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The King's Avatar PV BGM
The King's Avatar PV BGM

If you haven’t watched the PV yet, please do, it is high quality content: [x]


(「ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN」gamescom2017出展用トレーラー - YouTubeから)

cool au: all the hoshidan soldiers in this cutscene are………takumi’s back-up dancers. takumi is the leader. they move with grace and beauty unparalleled to any living being. he’s about to whoop your traitor ass…….through an intense dance-off. you should just give up now, kamui. 

because I did in fact use fanart /that in no regard belong to me/ it really is necessary to give credit to the talented artists who did! it’s not fair or right to them when people grab fanart without proper credit or heck any credit at all. in any case i enjoyed making this edit.
fanart used in order of appearance:
@taylordraws ’s ladybug w/ hair down
@abbiwhozit ’s miss fortune
@windlessleaf ’s miraculous moves ladybug
@thebatmikey ’s pv ladybug
@windlessleaf ’s miraculous moves ladybug


Kame’s vigorous dancing in Run For You PV

For my favourite translator/ friend in the KAT-TUN fandom, 1-800-tiny-nip. Thank you for taking time to do all those translations and entertaining my crappiness so here’s some dancing turtle for you!