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Wake Up, Dean

Summary: Dean is cursed and Sam thinks reader is the only one who can save him…

Square Filled: First Kiss

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Rating: explicit (no smut, just language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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You’re Gonna Be Sore

Title: You’re Gonna Be Sore

Pairing: Reader x Demon!Dean x Soulless!Sam threesome

Word Count: 1,870

Warnings: It’s pure delicious smut guys

A/N: Literally just wrote this in an hour as a study break so sorry about any mistakes!!

“You ready sweetheart?”

Looking between Sam and Dean, a smile tugged at the corner of your lips.

“Bring it on boys.”

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You Are Not My Mother Part 2

Part 1
Warnings: Angst, Mentions of past torture
Summary: Sam and Dean’s younger sister caught Mary working with the BMoL and left to protect the Colt and her family. How will the Winchesters and Cas react when they see that she’s gone?
Word Count: 1946 (It’s a little longer than the first part)
Tags are below the cut. Let me know if you want to be added or removed from the list.

     Cas walked to the library after stopping in front of Y/N’s door. She asked to be left alone so Cas respected that. He saw Sam and Dean sitting at one of the tables with drinks in their hands.
“Hey, Cas.” Dean called. “Where’s Y/N?”
“Her room.” He answered. “She said she wanted to be left alone.”
Sam looked at the angel. “Did something happen on the way back?”
“No.” Castiel lied. “She said she was tired.”
“I guess we’ll see her in the morning.” Dean said.
     Moments later Mary walked in and sat down next to Dean.
She looked around. “Where’s Y/N?”
“She went to bed.” Sam informed her. “Cas said she was tired.”
“Oh.” Mary whispered. “I was going to talk to her.”
“You’ll have to wait until morning.” Sam laughed.
“She sleeps like a rock.” Dean added.
     About an hour later they went their separate ways and headed to bed.
      The next morning Dean walked down to his sister’s room to get her up for breakfast. He knocked on the door and didn’t hear a response. He opened the door and walked in to see her bed empty. He looked around and noticed the dresser drawers were mostly empty and her weapons bag was missing from the closet. He was about to yell for Sam when he saw folded pieces of paper resting on the pillow. There was one for him, Sam, Cas, and Mary. He grabbed his letter and eased onto the edge of the bed.

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qpigzdz9z replied to your post: I find it really interesting how Dean’s reactions…

It cheezed me off that he’s all about Cas being family but when Cas dies he doesn’t grab him up like he’d done with Sam. He just kneels there… nothing.

OK, I usually don’t like to be so black and white about stuff that is an interpretation but here goes.


Dean is in SHOCK. He is incapable of PROCESSING. The scene cut before we got ANYTHING. PURPOSEFULLY. for DRAMA. BECAUSE THIS IS SUCH A HUGE DEAL.

Honestly. Please don’t be cheesed off by this, that was not at all the writers’ intention, it was quite the OPPOSITE.

Get In

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Request: I was wondering if I could request a Dean x reader where Bobby takes her in after he has to kill her parents and dean and sammy get really protective and we see a little of sammy as a big brother? It can be as fluffy or smutty as you want :) (also maybe a little cas if it works ) 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: language 

A/N: Such family vibes going on…

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Age 33 | 2013

“Shh, your mama is trying to sleep” you heard Dean whisper to your baby over the monitor. You, Dean, and Sam had just moved into the bunker with the newest edition to the family, Henry Robert Winchester. The three of you had been hunting almost nonstop until you got pregnant. That’s when everything changed.

You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and smiled at how good Dean already was with your little boy. Truthfully, he had been an accident; you and Dean never discussed the idea of having kids, but he was the greatest accident to ever happen to your lives. You and Dean transitioned from friends to in a relationship smoothly after that night you kissed him when you were only 21, and you never looked back.

Waking up and going into Henry’s room, you peeked in the door to see Dean holding your fussy boy, bouncing him up and down as he paced in his room. You could hear him humming “Hey Jude” to him as he did so.

“Everything okay?” you whispered with a smirk.

Dean whipped his head towards you with a concerned look on his face. “Honey, what are you doing up? I can handle this. Go back to sleep, you have got to be exhausted”

You shook your head and walked over to the two most important people in your lives while resting a gentle hand on Henry’s head. “It’s okay, I was kind of missing him anyway” you said with a light chuckle.

“Yeah, I know what you mean…. Even when I know he’s just in the other room, I miss him”

You nodded in agreement. Running your fingers through his hair, Henry immediately calmed down and stopped fussing. Dean looked up at you and chuckled softly, not wanting to disturb the baby.

“He is so gonna be a momma’s boy…”

Not taking your eyes off of your baby, you chuckled back knowing that Dean was right. Dean gently put Henry back into his crib and each of you gave him a kiss before you left him be.

Padding quietly back to your room together, you and Dean grinned at one another.

