or disregard him as dangerous because he does not possess a physical makeup that puts people in the mindset that he is dangerous.  

You Break, We All Break [Part IX]


Their plan comes together and quickly.

Ithaerin is able to pinpoint their brother’s location, a small outpost on the edge of the area occupied by the Legion in southern Suramar. Felsoul Hold stands off in the distance, but the place they arrive to is quite a monument itself, shaped to stretch up into a sky of fel.

They figure they do not have too much time, and act like it, moving through the outpost with unhindered swiftness, something that very much alarms them but it does not deter them from their plan:

Retrieve Inthius. Kill Hantheron.

An easy enough thing, but… the unhindered swiftness, the quiet of the place… it disturbs them.

To all three Islesuns, it feels like a trap to the highest degree, especially when they come to a center chamber of some sort, a thing with a high ceiling and various walkways all centered around a central column that appears to be a lift of some sort or fashion.

“We… what the fuck?” Ildrielen asks aloud, looking around. She isn’t wrong. “Where do we go from here?”

It’s a solid question. The various walkways, the central lift, the darkest corners of the galaxy all in one place, or so it seems… where do they go?

“I… I’ve dealt with alien technology before, but this is-” Ithaerin murmurs, eyes wide with wonder.

“Out of your league?” Ildrielen pipes up, shooting a smirk as best she can manage in a grim place like this at Ithaerin, who just responds by rolling his eyes.

“Not now, either of you!” Ithanar interjects, giving them an order that seems to shut them both up. “We have a mission.”

“Who gets to kill Hantheron?” The auburn-haired woman asks, pacing down a ramp that leads to that center column. Her gaze is on a swivel, and she even raises her bow.

There’s quiet, a simmering thing at that question given the gravity of it all, but it doesn’t last too long.

“Let’s take things one at a-” Ithaerin begins to say, following her and closely too.

“I’ll kill him.”

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I love the way your blog is set up and the way you portray the characters! I was wondering if you could do, getting high/trying drugs for the first time with the 2Ps. If you don't want to do it that's fine, I just thought it would be interesting. <3!

((thank you haha. and oh my god, plz read these in sleepy stoned voices i beg of you x’D ))

The 2Ps when they’re high:

2p!america: [the hunger games one] hhhhh oh look fooddddd– *falls over a plate of spaghetti* mine mine miiiiiiineeeee– *starts clumsily shoving food in his mouth, hisses whenever someone gets near his food* get yo ass away from my spaletti bro

2p!china: [the i-want-to-stop-laughing-but-i-can’t one] aaaahahahahAAAaaAAAA…. stop, my ribs hurt ahaaa…! i’m so fucking happy rn hahahaaaa!

2p!england: [the paranoid one] aaaaah oh my gosh what if the police are comingggg… you are all planning something i’m scareddddd guh–

2p!france: [the sleepy one] i feel fuckin’ exhausted what the fuck *trips* i’m just gonna crash here for a sec *stays on the floor and falls asleep in like 2 seconds*

2p!russia: [the can’t-keep-their-head-up one] what is this *facewalls* i can’t… *sits and head falls to side* i’m so tired ughhh *slides to the ground and rests head because weak and heavy a’f*

2p!italy: [the time travel one] first of all……..,,, i wanna know how… you went from sittin’ on the couch… to over there………….,,, ? you was just like.. there one second agoo bruh?? *points lazily, stumbling around* why is time going so sloooow like, wha–?

2p!germany: [the i-have-to-tell-the-world-i’m-high one] *laughing* i’m high as fuuuuuuuck…….,,,,, yo, i’m hiiiiigh *uncontrollable giggling* let’s take some pictas man i stg i’m highhhhh lmfao

2p!japan: [the i-see-cartoons one] *le gasp* oh my goddd…. are you guys seeing pikachu? *chuckling* you guys look, there’s pikachuuu

2p!canada: [the major munchies one] bruh…….. bruuuuuuh… like, i’m so fuckin’ hungry… i’m gonna go get some like….. burger king or some shit,,

2p!romano: [the trust-issues one] y’all talkin’ shit about me… y’all laughin’ over there… you look like y’all talking about me…! why are you talking about meeeee

2p!austria: [the i-see-dead-people one] yo yoooo y’all are crazy… you all shut up ‘cause i swear i saw somethin’ move over there… there’s a shadow, i saw it move i’m tellin’ youuuuuuuuu– oh y’all don’t believe me ok

