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could you do a fluff harry blurb of like a rainy monday with the two of you in your apartment like waking up next to eachother real late in the afternoon and you spend the whole day together wrapped up ;) but he convinces you to come outside and kiss him in the rain bc he's such a rom com lover he wants to share that moment with you :)) xx it sounds real cute in my head

It wasn’t the bright, beautiful rays of the sun that woke Y/N up.

It was the combination of the harsh rain pounding heavily against the window and the chilly breeze that danced its way down Y/N’s body from the open window Harry just insisted you had to have open at night.

Y/N shivered, digging herself deeper into the covers and further into Harry’s embrace. His deep breaths, bordering on snoring, stumbled a bit before he kicked his feet around under the covers and eventually, relaxed in his sleep again.

Since Y/N had now been woken up, she really wasn’t going to fall back asleep, much to her dismay. She peeked over Harry’s body to the digital clock which read 15:04, blinking a few times to find out that yes, her and Harry had literally slept through over half of the day — both very unlikely for either of them.

She shuffled, sitting up and massaging her hands down her face out of tiredness. Outside, the rain hadn’t stopped it’s relentlessness, all the sounds of life mixing together to form the city Y/N and Harry had fallen in love in and with.

“G'back t'sleep.” Harry grumbled, his own shuffling rocking the bed and giving Y/N the faintest breeze of his shampoo.

“It’s 3 p.m Harry, we should probably get up.”

“Later, lay back down with me.”

Y/N yawned and scooted back down into the bed, stretching her limbs against the soft bed sheets. In the darkness of their bedroom, their cuddles felt like a little touch of paradise, their very own bubble of warmth and coziness in the cold room.

Harry settled his cheek against her collarbone, her hands pulling the covers up over his naked back and then resting them entwined around his neck.

Contrary to her earlier statement, Y/N dozed back asleep.

When Y/N woke again, she was by herself. Their bedroom door was propped open, the distinct smell of Harry’s favorite pomegranate flavored tea filling her senses. She stumbled out of the covers, hugging her arms around her body.

Harry sat on their covered deck wrapped in their favorite pink sofa blanket. He lay propped out on the small outdoor couch, mindlessly dragging his tea bag around through his cup but was pleasantly startled by Y/N.

“Hi, love.” Harry spoke, opening a side of the blanket in silent invitation.

She cuddled into his side, laying her head on his shoulder. “What are you doing out here? S'raining.”

“I know, I love the rain though.”

“I know you do.” Y/N agreed, falling back into blissful silence.

There was a certain laziness when it came to watching the rain, listening to the steady hammer pour down the rooftops. Nobody lingered on the streets before them, the occasional car passing by and slurring its way through the slick, muddy streets. The wind would blow and cause goosebumps to rise but with the contrast of Harry’s warm, honeyed skin, Y/N felt content.

“Can y'do me a favor Y/N?”

Y/N looked up and met his eyes, trusting him with her full heart to not even stop and question him before she agreed with a shake of her head.

“Stand up f'me.”

They detangled from the heap of blanket and limbs, Harry wrapping it around Y/N’s shoulders in a make-shift cape with an amused smile. He took a hold of her hands and pulled her out to the middle of their yard, stopping as Y/N halted.

“Harry, the grass is mushy.” She protested with a frown.

“Please?” He tried, a small smile on his face but big enough to pop a dimple out. “For me. I wanna try somethin’.”

Y/N sighed dramatically, sinking into the Earth with every step she took, distaste clouding her features as heavily as the rain clouded the city.

“Harry, it’s raining.” She stated sourly, as if the raindrops pelting their bodies wasn’t obvious enough.

“I know,” Harry giggled, standing her right in front of him. “Now, don’t move. I wanna try somethin’.”

Harry leaned in, slowly and delicately sponging kisses from Y/N’s jawbone to her throat. The contrast of the water droplets and Harry’s warm kisses caused heat to rise to her face, that and the combination of Harry kissing her so intimately out in front of their neighbors. Finally, he paused and cupped her face in his hands, stroking her cheekbones with his thumbs.

“I love yeh so much, sweetheart.” He spoke, sealing his words with a sweet kiss to her mouth.

Within a second she was kissing back, standing on her toes and wrapping her arms around his neck. There was something so heavenly about a kiss in the rain, a tender moment that just refused to wait. It’s a burst of love that’s expressed, not caring if the water soaks through to chill the skin, not even to the bone.

Y/N pulled back, pecking one more chaste kiss to his lips.

“No matter how much you say you love me, know that I love you more.”

Royal Guard Dogs: [OCT. Contest Pic]

Finally…FINISHED!! This took waaaay longer than I thought it would…fun, but kinda tedious really; didn’t mean to make it so big. But I will say I’m pretty proud of the BG for someone that kinda despises BGs…I’m gettin’ better! So all-in-all, mmyeah I’m pretty happy with this…~ :p
…I’ll be honest though, can’t wait to move on to somethin’ else.

