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This is what confident women do after they got bullied! #smile & #dance! #repost @bodyposipanda:
I thought we could probably use some joyful jiggling in our lives right now so it’s #DONTHATETHESHAKE TIME! 💃💜 REMEMBER: your body is so worthy of love in all the shapes that movement creates. Your wiggle is wonderful! Your squish is spectacular! OWN YOUR JIGGLE MY BOPO BABES! Anyone can join the DONTHATETHESHAKE party and celebrate their jelly - it isn’t about being a great dancer or looking super cool, it’s just about moving with joy and finding love for our bods outside of a still picture frame! So if you feel up to it, GET SHAKING! And check out @donthatetheshake for more! 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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TonyStark x reader soulmate AU

Promt: A soulmate AU where everything you write or draw on your skin appears on your soulmate too

A/N: Wohooooo! second part :D enjoy!  and the ususal reminder: if anyone wants to be tagged let me know.

 Tony sighed, adjusted his tie, then checked himself again.

The black suit was expensive (like pretty much everything else he owned) and fit him perfectly. He was dressed to impress which was even more important than usual for tonight’s party since some big business partners were going to be there.  

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Fantasies (M) | Yoongi/Jimin

Anonymous Requested :  An Incubus!Yoonmin threesome, m/m, with face/thigh riding.

Genre : Smut | Incubus!Yoonmin | Supernatural AU | Yoonmin x Reader

A/N : Okay so I am by no means an expert on incubi, like at all. So when I was doing research for writing this, I kind of just picked which elements about the lore I wanted to incorporate into the story, to fit the nature of the request. The sin was rolling off of my body while writing this, so hopefully you’ll all enjoy!

Word Count : 5,291

Description : They have an underlying strangeness about them, that you just can’t put your finger on. Regardless though when you meet the two boys at a party you still decide to go home with them, how will this night turn out?

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You could feel the stares from across the room, but you couldn’t tell where exactly they were coming from. The party was crowded, and there was almost no space to walk, but you couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that there were specific pair of eyes on you at all times.

You moved over to the drink table to down another shot, so you could try and shake the strange feeling that was clouding the atmosphere around you. The liquid burned as it slid down your throat, but the instant the drink hit your stomach, an overwhelming desire to dance takes over your body. You saunter over to the pack of people dancing, and join in as you let the music control your movements. It’s fun, and you can feel a lightness overtake you as you feel yourself drifting through the mass of people.

You continue to enjoy the feeling of the alcohol taking over your impaired mind, when you suddenly feel a body press into you from behind, and a pair of hands attach themselves to your waist. You’re about to turn around to kindly tell the person grinding into your ass to fuck off, but when his face comes into view, the words get lost.

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(A/N: shortish smut. Seriously, who doesn’t want to marry Wonho? Stop me from writing about him I just love him so much he makes me feel things) 

Your friends spun you around and held your hands as you danced to the deafening techno music in the club. Full of alcohol, you were finding it increasingly hard to stay up, especially in your new high heels but you were having the best bachelorette party you could have ever hoped for, even though you did miss your fiance who had already had his bachelor party. With just a few days left until the wedding, you were glad to let go and dance with your friends, celebrating what they’d been calling ‘your last night as a free woman’ though of course, you didn’t see it like that. Wonho made you your best self; he made you feel alive. It was almost as if something was missing before you met him. Blue, green and pink lights beamed from the ceiling, moving at a pace that almost made you dizzy. With a ‘Bride to be’ sash on and a neon tutu around your waist, you felt like the centre of attention with everyone encouraging you to down your shots and wishing you well on your future marriage. Even on a night like this where you were supposed to be celebrating your independence, you wanted Wonho to be there with you; dancing in his strong arms sounded perfect. Giggling at your maid of honour who was trying to dance as sexy as she could, you could have sworn you saw one of Wonho’s groomsmen Minhyuk out of the corner of your eye and when you thought that was unlikely, you spotted the leader of Wonho’s group Shownu at the bar. In a haze of confusion, you could barely hear your bridesmaids yelling your name and trying to get your attention. 

“(Y/N!) Look who’s here!” 

Your bridesmaid called before reaching behind her and pushing your fiance in front of you. He grinned mischievously before cuddling you. Wonho smelled so good and he looked so damn fine in tight denim jeans that hugged his muscular thighs. 

“Hoseok! What are you doing here?! You know it’s supposed to be girls only.” 

You pretended to be stern with him when really you were over the moon that he had come to see you. With that jaw dropping, dazzling smile, he chuckled with a glimmer of lust in his eyes. 

“I just couldn’t stay away jagi. Besides, aren’t you happy to see me? I missed you.” 

You couldn’t fight your smile and the feeling of being home and safe when you were with him. Even in the crowded room full of intoxicated strangers, when you were with him, it felt like just the two of you in this crazy love bubble. All of a sudden, he pulled you close and crushed his lips upon yours, desperately needing you. Like it was an instinct, you ran your fingers through his hair, feeling yourself fall deeper and deeper in to the kiss. You sensed his hunger, his wanting for you. It became obvious why he’d come and how much he really missed you. You weren’t there in his bed with him and that was something he didn’t like at all; he wasn’t complete without his partner in crime. Wonho grabbed your behind, squeezing it tightly as if no one was there when you heard:

“Oh my fucking god guys, get a room!” 

He pulled away with a soft, warm laugh. Your foreheads rested against each other, the two of you gazing in to each others eyes, breathless. 

“I missed you too.” 

You uttered, just loud enough for him to hear over the loud music. Eagerly, your fiance took your hand and started leading you through the crowd of people. 

“Where are we going?!” 

You cried as loudly as you could. 

“Somewhere! Anywhere! Don’t worry, this won’t take long.” 

Within minutes you were in a toilet stall, sat on the seat with your legs around Wonho as he reached forward and kissed you passionately, reaching under your tutu and dragging your panties down your legs. 

“Touch yourself jagiya. Let me see you play with yourself. We don’t have much time and I need you, right now.” 

You were shy, even in front of your fiance, the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with, though the alcohol in your body helped you feel a little more confident. Wonho stood up and unzipped his jeans, his erection almost breaking the zipper as it bulged out. His deep eyes almost burned in to you, watching you rub your pulsing clit as he dropped his black boxer shorts down around his ankles. Wonho told you to rub yourself as he wanted you to be wet for him but you were already dripping just by seeing his thick, hard manhood in his hand. In the background, you heard the loud bass of the music thumping, hoping it would mask your whimpers. Making you giggle, Wonho lifted you up off the seat and took your place, hinting he wanted you to ride him. Your heart fluttered whilst your horniness was making you a crazy woman. Perhaps Wonho wanted to take advantage of he fact you got extremely aroused when you’d had a few drinks. You could barely believe you were going to fuck your husband to be in a club toilet cubicle but you were both painfully desperate to feel each other, to connect in the most intimate way. Easing yourself down on his hardness, the two of you struggled to keep your eyes open with the insane pleasure and relief. With his cock inside you, you felt full and stretched; you always forgot how big Wonho got when he was fully erect. 

“Oh baby. You feel so amazing. I’m never going to get enough of you.” 

He uttered, his hands resting on your hips, helping to lift you up and down on his long shaft. Your fiance looked so attractive as he closed his eyes and bit down on his plump lower lip, gently groaning at your tightness. Each time you lowered yourself down, you found a new wave of bliss; it was becoming hard to stay quiet. You just wanted to scream his name. 


You whimpered, gripping his shoulders to steady yourself. 

“Holy shit I can’t wait to marry you. I just want to call you my wife already. I just want you to be mine.” 

Wonho grunted as his pupils dilated and his hands moved from your hips to your behind. 

“I am yours Hoseok. I’m all yours.” 

You moaned before feeling his lips return to yours, demanding your touch. Your mouths moved in sync; you were captured in his sensuous embrace. Moving your hips faster, you felt your orgasm build as your walls tightened and your clit rubbed lightly on Wonho’s neat pubic hair. The orgasm felt like a warm tingling sensation in your pussy and as soon as Wonho reached down and played with your excited clitoris, you felt yourself tipping over the edge. 

“Baby I want to cum!” 

You cried, too engulfed in pleasure to care if anyone could hear. Feeling Wonho’s cock twitch inside you, you could tell he was seconds away from finishing too. 

“Yes! Cum on my cock baby. Show me you’re mine!” 

Wonho growled before kissing and biting at your neck, inevitably giving you a hickey that you hoped would fade before the wedding but he knew you loved it when he nibbled on your neck. Wonho had to stifle your screaming with a harsh, scorching kiss as your orgasm rocked through your body and soon enough, you felt his warm liquid drip out of you. For moments you sat there, tangled in a warm cuddle as the two of you tried your best to get your breath back. With his arms wrapped around you so tightly, you didn’t want to move. You almost forgot it was supposed to be your bachelorette party. Deeply, you sighed. 

“I suppose I should go back to the girls baby. This is supposed to be my last night as a single lady.” 

You said, trying to move but Wonho wouldn’t let you go yet. He smirked boyishly; the smirk that made you fall so hard for him. 

“Do you want me to go?” 

He asked, his eyes turning puppy dog like. You giggled, shaking your head. 

“Just, I want round two when we get home. But for now, we better go and dance…and pretend we didn’t just fuck in here.” 

You responded. It was nearly painful to climb off Wonho, suddenly feeling empty and colder. You passed Wonho some tissues as you tried to clean up but you were pulled back down on top of him. 

“Baby. I want everyone to know we just fucked in here.” 

Reflex (J.A)

Request - “Hi, I have a Jack imagine request (if ur still taking them). Anyways we get into a huge fight and it’s serious and the girl in one moment thinks he’s gonna hit her (i know he’d never do that) and he starts apologizing etc and a lot of fluff:3”

Warnings: angst, mentions of physical abuse, swearing, underage drinking

“Why are you standing here all alone?” Christina asks as she walks up to you, two cups of whatever the hell there was to drink at the party in her hands. She hands one to you, which you graciously accept before downing half of it.