“I never thought that I would get the chance to become a dad, let alone be happy with a beautiful woman like you. This, what we have, what we do… it was all just a dream I had in my head. I never thought it would be reality” Dean held both of your hands as he spoke to you. Tears welled up in your eyes - Dean was rarely outwardly romantic. You knew he loved you and cared for you, he didn’t have to say it aloud for you to know that. He showed you through his actions just how much he loved you. But it was nice to hear it from him every once in awhile.

“Well, you better believe it, Winchester. Life is looking pretty good for us” you smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before crawling under the sheets and snuggling up to your man.

A Lifetime of Dean:

Infants | Children | Early Adolescents | Teenagers | Early Adults | Adults | Middle Age | Elderly

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Sam and Sister!Reader Drifting Apart While He’s at Stanford Part Three

A/N- I decided to do this part a little differently than the others, hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Part One and Part Two


*Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my future work*

Y/N groaned as the impala hit another bump in the road. They’d been driving for hours and she was exhausted. Dean refused to tell her where they were heading; she figured it had to be related to their Dad’s disappearance. He’d gone on a solo hunt a while ago and Dean was clearly starting to get worried about his prolonged absence.

Y/N sat up straighter in her seat, accepting the fact that she wasn’t going to be getting any sleep tonight. She turned to her brother for what felt like the millionth time and asked, “Where are we going Dean?”

Dean looked over at her before answering, “We’re headed to check on Dad. We’ve just got to make a quick stop first.”


“Don’t worry, it won’t be much longer. Just try and get some sleep.” Dean didn’t look at her as he answered and Y/N knew that there was something he was leaving out.

“Dean… I know you better than anyone- I know you’re leaving something out. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Dad’s case was in California. We’re stopping off at Stanford to get Sam’s help on finding Dad.”

Y/N shot forward in her seat, her eyes bugging out of her head. “We’re what?!”

Dean looked over and sighed. He knew this wasn’t going to go over well with Y/N, hence why he had put off telling her. Y/N was not going to want to see Sam. “Y/N, calm down. We need Sam’s help to find Dad. That needs to be the priority, okay?”

Y/N was not happy about this. Sam had gone off to Stanford and left the family. At first it hadn’t been that bad. Sam had called and texted; he helped Y/N with her homework and he had managed to meet up with Dean and Y/N behind their dad’s back a few times. Unfortunately, after a while that had stopped. Sam drifted farther away from his siblings; leaving them behind for the exciting new adventure of college. He had promised Y/N to always be there for her and make time for her, but the responses had started to decline until he rarely, if ever, answered her texts anymore. Y/N felt abandoned and forgotten by her brother and she wasn’t looking forward to seeing him after almost three years.

“This is it.” Dean announced as the impala rolled to a stop in front of an apartment building. He climbed out of the car and turned when he noticed his younger sister not following behind him. “You coming or what?”

“Do I have to?” Y/N pledging looked up at her brother. She hoped to stay in the impala and prolong the inevitable.

“C’mon kid.” Y/N sighed, climbing out of the car and following her brother toward the building. She frowned as she watched Dean heading for the fire escape.

“Dean, why are we not going through the door?”

“More fun this way.”

Y/N stomach dropped, “Does Sam know we’re coming Dean?”
“Like I said, more fun this way.” Y/N sighed pulling herself up behind her brother, this was going to be a long night.

The two hunters slipped through the window into what Y/N hoped was Sam’s apartment. The lights were all off and Y/N assumed that by this hour Sam was long asleep. So, what was Dean’s plan? Was he just going to sit around and wait for their brother to wake up? Y/N was pulled from her thoughts by a crash in the other room. She followed the noise to see Dean pinning Sam to the ground. Guess he wasn’t going to wait for morning then.

The two boys had barely risen from the floor when the lights all flicked on. Y/N looked over to see a pretty blonde girl had entered the room. Y/N moved over to stand closer to Dean and Sam introduced Dean to the girl, Jessica.

“I love the smurfs.” Y/N rolled her eyes at her brother’s flirting, smacking him slightly on the arm. Of course, that did nothing to defer Dean, who just smirked and moved forward towards his brother’s girlfriend. “You know, I gotta tell you, you are completely out of my brother’s league.”

Jessica glanced over at Sam and made to go back towards the bedroom, “Just let me put something on.”

“No, no. I wouldn’t dream of it. Seriously.”

“Dean,” Y/N quietly groaned; was now seriously the time to be making a move on Sam’s girl? Sam glanced over at Y/N, seemingly noticing her for the first time. He smiled at her, but she ignored it. Sam looked like he was about to say something, but Dean cut him off.

“Anyway, I gotta borrow your boyfriend here; talk about some private family business, but nice meeting you.”

“No,” Sam moved over next to his girlfriend, wrapping an arm around her. “No, whatever you want to say, you can say in front of her.”

Dean and Y/N shared a look. She gave him a nod, this was his idea, he could figure out how to get the message to Sam. “Okay, umm, Dad hasn’t been home in a few days.”

