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Last week we had him openly express discomfort about the incest, and he eventually vocally expressed his disapproval of it. And then he WATCHED PEOPLE SEEMINGLY BURN ALIVE AND DID NOTHING! 

Then this week we see David super sad, but that sadness warps into anger when he sees Bonquisha has moved on. Like, David has never been that angry before (hell, he rarely expresses ANY anger). And this time he FUCKING PUNCHED SOMEONE AND THEN WALLOPED HIM WITH A CHAIR! 

I love that we are getting to see more of David’s emotions and who he is behind the camp counselor persona. But I also am kinda worried where things could go from here…

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I adore your Hinny art! But I have to say I really dislike the way she is played in the movies. There is very little depth or character. What do you think?

I think they totally forgot to develop Ginny in the movies after the second one. It felt like she was chose randomly to be Harry’s romantic interest only not to make him end up alone. Hinny doesn’t start in the 6th book so it shouldn’t have happened only in the 6th movie. Ginny was always there talking and making Harry laugh, just being this cool and popular girl and “the life and soul of the team”. In the movies, it felt like Ginny was just “Ron’s sister”… when actually she has her own personality.

 Hinny in the movies were so awkward. Their kiss was so BLEH that even George felt it was ok to just say “morning” instead of screaming ‘GET OFF MY SISTEEEERRR”

But I totally move on and I am happy with the way I see Harry and Ginny! :)

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Adventures games was shit

You know you can have differing opinions without stepping on other people’s toes, right?

i love that thing that dogs do when they’re in ur way and u cant get past them so u go “excuse me!” in a gentle voice and they just turn around and look @ u and start wagging their tail and move out of ur way bc they didnt realize they were in ur way but they’re so happy to see u even if u have to get past them


hi guys! today is my 18th birthday so i thought i would make a personal post and list some little facts about myself or something!
•seventeen and bts are my ult groups
•seungkwan and hansol are both my ults in seventeen but i talk about seungkwan more than i should
•i’m going to seventeens diamond edge in chicago
•i’m flying there from alabama bc i am the worst
•i move into my college form 2 days after the concert
•i saw monsta x in atlanta!
•i’m currently a psychology major but i’m going to change it to social work with a minor in international studies
•i’m 5'9 and i’m gonna accidentally burst into laughter when i see jihoon at hitouch next month
•i love boo seungkwan with all my heart
•i’m known for being the funny/nice/wise friend?

ok so i can’t think of anything else but if you ever want to talk then feel free to message me or send me asks!!! you can find me on twitter @/seungkwanclub or on instagram @/pintobrean

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so annoying how ppl keep commenting on your legs. ok they are short but they're cute AF so lets move on now

Ok I need to get a conspiracy theory out before I go to bed

So if Savannah left two days after she got home, crying, from a Beaumont party, I’m thinking Bertrand (maybe Maxwell but I don’t find that as likely) got her pregnant and was not nice to he about it? Then when Maxwell found out he, being the absolute puppy dog that he is, offered to help her out so she moved away and he’s been funding her this entire time; the cash that’s “missing” out of the bank account is going to her but no way is Maxwell gonna tell his brother that.

I still believe that one of the Beaumonts (I feel Bertrand) got those pictures and has been doing all the set ups, probably as a back up plan. Like, the pictures from the bachelor party would’ve been easy to take and sell off because the woman in them was just some random woman, sure. But as soon as MC became a suitor they wouldn’t want those photos out there - it’d be bad for both her participation in the competition and the Beaumont’s image. So they just sold them to the palace to get the cash but forgo the scandal.

If the whole Tariq thing was a setup (I say if but there’s no way in hell it wasn’t) it might be insurance - in case MC didn’t win the competition, they’d still be thrown into the spotlight by their Lady they chose to sponsor having an affair with the Prince’s best friend - and they know that they could sell whatever photos there are to the palace for more cash.

Also I posted about Hana being present during the crucial moments that Bertrand somehow hears about; it’s not that she’s a part of it, per say (who the fuck knows anyway), but that Bertrand - desperate for anything that will help win back his social status in Cordonia - pressured her into telling him or got it out of her somehow. Or maybe Hana’s in on it too (no) and she’s hoping that she can marry into a family with status (nO) once the Beaumonts are back on top thanks to Bertrand’s scheming.


MODie: Hey guys, I drew this so you know I ain’t dead. I’m currently moving right now which is why I’ve been MIA. I apologize for missing out on some holidays and is stuck on Spring still lol! When I come back I will draw up some of my followers so send refs in my inbox. Time to get these rusty fingers (ok ew that sounds gross lol) back into drawing mode Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you all next time! Toodles!

Ko Ko Bop Confessions

1. First and foremost…… I must stress…….. SUHO’S VOICE IN KO KO BOP OK?!?!?!?!

2. Oh how wonderful it is to have Kai all up in my face with his beautiful face while dancing. I have missed it so much. Give those amazing stares into the camera boy. I will accept my pain gratefully.