“Beats me,” you sigh, gesturing to Jack who was busy hanging out with his friends to notice that you’ve been staring down at your phone and glancing around the party every now and then to partially tame your boredom.

“How long has he been over there?” Christina frowned.

“A little more than half an hour. I’ve lost count,” you sigh, looking down at the plastic cup that imitated glass in your hand, swirling the liquor being held in it.

“Are you serious?” She scoffs.

“Deadly. When did you get here?”

“Just now. I came with Corbyn, but he went to the bathroom and I saw you back here when I went to get something to drink,” Christina sipped at her own cup before slightly crossing her arms, minding the drink. “You look too cute to just be doing nothing in a club filled with party animals.”

“At least someone’s appreciating my outfit,” you slyly grin at her, to which she grins back. “And your dress is hot, too.”

“Thanks,” she laughs before glancing around the crowded room and pursing her lips. “Okay, come on.” You furrow your eyebrows when she takes the cup out of your hand and places both of your drinks on the nearest table. She takes your hand into hers and drags you into the crowd of dancing sweaty people.

“Okay, we’re doing this,” you say more so to yourself than Christina. Just as the two of you reached the middle of the dance floor, the DJ plays the dubstep remix of Lush Life and you feel the energy from the people surrounding you reaching out for your body.

A smile made its way onto your face when you saw Christina run her hands through her hair while she swiveled her hips and laughed at the energetic adrenaline ran through her.

Almost subconsciously, your arms lifted into the air above you as you rhythmically moved them around, shaking your head and crazily dancing along with everybody else. The music grew so loud you couldn’t even hear the loud feet of people jumping against the ground, only the feeling of the vibrations connecting with your mind.

You were ecstatic that Christina came when she did because if not you’d most likely still be standing in that corner watching meme compilations on Instagram. But she was here and you were having the time of your life with the girl.

Some time must’ve passed because currently you and Christina were about five party songs in and nothing could stop you at this point. Excluding the excruciating pain of the heels you were wearing.

You knew that the more alcohol consumed the less pain you’d feel, so that’s what you planned on getting. You almost went back to get the drink Christina had gotten you before but it’s been after twenty minutes since you’ve last touched it and the probability of it being roofied by that point was very high.

So you went to the bar and got more drinks with the help of your fake ID. You eventually made it back to Christina and the two of you continued dancing for what seemed like forever.

After some time passed, you and Christina made a few friends. A group of girls had accidentally danced into you both repeatedly and eventually came to terms that dancing with each other could be fun. Nobody knows how you all ended up twirling each other around and giggling at one another’s dance moves, but what you knew was that you made four new temporary friends.

You don’t remember when Christina left, but you can faintly recall her saying she was going to find Corbyn.

“That guy is staring at you!” Sarah, one of your new friends, gestures to someone over your shoulder. You turn, expecting and hoping that it’d be Jack, but was surprised to see an attractive blonde staring at you from the other end of the club.

You shook your head and turned back to the girls. “I have a boyfriend!” You told them, more like shouted, over the music.

“He doesn’t know that,” Lyla, another friend, winked. You shook your head with a small smile, knowing that even though you were pissed, you’d never even think of kissing anyone besides Jack. As annoying and careless as he could be at times, you loved him with all of your heart.

More time flies when you realize you’ve been shaking your ass off for two hours straight. You were trying to keep your pants in as you told the girls that you’d go take a seat for a bit and look for said boyfriend.

What you weren’t expecting was for the blonde from earlier to snake his arms around your waist from beside you.

A gasp left your lips as you looked up at him.

“I’m sorry, beautiful. Just thought I’d ask you for a dance,” he grinned down at you.

“I-uh- sorry. I have a boyfriend,” was all you could muster up, not even thinking about how typical that must’ve sounded to him.

“Where is this so-called boyfriend?” The stranger with the blonde hair abruptly twirls you with your wrist, catching you by surprise.

“He’s actually here, so if you could-” you attempt to have him let go of you but his grip stays as tight as when he first latched on.

“This boyfriend doesn’t seem like a good one. Nobody with someone so beautiful should let her dance along for two hours.”

“How would you have known-”

Y/N, what the fuck?” You instantly turn to the voice to find that it was Jack’s that was behind it. Your eyes widened when you realized that the blonde stranger guy still had you in his arms.

“Jack,” is all you can muster up, squirming out of your admirer’s arms.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Jack asks, and at first you think this is being questioned at you but when you shyly look up to connect eyes with him, you see he’s viciously glaring at Mr.Blonde Strange Guy.

“Just trying to show a girl a good time,” the blonde man with no current name shrugs, crossing his arms now that you weren’t in them.

“Yeah, my girl,” Jack barks.

“Sorry, man. I didn’t know. Maybe you should actually be within actual distance with your girl if you don’t want anybody else hitting on her.”

“What the fuck did you just say?” Jack stepped up.

“Jack,” you tried to touch his arm but he ripped himself out of your grip.

“Jack quit it.” You hadn’t even seen Corbyn in the whole mess, but he stood behind Jack with Christina at his side.

“What I said was that you should pay attention to your girl when you’re out together,” the blonde guy defensively shrugged before stalking away.

Jack just scoffed and shook his head, his fists clenched in anger as he turns to you.

“What the hell, Y/N?!” Jack yells at you, causing you to flinch.

“Hey, don’t yell at her! You were the one who hasn’t paid her any attention for the past three hours! That guy was right!” Christina walking beside you.

“Stay out of this, Christina,” Jack pointed at her.

“Hey, watch it, man,” Corbyn defended his girlfriend. By now, Jack was irritated.

“Let’s go, Y/N,” Jack grabbed your hand and began to walk the both of you to the exit.

“Why don’t we bring her home?” Christina tries to get to you, but Jack shakes his head.

“No, we’re good,” Jack states before marching towards the exit once again.

“Y/N,” Christina frowns as she tried to make sure that you’re okay with Jack taking you home.

“I’ll be fine,” you told her. “It’s just Jack.”

That’s the last you see of her and Corbyn before you and Jack are outside of the club, away from their eyes.

“So when I’m not around you decide to flirt up a fucking storm?” Jack calmly said while you both walked to his car.

“I wasn’t flirting,” you protested. “I told him I had a boyfriend!”

“Obviously, that wasn’t enough, Y/N,” Jack told you like it was the obvious thing in the world.

“What else was I supposed to do?” You argued. “It’s not like you were there the entire time. You were too busy with your friends. If you’re going to invite me out, at least let me know prior the outing that you’ll be avoiding me during it all.”

“I wasn’t avoiding you! You’re the one that wandered off!”

“Because I stood there with you and those guys for twenty minutes and the only time I was contributed into the conversation was when you told them I was your girlfriend,” you scoffed.

“Y/N, you’re missing the point here,” Jack points out.

“And so are you!” You fired back.

“You were in that guy’s arms!”

“I was trying to get out!”

By now, Jack kept quiet and didn’t say anything as both of you grew more agitated by the second, you more annoyed by Jack and Jack more pissed about that guy twirling you around in his arms like you guys were in some salsa class.

The ride from the club to your house was about twenty minutes long, but the awkward silence and tension crammed in between you and Jack made the ride seem more like hours.

You felt soberer than you did half an hour ago, your irritation out weighing the liquor that was in your system.
When Jack pulled into your apartment parking lot, you nearly let out a sigh of relief.

You lived with your older sister who was currently in New York with her boyfriend so you wouldn’t have to answer any questions as soon as you walked through the door.

“Y/N,” Jack said for the first time in twenty minutes. You heave a deep breath and turn to him. When he didn’t say anything else, you knew he was still stuck on the belief that you went out your way to flirt up a storm with some other guy.

You let out an exasperated huff before unbuckling your seat belt and hopping out the car, slamming the passenger car door shut and storming to the parking lot elevator.

“Y/N!” You hear him get out of the car as well and storm after you.

“Leave me the hell alone,” you snap.

“Why are you so pissed off? You’re the one-”

“I didn’t do shit, Jack!” You yelled, immediately shutting your mouth afterward. It was around midnight by now and you knew people were sleeping.

“You were in his fucking arms!”

“Maybe if you paid some attention to me, I’d be in yours instead,” you scoff, angrily pressing the elevator button.

“I was busy,” he defended himself.

“Yes, I know. Too busy to even check up on me at the most,” you cross your arms and roll your eyes.

“You’re not a toddler, Y/N!”

“I know that! I’m your girlfriend! I could’ve been roofied or some shit and you wouldn’t have even known because you were too busy laughing it up with your pals!”

“You keep changing the subject!”

By now, you were on your apartment floor and walking to your home with Jack on your heels. When you had gotten into your apartment, you tried to immediately slam the door behind you, but Jack was already inside by then.

“I love how little trust you have in me,” you mumble, growing tired of all the arguing.

“It’s not that- Y/N, would you just look at me?”

“Every time I look at you, you yell at me,” you throw your shoulder bag onto the couch in the living room.

“I’m just trying to understand-”

“I’ve told you a million times already! He came on to me! I told him I had a boyfriend - you’re the boyfriend, Jack! I would never cheat on you and for you to repeatedly call me out on doing so fucking hurts!” By now, tears were streaming down your face as you grew more frustrated within every passing second.

You stood not so far away from him as he watched you with flattened lips. The past few minutes have been jumbled and rushed, though the next few moments seem to go by in the slowest of motions.

As Jack goes to throw his hands in the air, you seem to think that the next thing they’ll be flying at is you. So your nonexistent reflexes kicked in as you flinched.

Jack’s eyebrows furrowed when he saw your wince towards his mere action. It was as if all the arguing and yelling was put on pause when he saw you flinch from him.

He couldn’t find what to say at first, everything finally registering in his head. He cautiously put his hands down before running one over his face.

“Did you… did you think I was gonna hit you?” He asked, slight disbelief laced in his voice.