“So he’s working overtime on a Miller time shift. He’ll stumble in sooner or later.”

Dean gave a quick nod before continuing, “Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

This caught Sam’s attention and in no time the three siblings were making their way outside to talk. Sam and Dean bickered back and forth for a while. Sam was convinced that Dad was fine and he wasn’t going, but Dean keep pushing; insistent that hunting wasn’t that bad and they needed Sam. Once Dean started telling Sam about the case, Y/N tuned them out, stretching out in the back seat of the impala. Dean was stubborn, it was going to be a while before he accepted that Sam didn’t want to come; Y/N figured she might as well use the time to try and get some sleep.

Before long Dean was sliding back into the driver’s seat of his beloved car. Y/N was surprised, she certainly didn’t expect Dean to give up so easy. Dean turned around in his seat and flashed his million dollar smile down at his little sister. “Good news, Sammy’s in.”

Y/N groaned, flopping backwards onto the seat. Great, just great. Grumbling under her breath, Y/N settled back into the old leather. Maybe she could fall asleep before Sam came back and she wouldn’t have to talk to him till morning. A girl could dream.

Hours later, Y/N felt herself being shaken awake. She opened her eyes to see Dean’s face right above her and sunlight streaming in the window.

“Rest stop, kiddo.” He handed her a twenty, “You know what I want.”

Y/N dragged herself out of the car, heading inside the store. After making her selection and getting Dean’s go to items, she headed back to Baby. Her brothers were talking about the family’s latest card scams. Y/N slide into the backseat, just in time to catch Sam criticizing the family cassette collection.  

“I swear man, you gotta update your cassette collection.”

“Why?” Y/N silently agreed with Dean, what was Sam’s problem?

“Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Metallica, it’s the greatest hits of mullet rock.”

“House rules, Sammy; driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.” Dean reached out to grab the Motorhead and Metallica tapes, offering them up to Y/N to pick.


Dean smiled proudly, “That’s my girl.”

Dean popped the tape in, music filling the car. “I thought the driver picked?”

Dean smiled, loving the feel of annoying his brother, “Well Y/N has good taste, so she can pick whenever she wants.”

Y/N smirked leaning back into Baby’s leather, enjoying jamming to the music with Dean.

Y/N managed to avoid Sam for most of the day. He tried talking to her a few times in the car and once or twice while they were working the case around town, but she always managed to engage Dean in conversation or when nothing else worked just straight up ignored him. She was angry and hurt and she really didn’t feel like pretending otherwise. Sam for his part didn’t understand why his baby sister wouldn’t even look at him, let alone talk to him. Dean didn’t like the tension, but he also knew that trying to force Y/N to talk to him wasn’t going to go well. Frankly, he was just happy she hasn’t mad at him for picking up Sam.

It wasn’t until the Winchesters wound up in their father’s hotel room, that Y/N was forced to face her brother. With Dean cleaning up, it left Sam and Y/N alone, for the first time since Sam joined them.

Y/N sat on the end of the bed, looking anywhere, but her brother. Sam on the other hand, couldn’t stop looking at her. He’d been trying to talk to her all day and every time he tried she turned him down cold.

“Hey,” Sam got up slowly, moving toward the bed and his sister. “I’ve been trying to talk to you all day and you keeping shutting me out.”

“That’s because I don’t want to talk to you.” Her response came out cold and harsh.

“Why not? C’mon, it’s been awhile. Don’t you want to talk?”

“That’s just it.” Y/N sprang up from the bed, looking at her brother with a hard look on her face. “You ditched us and left. Just because you’re here for the weekend doesn’t change that. Come Monday you’re off again and even if you weren’t that doesn’t change the last couple years. You stopped talking to me, you stop responding to me. You cut me out for your new, better life at college. You promised that no matter what you would always be my brother, you would always be there and you have not been. You left me and abandoned me. So no, I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t even want to see you.”

At this point Y/N was openly sobbing. Hearing all the commotion, Dean exited the bathroom. “What’s going on?”

Y/N grabbed the keys and headed for the door, “I’m grabbing food.”

Sam watched her go, realizing exactly what his leaving had done to his little sister.

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Metal Mouth

Request: Can you do a Winchesters x little sister where the reader (the sister) has to get braces but she’s really nervous and she needs her brothers with her because she thinks nobody will like her with them on

A/N: SURPRISE! You guys are getting a back to back posting package! This is because I feel really bad about part two to Faults and Breaths! Anyway, love, thank you so much for requesting this, and I hope your experience (if you have one or had one) is not as rocky as this one! (This is also a little break from all the emotional stuff I’ve been putting you through!)

Reminding you wonderful beauties that requests are open and so is the tag list!

Pairings: Sam and Dean x little sister! Reader

Tags: @percussiongirl2017 @metaphysicalmisha @winchesters-favorite-girl @sisterwinchesterwriter @staticweekes @lil-sister-winchester @awkwarderthanaverage @missygun

You nervously played with edge of your flannel. It used to belong to Dean, and you hoped that wearing it would give you a bit of his courage. You quickly shook your leg, and tapped your foot all at once. Sam slowly put his hand on your leg in an attempt to stop you from jittering. He hadn’t looked up from the orthodontist’s waiting room read. Dean was checking out the nurse that kept opening and closing the door to the back room.

