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A Part of Me - A Brett Talbot Fanfiction - Part VIII

Moving past some translucent plastic sheets, you finally see the pack huddled around a table. However there were way too many people for it just to be Scott’s pack.

“(Y/N)! I’m glad you finally made it!” Scott grinned.

“Wouldn’t miss it” You let a small smile slip onto your lips whilst you allowed your arms to wrap around his shoulders.

“(Y/N)?!” A familiar head of blonde hair raised his surprised face to see yours. “What are you doing here?!”

“Helping Scotts pack. Lydia’s my cousin.” You replied, watching his shoulders hunch and his muscles tense.

“Do you know about me?! How long have you known?!” His eyes slightly shifted, you knew a full moon was in a few days and he was already feeling the affect.

“I didn’t know about you until the game, but I’ve know about these guys for a while.” You reply.

He softly gripped your healthy arm and his eyes return to their usual sea - storm blue. You hated that colour. Or at least you tried to.

“You knew about all this? Maybe I can finally explain everything to you with what happened with Marissa. Does she know?”

“No, she doesnt” you shake your head, noticing Brett still had a grip on your arm.

“So… are you a werewolf?”

You burst into laughter almost spitting into his face. “Oh God no!” You shrieked, before trying to calm yourself a little. “Don’t you think if I was a werewolf my arm would have healed by now? In fact, you should probably let go before you break that one as well.”

“I broke your arm?” His hand immediately slipped away from your skin and his face dropped.

“It wasn’t your fault. I was standing too close and you were being treated for wolfsbane poisoning.” You answer, hoping the sparkle would return into his eyes. He looked so unhappy with himself…disgusted even.

“I broke your arm…” he repeated, staring past you solemnly.

You then did something you thought you’d never do. You raised your hand to his face and gently placed it against his cheek. You slowly led his gaze to your face and smiled.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you won’t even remember it. Don’t make me go all ‘Good Will Hunting’ on you.” You softly stroked your thumb against his cheek. 

“But I do remember it. Now I do. I remember waking up in the car and I was on your lap, you were relaxing me and then when I was put on the table I started to panic and be afraid and so I reached out for you and there was a horrific noise and then a scream… I didn’t know it was you until now.” After he went silent, he finally looked up into your eyes and realised how sincere you are.

“It’s okay…” you soothe.

A loud cough rang out and you. turned back to the table. A woman sat across from you was looking sternly towards Brett. “Sorry to interrupt the tender moment, but we have to save your lives.”

“Sorry, Satomi.” Brett flashed you a quick glance of gratitude before you slid your hand away from his chiselled jaw bone.

“We have to find the benefactor and we can all be safe. (Y/N), you’re not on the list as we can use your abilities to our advantage.” Scott explained the plan.

“Abilities?” Brett leant into your ear and whispered.

“I’m a wiccan and witch. I can help you guys with protection and helping you attack.” You whispered back with a smile.

Chris Argent began cautiously approaching the table in all black and suddenly Brett had his back to you and was growling.

“Brett! He’s on our side!” Scott commanded him to move away. Brett’s fangs retracted into his gums and he relaxed his shoulders. After a while of planning out protection and focusing on the possible benefactors, the werewolves of the group raised their head and swiftly looked around, sniffing the air.

“They’ve found us.” Scott alert the pack.

“Get behind me!” Brett ordered, shoving you and a young girl close together and shielding you with his body.

Men resembling an FBI swat team filed in with their guns raised. The pack sprung into action as a claw fight broke out before a bullet could even be fired. The men in body armour were being flung harshly against the walls and floor, but Brett was primarily focused on protecting you and the doe-eyed girl next to you.

One man noticed Brett backing you all into the corner and his shifted face. Holding a hex bag tightly against your chest, you wrapped your arm around the girl next to you and also focus on Brett’s hand on your side. Tightly squeezing your eyes closed, you mutter the protection spell under your breath. The bullet fired with a loud bang, but when the bullet was inches from Brett, it slowed and dropped to the floor with a small pinging noise.

Derek quickly tackled the man, and with a single right hook, rendered him unconcious. Brett turned his head to look at you and removed his hand from your side.

“Keep hold of me!” You yell at him, desperately shoving his hand against your side again. He clutched you tighter this time until you could hear the various dings of different phones.

“It’s over!” Scott roared at the assassins, watching them retreat back after the small screens lit up their disappointed faces.

Brett turned back to you as you released your hug on the young girl.

“How did you..? I mean that was amazing. You saved our lives.” His grin was wide and his eyes sparkled like you’d never seen before.

“You have your secrets, I have mine.” You smile back, watching him gaze at you in amazement.

“I think maybe we should talk, are you hungry?” He asked you.

“I’m starving.”

Part VIII. Moving on, so questions like ‘what happened to this character?’ and 'what does this mean’ won’t be answered to keep the equality of enjoyment between the readers. All he says is that the answers can be found in the manga. He hopes we understand.