“I-It was a reflex, I-”

“I would never hit you, Y/N,” Jack had to clarify.

“I know that,” you mutter. “I don’t know why I flinched.” You attempted to avoid eye contact as you tried to hurry and wipe the tears away.

There was nothing to be said at this point. Both you and Jack were flustered and still not a hundred percent sober and you were seconds away from barfing out all of the alcohol you had drunk that night.

You didn’t have time to kick off the painful heels as you rushed to the bathroom, quickly pulling up the toilet seat as you fall to your knees and hover over the bowl. By the time you threw up that small amount of vomit, Jack was in the bathroom.

“No, please, just leave. I don’t want you to see me like-” you couldn’t finish that sentence because another harsh feeling of sickness entered your stomach.

Jack fell to your side as he pulled your hair out of your face and into a ponytail using one of his hands to hold it up. His other hand rubs up and down your back. Not much time went by before you were done and you felt drowsy and just about done with everything.

You had washed your hands and brushed your teeth three times before leaving the bathroom with Jack still following you at beck and call.

“You need to change,” he mumbled, bringing you towards your room.

Eventually, you were clad in a random hoodie and some pajama pants while Jack put on a pair of sweatpants and a random black tee. He had always forgotten clothes here and they were always relevant for his next stay and whenever you just felt like wearing his stuff.

You sat on your bed and watched as Jack took a seat beside you, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you back and into his chest.

“I didn’t flirt with that guy,” was all you needed to say. You just had to let him know that you weren’t looking for anyone else besides him.

“I know,” he sighed, twirling the strings of your hoodie around his finger.

“And I don’t like it when you bring me places only to ditch me afterward,” you mutter.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he murmurs back, shifting you upwards so you’re facing him, both of you now lying on your sides while gazing into one another’s eyes. “All the yelling and screaming,” he sighs.

“I hated it,” you say.

“I did, too,” he brushes some of your hair behind your ear. “I just became really annoyed seeing that guy all over you and when I couldn’t take it out on him I took it out on you and you thought I’d… you thought I’d hit you.”

“I know you’d never hit me,” you told him sincerely.

He didn’t respond, a small sigh leaving his nose as he stared at the ceiling for a few seconds.

“Tonight did not end the way I wanted it to,” he quietly admits, bringing you more into his chest. “I said things I didn’t mean and I want you to know that it was just me being a jealous asshat. That guy was right about me not treating you right.”

“That’s not true,” you frown. “We all make mistakes… we just gotta learn from them in order to understand never to do it again.”

“I should’ve known-”

“Well, you do now. And you’re apology was genuine.” Silence took over the room after you said that, the both of you lying in each other’s arms comfortably.

“I love you,” Jack murmurs, breaking the silence, planting a kiss on your forehead. You could hear the drowsiness in his voice, meaning he was on his way to sleep.

“I love you, too,” a small yawn left your mouth, your eyes fluttering shut as you fall asleep to the steadiness of his breathing.

Masterlist | Request Here

The Only Movie Theatre ~ Jughead Jones

Request: Jughead and (Y/N) meeting in the diner
Y/N=Your Name
Y/E/C=Your Eye Color

The small bell above the door jingled as I entered the small 80’s themed diner, Pop’s, also known as the only diner in Riverdale, which was a very big fall from the largeness of New York I was used to.

I had just moved here with my fraternal twin-sister, Veronica and our mother after the man I refuse to call my father had done some very stupid things, forcing us to flee our home and move to possibly the most boring town in the world.

As my shoes clicked against the tiled floor I looked down to see that I was still in my party attire from the homecoming dance, though I had left early to take Betty home as she wasn’t in the best of terms with my sister at the moment.

I walked up to the register, ordering a milkshake and paying. As the worker moved to the back to start on my shake, I saw a mysterious looking guy around my age sitting not to far away in a booth by the window, typing at a computer.

As confidence was something known to run in the Lodge family, in a few steps I stood in front of the table where the boy sat, hoping that he wasn’t a serial killer and I could possibly make another friend.

It took a few moments but the boy slowly looked up from his screen, his green eyes landing on me, “Can I help you?” He asked dryly, my smile faltered for a second at the annoyance in his voice, before picking it back up again.

“What are you writing about?” I questioned, looking down as his fingers typed rapidly on the keyboard of his silver laptop.

He responded almost immediately, “Its my novel, about this town.”

I frowned at his answer as he began typing, “Why would you want to write about this town? No offense, but it’s no big apple.”

The boy looked up from his screen for a split second, before beginning to type again, “Does the big apple have a Jason Blossom?”

The name sounded familiar to me, and I had to rack my brain fir a few seconds before remembering I had seen a poster of him at the front of school on the first day, “You mean the boy that drowned? I’m pretty positive that people have drowned in bigger towns than Riverdale, it’s actually quite a common way to go.”

“Yes, but in a town like Riverdale, nothing ever happens here-”

“Obviously.” I cut in, absentmindedly playing with the menu that was by the edge of the table. “You guys have, what? One movie theatre?”

The boy ignored my comment and continued writing his novel, “And when something like the death of the son of the richest family in town happens, people want to hear about it. As a city person I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

I opened my mouth slightly at what the boy had just muttered, should I have been offended?

“How did you know I’m from the city?” I questioned carefully, seriously wondering if this guy was done kind of crazed stalker.

The boy just shrugged, “This town is small, so when things happen, like the very rich sand famous Lodge family moving in unexpectedly from New York, people talk.” The boy looked up at me once more, “And you, (Y/N) Lodge, seem to be the talk of the town.”

I looked at the boy for a minute, studying him, “If you know my name, I feel obligated to know yours as well. Or is remaining nameless part of the antisocial all-knowing hipster thing you got going on?”

If may have just been my imagination but I swore I saw the corner’s of the boy’s lips turn up slightly at my sarcastic comment, “It’s Jughead. Jughead Jones.”

I thanked the diner employee as they handed me my milkshake and I took a sip of it, enjoying the smooth and refreshing drink, “Well, Jughead Jones. Tell me about this novel.” I requested, sliding into the booth across from the dark-haired boy, watching with curious eyes as he faintly chuckled, but went into detail about his book nonetheless.


After speaking with Jughead for what only seemed like mere minutes, a text from my sister reveled that I had been sitting with him the diner for three hours!

Veronica: Where r you?

(Y/N): Sorry, lost track if time. On the way now.

“Looks like its time for me to head home.” I told the boy in front of me, standing up and sighing lightly when I felt something pop after sitting in the same position for the last few hours.

I was surprised when Jughead stood up as well, “I’ll walk you out.”

Jughead and I awkwardly stood outside of the entrance to Pop’s, looking anywhere but each other’s eyes.

“I had fun tonight.” Jughead and I both said at the same time, causing each other to burst into laughter, after a few seconds of recovering I spoke up.

“You go first.”

Jughead nodded, pushing his hands into the pickets if his jacket, “I had a lot of fun tonight, (Y/N). You’re something different.”

“Good different?” I questioned, moving a stray piece if hair from my face.

The Jones boy nodded, “A very good different.” It was silently for a moment as he kicked a rock with his shoe before speaking up again, “So if you, I don’t know, like ever want to hang out or something-”

I cut off his awkward, but somewhat cute rambling, “I’ve been dying to check out the movie theatre here. You know, the only one?“

He nodded and chuckled a bit, "So it’s a date?”

I smiled at him, “If that’s what you want to call it.” We stared at each-other for a few seconds, his green eyes meeting my (Y/E/C) ones. I broke the eye contact by looking at my phone to see it was 1:14. “I better get going, but I had fun tonight Jughead, really.”

The Jones boy nodded, “So, did I.”

Another spur of confidence made me push on the tops of my toes, and plant a kiss on his cheek, causing a blush to spread across his face.

“See you around, Jughead Jones.” I said in a final goodbye, before turning around and walking into the parking lot.

As I got into my car, I looked to see that Jughead was still standing outside of Pop’s, and this time I was more than sure that the corners of his mouth had turned up into a smirk.

the wonderful rhae of sunshine @stardefiant and i were talking about how even absolutely does love the song september and weeell 

september first this year comes on a friday, and even starts blasting the song at seven in the morning. and then he’s out of bed and grabbing one of isak’s highlighter pens and using it as a pretend microphone and singing along to the song, and isak sees him through half-open lids, and he can’t help the smile that spreads across his face after he yawns, and he asks, all sleepy but endeared “even, what are you doing?” and even twirls and doesn’t quite hear the words, replies “did you say something?” and isak lets out a little groan as he sits up, and even grabs his hand and pulls him out of bed and isak simply buries his face against his shoulder, asks “what are you doing?” more loudly this time, fondness still in his voice. and isak sighs and closes his eyes and even cradles his head, gently lifts it off his shoulder so he can quickly kiss him and softly say “isak, it’s september”

and throughout the day, the song remains stuck in isak’s head, and he finds himself mouthing some of the lyrics and taping his foot in class. but the truth is that he doesn’t really mind, because the song in his head is accompanied with the memory of him and even dancing around in their pajamas, isak still progressively waking up, even full of excitement and beautiful light. and that night, they go to a party organized by this guy even just befriended in university, and at some point even plugs his phone into the speakers and plays the song. and some people are confused and some of them are laughing, and some of them don’t question the song choice and just start dancing. and isak is looking at even from across the room and he’s leaning his head to the side slightly and shaking it, bitting his lip to try to hide a smile. and even walks toward him and offers him his hand, and isak takes it, lets even walk him to the centre of the room, lets him take the lead. but isak also lets himself go, and he’s dancing too, silly dance moves of his own that make even beam. it’s a party and he’s with his boyfriend and it’s fun

and even says in his ear “you know, i remember listening to this song last year”, and then he presses his forehead against isak’s, dancing still and adds “and you were waiting outside of school and you looked so bored, and i remember wanting to make you listen to this with me because i thought it would make you laugh” and isak almost goes still for a second, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, opens them and kisses even, and when his mouth is not on even’s, it’s smiling. because the song does make him smile, but most of all, even does. and when the song comes to an end, even makes isak sway one last time, tells him “i’m glad you’re here with me this september” 

Love Story Duet - Requested

As the lights went down and the music started playing, Sherlock found himself immerse in his own thoughts. He was putting his violin inside the case, knowing that he was meant to leave the party before anyone noticed.