Catching Up to You

Summary: Charlie tries to hide from Negan and his men

Pairings: Daryl xOC / Negan x OC

Warnings: Non-con/violence

Author’s note: You’re not suppose to love Negan (in this story), and this chapter may prove it

Chapter Two


Kicking In Doors

My breathing grew heavier as Negan sauntered in, saying things I couldn’t make out, then he turned to Rick. I knew for sure that was the Negan I had known; a man I hoped to have never seen again. As soon as he was away from my eyesight, I pulled Isaac inside, shut and locked the door; kneeling down to eye level with my son, I held his arms gently, “I want you to go upstairs ‘n go in your room with Judith. Lock the door, okay?”

Isaac nodded obediently, “Is the bad man gonna hurt us?”

I shook my head, “No. I’ll hurt him first.”

My little boy smiled and hugged me; I held him close, kissing his cheek, “Go, try to be as quiet as you can. Don’t open the door.”

Isaac left my embrace, hurrying up the stairs. As I stood, I felt my hands shaking and my stomach churning; I hurried to the kitchen sink as bile shot up my throat. Vomiting in the sink, my entire body began shaking uncontrollably; I rinsed the sink with my shaking hands and tried to rinse my mouth.

I managed to clean up and head to the front window; there I saw a gang of men splitting up and heading to houses, and two men were headed up my porch. I rushed away, still shaking and feeling more bile churn, and got the handgun hidden under the coffee table. Daryl had left it for me, having told me that sometimes my knife wouldn’t come in handy, and at this moment he was right.

I heard the heavy footfalls of men just outside the door. One jiggled the knob, my heart shot into my throat once more; I held the gun in both hands like Daryl taught me, noticing how heavy it felt in them. The door handle jiggled more, forcibly; my hands began to shake even more violently. Then, after a few seconds of silence, the door was kicked open, and I fired a shot through it, splintering the wood and causing the door to fly back and shut. The men yelled, my ears began to ring, and I placed the gun down; the door was kicked open again and the two large men rushed in, grabbing me and forcing me to the floor.

“Where’s the gun, bitch?” A heavy set man set his knee hard on my back.

“Get the fuck off!” I screamed at him; my cheek was crushed into the hardwood floor, the side of my cheek were bruising hard against my teeth.

“Where’s the fucking gun?” He pronounced each word slowly, close to my face.

“Get the fuck off,” I mimicked his tone, “and you’ll get it, asshole.”

“Negan’s comin’,” the other man said in a huff, “he can turn this out of control bitch straight.”

The man removed his knee, and I immediately got to my knees and vomited. The men made grunts of disgust, but the one who had his knee to my back grabbed the gun that had been lying beside me. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and looked up; the man near the door was black with a large smile on his face and the other man too was smiling, he was overweight, bald and pink as a pig.

“Why the hell are you smiling?” I snapped, struggling to stand.

“Negan’s here,” the pink man snickered.

That’s when I heard him, stomping up the porch. My knees felt weak, I gripped the wooden kitchen chair, managing to sit before I got sick again.

“What in the fuck is that smell?” Negan demanded in his gruff tone.

I turned my head, praying he would just see the mess and go. But as he stepped in, he made it apparent he wasn’t leaving. The room grew silent, then he chuckled, “Which one of you assholes puked?”

“Wasn’t us,” the man near the door said coolly. “It was that bitch.”

I could feel his eyes on me, burning a hole in my back. I shut my eyes, shaking even more; my entire body again felt like it was out of control. My mind and body couldn’t handle being near Negan again, I said a silent pray to myself, “Please go away, please go away.”

“Hey!” Someone shouted outside, “Get back here!”

Negan turned from me, stomping out the door, along with the men. I shakily turned my head and saw the entry empty, my stomach settled with my nerves and I stood up, walking slowly towards the broken and open door frame. I saw two men, no bigger than Rick, kneeling on a man in a dirty gray sweat shirt and pants. Negan stood over the man, his barbed wired baseball bat near the man’s head; I peeked out the door, holding my breath.

“Oh, Daryl,” Negan said in an amused tone as he leaned down with his bat. “What am I gonna do with you?”

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t react. My body wouldn’t allow it.

Daryl grunted on the ground turning his head on the hot pavement, facing me. We locked eyes, mine filling with tears, but Daryl shook his head; a signal. He began to blink quickly, each in rapid secession; I took a breath and watched his movements. His nods and blinks: .. .—-. – / — -.- ; meaning: I’m OK.

I wiped my eyes, wishing I had told Daryl the truth about Negan. He knew about Negan, he just didn’t know his real name.

I tried to code back before I heard Judith cries coming from upstairs. Moving quick, I ran from the front of the door and up the stairs. I heard Negan call out something and the heavy men rush back into the house. I was nearly out of breath once I got to the top of the stairs, but got some wind back when I saw Isaac at the end of the hall, by his bedroom door; Judith’s wails were getting louder.