2p!prussia: [the super chill and laidback one] this is so great… i feel so light and carefree hehehe… do you guys love me, i think you guys love me… ahaha, everyone loves me for once yaaaaaayyyy *stumbling around in circles looking for random people to hug*

Renegades- 3

Summary: Life with James “Bucky” Barnes was supposed to be the American Dream, until you accidentally become the target of a well-known drug pusher with no reservations about putting a bullet in both your heads. Now on the lam, the two of you will go to extraordinary lengths to survive. 1990s AU

Words: 1284

Master  Part 2

Originally posted by romanian-plum

Bucky’s mistake was instantaneous. Gunfire filled the air as soon as Loki stumbled. He was shouting, reaching into his coat for his own weapon as Bucky ducked behind the red couch, but he didn’t draw fast enough. One of Bucky’s bullets pierced his gut, blood blossoming over his shirt and making the black fabric stick to his skin. He fell to his knees and then went down, face first into the pile of clothes on the floor.

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#2 with bokurohina

2- : “I can smell it! You’re in heat.”

“Hey Shouyou, do your muscles hurt or somethin? You’re moving really stiffly.” Bokuto scooted closer to the omega who was currently hunched over on his floor, arms wrapped around his knees as he tried to play the video game Bokuto had picked out for them.

“No! I’m okay!” Hinata perked up as Bokuto moved closer, his voice coming out in a raspy squeak that the alpha had to strain to hear.  Kuroo snickered from the bean bag chair in the corner of Bokuto’s bedroom, his face covered by a volleyball magazine.

“Well are you sick then? You don’t sound so good, you could’ve stayed home if you felt bad!” Bokuto invaded the small omega’s space even more, dropping down to the floor beside him as he tried to figure out why Hinata was acting so strangely, despite coming all the way to Tokyo to visit for the weekend. Hinata just shook his head in response, his fluffy orange hair swishing back and forth as he tried to turn his head away so Bokuto couldn’t see the blush on his cheeks.  Kuroo just laughed again, peeking his eyes out over the top of the magazine to watch the scene playing out in front of him.

“Then what is it, Shouyou? Is it too hot, did I make you mad? Did Kuroo make you mad?”

“I didn’t do a damn thing to him, Kou and you know it.” Kuroo chucked the magazine at Bokuto’s head, apologizing when it nearly hit Hinata instead. “If only your nose didn’t suck so bad you’d realize why Hinata wanted to come to Tokyo in the first place. Right, little crow?”

Hinata tried to deny it at first with another shake of his head, but the overwhelming presence of not one, but two strong alphas in the room was enough to get him to nod, and agree that yes.  That was exactly  the reason he had asked to come to Tokyo this weekend.

Bokuto, clearly not understanding the silent conversation between Kuroo and Hinata, leaned in, quickly taking a sniff at the omega’s neck, just behind his ear.  Bokuto’s blood began to burn its way south as soon as he got a whiff of the omega’s sweet scent, and Hinata shivered underneath him, clearly sensing the alpha’s change in temperament.

“I can smell it. You’re in heat, Shouyou.”

Hinata whimpered and nodded his head, his body nearly melting at the heat radiating off of Bokuto’s body.  Kuroo stood from the beanbag chair only to plop back down on Hinata’s other side, leaning in close so that he could also drown himself in the omega’s desperate scent.

If Kuroo wasn’t his friend, Bokuto would’ve growled at the other alpha for invading his space, especially with a needy omega in his arms. But he and Kuroo simply grinned at each other over Hinata’s head, knowing they had alot to look forward to in the next few hours.

“Are you sure, Shouyou?” Bokuto asked just before he laid his hand on Hinata’s thigh, knowing that once he started, he wouldn’t be able to tear himself away. Though they weren’t officially mated, neither of them were to this little omega, they had done this before, and they needed to check to make sure Hinata was still okay with the situation.

Hinata just nodded once again while clearing his throat.  “It’s why I came to Tokyo.”

~mod Daishou


Requested by anonymous. “Can you do a one shot imagine where the reader is pregnant with skinny!steve’s child?”

By- @marvel-watch-your-language

The two of you had tried and tried, but for the three years you had been married, you were never able to become pregnant and start a family together. You figured that it would be impossible.

You nervously twirled the platinum ring around your finger, waiting for Steve to return home. Staring at the ceiling, the door burst open with Bucky dragging your husband behind him.