He had made the announcement, or at least he had felt it as an announcement, by telling John and Mary about their future baby. The couple were ecstatic, dancing around like a pair of love birds ready to grow their nest. It was so romantic Sherlock had to walk away and stop watching.

Of course, leaving the party hadn’t been precisely his first choice. He had thought of dancing – because he was an excellent dancer and he actually enjoyed it – but Molly had a boyfriend, Mrs. Hudson had been paired up by John with his grand-father and Janine was nowhere to be found.

Sherlock had also thought of sitting with someone to chat until John payed attention to him again, but the only single person there that Sherlock actually knew about was Lestrade and Sherlock didn’t feel like exchanging any sort of conversation with him and his awfully low-functioning self. Socializing with someone new was definitely off the list.

Therefore, Sherlock looked for Janine all around the party, only to find out that she had actually listened to his advice and was now dancing with one of the five bachelors Sherlock recommended. She looked happy, she was truly enjoying that man’s company and the only attention she gave to Sherlock was a mouthed “thank you” from afar.

Sherlock then realized that he had already played his part on that show and was now time to leave the scene. He was no longer required there, at least not for the night, that is. And so he took his violin case, got his coat on and tied his scarf.

“Care to dance?” A female voice asked shyly. Sherlock turned around to meet a beautiful, doll-faced woman expecting for an answer.

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Somethin’ to Talk About (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen pt 8]

Hey, look! It’s daylight and I’m posting a fic! Wow. I don’t know what got into me. Maybe a day off of work had something to do with it. :D So, here’s part 8! I’m trying to plan the next parts but I think there might only be a few more. I have a lot more fics planned and don’t want to drag this one out too much. I still love this reader, though, so it’ll be hard! 

Any who, thank you so much for all of you who keep reading my stuff! I appreciate your likes and comments more than I can say. Ya’ll are the BEST. Muah!! 


Somethin’ to Talk About (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen pt 8]

Characters: reader x Bucky, Steve, Natasha, other Avengers mentioned.

Summary: Reader and Bucky finally tell the team about their relationship in the least subtle way possible because that’s how she rolls. : ) Steve surprises the couple with news and things get a little angst-y. 

Warnings: Fluff, a little angst. 

Tags at the end.

Song link : Let’s Give ‘Em Somethin’ to Talk About by Bonnie Raitt

Part 7   Part 8   Part 9

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(I love his Space Nerd visiting NASA look, I had to use this gif.)


Morning came and with it brought the moment of truth.

“Are you ready for this?” you asked.

Bucky looked down at you, squeezed your hand intertwined with his, and gave a confident smile.

“I’m ready.”

Taking a deep breath, you turned the door knob and walked into the hallway with Bucky beside you.

You walked at a leisurely pace toward the kitchen where you assumed most of the team would be for breakfast. After considering how best to “break the news”, deciding from calling a weirdly formal meeting or telling people individually or, your personal favorite, walking into the room and yelling “HEY GUESS WHAT WE’RE DOING IT.” But in the end, you and Bucky decided on none of them. Or any plan of any sort.

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Disclaimer 1 - This is totally ooey gooey cheese.  If you don’t like cheesy fics, do yourself a favor and not read it.  Disclaimer 2 - I wrote it super fast so it may not only be ooey gooey cheese but full of errors.  Read at your own risk.  

Ironic – A Joe and Taylor Drabble

She can remember their first discussion about this.  Fifteen years old.  Sitting against the pastel painted bed in her room.  Abi had been picking at the hole in the knee of her jeans, rambling on about how much she hated Algebra but that she couldn’t hate it too much because Ben Henson was sitting diagonal and two seats up from her.   She had been writing a song that could really be a poem or maybe a story, she wasn’t positively sure at that point in time.  And when Abi had realized her lack of attention, she had grabbed the notepad from her hand and flung it across the room.  

“Let’s plan our weddings,” Abi had said enthusiastically, her red hair bouncing in waves like it was trying to match, or at least keep up with, her energy.    

Her heart had leapt a bit at the idea because, well the idea of everlasting love made her starry-eyed and planning the wedding she knew she would eventually have made her whole body shiver with excitement.  But showing Abi that wasn’t something she really wanted to do, not after her best friend had warned her to stop living in a fairytale just the day before when she had been whimsically forecasting her future romance with Chad Michael Murray.

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Dance Party- Auston Matthews

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Ok so SWEDEN WON I’M SO HAPPY!! But poor Mitch… Oh well… anyway! And AUSTON IS WITH FREDDIE! Y'all I’m LIVING! Anyway! So here’s a little dance party for Auston! Enjoy!

Warning: cute and fluffy, one cuss word

@supersoracc Request: hey! can you do an auston matthews imagine where him and the reader live together and shes at home dancing around blasting music and he comes home from practice and sees and laughs and joins and they have a cute lil dance party lol. THANKS!! (ps i love your writing!)


              Auston came home early.

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You Aren’t Alone Doll (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Hello my darlings! Sorry it’s taken so long to post something. I feel iffy about this one but hopefully you enjoy it. Thank you all for the notes and love. It means more than you will ever know! I love each and every one of you

It was days like today that you found yourself sinking into your depression. The numb setting in way too quick. Part of you unsure as to why you felt this way. Sometimes you just found yourself becoming overwhelmed and drowning in your mind. The memories and insecurities eating away at you. The clock blinking repeatedly, flashing the time at you. Letting you know you were wasting your day away. That the time was continuing no matter how much you wanted it to stop. With each breath and every dark thought.. You were sinking lower and lower.

But you also knew that your friends would all be too busy for you. They were all getting ready for one of the big Stark parties. It would seem Tony had some big  announcement and you just didn’t have an ounce to care. Yes, you were always proud of the big things he did but right now you couldn’t give two fucks. The announcement probably had something to do with Stark Industries as always.

Sighing you roll over and face the wall. Not wanting to look at the blinking clock. The clock that was counting your hours away. Burying yourself further into the warmth and safety of your blankets, you try to get rid of your thoughts. You really didn’t want this battle. You didn’t want to fight the demons in your mind. They were winning today and all you could do was let them take over. Sure you knew it was better to fight these demons but you just couldn’t find your will. No one really cared about you. You were the invisible teammate. The one who constantly put her life in danger. Constantly being the screw up of all the Avengers. It was a miracle they even kept you apart of this team.  Squeezing your eyes shut you feel the tears well up behind your eyelids. Threatening to fall down your pale cheeks if you opened them. Ultimately, your mind playing cruel tricks on you. It continued down this route until you fell asleep once again. Not coming out of your room once throughout the day.

The only one who seemed to realize your absence was Bucky. See, his room was next to yours and sometimes he heard you crying at night. It broke his heart knowing that you would cry yourself to sleep sometimes, but he didn’t want to intrude and or say anything. Instead, he started doing nice things for you. Making breakfast when the others weren’t around. Giving you tips on how to fight better. He even cracked some silly jokes just to make you laugh. He was doing a lot of small things to make you feel loved. Even if he couldn’t just flat out blurt those words. Hell, he had noticed you the first time he had laid eyes on you. You were talking and laughing with Natasha. The instant he heard your laugh he knew he was done for. Like a man who had finally found his purpose to live again. And now it was his turn to make you feel alive again. To pull you out of whatever was bothering you.

It was another new day and the party for Stark’s whatever was tonight. Everyone was rushing around and getting things prepared that they may have forgotten. Bucky on the other hand was beyond worried. Things had been deadly quiet from your room but he hadn’t so much as seen you around lately either. Tony said that you had maybe gone to see a friend or something, but that was hard to believe when all of your friends revolved around the tower. Frowning, he finds himself pacing once again. Something was wrong and he didn’t know what.

Would it be rude of him to bust into your room and demand to know if you were okay? Maybe he would see you tonight at Stark’s party. He would feel much better if he knew you were okay and not somewhere dark. Stopping at your door, he waits and then heads for his room. God.. he just wanted to see your smile again.

You on the other hand, were well aware of the footsteps and who they belonged to. Right now you were sitting up on your bed, in the dark. Listening to the sounds through the hall and the other rooms. When your door quietly slipped open you wince small and try to curl up again, only to have a familiar face stop you.
   “You can’t hide in here forever love.” Wanda murmurs gentle and takes your hand. “Let’s get you dolled up yes?”

You want to say no. You want to stay in bed but you knew Wanda wouldn’t let you do so. Nodding you let her take care of you. Half the time, Wanda was usually the one who knew about your dark days and she always came to cheer you up the best she could. As soon as you were showered and feeling fresh, Wanda helps you into a cute dress and some heels. Smirking in the smallest, the witch is happy with her improvements.

   “I’ll make sure you have some fun tonight sweetheart. You aren’t alone, you know that.” Wanda speaks soft and hugs you tightly. “We love you (Y/N). That’s never going to change.”

Nodding in the smallest, you allow Wanda to pull you to the elevator. Part of you dreading to see the others but you looked like yourself. The happier person you normally were. A deep blue dress that hugged your curves just right, heels that added to your small height. You should be feeling on top of the world but you didn’t. You felt small and like you couldn’t breathe. But you also knew you had to push through this for the others. A few drinks down and you felt a little better. Able to hide your thoughts and depression behind a smile.

A couple hours past and you had mingled with a bunch of the others and were ready to just return back to your room and be snuggled up under your blankets. However, before that thought could even cross your mind, James Buchanan Barnes came over. He was carrying another drink too. Raising an eyebrow you watch him take a seat near you at the bar.

   “Hey doll.” He flashes a smile.

   “Hello James.” You nod at him.