“In! In!” I called to him; Isaac rushed back into the room; I followed, closing and locking the door. “Under the bed,” I ordered him, then I went to the bed, where Judith was sitting up and crying.

The men were at the top of the stairs before I could comfort Judith and get her quiet. She cried against my chest, I bounced her and cooed to her, “Hush, hush, honey, it’s okay.”

One of them twisted the handle harshly, calling out to me, “We ain’t gonna hurt ya,” he said this in a teasing tone; I knew he was lying. “Come on out with your baby, darlin’.”

I didn’t answer, I only rocked Judith, who was now settled and whining softly. Kissing the top of her head, I leaned against the far end of the wall, looking down at the floor, under the child size bed Isaac was hiding under. My heart was racing, my breathing heavy; the men used their fist to knock at the door, yelling for me to open it up.

The yells and banging brought me back to the moment I left Negan.

The relationship I had with Negan was really just sex. Sex every moment we could get. Yes, he took me out on a date, but within a week I let him into my shitty twin bed and fucked him.

And I cannot lie, I loved every moment of it.

Negan is a god when it comes to sex, but I definitely wanted more. We had been seeing each other for six months when I asked him, “What are we?”

We were sitting in his pick-up truck outside my shitty apartment complex; his hand was creeping up my exposed thigh, up the skirt of my dress. It wasn’t going to be the first time we fooled around and fucked in his truck. This time, I wasn’t in the mood; my parole had just ended and I was ready to get my hands on more now that I never had to watch what I do.

“What are we?” He squinted at me, his hand froze on the inside of my thigh.

“Yeah,” I swallowed, “are we together?”

“Shit, yeah,” he laughed, his hand continued, “don’t think about it.”

When he moved in to attack my neck; I felt as if he said this to shut me up. I shut my eyes momentarily, trying to let it go, but I couldn’t. Even his mind blowing necking and kisses couldn’t push the thought away.

“It’s just, you never invite me over except sometimes…” he continued on kissing, pulling me closer, “'N we barely make it to the living room…”

Negan paused and pulled back a bit, “So?”

I looked down at him, “So…I was thinkin’, why don’t we move in together or somethin’?”

He cocked a brow, “My wife wouldn’t like that.”

If he had punched me in the gut, the pain would’ve hurt less. It was as if he shattered my world. Everything about our relationship seemed to make sense.

He tried to kiss me again, to which I pushed him away. I couldn’t speak, I only wanted to look at him, to see if he was joking. I hoped he was joking.

“Your wife?” I muttered, “Are you kidding?”

He furrowed his brow, “No. What’s the problem?”

I shoved him completely away, snapping, “You have a fucking wife! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Negan laughed. Tears started to build as he laughed so freely.

He then smiled at me, but he frowned once he saw I wasn’t laughing, “I thought you knew!”

I felt my lip quiver as I pulled open the passenger door and climbed out. I ran to my apartment, cursing angrily that the door was lock; I heard Negan calling my name as I shoved the key in and closed the door behind me. He began banging on my door as soon as I locked it and I ran to my room; I didn’t have a lock on that door, but I didn’t think it would be a problem.

Outside the plywood doors, everyone could hear Negan cursing and calling my name; “Charlotte, open the fucking door! Now!”

One of my neighbors, a man who lived right next door had come out and told Negan to go away. Then it got quiet. I grew fearful, and walked out of my room, through the tiny kitchen and to the front door. I looked through the peephole and saw my neighbor holding his jaw and struggling to stand, but Negan was nowhere in sight.

I believed it was safe to go out, so I opened my door and helped my neighbor; “I’m so sorry! I don’t know why–”

The man waved me off, “It’s okay. Just help me inside.”

Living in a complex with other former criminals meant no one would call the police unless they absolutely had to. Unless either one of us were on fire or being hacked to pieces out in front where everyone could see, none of us called the police. So I knew that this man would go back into his home and keep quiet.

The man went inside his apartment, thanking me before I retreated back to mine, believing that Negan had given up. I was stupid to think he would give up so easily; as soon as I got to my apartment, the door shut loudly behind me. There was Negan, an angry, dark look upon his face; his pupils were dilated, making his entire irises look black.

I jumped and took off, running to my bedroom, shutting the door, and then to my bathroom. He called my name in a loud roar, “Charlotte! Don’t fuckin’ make me come after you!”

The bathroom door had no lock either, so I placed my entire back against the door, trying to barricade it. I could hear him kick my bedroom door open, and then he let out a loud sigh, “Baby, really?” His tone was softer this time.

His tone of voice made me cry; tears clouded my vision, and my body began to hiccup with sobs. Perhaps I had overreacted, but I was glad I had, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have seen this side of Negan come out until it was too late. I felt stupid for not seeing the signs earlier on, I knew he wouldn’t ever be mine and it hurt me.

