move on quotes

how do i unlove you when you’ve left parts of yourself in my home. from your scent that clings to the sheets to the way the flowers bloom only under your care. my living room is no longer for the living right after you stepped out the door without a single goodbye. you have taken the life from every corner. and now, i weep over the ghost of your memories.

tell me, how do i unlove you when you have given me a thousand reasons to live?

You listen up. If you really loved this person they’re always going to be a part of you, and you’re not going to get over it, and maybe that sounds like a dismal thing you don’t want to hear right now but you loved them for a reason because they spoke to a part of you that’s at your core, and you don’t want to erase that, you want to still be open to those feelings and if you try to shut them out and pretend they never even got in there and you can just turn that off, well that’s a really cold thing and a cold place to be. And I’ve been through a couple of break-ups in my day, they’re never easy, and a friend of mine once said something to me that I found really, really touching. I was saying ‘I don’t know how I’m going to get over this one man it’s really messing with my head,’ and he said ‘Sometimes you don’t need to get over things, sometimes you need to recognize that life can be chaotic, and the chaos just exists.’ And that really calmed me down. And I think you’ve got to remember like do you want to get over it? I don’t know that you do, I think you want to move on and think of it as a piece of your past instead of something that’s going to mess with your present or that you’re worried about with your future. But you should let that be the past. If you really loved that person that’s a beautiful thing you don’t want to get over that and there’s probably a lot that you can take away from that even if you still do love them a little bit forever.