Luckily, he looked decently alive this time, so you could tell him the news. “Sit him on the couch, Buck,” you tell Bucky. He plops Steve down gently next to you, but by your demeanor, you seemed a bit off. Bucky sat on your other side and put a hand on your shoulder as Steve moved closer.

“What’s up? Somethin’ is bothering you,” Bucky claimed, concerned.

“Well, it’s good news. And I’d like you both to hear it…” You bit your lip,suppressing your bright grin with an intent to surprise them.

Steve’s eyes lit up in realization. “Are you?”

Tears brimmed your eyes as the two tackled you in a bear hug. You kissed Steve joyfully, as you always wanted children. The only reason you two had been unsure was all of Steve’s health issues. You feared for your children. In many ways.

“Congratulations, Rogers! Well I’ll leave you…” Bucky exited your house, winking before turning on his heel and walking out the door.

“I can’t believe this! We’re going to be parents!” Steve’s voiced bounced off the walls as you chuckled at his excitement. At five three, he still had that damned inch on you. He always teased you about it, given that he was half the size of the majority of the male population, you let it slide.

“What will we name him?” Steve asked.

“Him?” You asked, acting as if you were outraged. “SHE will be named…. She shall be named Leah Marie Rogers.”

“No, Zachary James Rogers.”

“Let’s just hope she doesn’t get into as many fights as you do,” you laugh, standing up.

“Maybe he won’t be mean to me like you.”

“Shut up, you love me. Don’t lie, Steven,” I joked.

“Y/N,” he whined, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love you and this little one.” Steve smiled and strolled behind you while you stood staring into the cupboard, searching for something for dinner. He wrapped his hands around your waist, contented. “You can see a kid growing up here, huh?”

“The three of us? Of course,” you spoke with a peaceful tone and a warm smile. This baby would be the best thing to ever happen to you and Steve, you thought. You were sure of it.


2 Live Crew - Move Somethin’ (Nasty Version) 

tbh im not even a huge karkat fan but something that stings abt the “””””ending”””” is that karkat didnt get to do jack fuckin shit to redeem himself in his own eyes. he didnt get to fight in the final battle, didnt get to “lead his people”, didnt get to goddamn make up for giving the frog cancer the first time round. you just know that this is something that daves gonna spend years trying to help karkat move past but unless somethin real important happens in the epilogue karkat’s gonna die feeling just as useless and out of place amongst gods and warriors as he did amongst non-mutant trolls on alternia- and that shit’s fuckin sad.

Gigantic post about how I do my art.

So there was a question about what instruments I use while drawin and how exactly the process is going. Well, I’ll try to tell you.

First I just have a real need to draw smth))) It comes when I read fanfics or watch some really emotional episodes of SPN. And some people, my friends actually, give me ideas, too. Then I just see the image in my head and try to put it on “paper”=)

I also adore teamfreewill-fanart art challenges! You can fing them tagged  #spnartchallenge 
Every month they choose a theme, and you can draw anything you like and post it on time needed. This is very good to have some sort of competition feeling while drawing. =) I love it.

About drawing with real materials and stuff.

I adore it, I love doing paintings and drawing with pencils on an A1 full sized paper, but I can’t do it now. I have a little son and he destroys everything. And I just don’t have any space to make a studio, so…I’m waiting for my chance(((

Am I doing some hand-made sketches before doin my digital arts?

No. I am not. I used to do it like at first couple of arts. And I did cuz I was afraid of drawing without seing my art for real, you know. It’s hard to beat up this feeling you are not holding anything and your picture just shows up somewhere. But still. I just do it all from the beginning on my PC.

What programmes do I use?

Photoshop. Now it’s PS CC, but it doesn’t matter actually. That’s all.

My tablet is WACOM BAMBOO.

About the process.

After I find out what the idea is, I do this:

I start with finding some proper photos with facial expressions I need, and some with a good lightning. They can be different, I mean I can take an expression from one pic and lightning from the other, BUT it’s way more difficult to draw.

I used these for the art I’m gonna talk about:

This as an Idea and coloring.

These for faces:

Then I create a file in PS. Usually something like 5000*4000 pixels with 300 dpi.

Remember to leave background free of drawing!!!

Create a new layer as soon as possible!))))

Then I make a quick doodle to get the composition right. Like this:

Here I did 2 layers, for guys and for tattoos.