It hurt me even more that he continued on as if it was normal to have a wife and girlfriend. But seeing him so angry replaced my hurt with fear.

He placed his hand hard on the door, causing me to jump, “Open the door, Charlie.”

I sobbed and shook my head, “N-n-no!”

“Baby,” he cooed, “c'mon, I’m sorry! I’m sorry I never told you about Lucille, but I thought you knew.”

I found anger bubbling up at his careless reply, “Fuck you, Negan!”

Then it was silent.

I held my breath as I waited and listened. I wasn’t going to move an inch until I felt it was safe. But, within a few seconds, Negan began to bang his fist repeatedly against the door, yelling things I couldn’t make out over the blood rushing through my ears and heart. My body jolted as the door rocked under his strength; I continued to push myself against it, hoping he’d just give up.

But he didn’t.

He began kicking the door, causing my body to jerk forward. I still pushed, anchoring myself until one hard kick broke the door and threw my body forward, causing me to hit my face against the body of the tub. I whimpered audibly, trying to get up and back to the door, but ultimately, I was too slow and Negan was already coming in. Before I could make another move, he grabbed me by the strap of my dress, pulling me up to my feet, as if I was a kitten being looked at by the fur of its neck.

“See what you did?” He spoke angrily, grabbing my arm and pulling me out the bathroom. “If you fuckin’ listen to me, shit like this wouldn’t happen!”

He threw me on my bed; it creaked loudly under my weight, “Get out,” I managed to say. My face hurt, it felt as if someone took a shovel and scooped a chunk out the side of my face.

Negan grabbed the back of my hair, yanking my head back so I was looking up at him, “You don’t run shit around here, you hear me? I do!”

I snarled, “Fuck you.”

He gripped my hair harder, “You love to piss me off, don’t ya?”

I didn’t answer, my entire head was engulfed in pain, yet I defied him. It was a reflex; in prison, you had to assert your dominance, you couldn’t let anyone intimidate you. No matter what, I wouldn’t give in; not even for Negan, who I thought I loved, and who loved me.

“You’re mine, you hear me?” He yanked my hair again.

I winced but kept my tears in, “No, I’m not. Never was and never will be!”

He picked me up easily and tossed me further onto my shitty bed, climbing on top of me, his hands gripped my neck, and mine grabbed at them. He added pressure but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I believed that he was trying to scare me.

“What did I fucking say?” He stared down at me; the lust was more than apparent in his eyes; I could feel his erection against my stomach.

“Screw you,” I tilted my head back and spat at him.

Negan gripped my neck tighter, “Is this what you fucking want?” He let one hand go and yanked at the skirt of my black dress, pulling it up, “You want me to fuck you?”

I held my tongue; as much as I didn’t want him, I did want him. I wanted Negan so bad, but my entire head was all fucked up. One moment I hated him and the next, I was dying for him and his touch.

He pulled my panties down, and I squeezed my hands to his arm around my neck, trying to remove it, and in one swift move, he hand both of my wrists above my head. I whimpered and turned my head, burying my face into my arm. Negan had wrestled his button and zipper down and pulled his dick from the confines of his boxers.

“If you’re gonna do this, get a condom,” I muttered, my face still turned away.

Negan grabbed my chin, forcing me to gaze into his eyes, his dick was just at the threshold of my opening, “Look at me,” he ignored what I had said, “look at me baby.”

I stared him down with hate, trying to show him how much I was angry with him; he pushed into me and sighed, moaning my name, “You’re mine, Charlie.”

Nothing seemed to phase Negan.

I kept silent as he fucked me, his hand still holding my wrists down above my head. Tears rolled down the sides of my eyes as he continued; his lips left sloppy kisses against my neck, causing more tears. I had been so eager for love that I thought this was it, but I knew down deeply that this wasn’t what I deserved. Even as a criminal, I deserved something better than Negan.

He continued to thrust, his free hand pulling my leg up to his hip, his mouth still kissing my skin. I loved the feeling, though I hated the man. I moaned softly, wanting more, to which he chuckled darkly, “There’s my girl.”

Negan gave one hard thrust after I came and relaxed against the bedsheets, grunting and finishing inside me. I didn’t say a word as he kissed at my jaw, his teeth nipping at my skin before he kissed up to my lips, continuing on deeply.

“I love you too, Charlie,” he said after rolling off of me.

My lip trembled; I rolled over onto my side, not speaking a word. Negan too rolled over, his fingers moving up and down my arm, his lips pressed against the bare skin of my shoulders and back.

“I’m sorry,” he added, “I’ll get ya your own apartment close to me,” he kissed the back of my neck. “We can see each other all the time.”

I stared out the window, seeing the sun began to set. I didn’t answer him. I couldn’t say a word without breaking down and crying, and I didn’t want to show any more of my weakness in front of Negan.

“You’re the only other one I’m fucking,” he said softly.