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Unintentional prompt: “They just snog with their arms like limp jellyfish.”

“Did I mention how much I hate camping?” Dean grumbles. “Who needs this back to nature crap.”

On the other side of the campfire Sam looks at Cas and rolls his eyes. “We’ve been over this.”

“Seventeen times,” Cas says under his breath.

Sam snorts, then continues. “The coven lives deep in these woods. There are no roads, and it is more than a day’s hike. So we camp.”

Dean isn’t done complaining. “And seriously, it’s August, isn’t it supposed to be summer? It’s freezing!”

Barely holding on to the calm tone of voice, Sam says, “It’s northern Michigan, not Miami. You’re in the woods, and it cools off at night. That’s why we have a fire.” He shoots Cas a look that clearly means It’s your turn to take care of the baby, then stands and says, “I’m going to bed. We’ve still got about ten miles to go in the morning.”

“Goodnight Sam,” Cas says.

Dean grunts and throws a pine cone into the fire.

Cas sighs as Sam disappears into the darkness. “Do you have up be so…disagreeable?”

Smiling at Cas, Dean says quietly, “I really do hate camping. But I was also trying to get him to go back to the tent.”

“Next time try, ‘hey Sam, I’d like to be alone with my boyfriend.’” Cas says drily.

Dean bristles. “Cas…”

Cas puts his hand on Dean’s shoulder, instinctively finding the place his handprint used to be. Their eyes lock.  “It’s alright, Dean. You’ll tell Sam when you’re ready.” He slides his hand up Dean’s shoulder to the back of his neck, pulling him close for a kiss. Dean relaxes.

“Look up,” Cas says, and Dean can hear the smile in his voice.

The sight almost makes the tent and the hike and the cold worth it. “Cas,” Dean breathes. Cas laughs and pulls him against his chest so they can both look at the sky together.

“The Milky Way,” says Cas. “I can’t hear the stars sing anymore, but I still appreciate their beauty. And I remember fragments of their songs,” he says wistfully.

“Sing to me,” says Dean. He looks at the sky, holding the best part of heaven in his arms.

“Dean, look out!”

Dean looks up when Sam yells, but he’s too late to escape the spell. At the last second Cas dives at him, trying to push him out of the way, and he’s caught in the blast too. The witch laughs, a horrible, high-pitched laugh, then snaps her fingers. There is a disorienting flash of red light, and by the time their vision clears the witch–and the rest of her coven–is gone.

“Great,” mutters Sam.

Dean and Cas look at each other. At first it is unclear exactly what the spell did. They look normal enough. “You okay, Cas?” asks Dean.

Cas nods slowly. “I think so.” But when he attempts to stand the problem becomes apparent at once.

He has no control of his arms. At all. They actually flop from his shoulders as if all the bones are gone, but when Sam grabs his wrist Sam can–thankfully–still feel bones there. Cas feels…nothing.

Dean’s eyes widen with panic as he tries–and fails–to move his hands. He turns at the waist and his arms follow in the same direction, and since he can’t stop his momentum he lands directly on his face. Sam is overcome by a fit of laughter.

Dean glares.

“I’m sorry,” Sam gasps between fits of mirth. “But if you could only see yourself…” A thought occurs to him, and he pulls his cellphone out of his pocket.

“Dammit, Sam!”

“Sorry Dean, but you’re going to want to see this later. Or, I’m going to want to see this later. Over and over and over…”

Dean growls and tries to move toward Sam. He has limited control of his legs–they move, if weakly–but without his arms it’s difficult to make much progress. Sam laughs and backs away, filming everything.

Cas clears his throat. “If I could interrupt this bit of brotherly love…”

“Oh. Right. Witches. Uh…it may not be the safest plan ever, but I think I’m going to have to leave you two here and go after them myself. They can’t have gotten far. And hopefully I only need one of them. Any of them should do. We can hunt the rest down once you’re…better.”

Dean and Cas look at each other. It’s probably true that any of the witches can break the spell. And they trust Sam to be persuasive. They aren’t safe anywhere, and if they go with Sam they will only slow him down. “Go,” they say together. Dean adds, “And hurry.”

Sam looks from Dean to Cas and back again. “That was weird,” he says. Then he’s gone, chasing after the witches.

“What now?” Cas asks, truly looking around for the first time.

The house is surprisingly large and bright for housing a coven of witches deep in a forest. They are in what looks like a family room, complete with flatscreen tv and comfortable looking couches. It’s disordered from the fight–a bookshelf lays on the floor, a painting hangs crooked–but still it’s not a bad place to wait for Sam to capture one of the witches. The picture window overlooks a blue, glassy lake and towering pine trees.