3. Why is it that even with a mullet when Baekhyun comes on and just starts singing like that it hit me just as much as when he sang in lotto with that ….. I just…… UGH……. Kill me now.

4. Kyungsoo my child your voice is sent from heaven…….. someone must tell him this asap.

5. *clears throat* SUHOS VOICE OK?!?!?!?!

6. Chanyeol coming in with that shoulder move and just being all up in my face got my heart stirring. (Sorry Hannah.)



9. I squealed when Xiumin was all caressing Sehun’s face. Though I don’t know why……..

10. Sehun is no longer allowed to leave his shirt unbuttoned. I am forbidding it. Especially if he is going to have chest tattoos

11. Chen controlling Baekhyun’s movements in the dance was kinda hot?? I mean what??


13. Chanyeol rapping not once….. but a second time left me on cloud nine.


15. Beakhyun kills me once again coming in with them legs spread wide and his body rolling like that. You kidding??? I give up at this point yall.

16. I loved the fact that Kai was like dancing with the car?? Yes please.

17. It only just now hit me at this point in the movie that Chen was singing and sending me to heaven with his beautiful voice. AKA he killed me.

18. When Xiumin got even more lines I was rolling in my grave cause at this point I had died and been buried already.

19. Oh yeah….. thats right….. i forgot to mention……. I NEVER STOPPED STARRING AT THE KAI ABS. NOT ASHAMED!!!

20. As soon as the logo appeared and EXO had left my sigh these are the words that left my mouth. “HOW DARE YOU NOT PUT MY BABY YIXING IN THIS MV. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN SO…..  UGH…. SM IMMA KILL YOU FOR TREATING IDOLS SO BAD. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST DO WHAT’S RIGHT?!?!?!” ………………….. “But then again I kinda understand with China being a whiny baby right now so we cool for now sm….. we cool.”


ok loves, here’s the deal! come august first, i will be officially archiving this blog. i will be moving queenie to a fresh blog. a new blog, a new url. i’ll be transferring over headcanons and some threads ( mostly threads that have been plotted out / discussed ) 

this new blog will be private and even more selective than this one has been and i will be incredibly choosy about who i give the url out to for a little while. 

i love that this blog has gained so much support and love as quickly as it has, but it’s gotten a bit overwhelming for me and with a lot of changes happening for me IRL, i need something slower.

if you’re interested in staying in touch / still interacting once i move, go ahead and give this post a like. 

love you all <3 hope you’re having a good day / evening / night 

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I was going send anon positivity @ u but there's no anon but tbh smart move bc goddamn some ppl here need to get a grip bc goddamn getting ur panties in a knot over this is Bad Anyway hon I really hope these ppl leave you alone soon ok? Theyre just a bunch of controllers trynna make you do exactly what they want and all that jazz 😒 Hopefully they'll get over it soon bc srsly you don't deserve this from a damn innocent post

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This is a side blog for a reason yeeehaw.

But yes I mean getting harassed over a video game does really show how toxic that half of the fandom is. I got called a r*tard, a bitch, was accused of homophobia by a bunch of people, and was told I supported incest.

All over a fidget spinner post.

And tbh it seems that I’ve made a huge dent in the fandom too. If you look up my name in the tags there’s a LOT of directs about me just being stupid in general. Which I mean, I’m fine with, but I’m just going to report them.

People can’t understand the concept of “Don’t like, Click away.” Many people took my opinions as a personal attack (especially the one about Leon, where I had one guy dump his entire life story onto his post to try to justify why the Gay Sidekick trope was good representation, and how Being Gay can be someone’s only character trait). Someone even DMed me telling me how they didn’t like me “playing the victim”, when they harassed me on my posts calling me a bitch, and when I didn’t respond, they made a post about how dumb I was. People are telling others to block me, to blacklist me, and for what?

I called Elitists out on their shitty behavior towards me, and then critiqued a game.

No one deserves this kind of treatment, and it pisses me off for people to think that they can do this to people over a fucking video game.
moves through moonbeams slowly - worry - Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Damien Bloodmarch, Robert Small
Additional Tags: Graveyard Sex, Canon Trans Character, trans character written by a trans person, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot

He feels his face heat up, entirely warm. They’re still holding hands. “If I didn’t know better, Robert, I’d think that this isn’t about cryptids. I’d think you were trying to make advances on me.”

“Are you uncomfortable with that?”

(Robert and Damien talk in the graveyard. And then they don’t.)

jeez i wrote another fic……………………………………………….

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I ALREADY LOVE MODERN ROMANCE SO MUCH! I left a review, but I just thought of a question regarding the series. Will each chapter be the SAME week with different people? For example, Apollo obviously had something going on during this first ch, so will we get his POV of that same week to get his story? Or will the next chapter be the following week, running in chronological order? Or be in a completely random order? All of the above? Ok ily thanks for writing, you genius!! 💜🥂


I haven’t totally decided the timeline/order/progression; I think some stories will overlap but some will move forward in the future. For example, next week will be a single woman who is highly relevant (read: the love interest) in Apollo’s story, so the timeline will basically follow this one; another female narrator who has bearing on Zeus’ plot line will follow her, so that chapter will also fit into the events of first chapter. But I’m pretty sure that when Hercules gets his turn, he will be further along in the plot. 