I shut my eyes and tried to sleep, pretending Negan wasn’t there, but it was hard with his hard body dipping into my tiny bed.

“I gotta go,” he said after a few minutes of silence. The bed dipped and creaked as he got up; I heard his zipper and then heard him sigh. “Tomorrow, baby, I’ll fix everything.”

I swallowed, my voice cracked as I finally spoke, “Goodbye, Negan.”

He let out a small chuckle, “Goodnight, Charlotte.”

The banging on the door outside Isaac’s room had stopped; Judith was quiet too, suckling her thumb and resting against me. Isaac popped his head from under the bed, “I c'n come out?”

I shook my head, ready to tell him no when the door burst open. There was Negan and that bloody, barbed wire bat I heard so much about.


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You Break, We All Break [Part IX]


Their plan comes together and quickly.

Ithaerin is able to pinpoint their brother’s location, a small outpost on the edge of the area occupied by the Legion in southern Suramar. Felsoul Hold stands off in the distance, but the place they arrive to is quite a monument itself, shaped to stretch up into a sky of fel.

They figure they do not have too much time, and act like it, moving through the outpost with unhindered swiftness, something that very much alarms them but it does not deter them from their plan:

Retrieve Inthius. Kill Hantheron.

An easy enough thing, but… the unhindered swiftness, the quiet of the place… it disturbs them.

To all three Islesuns, it feels like a trap to the highest degree, especially when they come to a center chamber of some sort, a thing with a high ceiling and various walkways all centered around a central column that appears to be a lift of some sort or fashion.

“We… what the fuck?” Ildrielen asks aloud, looking around. She isn’t wrong. “Where do we go from here?”

It’s a solid question. The various walkways, the central lift, the darkest corners of the galaxy all in one place, or so it seems… where do they go?

“I… I’ve dealt with alien technology before, but this is-” Ithaerin murmurs, eyes wide with wonder.

“Out of your league?” Ildrielen pipes up, shooting a smirk as best she can manage in a grim place like this at Ithaerin, who just responds by rolling his eyes.

“Not now, either of you!” Ithanar interjects, giving them an order that seems to shut them both up. “We have a mission.”

“Who gets to kill Hantheron?” The auburn-haired woman asks, pacing down a ramp that leads to that center column. Her gaze is on a swivel, and she even raises her bow.

There’s quiet, a simmering thing at that question given the gravity of it all, but it doesn’t last too long.

“Let’s take things one at a-” Ithaerin begins to say, following her and closely too.

“I’ll kill him.”

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I love the way your blog is set up and the way you portray the characters! I was wondering if you could do, getting high/trying drugs for the first time with the 2Ps. If you don't want to do it that's fine, I just thought it would be interesting. <3!

((thank you haha. and oh my god, plz read these in sleepy stoned voices i beg of you x’D ))

The 2Ps when they’re high:

2p!america: [the hunger games one] hhhhh oh look fooddddd– *falls over a plate of spaghetti* mine mine miiiiiiineeeee– *starts clumsily shoving food in his mouth, hisses whenever someone gets near his food* get yo ass away from my spaletti bro

2p!china: [the i-want-to-stop-laughing-but-i-can’t one] aaaahahahahAAAaaAAAA…. stop, my ribs hurt ahaaa…! i’m so fucking happy rn hahahaaaa!

2p!england: [the paranoid one] aaaaah oh my gosh what if the police are comingggg… you are all planning something i’m scareddddd guh–

2p!france: [the sleepy one] i feel fuckin’ exhausted what the fuck *trips* i’m just gonna crash here for a sec *stays on the floor and falls asleep in like 2 seconds*

2p!russia: [the can’t-keep-their-head-up one] what is this *facewalls* i can’t… *sits and head falls to side* i’m so tired ughhh *slides to the ground and rests head because weak and heavy a’f*

2p!italy: [the time travel one] first of all……..,,, i wanna know how… you went from sittin’ on the couch… to over there………….,,, ? you was just like.. there one second agoo bruh?? *points lazily, stumbling around* why is time going so sloooow like, wha–?

2p!germany: [the i-have-to-tell-the-world-i’m-high one] *laughing* i’m high as fuuuuuuuck…….,,,,, yo, i’m hiiiiigh *uncontrollable giggling* let’s take some pictas man i stg i’m highhhhh lmfao

2p!japan: [the i-see-cartoons one] *le gasp* oh my goddd…. are you guys seeing pikachu? *chuckling* you guys look, there’s pikachuuu

2p!canada: [the major munchies one] bruh…….. bruuuuuuh… like, i’m so fuckin’ hungry… i’m gonna go get some like….. burger king or some shit,,

2p!romano: [the trust-issues one] y’all talkin’ shit about me… y’all laughin’ over there… you look like y’all talking about me…! why are you talking about meeeee

2p!austria: [the i-see-dead-people one] yo yoooo y’all are crazy… you all shut up ‘cause i swear i saw somethin’ move over there… there’s a shadow, i saw it move i’m tellin’ youuuuuuuuu– oh y’all don’t believe me ok