“Think we can get onto one of the couches?” Dean asks with a wink.

Cas’s eyeroll is epic. “You are trapped in an unfamiliar house belonging to an unfamiliar coven of powerful witches, any of whom could return at any moment. You’ve been hit by a spell and can’t move your arms. You have very little control of your legs. Your brother is risking his life to fix you…and your first thought is ‘hey, there’s a couch. Let’s make out.’”

“Yeah, pretty much.” Dean grins. “Come on, Cas, lighten up. What else are we going to do? Build a defensive perimeter? Gather weapons? Prepare a healthy salad for Sam to enjoy when he gets back?”

A smile tugs at the corners of Cas’s mouth. “When you put it that way…”

Getting onto the couch is not easy. They discover that although they can move their legs a bit, walking is impossible. With their arms swinging every which way, they overbalance and topple over as soon as they try to move. So they get to their knees and do a rather ridiculous looking sideways shuffle, and then one at a time roll onto the couch.

As soon as they’re on the couch they realize it isn’t going to work. Cas is face down, trying desperately to roll over, but Dean is sprawled across his legs. Dean struggles to sit up but all he can do is push his face into Cas’s thigh and kick his feet in the empty air.

“Uh, Dean,” Cas says, his voice muffled by the couch cushions, “I think maybe the floor is better.”

Dean grunts in agreement and manages to flop himself onto the floor. “Ow,” he groans. “My tailbone is going to feel that for awhile.”

Cas rolls off the couch, and they maneuver themselves to lean against it. “After all that,” he says, “I think I just want a nap.”

“Are you kidding?” Dean says. “All that work? I’m getting my reward.” He leans forward to kiss Cas, Cas leans forward to meet him, and they both lose their balance and fall to the floor.

“Fuck!” yells Cas, and Dean can’t hold back his laughter. Cas glares.

“I’m sorry,” says Dean, “but that was funny.”

They are face to face, only inches apart, sprawled on the soft carpet. “Hey,” says Dean. “This could work.”

Cas’s arms are both underneath him. Dean is on his side, one arm between the two of them and one arm awkwardly behind him. It doesn’t matter. Their lips meet, and they just snog with their arms like limp jellyfish.

They both smile, breaking the kiss. “See?” says Dean. “Totally worth it.”

Two hours later

Sam bursts into the house, yells, “I got one! You two–” He breaks off mid-sentence, frozen at the sight of Cas and Dean wrapped in each others’ arms and connected at the lips.

“Clearly your arms are working again, but uh–um–was there a love spell I didn’t know about?” Sam asks.

Dean smiles at Cas, ears pink, then looks at Sam. “No, Sam. I was just enjoying some time alone with my boyfriend.”

So…this story came about because Lindsay ( @justrandomspnstuff ) and I were having a conversation about my struggle with writing Dean and Cas kissing. I told her I can see it all in my head but they don’t ever do what I want them to do on the page….


Lindsay: haha nope. They just snog with their arms like limp jellyfish

It made me laugh (and laugh and laugh) and a story was born. It was supposed to be a drabble, but instead it’s 1400+ words. Oops.

Thanks, Lindsay!! (And I did finally write that kissing scene!!!! ;) )

Imagine...The Boys Comforting You

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

Request: Would you be willing to write a story where The Winchesters comfort the reader who is having a pretty bad panic attack when tornado warnings are going through the area where the hunt is? 

Pairing: none

Your eyes were glued to the TV, watching the tornado warning scroll along the bottom. You kept glancing over to the door, wondering where your boys were. They were taking too long. Why weren’t they back yet? Couldn’t they see how bad the weather was outside? Or gotten an alert on their phones yet?

“It’s freaking awful out, Y/N,” you heard Dean say finally, your head buried in your knees. “You…”

“Y/N, you alright?” you heard Sam say, the power going out making you jump. “I’m guessing that’s the wind.”

“Come on,” said Dean, taking your hand and pulling you up. “You too Sammy.”

You followed Dean into the bathroom, Sam right on your heels with a few blankets and pillows from the bed. Dean turned on his flashlight and had you sit down by the tub, reaching into the takeout bag and handing you a container. Sam handed you a blanket and pillow, sitting right up against you as the three of you heard the wind whip outside.

“Want your dinner Y/N?” asked Sam softly, wrapping an arm around your shoulder as he dove into his bag. You nodded, thinking maybe eating would distract you. It worked for a little while but soon the food was gone and it was just the three of you cramped into the small motel bathroom. Dean noticed your growing agitation and nodded for Sam to slide over. 

Sam moved to the left, tugging you with him, Dean settling down with a blanket on your right, sandwiching you between them. Sam kept his arm around you, Dean un-fisting your right hand and holding it in his left. Neither of them said anything but they both got a little closer when the wind picked up.

“You’re okay, Y/N,” said Sam, moving his hand to rub circles into the space between your shoulder blades. “We got ya.”