Does that make sense? basically tiny incremental movements forward is my best guess, with some retellings (but it should be clear which events are happening when, hopefully)

Eva x Chris. Road Trip 2.

Thank you so much for the prompt, hope I did it justice!!

I lost him, but I found myself, and somehow that was everything: totally nicked this of Taylor Swift, but it’s hella relevant.


It was warm, warmer than it usually was in Norway, and especially warm for 1am. Chris was texting Eva and both were still bitter about Noora and William leaving them for London. The heat was making them restless and neither could sleep. They had been texting each other for hours; it started with asking how their day was before moving onto a more serious conversation. It was clear to both that the other was just as lonely and Chris knew that Eva needed an escape be it just for the night which was the very reason he suggested it:

    Chris: lets go for a drive 

    Eva: ???

    Chris: lets just go, don’t think about it

    Eva: ok but where

    Chris: idk, but I have my car, I’ll be at yours in ten minutes. Lets just drive anywhere

    Eva: im so confused right now

    Chris: just get a playlist ready and bring some snacks. Ill see you soon x

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talesfromcallcenters: How am I supposed to talk to someone?

For a bit of context, my entire life I have been sure that Webchat is a safe haven in the customer support world of call centres. You have a lot more freedom to express your negative emotions and to poke fun at customers. I work for an energy supplier, and customers like this are the one black spot in a lovely world of written interaction.

Customer=C, Me=M

C: . I need a Quote on my new flat for electricity. But I want to discuss telephonically and not through texting like this

M: Hi C, thank you for contacting <company> Webchat.

M: Ok, please contact <moving home dept> on xxxxxxxx - Their opening times are <blah>

M: If we supply the property already, they’ll be able to help.

M: If we don’t supply the property, you can contact <new customer dept> their number is xxxxxxxx

C:  The automated voice is asking for an account number and I do NOT have an account yet so how can I speak to someone ????

Clearly, she did not get the memo on how if she’s a new customer, she needs to contact us on the new customer number… I always like the multiple questions marks as well. My reading comprehension skill is too terrible to understand when a question is being asked.

M: Please wait on the line and you will be passed to a person.

M: It will ask for an account number 3 times, and then it will continue without it.

This takes a about one minute over the phone - one minute where she doesn’t need to click anything. She’s calling the wrong number, but hey, if that’s what she wants, who am I to argue?

C: I’m not prepared to wait three times, get someone to call me please

I’m sorry ma'am, I’m not a switchboard operator.

M: I’m sorry C, as an online agent I can’t get other departments to call you. Please simply hold the line and you it will progress further. If you are new to <company> and we don’t supply the property, please call <other dept> on xxxxxxxx and they’ll help you.

C: How come your website does not provide new customer telephone number details???

M: I’m sorry C, we do provide phone numbers if you click on help -> contact us online.

M: We also provide Webchat help, and we’re always happy to guide customers to apply online.

C: I’ve wasted enough time just to get a phone number. Not a good start as a new customer. Thank you

‘Customer’ disconnected ('Concluded by End-user’).

This happens so bloody often - if you need help, customers, click on HELP. If you don’t want to use Webchat, just don’t use it! If you’re a new customer, use the bloody new customer number!

By: GhanimaAt

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When Anatole has a panic attack, he'll shake a lot and cry a lot, but Dolokhov will just freeze, he gets trapped in bad memories and thoughts and can't move, so like Anatole can see him change when this happens, he sees him grow uncomfortable and then slowly stop moving and start shaking and he immediately takes him away from the situation and to his room and Dolokhov will scream into a pillow cause he's trapped in his own mind rn and Anatole will hold him and kiss him and tell him he'll be ok

im cryIng

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Ok hear me out: i did ballet for around 9 years before stopping and it's something that kinda stuck for me and i never really stopped dancing, but now it's always when i'm just walking around my house and i just start dancing, but i'm really embarrassed when someone catches me doing it. Could you write something for s76, lucio, phara, and hanzo catching their s/o just dancing with noe music because the urge to struck them? Thank hun, i love your stuff

(ok i also did ballet for like two or three months but i stopped because we didn’t learn anything new at all)

Also, there are a lot of characters so I wrote something short for all of them, I hope you don’t mind!

Soldier 76 just watches you. He’s pretty amazed by your dance moves and he loves watching you. He doesn’t tell you though, because he’s afraid you’ll stop doing it and he’d rather keep watching you.

Lúcio absolutely loves it! He might find some music with a beat to it so you can dance to it, even if it’s ballet. He tries to get interested in what you do so he can talk with you about it

Pharah accidentally gives herself away when she tries to stay silent. She’s almost entranced when she catches you. She has never really danced before but she’ll ask you to teach her, probably.

Hanzo watches you and waits until you’re done. Then he tells you how beautiful it looked and why you never told him about your hidden talents. He loves watching you dance and would love to see more