2p!prussia: [the super chill and laidback one] this is so great… i feel so light and carefree hehehe… do you guys love me, i think you guys love me… ahaha, everyone loves me for once yaaaaaayyyy *stumbling around in circles looking for random people to hug*

Renegades- 3

Summary: Life with James “Bucky” Barnes was supposed to be the American Dream, until you accidentally become the target of a well-known drug pusher with no reservations about putting a bullet in both your heads. Now on the lam, the two of you will go to extraordinary lengths to survive. 1990s AU

Words: 1284

Master    Part 2

Originally posted by romanian-plum

Bucky’s mistake was instantaneous. Gunfire filled the air as soon as Loki stumbled. He was shouting, reaching into his coat for his own weapon as Bucky ducked behind the red couch, but he didn’t draw fast enough. One of Bucky’s bullets pierced his gut, blood blossoming over his shirt and making the black fabric stick to his skin. He fell to his knees and then went down, face first into the pile of clothes on the floor.

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#2 with bokurohina

2- : “I can smell it! You’re in heat.”

“Hey Shouyou, do your muscles hurt or somethin? You’re moving really stiffly.” Bokuto scooted closer to the omega who was currently hunched over on his floor, arms wrapped around his knees as he tried to play the video game Bokuto had picked out for them.

“No! I’m okay!” Hinata perked up as Bokuto moved closer, his voice coming out in a raspy squeak that the alpha had to strain to hear.  Kuroo snickered from the bean bag chair in the corner of Bokuto’s bedroom, his face covered by a volleyball magazine.

“Well are you sick then? You don’t sound so good, you could’ve stayed home if you felt bad!” Bokuto invaded the small omega’s space even more, dropping down to the floor beside him as he tried to figure out why Hinata was acting so strangely, despite coming all the way to Tokyo to visit for the weekend. Hinata just shook his head in response, his fluffy orange hair swishing back and forth as he tried to turn his head away so Bokuto couldn’t see the blush on his cheeks.  Kuroo just laughed again, peeking his eyes out over the top of the magazine to watch the scene playing out in front of him.

“Then what is it, Shouyou? Is it too hot, did I make you mad? Did Kuroo make you mad?”

“I didn’t do a damn thing to him, Kou and you know it.” Kuroo chucked the magazine at Bokuto’s head, apologizing when it nearly hit Hinata instead. “If only your nose didn’t suck so bad you’d realize why Hinata wanted to come to Tokyo in the first place. Right, little crow?”

Hinata tried to deny it at first with another shake of his head, but the overwhelming presence of not one, but two strong alphas in the room was enough to get him to nod, and agree that yes.  That was exactly  the reason he had asked to come to Tokyo this weekend.

Bokuto, clearly not understanding the silent conversation between Kuroo and Hinata, leaned in, quickly taking a sniff at the omega’s neck, just behind his ear.  Bokuto’s blood began to burn its way south as soon as he got a whiff of the omega’s sweet scent, and Hinata shivered underneath him, clearly sensing the alpha’s change in temperament.

“I can smell it. You’re in heat, Shouyou.”

Hinata whimpered and nodded his head, his body nearly melting at the heat radiating off of Bokuto’s body.  Kuroo stood from the beanbag chair only to plop back down on Hinata’s other side, leaning in close so that he could also drown himself in the omega’s desperate scent.

If Kuroo wasn’t his friend, Bokuto would’ve growled at the other alpha for invading his space, especially with a needy omega in his arms. But he and Kuroo simply grinned at each other over Hinata’s head, knowing they had alot to look forward to in the next few hours.

“Are you sure, Shouyou?” Bokuto asked just before he laid his hand on Hinata’s thigh, knowing that once he started, he wouldn’t be able to tear himself away. Though they weren’t officially mated, neither of them were to this little omega, they had done this before, and they needed to check to make sure Hinata was still okay with the situation.

Hinata just nodded once again while clearing his throat.  “It’s why I came to Tokyo.”

~mod Daishou

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I don't think they will ever drop Sean (as much as I'd love them to get a new choreographer that would focus on simple but full out moves) unless somethin goes down on his end, he's probably their weed provider too AND he shaded C when she left from his Snapchat (I can't remember what it was but it seemed like he was very on board with OT4).

Omg yeah personally I think Sean has a bond with the girls and if the team ever drops him the girls would be upset.


Requested by anonymous. “Can you do a one shot imagine where the reader is pregnant with skinny!steve’s child?”

By- @marvel-watch-your-language

The two of you had tried and tried, but for the three years you had been married, you were never able to become pregnant and start a family together. You figured that it would be impossible.

You nervously twirled the platinum ring around your finger, waiting for Steve to return home. Staring at the ceiling, the door burst open with Bucky dragging your husband behind him.