   “I haven’t seen you in a few days, how are you?”

   “I’m good, just been lost in a book series I started.” You admit soft and toss back your drink.

   “What’s it about?” He asks leaning closer.

   “Something you wouldn’t read James.” You shake your head in the smallest.

   “You never know doll.”

A silly smile crosses his lips and he reaches over to tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear. A deep crimson covers your features. Bucky chuckles soft and lets his fingers brush your cheek carefully. He always found you beautiful and so full of life. He just wants to know what makes you believe you aren’t. What makes you lock yourself away from everyone. Pulling away you smile soft and then order another drink. You were going to drink away some of the pain. Drink away the thoughts and become numb. Bucky could see right through that however and eventually you are out on the dancefloor. Wanda was ultimately worried by your behavior. Drunk and dancing with just about anyone and everyone. Shaking her head, she moves over to Bucky and whispers something to him. Nodding in the slightest, he stands and makes his way to the dancefloor. Wrapping an arm around your waist, he pulls you close.

   “Bucky!” You giggle soft and move in his arms and drag his hands along your body. “It’s about time you danced with me old man!”

   “Okay sweetheart, first off, I’m not that old and secondly, you are drunk.” He shakes his head.

   “Nope. You’re just not having fun James!” You smirk in the smallest. He laughs soft and keeps you close to him.

When you started getting drowsy, Bucky pulls you away from the area. He was taking you back to your room when you tried to go back to the party. Scooping you up, Bucky carries you all the way back to your room. Upon reaching your room, he is helping you into comfortable sleepwear. His heart nearly breaking when he sees the mess of blankets on your bed and the small pile of tissues on your bedside table. Crawling into your bed, you watch Bucky stand there.

   “Buck?” You murmur soft.

   “Yeah sweetheart?” His voice just as gentle.

   “How do you deal with the nightmares..”

   “The best I can.. Doesn’t mean I don’t wake up in the night and wonder about things.”
   “I can’t sleep.. I can’t escape them.. And sometimes I get this sense of worthlessness and I hate myself.” You pause. “The past couple days I’ve done nothing but lay here and wonder why I haven’t died yet.”

   “(Y/N).” Bucky’s tone comes on a little stronger. “Doll, you can’t keep this bottled up. You gotta let someone in.”

   “I don’t know how to..” You sniffle in the smallest. Bucky’s heart breaks upon hearing this. Kicking his shoes off he slips out of his jacket and jeans. Crawling into your bed, he wraps you up in a blanket and pull you to his chest.

   “Just talk to me. I’ll listen. I will /always/ be here for you babydoll.” His voice gentle as he presses a kiss to your forehead. Rubbing your back in a soothing manner, Bucky doesn’t let you go.

He stays all night as you drift into a sleep after talking your heart out. You had spilled everything. You didn’t hold back a thing and Bucky listened the whole time. Hating that this was how you felt. He made a vow while you slept, that he would never leave you alone. That he would make sure you were always smiling and happy. Because the world to him was so much brighter with you smiling. Something about you had such a brightness. That had been dulled due to what you were going through but he knew he could make you laugh again. Why? Because he would give you the world. He would give everything to make you happy. He was in love with you and that was never going to change. That night, he slept soundly without any nightmares.

can you imagine

pairing: lin x reader

prompt: !request where the reader finds out she’s pregnant but has a miscarriage before she can tell lin

warnings: anGST :’(, swearing, mentions of blood 

word count: 2,093

a/n: there are gonna two spin offs to this and will up updated as i go through. they’ll be embedded in a link/word in this so you can read it through and read those if you want to too! they’ll also be updated along with the rest of blog and added to the master list. okay xo

Before you had even taken the test, you knew. Before you were even a week late, you knew. Before you had even drank your coffee the morning after, you knew.

Still, it didn’t stop you from waiting over a month to take the test. 

It wasn’t until you were sitting on the bathroom floor with a box of pregnancy tests in your hand that you realize why you waited so long: you were absolutely terrified. What if Lin left you? He already had a shit going on. Oh my God. You couldn’t be pregnant. You couldn’t be. Hamilton was opening in three weeks. Three weeks. You couldn’t be pregnant. Right?


It took you an hour after you peed on the stick to check. Part of you wanted to check, solely because you wanted it to say negative. You wanted to be wrong. But you weren’t. So when you finally looked and saw that damn positive sign, you stopped.

You put your head in your hands and felt something wet.

Gross, you thought, did I forget to wash my hands? It was then that you realized you were crying; and the second you did, they turned to sobs. 

This couldn’t be happening. Lin was going to leave you. You rolled your eyes, no he wasn’t. Lin would be overjoyed at the thought of a child. You remembered the first time this had happened, when he ran inside with hot cocoa and flowers and practically yelled, “I want to have your babies.” But the timing wasn’t right. Then again, is it ever? 

Regardless, as you sat on the tile floor, you subconsciously decided not to tell Lin until after opening night. Maybe even a week after - he didn’t need any more stress in his life; especially not with the show just a few weeks away.

Racking your brain, you tried to remember that night. You always used protection - what happened?

The first time you had gotten sick was about week or so after you took the test. It made sense; you were about six weeks in. Still, Lin was next to you almost instantly, holding your hair and rubbing your back as your emptied your stomach into the toilet. 

“Baby…shh, it’s okay, it’s okay,” he soothed. You nodded, still feeling undeniably queasy. You almost told him right there and then, but the second you saw the bags under his eyes, you knew you couldn’t.

“Are you okay?” he asked as you leaned back on the wall. He handed you a wet face cloth and a glass of water.

You nodded, “I probably just ate something bad last night.”

That was the first lie, and it hurt worse than the morning sickness. Then again, maybe it was the twentieth, if you count the fact that you were keeping the biggest secret of your life from him. 

The second was when you was on the phone with the doctors office. You were sitting on the kitchen counter eating a bowl of blueberries.

“October 5th is a…”

“Friday,” the secretary filled in for you. Opening night.

“Oh - that won’t work. How’s the 7th look?”

You hadn’t even heard Lin walk in, but suddenly he was in front of you, popping a blueberry in his mouth. 

“That works - 10 o’clock okay?” 

You took in a sharp breath of air, hiccuping a little. He smiled back brightly at you, immediately making your stomach drop.

“That’s perfect. Thanks. Bye.” You hung up before the secretary had a chance to respond.

“What’s on the 7th?” Lin asked, eating another blueberry.

You tried to offer a smile, “Uh, I’m getting a hair cut.” 

He took the tip of your braid in his hand, “Cool. You wanna get some breakfast before I have to head to the theater?”

You nodded feebly. Your heart was in your stomach at the thought of having to keep lying to him. 

The third time was probably the hardest to get out of. You were up in the middle of the night.

You rubbed your eyes under your glasses, trying to wipe the sleep out of them. Opening the freezer, you took out the Eggo waffles. You had started wanting them a few days ago, but tonight was really bad; craving them to the point you couldn’t fall asleep. 

You considered heating them up, but you were already too hot - did Lin always keep it so hot in here? - so you settled for the half frozen waffles.

You were scrolling through some twitter mentions when Lin’s voice startled you.

“Y/N?” He was tired; and you didn’t need to hear his raspy voice to figure that out. He was barely sleeping three hours a night, so the second you saw him, you felt guilty. Maybe because you had woken him up, maybe because you were lying to him.

“What are you doing up?” He asked you, walking toward the softly lit kitchen.

“I was hungry,” you blurted out.

He cocked his head to the side, “But you hate Eggo waffles.”

“Pfft, no I don’t,” you tried. His brows furrowed at this.

“Last week you said you didn’t like them.”

You bit your lip slightly, feeling tears well up in your eyes. 

“Come back to bed, baby.” He asked, taking your hands in his. Lin was concerned; you weren’t usually like this. Maybe on your period, but that was supposed to be a week ago… right?

He brushed the off when you shut the light off in the kitchen and walked back to bed with him.

You didn’t sleep much that night. Instead, you thought about how good Lin was with kids and how he would be with your kid. You felt him pull you close, a hand resting on your stomach. Your heart fluttered a little.

There was opening night, too. The entire day, Lin was scrambling. You had barely seen him between rehearsals and prep. It almost made you feel okay with your decision to keep quiet. Almost.

Still, the show went off without a hitch. You had never been more proud of him in your life. Plus, Dear Theodosia made you cry a little more than you probably should.

It was awful though, the after party. Not that the vibe or the people, but the sobriety of it. 

Lin came dancing over, a smile on his lips. You laughed at his horrible dance moves. 

“Champagne, my lovely lady?” He teased. 

“Someone has to get you home tonight,” you tried, shaking your head. He frowned.

“We’ll call an Uber!” He shouted. You just laughed and put the glass of a table. It might’ve been the easiest lie, but it definitely cut deep; you were starting to love the idea of having a kid with Lin.

Still, it didn’t even compare to that night.

You got lucky. Lin had drank enough that when he got home, he had skipped the horny drunk and went straight to cuddly tired buzz. You managed to put a teeshirt on him and taken his shoes off before pushing him into bed.

“Y/N,” he whined, “Come back to bed!”

You laughed, “I’ll be there before you know I’m gone.”

Walking into the kitchen, you grabbed two Advil for Lin in the morning. Except when you reached up to get a glass for some water, you felt it. You knew that feeling. You knew it from your fifteen plus years as a woman. You were bleeding. 

Nearly slamming the glass on the table, you ran to the bathroom and pulled down your pants.

“Shit,” you breathed, “No. Fuck fuck fuck, no.” 

You seethed, this couldn’t be happening. No. Not when you had started to love this baby. Not when you hadn’t even told Lin yet. Not on opening night. Not now.

“No,” you mumbled, “No. This can’t be happening.”

“Y/N? Everything okay?” Lin called from the other room.

Immediately wiping your tears away, “Just fine!”