Then I did new layer for quick shadowing.(background+3 layers)

Then I added color on my background layer, right on it, but It’s not so good actually, don’t do like that)) You may need to move something there or idk what. Well..nevermind. Just leave backgroun free!)

I always have pics I need for the drawing opened all around the picture I’m doing. Like this:

So I start doing portraits first, I mean most of the time, but not always. You should do you art all at the same time. The whole picture! You can see how it should be on Euclase’s posts. She showed it perfectly. That’s how professionals work. But I always did it different, even my professors gave up and let me do whatever I wanted.

So that was the next stage I was talking about all along.=) I started painting Dean in a new layer (bg+4 layers)

Then I added Cas and some background (5 layers+bg) ang continued painting. I had pics only for faces, so I did hand and bodies from my mind. And you should use photos, ask somebody to do poses you need and take a pic! IT HELPS!

Then I added new layer for each Dean’s and Cas’ tattoos (bg+7 layers)

Then 2 more layers for tattoos coloring (bg+9 layers)

Then I thought I hated Background and changed it)

And then put my signature and the work is DONE!

PS I always make hidden layers with original photos on them. I put them ON fases I draw. And when I see I do something wrong I can check out by quickly hiding/taking back the face. Like in animation everyone did on their notebooks. 

PPS SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH! But I hope it helped!

Part 4 (here are Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for those who missed them or want to re-read).

Rick smiled when he read her message for the third time; it was a perfect way to make contact, he thought. Straight to the point, courteous, and not expecting or offering too much. He was definitely interested in getting to know this Michonne better, and now that she had reached out, Rick was eager to respond; he just wish he knew how to without sounding silly.

“You’re in a good mood, Dad,” said Carl as he took a seat at the kitchen table and grabbed the box of cereal; he poured some for Judith and then filled his own bowl.

Rick looked up from his phone, before closing the app, locking his screen, and placing the device back into his pocket. He walked to the coffee pot and then gave his son a questioning look.

“I’m always in a good mood,” said Rick, as Carl looked at him in disbelief.

“Not before you’ve had your coffee,” Carl retorted.

Rick shook his head, unable to wipe the smirk from his face.

“Just eat your cereal,” was all he could come up with in response.

Rick and his children sat at the table and shared breakfast like they did every morning. Judith chatted away about her upcoming field trip and reminded Rick he needed to sign the permission slip while Carl eyed his father suspiciously; he had noticed Rick looking at his phone and wearing an odd grin. The teenager reasoned that it was way too early in the morning for Rick to be in this good a mood.

“You okay, Dad?” asked the boy.

Rick put his phone away once more.

“Sure am, son,” he answered. “Never been better.”

“What’re you doin’, man?” asked Shane.

“Uh?” asked Rick as he shifted his gaze from his phone screen to his partner.

“I asked what ya doin’. You been starin’ at that damn phone all mornin’. You sendin’ nudes to that chick?” asked Shane as he wriggled his eyebrows.

Rick scrunched up his face and shook his head.

“Don’t be stupid,” Rick replied. “I’m just replying to Michonne. We been exchangin’ messages all day.”

Shane noticed the goofy grin on his friend’s face and could not help but smile with him.

“Well all right, Rick. I’m proud o’ you, son. You’re gettin’ the hang o’ this,” Shane said proudly.

“I’m tryin’,” said Rick. “I wish it was a little easier than this. I have to keep goin’ back into my profile to reply.”

“Ask for her number,” Shane said.

“Nah, man. Too soon, don’t you think?” asked Rick.

“Not at all,” Shane replied.

“I dunno,” said Rick. “This is okay for now. Don’t wanna move too quickly or somethin’.”

“God, you’re so brand new, ain’t ya?” Shane chortled as Rick shrugged. “Why don’t you friend her on Facebook?”

“Really?” asked Rick.

“Yeah, go for it. You’re used to usin’ it now, so if it makes it easier, ask if she has Facebook,” Shane offered.

Rick squinted his eyes and then tilted his head to the side.

“Okay then,” he replied.

Rick and Michonne chatted away into the night for a few hours; they spoke about everything from their favorite movies and music to their favorite ice cream flavors. She found him so easy-going and he found her interesting and exciting. He spoke lovingly about his children and she spoke about her aspirations for the future. It was almost twelve-thirty in the morning before Michonne reluctantly told Rick she would have to call it a night if she wanted to be in any way productive at work the next day. He respected her wishes and bid her goodnight, telling her how much he enjoyed chatting with her. Before she signed off, Michonne sent another message that included her phone number and asked for Rick’s; he quickly replied with his before they said goodnight again.