Dean’s finger tips started drawing patterns on your skin, the two pairs of hands slowly relaxing you. You leaned your head on Dean’s shoulder, sighing as you felt the tension in you fall away. You shut your eyes eventually, feeling Sam’s lips press against your forehead when you were close to sleep, followed soon after by Dean’s.

“Sleep sweetheart. We won’t let anything happen to you,” said Dean.

When you woke it was quiet, the lights on in the bathroom. You opened your eyes and saw you were laying your head on Sam’s chest, his light snores filling the space. You could feel Dean pressed up against you, his steady slow breathing hot on the back of your neck. Both boys were passed out, gladly letting you use them as pillows if it meant you felt safer. You’d thank them when they woke but you knew they wouldn’t accept it, saying that’s what family does for each other.

Even still, you weren’t sure how’d you’d gotten to be so lucky to be a part of this one.

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Mistake (Sister! Winchester)

“Imagine being the little sister of Sam and Dean. One night you sneak out to hunt down a vampire that killed your friend, but one vampire turns into an entire nest.”

Anon Requested: “Can you make an imagine where Sam & Dean have a little sister and she sneaks out to hunt vampires in the middle of the night.”

A/N: I had some fun with this one, I hope you guys enjoy it! 

Warnings: Blood, IV needles, Violence, Vampire Murders.

Maps and building blueprints littered the screen of your laptop. Your leaned forward, trying to tell if the blueprint you looked at matched the building on the map. Sighing, you leaned back into the chair. Your oldest brother walked over with an entire pie in hand. He held it towards you, that toothy grin of his on face. “Want some?”

“Nah, its all yours.”

He let out a small chuckle and grabbed a beer from the fridge, plopping down on the couch. Your eyes moved to Sam, he was busy doing most of the work as always. The case you all were working on as causing some hell, literally. Your eyes focused in on the building on your laptop screen, it matched all the details, it had to be the one. You smiled to yourself as you sent the building information to your phone and closed your laptop.


You looked up to Sam, just realizing that you had drowned them out when they were talking. “Uh yeah?”

“I know it’s a tough subject, but…” he leaned back in his seat, his big arms crossing over his chest as he wondered how to ask you. “How are you holding up with your friends death?”

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New Family

Title: New Family

Word Count: 1658

Warnings: Sorta angst. Fluff at the end

Pairings: All Platonic. Sam, Dean, Reader

Summary: Luck has not been in your favor recently and you don’t know what to do. Two people from your past appear and you hope you can hide the fact that you need help.

A/N: I’ve had this in my WIP folder for a while and I kinda worked on it a little. (Because I’m horrible and I can’t write a coherent thought to save my life.) I’m so behind that it isn’t funny. Hopefully y’all enjoy thus until I come up with something else. Feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

     You trudged down the street and braced yourself against the wind. The weather had been getting colder and you had no idea what you were going to do. You had been on your own for about a month and it wasn’t going so well. You pulled your jacket tighter around you. It was the one possession you still owned besides the pocket knife in your boot. You passed the store and saw the newspaper setting in the window. There had been another murder. This made 4 in the last two weeks. You decided to take a chance and go to the scene. Maybe you could figure out what was killing these people. Making note of the address, you started walking across town.

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This was written for @fantasygeek​ for a kind donation to my Buy Me a Coffee fund. I was given permission to post it publicly.

Summary: This is pure Wincest x reader smut, in which the reader and Sam team up on Dean.

Word Count: 1100ish

Warning: Wincest, threesome, anal sex, some dirty talk

To your knowledge, the bunker has a “no locked doors” policy. You asked why only once, and Dean just shrugged and said “we’re hunters”. You let it go at that, thinking that the Winchesters just had a fear of being trapped on opposite sides of a door, and that was par for their particular course.

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Something’s Wrong

Lucifer x Reader (went more Casifer)

An Anon request from the drabble prompt list. Requested #56:  “I don’t do hugs.”   with Lucifer

HERE is the list of drabble prompts people are requesting from.

HERE is the list of prompts I’ve already completed.

When you had come running into the large, darkened room in the bottom pits of hell, you had been horrified to see not only your brothers, but your boyfriend Castiel in the cage with Lucifer.

Crowley had wrapped his arm around you, stopping you from running up to the cage, knowing you couldn’t help. As he held you against him, you could only stand there and watch as the three men in your life faced off against Lucifer. Your brothers Sam and Dean, and the Angel you loved more than anything, Castiel.

“Let me go!” You exclaimed, fighting against Crowley, stomping down hard on his foot. With a yelp he released you and you raced forward, past the blackened lines were the protective fire had once stood.

“What do we have here?” Lucifer purred, and with a snap of his fingers you were up against his chest, his arm wrapped around your waist. Sam was being helped to his feet by Dean, while Cas lay in the corner, his mouth split wide open. Hopefully, you were the distraction they needed, at least until Rowena finished the spell. “Boys, you never told me your sister had grown up so, so beautiful.”

“Let her go.” Cas growled, standing up and facing Lucifer. 