You swallowed. You didn’t have time to mourn. Not when you had started to love this baby. Not when you hadn’t even told Lin yet. Not on opening night. Not now. So you put on some stuff on, washed your hands, and climbed into bed next to Lin. This time, however, when he pulled you close and rested his hand on your stomach, your heart didn’t flutter; it nearly broke.

Lin woke up in the morning with a smile. How, with the amount of alcohol he had consumed the night before, was beyond you. It wasn’t until you sat up and felt it, that you remembered the night before.

You immediately felt sick. Lin noticed this and furrowed his brows together.

“You good?” he asked, walking back into your room with a cup of coffee. You took in a breath, trying to nod. Lin saw right through this. 

“Y/N, what’s going on?” he tried, sitting on the edge of the bed. Your heart was pounding.

“I have to tell you something,” you said, trying to sound strong. Unfortunately, your voice cracked. 

He leaned closer. His bright eyes shining with concern.

“Y/N,” he cooed, wiping away one of your falling tears with his calloused thumb.

“Did I do something?” he started, “I’m sorry I haven’t been present with you. The show has just -”

“No, Lin.” You stopped him.

“Is there someone else? Whatever it is we can -”

“No, Lin. I -”

“Did you cheat on me?” he asked, his voice breaking. His nose was red, like he was about to start crying.

“No! Lin, I’m pregnant!” you shouted, your words sharped than you intended, “Well, I -”

“I’m gonna be a dad?” Lin suddenly whispered. His nose was still red and his eyes were glossy, but now there was a smile on his face.

It wasn’t until that moment that you knew what heartbreak truly felt like.

“I’m gonna be a dad,” he said again, this time more confidently. He looked up at you and grabbed your shoulders, “We’re gonna be parents!” 

He brain was on overdrive, but hit a red light when he saw the tears continuing to stream down your face.

“Why aren’t you celebrating?” he asked.

You tried to offer a small smile, but it only forced your body into further sobs. Unaware of whether you were crying because of how excited Lin was to have your baby, or because you had lost your baby, you didn’t know. All you felt was Lin’s arms around you, begging for you to talk to him.

After a while, when your tears had mostly subsided, Lin pushed the hair out of you face.

“Babe, what’s wrong?”

“I lost the baby,” you whispered.

“What?” he asked, barely missing a beat.

“Last night,” you hiccuped, “I got my period.”

You watched Lin’s face drop, the world in slow motion. He looked up to you and you couldn’t breathe. 

You gasped when you saw the tears fall on his cheeks, “I’m so sorry.”

Lin immediately hushed you, engulfing you into a hug.

“It’s okay, baby.” He tried, but he was crying too. It wasn’t okay.

He looked down to your stomach, “How long had you know?”

“A month or so.”

“Y/N, you should’ve told me.”

You shook your head, “You couldn’t deal with any more stress.”

“No -”

“I couldn’t take this away from you -”

“You should’ve told me,” he wasn’t angry, just sad.

“I’m not sorry,” you said, “You deserved this show. I - I couldn’t take that away from you. I was going to tell you after opening night. I didn’t want -” you paused, “I didn’t want to worry you.”

He slid down on the bed next to you, wrapping his arms around you, mumbling apologized back and forth every so often.

You stayed like that for hours, not moving until he had to leave for the show. Before he left, you pressed a tissue to his eyes. You felt awful, telling him this before a show? It wasn’t fair. Then again, none of it was.

“I love you. No matter what,” he said, pressing a kiss to your lips. 

You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to stop the tears, “I love you too, so fricken much.”

Lin went on stage that night, unaware that his former conversation with you resembled two of his songs so perfectly. 

His heart broke during That Would Be Enough, but he barely got the words out during Stay Alive.

So at the end of the night, as he held you in bed, neither or you sleeping, he started humming.

You took his hand. It’s Quiet Uptown.

Exo when you do a sexy dance

You were perfectly aware that Baekhyun was sat up to the breakfast bar, eating a snack while you pottered around, doing some baking. You would always dance while baking and after a while, he stopped commenting but usually, he was out of the room before your playlist turned into sexually suggestive songs, your dancing matching the theme.

“Oh!” He’d gasp looking up to see your hips moving. You’d stop your usual movements to dance in a less sexual manner. “No no no, don’t stop, I really like it! Please, never stop.”

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Actual ball of fluff, probably giggles when you offer to dance for him but doesn’t say no. At first, he doesn’t know what to do, he kind of felt like he shouldn’t be watching you dance so provocatively but he managed to get it into his head eventually that you had offered and that after all, you two were dating so it was fine. The second the shyness left, his eyes wouldn’t leave your body, his tongue licking his lips and you noticed. I mean obviously you did, there was no way he could hide the bulge forming in his jeans. You’d smirk and walk over to stand directly in front of him, hands on your hips.
“Oh baby, I think we need to do something about that.” He’d blush, looking down at where your gaze rested before looking up and nodding hastily in agreement.

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Now, this guy, he’d no doubt have tricked you into it somehow and before you knew it, he was sat on the end of your bed, watching your body move seductively to the music. but, he had never expected he’d get so turned on by your movements so the second he realised that all of his blood was rushing to his crotch, he’d clear his throat and lean forward onto his knees, trying to be subtle about hiding the evidence from you as he spoke.
“Okay, you proved me wrong, you can go back to your show now.” He’d stated, barely looking up at you properly. instantly, you caught on and smirked, sauntering over to him. His eyes followed, gulping hard when you pushed him onto his back.

“No need to be shy, baby, seeing you so turned on gets me turned on too.”

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It all started at the dance studio. You turned up to bring him lunch knowing how hard he had been working lately with the comeback quickly approaching. He didn’t want you to leave after you both ate together so you stuck around and allowed him to teach you some of the new dance. Kai was too absorbed in his pride of you to even realise just how smoothly you were moving and grinding your hips against him until your arse rubbed against him in just the right way. He’d grow wide-eyed and stiffen. He’d think he was being subtle with the way he took a step back but the warmth of his body grew distant so you backed up, holding his arms around your waist and you purposely rolled your hips back against his.

“It’s okay, Kai, I want to feel your body against mine, all of your body.”

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Kyungsoo (D.O)
He’d be cooking dinner, an extravagant meal because you both had been working hard and he figured you could both do with a good meal. Whereas, you wanted to put something else in your mouth spend time with him but his attention was on cooking. So, you’d decide to distract him. You’d go into your room and switch into the new lingerie you bought as a gift to yourself for dealing with so much shit at work lately. You’d find a ‘sexy times’ playlist online and play it on your laptop that you placed on the kitchen table. He’d still be absorbed in cooking. You’d huff and climb up onto the table to start to dance. Out of the corner of his eye, he’d see feet on the table so he’d look up and almost fall back in shock.

“J-jagi!” He’d exclaim. “W-what-”

“Now you can’t ignore me.” You’d smirk, still moving to the slow, sensual beat. He’d gulp, his eyes roaming your scarcely dressed body. “Would you like me to stop?” He’d lick his lips and shake his head, reaching out blindly to grope the buttons to turn the oven off, glad he hadn’t actually started to cook. He’d shuffle around the counter to get a better view and stand there open mouthed, glossy eyed until you were finished, not wanting to miss a single second. Then he’d take you to the bedroom, or maybe on that table.

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When he saw you dancing with your friends across the room at your friend’s party, his first instinct was to rush over and put his arms around you, show everyone you were his. But, he just had to stand back and watch your body move to the music in that way that always made his pants a little too tight. Only when his thoughts were consumed by all the things he wanted to do to you would he join you, holding your body tight to his and moving with you. A smirk would lift your lips, feeling his arousal against your body and you’d turn to look at him, seeing the lust in his eyes.
“Maybe we should go home?” You’d suggest and his smirk would mirror yours. He wouldn’t even give you time to say goodbye to your friends, just grab your hand and pull you out to his car. Maybe he manages to control himself until you make it all the way home but maybe, just maybe, he pulls over somewhere private and pulls you into the back seat with him.

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The pair of you had gone out to a club to celebrate a friend’s promotion. There was a lot of you there but Suho didn’t leave your side until he went to use the restroom. When he returned, you were dancing and for the life of him, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from you. He’d bought you a pair of new heels to match the dress you bought for the occasion and he loved how your legs looked in them.
He’d return to your side and you’d smile at him. Instantly, you’d notice the darkness consuming his eyes and your stomach would flip excitedly.
“You are so beautiful, jagi.” He’s breath, tucking your hair behind your ears. “And those heels make your legs look so good.”

“They do.” You’d look down at your legs and instinctively, so would he, his tongue wetting his lips. “I didn’t thank you properly for them.”


“Maybe we should go home so I can.” He’d look up at you to see you smirking. “And maybe I should keep them on while I do.”

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You had been dancing around as you cleaned your apartment, ready for when Xiumin arrived for your weekly movie night. He wasn’t due for another hour and was never usually early, having a bunch of stuff to do for work, but on this day he was. He’d let himself in but not call out. You had the music too loud anyway. He’d kick off his shoes, leaving them neatly next to yours before walking further in, finding you dusting the TV, moving and swaying your hips. For a few minutes, he’d only watch you, imagining how it’d feel to have you moving against him like that. He’d not even notice you had finally turned and spotted him, almost screaming int eh process but the way he was staring at you cut you off quickly. You’d stare back at him, wondering when he’d snap out of his fantasies but apparently, he was content to stay in them. You’d walk over to him to drag him over to the sofa. You’d push him down and continue to dance. His cheeks would redden slightly, embarrassed at how out of it you caught him but he’d quickly pull you down onto his lap.
“Don’t stop moving, please jagi.” He’d beg breathlessly and there’s no way you could say no to that.

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Yixing (Lay)
Now Yixing could go one of two ways, depending on his mood.
The first option, he’d just watch, smiling and encouraging you to dance. nothing but pure joy and love in him over the fact you were dancing for him. It’d be entirely innocent, even with the sexual music and movements because he’d see it as just a dance, not a seduction technique. Too innocent and pure mood, basically so if you wanted more, you’d have to be pretty blunt with him.