Luckily, he looked decently alive this time, so you could tell him the news. “Sit him on the couch, Buck,” you tell Bucky. He plops Steve down gently next to you, but by your demeanor, you seemed a bit off. Bucky sat on your other side and put a hand on your shoulder as Steve moved closer.

“What’s up? Somethin’ is bothering you,” Bucky claimed, concerned.

“Well, it’s good news. And I’d like you both to hear it…” You bit your lip,suppressing your bright grin with an intent to surprise them.

Steve’s eyes lit up in realization. “Are you?”

Tears brimmed your eyes as the two tackled you in a bear hug. You kissed Steve joyfully, as you always wanted children. The only reason you two had been unsure was all of Steve’s health issues. You feared for your children. In many ways.

“Congratulations, Rogers! Well I’ll leave you…” Bucky exited your house, winking before turning on his heel and walking out the door.

“I can’t believe this! We’re going to be parents!” Steve’s voiced bounced off the walls as you chuckled at his excitement. At five three, he still had that damned inch on you. He always teased you about it, given that he was half the size of the majority of the male population, you let it slide.

“What will we name him?” Steve asked.

“Him?” You asked, acting as if you were outraged. “SHE will be named…. She shall be named Leah Marie Rogers.”

“No, Zachary James Rogers.”

“Let’s just hope she doesn’t get into as many fights as you do,” you laugh, standing up.

“Maybe he won’t be mean to me like you.”

“Shut up, you love me. Don’t lie, Steven,” I joked.

“Y/N,” he whined, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love you and this little one.” Steve smiled and strolled behind you while you stood staring into the cupboard, searching for something for dinner. He wrapped his hands around your waist, contented. “You can see a kid growing up here, huh?”

“The three of us? Of course,” you spoke with a peaceful tone and a warm smile. This baby would be the best thing to ever happen to you and Steve, you thought. You were sure of it.

tbh im not even a huge karkat fan but something that stings abt the “””””ending”””” is that karkat didnt get to do jack fuckin shit to redeem himself in his own eyes. he didnt get to fight in the final battle, didnt get to “lead his people”, didnt get to goddamn make up for giving the frog cancer the first time round. you just know that this is something that daves gonna spend years trying to help karkat move past but unless somethin real important happens in the epilogue karkat’s gonna die feeling just as useless and out of place amongst gods and warriors as he did amongst non-mutant trolls on alternia- and that shit’s fuckin sad.


2 Live Crew - Move Somethin’ (Nasty Version) 

Gigantic post about how I do my art.

So there was a question about what instruments I use while drawin and how exactly the process is going. Well, I’ll try to tell you.

First I just have a real need to draw smth))) It comes when I read fanfics or watch some really emotional episodes of SPN. And some people, my friends actually, give me ideas, too. Then I just see the image in my head and try to put it on “paper”=)

I also adore teamfreewill-fanart art challenges! You can fing them tagged  #spnartchallenge 
Every month they choose a theme, and you can draw anything you like and post it on time needed. This is very good to have some sort of competition feeling while drawing. =) I love it.

About drawing with real materials and stuff.

I adore it, I love doing paintings and drawing with pencils on an A1 full sized paper, but I can’t do it now. I have a little son and he destroys everything. And I just don’t have any space to make a studio, so…I’m waiting for my chance(((

Am I doing some hand-made sketches before doin my digital arts?

No. I am not. I used to do it like at first couple of arts. And I did cuz I was afraid of drawing without seing my art for real, you know. It’s hard to beat up this feeling you are not holding anything and your picture just shows up somewhere. But still. I just do it all from the beginning on my PC.

What programmes do I use?

Photoshop. Now it’s PS CC, but it doesn’t matter actually. That’s all.

My tablet is WACOM BAMBOO.

About the process.

After I find out what the idea is, I do this:

I start with finding some proper photos with facial expressions I need, and some with a good lightning. They can be different, I mean I can take an expression from one pic and lightning from the other, BUT it’s way more difficult to draw.

I used these for the art I’m gonna talk about:

This as an Idea and coloring.

These for faces:

Then I create a file in PS. Usually something like 5000*4000 pixels with 300 dpi.

Remember to leave background free of drawing!!!

Create a new layer as soon as possible!))))

Then I make a quick doodle to get the composition right. Like this:

Here I did 2 layers, for guys and for tattoos.

Then I did new layer for quick shadowing.(background+3 layers)

Then I added color on my background layer, right on it, but It’s not so good actually, don’t do like that)) You may need to move something there or idk what. Well..nevermind. Just leave backgroun free!)

I always have pics I need for the drawing opened all around the picture I’m doing. Like this:

So I start doing portraits first, I mean most of the time, but not always. You should do you art all at the same time. The whole picture! You can see how it should be on Euclase’s posts. She showed it perfectly. That’s how professionals work. But I always did it different, even my professors gave up and let me do whatever I wanted.

