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  • Morticia: I want you to know, that I used to think that there was no man on earth good enough for Wednesday.
  • Lucas: *smiles*
  • Morticia: And I still think that.
  • Lucas: Oh...
  • Morticia: But if there is no one actually good enough for her, you are pretty damn close.

Jean was cute in today’s episode, though admittedly he always is

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do you like mchanzo, supernatural elements, monsters, and some attractive ranger mccree? because I SURE DO.

lemme suggest a fic for you, Ghost Stories On Route 66, by @solivar! this is from the most recent chapter.

lindsaylove1226  asked:

What are some of your favorite Wincest one shots, AU, series ... well whatever ... what are some of your favorites

oh, that’s a really good question and by good, i mean really fucking hard question because i’ve read so much and trying to find them all is kinda hard but i’ll do my best. *cracks knuckles* let’s do this thing.

  • title: sharp dressed man
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 4,200+
  • warnings: weecest, underaged, spanking, daddy!kink
  • summary: sam gets in trouble at school. dean arrives, playing as john. dean’s wearing a suit, sam has finds it hot, ensuing daddy issues and punishment that turns heated.
  • title: unexpected consequences
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 1,700+
  • warnings: weecest (sam is 17), spanking
  • summary: dean catches sam skipping.
  • title: fullofsugar!verse
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 46,000+
  • warnings: student/teacher, cross dressing, feminization
  • summary: a verse about the love story between a boy and his dearest teacher. little glimpses, long nights, teenage love, everything that’s wrong.
  • title: american sweetheart
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 7,600+
  • warnings: teacher/student
  • summary: professor ackles lives in a structured world of suits and ties and the monotony of a mundane life. the wearisomeness of his life changes drastically when he stumbles upon a website that alters his once thought of ordinary life and brings out the dark desires of his heart. twenty-year-old jared padalecki lives in a conservative world of class schedules and paying rent and trying to find his place in a black and white world. on the other side of his webcam, jared learns he can be made of lace and soft fabric and pastel colors—bringing out the darkest desires in strange men over the internet. in an odd turn of events, fate will bring them together and it will be their duty to hold themselves together or allow fate to ultimately tear them apart once more. a professor and a college student will together learn the meaning of mortality, vulnerability, and heart break.
  • title: born to die!verse
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 63,000+
  • warnings: underage, rape, drug use
  • summary: this story follows the lives of two young brothers as they try to make it in a dark world. after an overdose threatens to tear them apart forever, sam and dean vow to never leave each other’s side again and hit the open roads of the american west to live fast and free together. they fight and fuck like every day could be their last because one day it just might be.
  • title: v i c e
  • pairing: sam/dean, lisa/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 56,600+
  • warnings: police officer dean, prostitute sam, underage, daddy kink, control issues, drug abuse, abuse
  • summary: dean winchester is an undercover cop in the sex trafficking unit of the chicago pd. he suffers from the loss of his former position in narcotics, a bullet injury that causes him to limp, and the sudden divorce of his wife lisa who'se kicked him out of the house and kept their son, ben. dean meets sam during one of his stings, an underage prostitute who loudly proclaims his sexuality and a penchant for older men. they become slowly fascinated with each other, developing a strange and twisted relationship, while dean struggles to regain what he’s lost, and sam looks for any way out of his life on the street.
  • title: poughkeepsie
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: teen and up
  • length: 5,700+
  • warnings: pre-series
  • summary: the reason “poughkeepsie” became their code word for “drop everything and run” was because that was the one place child protective services ever caught up with the winchesters.
  • title: air catcher
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: mature
  • length: 1,000+
  • warnings: curtain fic
  • summary: sam’s rocking chair always stands to the left of dean’s and no-one will tell dean that sammy’s not coming out to sit with him anymore.

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do you have any hate to love fics you would recommend

I’m not sure if all of these fall under the direct category of “hate to love.” Some are “I’m annoyed with you because I don’t really know you and I kinda wanna punch you in the throat” and “I hate you because I used to love you and you broke my heart.” BUT IT’LL DO.

Off the top of my head:

Empty Skies by @greenfeelings (green_feelings on ao3)

Reeling Through The Fall by zarah5 (zarah5 on ao3)

burn to ash by @bethaboolou (bethaboo on ao3)

The PA Series by @crazyupsetter (whoknows on ao3)

Nicotine by @zourry (KrisStylinson on ao3)

You Drive Me Round The Bend by @donotdialnine (thecellardoor on ao3)

aaaaaand to be self indulgent, Perfect Storm and All the Right Moves by yours truly (cherrystreet on ao3, if you didn’t catch on)

Chapter 3 is up! 