The time was a little past one o’clock and Rick could not sleep; his mind was racing, his smile would not fade and it was all because of Michonne. Even though he had not met her or laid eyes on her in real life, Rick was drawn to this woman. He could not remember the last time he had had so much fun talking to someone, and they were really just chatting online.

He shook his head at how strange it all seemed to be having feelings of attraction to someone he had only begun to know through social media. He knew he liked her, and she seemed like such a nice person; he just hoped she at least liked him in the same way. Restless, and still very much wide awake, Rick grabbed his laptop and logged on; he reasoned he would like one more look at Michonne’s gorgeous face before he attempted to sleep. He went to his Facebook account and then found her profile page. He could not help but feel a little giddy when he saw her status. 

A/N: Sorry for the wait. I think Richonne are cruising along nicely so far and I had to include Carl and Judy. Thanks for the feedback on this one. There’s more to come!

Thanks to @omgtheinbetweener for the graphics!

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Prompt: motorboat (take it as you will. :3)

After being together for 10 years, Carol and Daryl had pretty much become unquestioned experts on each other. So while Daryl’s behavior over the last week or so had been subtle enough to stay off the others’ radar, the sirens were blaring to Carol. So she was equally subtle in getting to the bottom of it.

“Whatcha dooooin’?” she asked, sidling up behind him.

He was standing in front of the mirror above the sink in the bathroom, poking and prodding at his face. She was leaning out from behind him, so her face was at his elbow in their reflection. His hands stilled, and his eyes shifted to her. He frowned.

“M’fallin’ apart.”

Carol pouted her lips and reached up, tugging on his elbow and then poking at his hip. “Everything seems secure to me…What’s going on?”

His frown deepened. “Just…look at this shit…”

He rubbed at his neck and grimaced.

“Your…wrinkles? Are we getting insecure about wrinkles now? Because honey…People pushing sixty tend to get those,” she teased.

“Ain’t just that. It’s…” He turned his back to the mirror, faced her, and leaned back against the sink counter. “Cain’t hardly move without somethin’ creakin’ or poppin’…Knees are gone to shit, cain’t jump for nothin’ anymore. Runnin’ hurts…Hell, if it’s too humid out there, it hurts. What the fuck?”

“At least you’re not bald,” she suggested.

“I’m tempted to shave it all off. I don’t wear gray as good you do.” He fingered at his graying hair. “Fallin’ the fuck apart.”

“Gravity is not our friend; I’ll give you that,” Carol sighed, running her hands up and down his arms.

It was true. Their skin didn’t spring back the way it used to, muscles had gone soft, and stamina had gone softer…but they were far from “falling apart.”

“You’ve seen me without a bra. If you were to motorboat me right now, we’d both end up with black eyes,” she chuckled.

That got a smirk out of him, and he folded his arms.

“Maybe we should test that…for purely scientific reasons of course,” he prompted.

Carol chuckled and leaned in, kissing him tenderly on the lips. As she did, she ran her hands up through his hair, which was soft and fluffy as it dried from his shower earlier. As the kiss ended, she drew one hand across his forehead, pushing his bangs back to give her a visual of what he might look like bald.

“Hm, I like you with hair,” she tutted, ruffling his scalp. “I need somethin’ to grab onto at night, can’t do that with a big, bald head.”

Daryl snorted and followed her out of the bathroom. “Maybe we—“

Carol abruptly squawked and spun around, reaching up to where she’d just realized that her bra clasp was undone. “How did you—“

He answered her with a long kiss. “I can still be sneaky sometimes.”

“Why you little geriatric redneck ninja…”

“How dare you…”

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Zoe and Queenie bring Misty and Cordelia out dancing. They are just friends at this point (both really want each other, obvi), but the sexy dance floor moves finally get the better of them.

A/N: Sorry this is so late, part ii, story of my life, etc? I don’t know if you wanted this to go in a smuttier direction, but it turned out kind of sweet and fluffy despite itself? Still, hope you like it! :)

Title: i can taste the sparks on your tongue

Rating: T (for mild language and whatnot)

Summary: Misty isn’t crazy about the idea of a night out, but the headmistress gives the night an interesting and worthwhile spin. Title from “Come on Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson.

Word Count: ~1000+

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