So that was the next stage I was talking about all along.=) I started painting Dean in a new layer (bg+4 layers)

Then I added Cas and some background (5 layers+bg) ang continued painting. I had pics only for faces, so I did hand and bodies from my mind. And you should use photos, ask somebody to do poses you need and take a pic! IT HELPS!

Then I added new layer for each Dean’s and Cas’ tattoos (bg+7 layers)

Then 2 more layers for tattoos coloring (bg+9 layers)

Then I thought I hated Background and changed it)

And then put my signature and the work is DONE!

PS I always make hidden layers with original photos on them. I put them ON fases I draw. And when I see I do something wrong I can check out by quickly hiding/taking back the face. Like in animation everyone did on their notebooks. 

PPS SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH! But I hope it helped!

Part 4 (here are Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for those who missed them or want to re-read).

Rick smiled when he read her message for the third time; it was a perfect way to make contact, he thought. Straight to the point, courteous, and not expecting or offering too much. He was definitely interested in getting to know this Michonne better, and now that she had reached out, Rick was eager to respond; he just wish he knew how to without sounding silly.

“You’re in a good mood, Dad,” said Carl as he took a seat at the kitchen table and grabbed the box of cereal; he poured some for Judith and then filled his own bowl.

Rick looked up from his phone, before closing the app, locking his screen, and placing the device back into his pocket. He walked to the coffee pot and then gave his son a questioning look.

“I’m always in a good mood,” said Rick, as Carl looked at him in disbelief.

“Not before you’ve had your coffee,” Carl retorted.

Rick shook his head, unable to wipe the smirk from his face.

“Just eat your cereal,” was all he could come up with in response.

Rick and his children sat at the table and shared breakfast like they did every morning. Judith chatted away about her upcoming field trip and reminded Rick he needed to sign the permission slip while Carl eyed his father suspiciously; he had noticed Rick looking at his phone and wearing an odd grin. The teenager reasoned that it was way too early in the morning for Rick to be in this good a mood.

“You okay, Dad?” asked the boy.

Rick put his phone away once more.

“Sure am, son,” he answered. “Never been better.”

“What’re you doin’, man?” asked Shane.

“Uh?” asked Rick as he shifted his gaze from his phone screen to his partner.

“I asked what ya doin’. You been starin’ at that damn phone all mornin’. You sendin’ nudes to that chick?” asked Shane as he wriggled his eyebrows.

Rick scrunched up his face and shook his head.

“Don’t be stupid,” Rick replied. “I’m just replying to Michonne. We been exchangin’ messages all day.”

Shane noticed the goofy grin on his friend’s face and could not help but smile with him.

“Well all right, Rick. I’m proud o’ you, son. You’re gettin’ the hang o’ this,” Shane said proudly.

“I’m tryin’,” said Rick. “I wish it was a little easier than this. I have to keep goin’ back into my profile to reply.”

“Ask for her number,” Shane said.

“Nah, man. Too soon, don’t you think?” asked Rick.

“Not at all,” Shane replied.

“I dunno,” said Rick. “This is okay for now. Don’t wanna move too quickly or somethin’.”

“God, you’re so brand new, ain’t ya?” Shane chortled as Rick shrugged. “Why don’t you friend her on Facebook?”

“Really?” asked Rick.

“Yeah, go for it. You’re used to usin’ it now, so if it makes it easier, ask if she has Facebook,” Shane offered.

Rick squinted his eyes and then tilted his head to the side.

“Okay then,” he replied.

Rick and Michonne chatted away into the night for a few hours; they spoke about everything from their favorite movies and music to their favorite ice cream flavors. She found him so easy-going and he found her interesting and exciting. He spoke lovingly about his children and she spoke about her aspirations for the future. It was almost twelve-thirty in the morning before Michonne reluctantly told Rick she would have to call it a night if she wanted to be in any way productive at work the next day. He respected her wishes and bid her goodnight, telling her how much he enjoyed chatting with her. Before she signed off, Michonne sent another message that included her phone number and asked for Rick’s; he quickly replied with his before they said goodnight again.

The time was a little past one o’clock and Rick could not sleep; his mind was racing, his smile would not fade and it was all because of Michonne. Even though he had not met her or laid eyes on her in real life, Rick was drawn to this woman. He could not remember the last time he had had so much fun talking to someone, and they were really just chatting online.

He shook his head at how strange it all seemed to be having feelings of attraction to someone he had only begun to know through social media. He knew he liked her, and she seemed like such a nice person; he just hoped she at least liked him in the same way. Restless, and still very much wide awake, Rick grabbed his laptop and logged on; he reasoned he would like one more look at Michonne’s gorgeous face before he attempted to sleep. He went to his Facebook account and then found her profile page. He could not help but feel a little giddy when he saw her status. 

A/N: Sorry for the wait. I think Richonne are cruising along nicely so far and I had to include Carl and Judy. Thanks for the feedback on this one. There’s more to come!

Thanks to @omgtheinbetweener for the graphics!