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The second and best would be that the second he heard the music start, he’d lean back to look at you, his eyes already dark and piercing your body causing shivers to run down your spine. He’d still say encouraging words but not ones with innocent meanings.
“You move your hips so good, baby. Hm, don’t stop moving.” He’d bite his lip, his eyes raking your body. “Come over and sit on my lap, show me how good you can move against me.” You’d obviously comply who wouldn’t and he’d lace his fingers together behind his head, leaning back even further to watch your body move. He’d have patience, letting you work against him until you were almost too tired to continue, only then would he take a firm hold of your hips and roll his hips against yours in return.

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My laptop really didn’t want that second half of Yixing’s one. When I was writing it, I pressed something(still no idea what) and it went blank and bearing in mind I write these in a document so that was ALL of my exo writing gone suddenly but luckily, it somehow had saved itself so was there when i opened the document again otherwise I legit would’ve cried and never touched the request again.And then when I was looking for the second Yixing gif, my laptop kept freezing and the gifs wouldn’t load and i almost gave up and used one i didn’t really like but, i perserved for my bby Yixing

Thank you anon for the request! 

My requests are open so that’s Exo, BTS and GOT7 but please be patient and let Mimi work on the stuff she’s got lined up so only request those three groups until she says otherwise rn

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Party girl-Justin Bieber imagine (mature)

Justin meets Y/N at a party.

Y/N POV-  

“Y/N, Y/N!” the loud chants of my name can be heard throughout the room, above the loud music. I decided to let loose and go to my best friend’s brother’s birthday party. Tessa, whom i’ve known for over 5 years, assisted we went to her older brother’s 21st birthday party, saying it was party ‘we could not miss.’ 

I continue to move hips to the beat, dirty dancing on the kitchen counter top, not giving a care who was filming. I move my hips, shaking my ass to the fast beats, my mini shorts clinging tight to my curves. After my 5th shot of the stinging vodka, I went crazy, my mind not stable to think anymore. I close my eyes, feeling the hype run down my body, I continue to dance, raising my arms in the air. I open my hazy eyes, glancing down at the crowd. I spot a cute boy. He wore a tank top, that exposed his perfect structured arms that I wanted to touch so badly. 

He focused on me, his eyes staring looking up at me as he leans down to sip from the red cup in his hand. I stand there, lost and dazed from my dancing. I couldn’t focus anymore. 

“Y/N, that was so good!” I hear Tessa cheer from below. I jump down the counter top. 

“I got it all on video!” She continues to cheer for me, telling me how good my dancing skills were. 

I nod lazily, my mind on able to comprehend what she was saying, her words going straight through my left ear and out of my right. I feel unable to stand up, my legs suddenly feeling weak, as if any moment i’ll collapse. I clutch onto Tessa’s shoulder, leaning my weight onto her. She quickly notices something wrong. She turns her attention to me, holding me with two arms, slowing walking me into a quiet corner. 

My mind begins to fuzz, a blur suddenly taking over my vision.  Out of the blue, my eyes began to spin, the blur slightly easing my sight. I look around, confusion striking me. I didn’t know where I was. 

The bed sheets were soft, white and thick. The room, oddly tidy, clean and crisp, not an object out of place. A slightly familiar scent floats around the room, a woody earthy but warm and slightly rosey scent, travels to my scenes. The scent smelt so nice and welcoming. 

“Y/N” A deep voice, still and captivating rang in my ears, signaling my head to turn to its direction. 

I see him standing there, with the same red cup and with a hand in his pockets. He looks handsome as ever, his hair brown and soft, making me want to run my fingers through it, his smirk so confident making me suddenly fall into a nervous pit. 

“Uh,” I awkwardly begin, “What am I doing here?” 

“Well, I saw the way you looked at me the entire night” He replies with a half grin, “and the way you move your body is a sight to see.” 

He begins to walk closer to me, moving closer to the side of the bed. The insides of my body starts to tear apart, struggling to breathe, my mind still boozed from the large amount of alcohol I consumed the last hour. I sit there, unable to move, my eyes large and scared for what’s about to happen. He sits his cup on the bed side table before climbing on the bed. He hovers above me, slipping off his expensive slide ons as he gazes into my eyes, his eyes raking over my face intensly. He closes his body around me, supporting himself with his left hand against the headboard. His face so close to mine, I could smell his scent starting to blur my vision.

My body falls apart under him, suddenly I forgot how to breathe. I hold in my breath, eyes wide as he leans beside my ear, “let’s have some fun.” 

His voice making me melt instantly, “What do you say baby?” 

My tongue suddenly ties in a knot, not being able to reply. He suddenly rubs his thumb inside my inner thighs, making me squirm under his body. I close my eyes, my body not responding anymore. I raise my hips at his touch, wanting more, wanting him to touch me further. 

“More,” I breathlessly moan. I didn’t even know his name but it was ridiculous how much I wanted him. I feel myself becoming wetter every second. He continues to tease me, lightly grazing his thumb in my inner thighs, close to where I wanted him to touch. I quickly unbuttoned my denim shorts, signaling him where I needed him most. I clutch the sheets at the side of me, waiting for him to feel me up. I notice his actions suddenly stopping. I open my eyes to see his brown eyes full of lust. My eyes lace in confusion. 

“You’re drunk Y/N, I don’t think I should go any further,” he spoke seriously. 

“Please, I need you,” I whine breathlessly as I grip his large wrist in a tight grip, wanting him to penetrate me already. 

“God, you’re making this so hard,” He groans. 

I stare at his face. Eyebrows creased and bottom lip taken between his teeth, looking as if he was trying to control himself. I lunge at him, kissing him forcefully, pouring out my lust and want into the kiss. He slides two fingers against my slick folds. I moan into the kiss before I quickly pull away from his lips, instantly forgetting how to breathe. I begin to let out little pants, breathless as he begins to rub against my core with his large fingers.

“You’re so wet,” He growls deeply. I shut my eyes, loving the way he was making me feel. 

“Moan Justin’s name babygirl,” he demands with a warning tone, his warm breath blowing directly in my left ear. His voice edging me closer, making me want to let go already. 

A boy I just meet only less than a couple of hours ago has his fingers between my legs. He had a dangerous look on his face the first time i laid eyes on him, already knowing that he was trouble. His arms, decorated with ink and perfectly displayed through his baggy basketball singlet. The way his eyes would follow, indicating me he wanted me right there and then. 

Suddenly he plunges two fingers into my heat, feeling myself stretch with his digits. I yelp at his rough actions, my eyes opening wide. 

“Say my name Y/N,” he demands once again. 

He roughly penetrates me at a fast pace making me go crazy, my body not able to take it any longer. I feel his digits rubbing intensely against my walls, the pleasure so overwhelming. I stare back at him with lazy eyes, my lips not being able to form a sentence anymore, my tongue tying itself in a knot. He gazes right back at me with an intense stare before quickly flicking his eyes down at his fingers disappearing into my heat. 

“Come on, baby,” He whispers as he leans in beside my ear, “Am i doing you good?”

He harshly tugs at my left thigh, forcing my legs apart. He continues to plunge his two fingers into my walls. The feeling in my lower stomach becoming so intensely sore, beginning to tighten up.

“Justi-n,” I whine, my voice sounding more high pitched than normal. 

I glance down to see his hand deep in my shorts, moving at a fast pace. I feel my stomach tighten to the max, the sudden buildup letting go. I shut my eyes close as I grip the sheets tightly, letting my orgasm wash over me. I peer open my eyes to see Justin’s pupils looking straight into my face. 

“I love it when you let go for me,” he says as he licks over his plump bottom lip, his eyes examining my after sex phase. 

He keeps his harsh stare as he brings his two fingers between his pink lips, that I wanted to kiss so badly. His fingers dripped with my juices. He cleans them up, taking his time before taking them out. The sight so memorising but also the feeling strangely hitting straight to my core.

I smile hazily at him, barely able to keep my eyes open. My eyes begin to drift off too sleep all to sudden for me. My presence finally giving up on me.

Justin POV-

She was breathtaking. I saw her when she first walked through that door. The way she would smile and greet the birthday boy with such an innocent smile. She came along with Tessa. She did look slightly lost, as if she did not really knowing her way around parties. But the way her hips would move made me think otherwise. 

The clothes she wore gave me more than enough skin to tease me, for my eyes to touch as her soft glowy skin shone when she danced. God she did look sexy. The way her body responded to my fingers made me instantly want to pleasure her to the max, to she show her what i’m really made of. But I knew I couldn’t continue it because of her drunken state and didn’t want her to wake up and regret it. 

The high pitched moans from her sweet lips and the noises she would make every time I thrusted my fingers into her made my mind go crazy. The feeling of her wet tight core clenching my fingers nearly made me want to flip her over and fuck her continuously with my shaft deep inside her heat. 

“Justin,” a voice awakes me from my daydream, “are you ok bro?” 

I shot open my eyes to realise Darren still next to me as we sat on the couch. 

“Sorry,” I mutter, stretching my arms from the back of my head and bringing them to rub my tired eyes. 

“what time is it?” I mumble, my mouth feeling a bit dry. 

The air seems almost dark, despite all of the lights still on. I spin my head around to find no one present, the crowd of teenagers all gone. The only thing left as a reminder of this lame ass party was the mess they left behind. The whole house looked like a pigsty, cups and rubbish thrown around. God, why did I even let Darren host his birthday party at my house. 

I raise my hands to roughly rub the sides of my head. A headache racing into the insides of my brain. The stinging making my head want to explode into a million of pieces. I groan angrily, the pain taking me by surprise. I force myself off the couch, slumping my way up the stairs to my room. Every step was a struggle. I finally push my way into my room. I hastily grab the pills off my bedside table, popping two in my mouth and swallowing once. The relief instantly taking over me, calming my state. 

My eyes spot a red cup from last night. My eyes linger on the cup for a moment. The flashbacks of last night hitting me straight in the face like a bullet train. The moments so vividly clear, almost knocking me off my feet. 