Magnus has private rink time. Alec starts his new job at the skating rink, and tries really hard to stay focused on work. Magnus needs help with something, and Alec comes to his rescue. A mutually benefical agreement is made :)

Read it on Ao3:  The Way You Move Me-Chapter 3

Aesthetic by the beautiful and talented @damnyoudaddario

Beta’d by the incomparable @ladymatt
Opening Moves Chapter 6, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Bethyl Fanfiction AU. No zombies. Ever

The back of his neck past warm, Daryl was pretty sure he wasn’t seeing clearly.  Definitely not hearing clearly.  She ain’t talkin’ about her boobs, oh god she is.  I don’t wanna hear about your boobs.  Jus’ keep ‘em put away.  

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YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE IS KILL YOUR DARLINGS!? This makes me exceedingly happy! Oh, oh, oh! please go into detail why you love it so much because I love hearing about others and why they enjoy the same things I do! (if this is rather strange then I apologise ahah)

I love Kill Your Darlings k bye I just I LOVE for the following reasons:

  1. Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan in the same movie please that is just too much beauty to handle
  2. Ginsberg is probably one of my favorite poets of all time, so I loved that there was such a poignant movie about him
  4. Incredible cinematography 
  5. That Kerouac characterization was so on point, bless
  6. Okay queer movie whose plot did not revolve entirely around being queer and that did not romanticize unhealthy queer relationships 
  7. Hilarious & touching all at the same time
  8. This isn’t necessarily something the movie did, but my best friend once called it “Kill Ya Hombres” instead of “Kill Your Darlings” and it still cracks me up.

tl;dr : 10/10 would recommend.




{ Royal Magic AU - Where Dan is prince of England and Phil is the Auror in charge of protecting him. 

“Am I expected to believe this?” He said getting serious “Because I’m not buying it. Are you one of them? I’ll listen if you make a rabbit appear”

“It’s not that kind of magic. I am here to protect you from any potential threat that might come from the wizarding world. And to teach you a few things about it”

you can read the fic here [x]

When people say the finale ruined April Ludgate’s character

So you think April wasn’t meant to be a mother. You think she hates everyone, she hates kids, she would never ever want kids, she would never be a mother.

Did you forget the time she was swarmed up with young girls who loved her art?

Did you forget the time she was having fun with all the Pawnee Rangers for a pillow fight? Did you forget that even Ann, beautiful popular Ann, didn’t partake in that pillow fight?

Did you forget the time she ran and cheered with all the Pawnee scouts when Andy started a boat race?

Did you forget the time when she had to remind Andy, of all people, Andy who adores kids, that he had to get out of character because he was scaring a little kid? And spent a good portion of her day helping that child find his way back to his mom? Would she have done the same for a lost adult in the building? 

Did you forget the time she accepted a kids concert for Andy and had so much fun? So much so that she said she’d never found him as attractive as when he was singing to children? Is that the attitude of someone who hates kids?

Did you forget that Andy and April babysat the triplets? That Leslie literally called her Auntie April? That Ben, who always worries about everything, told Andy to let April handle everything? Would he say that, would they trust their precious children to someone who hates kids? Would she accept to do it?

Did you forget that April had her very special part in the Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show, April’s Animal Corner? That she literally pushed and encouraged Andy into a career in kids entertainment? Is that what someone who hates kids would do?

Did you forget the time she couldn’t help but be the sweetest toward Oliver and Leslie, even though she’s always had a less-than-idyllic relationship with their mother? Is that the attitude of someone who hates kids?

It’s okay if you don’t like kids. It’s okay if you don’t want kids. It really is. But that’s you. Liking children has always been part of April’s character. She has never had a negative interaction with a child in the show. She has always liked kids and wanted to help them and have fun with them. The finale didn’t ruin who she was, it confirmed it.

just finished week 2 of that 5k app and phew it feels okay and I’m still enjoying it but it was a big mistake to do the weekly long run workout at 2pm when it’s 91 degrees out
The Second Mrs. Watson - Chapter 1 - Quarto - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

We move on into the future. But the past leaves its marks on us.


Rating: T

Sherlolly background, but more of a tale about John and his efforts to move on (the first story I’ve seen tackling it!). Witty and so poignant, all at the same time– follow this WIP!