“Aww, how sweet. You and the Angel must be a thing.” Lucifer purred in your ear, his forked tongue coming out to lick your ear. “Let’s give him a show.” Before Lucifer could do anything else, you elbowed him in the gut, pulling away just as Cas came barreling forward. Almost losing your balance, you were caught by Dean, who passed you over to a badly beaten Sam. As Dean moved to help Cas, you heard Rowena chanting before a bright red light filled the cage.

Upon opening your eyes, you were relieved to find yourself once again out of the cage, your brothers and Cas limping up beside you. “Thank god.” Dean muttered. “Let’s leave this hell hole. It was nothing but a waste of time.”

Walking behind Dean as he helped Sam, you glanced back to Cas. “You coming?” You asked your boyfriend, wanting nothing more than to bury yourself in his embrace.

“In a minute. Go on ahead.” He insisted, and you could have sworn there was something different about him. Chalking it up to being in the cage, you caught up with your brothers.

“Where’s Cas?” Dean asked as the three of you climbed the stairs that led to the outside.

“He said he’ll be right behind us.” You answered, as you finally stepped out into the cool night air. Taking a deep breath, you stayed by the door as your brother’s headed to the Impala. 

Minutes later Cas came up, and you reached forward to give him a hug.  “I don’t do hugs.” He told you, slightly backing away, surprising you. Sure, Cas hadn’t been used to hugs, or physical contact when he first walked the Earth. But you had slowly been changing that, and the two of you had definitely shared hugs. Even more than hugs multiple times, so you were confused.

“With your girlfriend? Since when?” You asked him, watching him closely. He was holding himself differently, taller with more confidence. 

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. I just am grimy after the cage, and can’t it wait?” He asked you, and you nodded. Watching as he walked away, you made your way to the Impala, confused and worried.

“Hey short stuff, what’s up?” Dean asked you, noticing your expression.

“Cas didn’t seem like himself.” You answered truthfully. “I wonder what truly happened to him in the cage?”

“He’s probably just mad it didn’t work out.” Sam explained, but you shook your head. You knew your boyfriend, and that person back there wasn’t acting like him at all.

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The Lucky One

Summary: A game of rock-paper-scissors decides who goes where while on a hunt. Dean isn’t surprised when he loses, but boy is he disappointed.

Pairing: platonic Winchester x Reader

A/N: Okay, this took way too long for me to write. Sorry! First official installment of the gif challenge which you can find here!

Warnings: SPN swearing, Dean being a sore loser, fluffy

It was pretty rare for the boys to split up, but apparently this case was oh so special and they were going their separate ways for the night. You didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing at this point. 

“Look, Dean,” Sam says, “it’ll be fine.”

“No, Sam,” he counters, turning to face his brother, “what if something happens? Huh? Then what?”

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anonymous asked:

Complete this conservation: "Dean, you need to stop drinking. Go to sleep. I bet Cas is alright. We'll look for him tomorrow if you're so worried"

“Dean, you need to stop drinking. Go to sleep.” Dean gives no resistance and Sam pulls the near-empty bottle from his hand and sets it on the desk. “I bet Cas is alright. We’ll look for him tomorrow if you’re so worried.” Dean lets out a low grunt but doesn’t move from where he sits at the edge of his bed, staring vacantly at the empty space in front of him.

“Dean?” Sam’s face pinches in concern. “Dean, are you-?”

“I need  to know, Sam,” Dean’s voice is hoarse but oddly clear, words unslurred.  

“Yeah, I know,” Sam says. “And we’ll take a few days to-”

“I need to know he’s alright, that he’s… he’s safe.” Dean scrubs a hand over his face and slumps to the side, head hitting his pillow with a ‘thwump.’

“You shouldn’t sleep with your shoes on,” Sam chides as he moves over to pull off his brother’s shoes. Dean groans again but doesn’t argue as Sam throws one shoe then the other to the side. Sam smiles as a a vague memory comes to mind of Dean doing the same thing to him when he was a kid.

“ ‘Night, Dean.” Sam moves to the doorway and switches off the light. 

“I love him, Sam.” Sam pauses, not sure if he really just heard what he thought he did. “More than just… I really love him.” A mixture of relief and sadness fills Sam’s chest and a wan smile crosses his face. 

“Yeah, I know,” he says. “Go to sleep, Dean.” 

Love It Gone

Writer - Aingeal

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - Laying in bed with Dean after a hunt, the reader can’t sleep. After sitting outside in the rain for a little while, Dean joins her & offers to help her ease some of her stress.

Word Count - 1,423

Warnings - Implied smut, Some angst, Some fluff, Talking of feeling depressed/feeling like a failure.
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Based on the songs Love It Gone & Strip It Down


After tossing and turning quietly for the last half hour, I couldn’t take it anymore. I glanced at the empty bed across from me, and debated moving over so I didn’t risking waking up Dean, but I knew Sam would be back eventually. Dean and I weren’t together in that sense, though I won’t deny I’d thought about it, but we always shared a bed when we were out on a hunt, or crashing somewhere. It’s been the norm for as long as I can remember. Even when Dean and I would hunt alone, we’d always share a bed.

Not that I wouldn’t sleep next to Sam, but he and I are strictly friends and I don’t want anything to ruin that relationship. And it’s not done to save someone from having to sleep on a couch, in a chair or in the car, but rather because something about being wrapped in Dean’s arms made everything in the world seem okay, if even just for those brief few hours that we slept. I never told him that reason of course, it was my little secret. As far as he knew, it was just because I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with Sam.

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I can’t do this

Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 1,938
Warnings: Unplanned pregnancy

Part 1 of Outside Looking In

It had been two months since Sam had gone to hell. Two months of a weird silence taking over the bunker. Two months of waking up to see his side of the bed empty. It felt like it was just yesterday that you held him. But it wasn’t, he was gone.

You had been sleeping more, but you figured that you were depressed. Dean hadn’t mentioned it, being in his own little world. Your appetite had been weird lately, as well. You weren’t all that hungry, and when you were, you only wanted certain foods. There had been more than one night where you woke up and ended up finishing off Dean’s pie. That he did mention, but only in passing. You had felt slightly bloated, and thought that was simply you’re poor eating habits and not sleeping well.

It wasn’t until you were cleaning your bathroom and saw an unopened box of tampons that it hit you. You hadn’t had a period since before Sam went to hell. Your heart clenched. It was stress. That’s all it was. There was no way you were pregnant. You had to be sure, though. Grabbing your keys, you made your way to your car. Thankfully, Dean was under Baby at the moment and couldn’t see your face.

When you returned, bag clutched tightly in your hand, you were nearly shaking. Dean was nowhere in sight, but you knew he was home. You ducked into the bathroom and sighed. Looking in the mirror, you could see the differences in how you looked. It took yourself ten minutes to finally convince yourself to take the damn test.

The box said that you needed to wait three minutes. You didn’t have to. A little plus sign popped up almost immediately. Your stomach dropped, and you started to cry. Sitting on the floor, you held your knees to your chest. You had no idea how long you sat like that, your mind racing. You were three months pregnant. With Sam’s child. Who was in hell.

Hearing a knock on the door, you jumped. “Y/N? You okay?” Dean sounded worried. He hadn’t heard you cry since a couple weeks after the fact. Since you’d been pretty quiet and reserved. You didn’t answer him, which made him worry more. “I’m coming in.” This way you had warning. He stepped in and saw you on the ground. He crouched in front of you, and his eyes looked so sad. “What’s wrong?” His voice was soft. You had the test tucked to your chest, so he couldn’t see at the moment. Your hand was shaking as you showed him. “Is this what I think it is?”

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French Perfume Part 4

Crowley X Reader

Word Count: 1.2K

Summary: Female reader receives a package from an admirer.   She also learns about her special gifts.

Warnings: language

Catch up: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

“Would you like more coffee, Love?” Crowley asked lifting your empty coffee mug with a little shake.
“Yes, thank you sweetie.” You gave him an appreciative kiss.
Crowley left the library, Dean nudged Sam and made a signaling head gesture for Sam to join him in the kitchen with Crowley. Both brothers got up from the table, “Be nice, you two!” You warned knowing exactly what they were up to.
In the kitchen, Sam and Dean leaned against the counter, “So what’s your end game with (Y/N)?” Dean questioned

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How Could I Say No?

Pairing: SamxReaderxDean
Word count: 1,351
Warnings: PWP, swearing
Request: Anonymous. Any chance you are interested on writing a Sam x reader x Dean threesome smut fic (no wincest please)

It had been one hell of a hunt. The three of you were sore, and were running off left over adrenaline. You were the first to shower, having taken the worst of it. That was your own fault, however. You figured they didn’t want you tracking more blood around than needed. It was a reasonable thing to want…or not want. You emerged after fifteen minutes, in a huge football jersey, and bot cut shorts. You had a small towel in your hands, drying your hair.

Sam went next, walking out in a shirt and loose pajama pants. You couldn’t help but eye him over the back of the laptop as he moved.

Finally, Dean hopped in, joining the two of you in a shirt and boxer briefs. “Alright, who’s sleeping where tonight?” You asked, not looking up from your e-mail. Sam was laying at the end of the bed you were sitting on. He was on his side, propped up on an elbow. When you were met with silence, you looked up at him, and raised an eyebrow at his smirk. “…Sam?”

“I have no problems sharing with you. Especially with you looking like that.” That was more forward than he normally was. Sure, you’d flirted with both boys, but it was always a bit tame.

“Hey! I believe that it’s her choice of who she wants in her bed. Right, sweetheart?” He winked at you, your cheeks turning pink. You felt yourself getting wetter, as your mouth went dry. Not trusting your voice, you nodded.

Sam looked over at Dean and grinned. “Well…we could always share.”

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