I sit back onto the perfectly made bed. Y/N was here, it wasn’t a dream.

Reaction to Coming Home to You Jamming to Music While Cooking. . .

Anonymous said: heyy!! can i get an exo reaction to them coming home late and finding you, cooking while jamming to music (because of having one too many glasses of wine haha) well this is confusing, but hope you manage! love your writing fyi! ~

Reaction to Coming Home to You Jamming to Music While Cooking…

A/N this is me tbh,,,be bumping to that Beethoven while making my morning coffee,,hell yeah. and thank you,,i love getting feedback on my writing,,so its good to hear,,i also just like getting praise in general so,, you know <3


The moment he steps into the kitchen and sees you shaking your hips to the music he’s lightly chuckling to himself, finding this to be the cutest thing he’s seen so far. He’d stand back, watching you, not wanting to ruin the adorable moment by notifying you that he’s there and watching. Eventually though, he wouldn’t be able to wait and would speak up from behind you, “Nice dancing Jagi.” The smirk on his face evident in his voice. When he notices that you had a glass of wine sitting on the counter beside you, he’d in a way, find this even more amusing, and would hope that in future there would be more evenings like this. Loving the feeling of just being able to relax with you, this being a reminder to him of how comfortable and natural you are, the complete opposite of his idol life, and it would feel as if he could now take a breath and relax with you.


He’d try so hard not to laugh, and like Suho, he’d stand back and watch before making his presence known to you. But eventually you would hear his stifled laugh and turn to see a teary-eyed Kyungsoo standing in the doorway while one of his hands is over his mouth to muffle out his laughter. Once he’s calmed himself down, he’d ask in a sarcastic tone, “Enjoying yourself Y/N?” He’d then join you in cooking, asking if you’ll continue dancing while he helps you cook, hoping you would say yes, because even though he was laughing, he still found it really cute that you were enjoying yourself, and it would be kind of a relief that you were enjoying yourself even if he wasn’t there. He had always felt a guilt that he had to be absent from your life a lot of time, and would be worried that you were sad because of it, so to walk in on you jamming out to music and enjoying yourself would in someways give him relief while also admiring you for some odd reason that he could not comprehend.


At first, when he rounds the corner to the kitchen, he’d quickly back up, feeling embarrassed as if he had walked in on you naked or something, but then he’d walk back into the doorway and watch, almost like he was in awe. After he processes that you’re just dancing to music a little tipsy while cooking, a huge smile would spread across his face. He’d watch in silence, knowing that if you knew he was there you wouldn’t be doing this, and so he’s going to take this opportunity to watch. He wouldn’t say anything until you turned around and caught him watching, then he’d say, “Whaa, Jagi, I didn’t know you had this much fun without me..” As if he was pouting, but the huge smile on his face would give him away.


He wouldn’t last long with holding in his laughter. He’d stand behind you for a good 20 seconds, but then after that, his laughter would break through and you would be snapped out of your own little world be his loud laughter. He’d ask you in a joking manner to continue, he was enjoying it too much, but if you were to get embarrassed, he would assure you that he just found it too cute, and that’s why he was laughing. However, if you joked with him back, he’d continue teasing you a little with harmless jokes while a huge smile was still plastered on his face. Moments like these are what he enjoys most, it’s what keeps him going when things get hard, and everyday he thanks the universe for giving you to him. This would just make him find you even more precious than you already were to him. He wouldn’t be able to get this memory out of his head for the next few days, and he would find himself quietly chuckling to himself when he remembers your little clumsy footwork and shaking of your hips, earning weird glances from his other members.


The moment he lays eyes on you dancing around the kitchen while cooking, he’s blushing like crazy. He doesn’t really know why he’s blushing, but he is, and he can’t seem to keep his eyes on you for more than five seconds. He’d find this so precious, but also kind of embarrassing on both his part and yours. He wouldn’t know what to do really, should he tell you he’s there, or should he save you from the embarrassment and just pretend he didn’t see anything and wait for you in the livingroom? Eventually you would just turn around and that’s when you would catch him standing there, cheeks flaming. It would be awkward at first, but then you two would be laughing about it within a matter of minutes, and the embarrassment and awkwardness completely forgotten. At some point you would ask him to join you, and the kitchen would be turned into a mini-dance party for two while he helps with the mixing of the pancake mix, this would turn into a sweet memory and eventually a routine for you two on your days off.


The first thing he does when he walks into the kitchen to see you shaking your hips to the rhythm of the music is whip out his phone and take a video while keeping his laughs held back. Eventually though, you would do a dance move that’s either too cute or waaayyy off beat and he can no longer hold back his laughter. When you notice he was taking a video and you beg him to delete it, he’s gunna tease you by holding the phone out of your reach while promising you that he’s going to show all the other members and upload it online. Though of course he’s just joking about uploading it, though he’s dead serious about showing his members his adorable girlfriend’s dancing talent in the kitchen. If you really don’t want him too, he’d eventually give in and would promise not to show them, and would pretend he deleted the video, though in reality he kept it and will watch it whenever he’s feeling down, or when he’s away on tour and misses you like crazy, though he would never tell you that he kept the video, knowing how mad you’d get.


He’d join you without hesitation. At first he’d do some goofy dance,  making you laugh while stealing a piece of the chicken you were making. But when you got back to cooking he’d wrap his arms around your waist, rocking you gently back and fourth to the music. He’d feel completely at ease with you in his arms, soft music playing, you would occasionally pick off a piece of the chicken you had prepared and reach back to feed it to him. He’d live for this moment, loving that it felt like you two were the only one’s in the world. He’d also secretly love the fact that it felt like you two were newlyweds, but he wouldn’t tell you that, afraid it would scare you off, so he’d keep that feeling to himself, but it would get him thinking (wink, wink).


This boi would make it something it’s not… Like, he’d take it to a whole new level. The moment he walks in on you dancing around the kitchen in your apron he’s laughing his too-hyped-ass off and practically falling to the floor. You’d think that he had met Kevin Hart himself, but no, it’s just you dancing in the kitchen and you wouldn’t know whether to take offense to him laughing this hard about it or what. He’d try to join you, and if you decide to ignore his laughter and continue dancing he’d have so much fun and let’s be honest, we’re talking about Baekhyun here, so he’d probably start a food fight with you too, just because, you know, he’s extra like that. But if you’re pouting and refuse to continue dancing he’d wrap his arms around your waist, hugging you tight and complimenting you about how adorable you are that he couldn’t take it, and that’s why he was laughing so hard, but the smirk on his face would make you second guess what he’s saying.


He’s so sweet, so when he catches you dancing, he’s going to stand back and admire you with the most loving gaze a guy could have for his girl. He wouldn’t want to tell you he’s there and would wait for you to notice him. Something like this would just make him feel like he’s falling for you all over again and to be honest, he would love the feeling. He’d want to pull you into his arms and hold you for a few minutes just because of how precious you are. He’d love that you do random quirky things like this and would look forward to new things you bring into his life that he’d never think he would experience. 


He’d think you were weird for doing this, you’re cooking, so why are you dancing, you could get hurt, burn yourself or the food. This whole situation is asking for disaster. He’d walk up to you and grab you by the waist asking what you’re doing. When you answer him, he’d tell you to stop because you’re going to hurt yourself, and he doesn’t want to see you doing that, especially when you’re trying to have fun. He’d tell you that you two can dance after you’ve finished making dinner, but for now just focus on making dinner so you don’t get hurt and he doesn’t worry about you.

(ignore my mans in the back real quick)


He’s taking a video just like Chen, but when you beg him to delete it he’s not listening. He’d promise you that he wouldn’t show anyone the video, and eventually the conversation would die out. But the following day during practice he’s showing the other members the video. When you see them again, they’re all making comments on your dancing skills, and that’s when you know, your boyfriend betrayed you. He’d make a million excuses about why he showed them the video, but each time you try to talk to him about it he can’t last more than five seconds before he starts laughing, trying to cover it up with a hand, but.. Like, you know he’s not taking you seriously. So like, what’s the point?


Seeing this would be ground breaking for him. He loves learning new things about you, and this would be something he’d be thankful to see. It’d just be another part of you that he falls in love with, and would in turn, make him fall in love with all of you even more. He’d join you, loving the idea of dancing with you and cooking. This would be like a chance for him to escape the stresses of his life and just focus on you; really the only thing he ever really wants to focus on. He’d feel that this has deepened your relationship, and that would make him feel on top of the world. This would be a memory that he keeps for years to come, one that he calls on when he’s feeling down or misses you.

Recommended Listening: Ghost Waltz - Abel Korzeniowski

For @silent-of-spirit, as part of my giveaway. (Sorry for the lateness!) Victorian Hawke & Fenris dancing (wrote it as a side-story to Shadow on the Run).

There’s a sly smile curling at the corner of her lips. A slash of red, dark and mysterious. It’s a smile that doesn’t quite reach the piercing blue. Her eyes remain impassive, calculating. He is not the only one watching her. Talking to their companions, following her out of the corner of their eyes. She is an inferno of red and black, a predator amongst countless prey. The band has their eyes upon the music sheets, strings upon strings, playing for a glittering crowd.

Couples dance in perfect sync, hand in hand, arms extended, dresses swaying across the floor. Smiles on their faces, earrings that dangle and bounce against skin as they move. Finest silk, brightest color. Blue and purple, green and yellow. Spinning round and round, a dizzying display. Flowers in their hair, shoes shined and polished, bowties white and pocket watches gold. She seems uninterested in it all. She picks up a truffle from a tray, places it at her lips. Red lipstick marks her glass of wine. She looks up briefly, catches his gaze across the dance floor.

Everything else seems to move in slow motion. The laughter seems distant, the music drawn out. The echo of the piano is so far away, the tap of shoes against floor almost nonexistent. She passes her empty glass to a passing servant. He watches in a trance as the crowd seems to part for her. She passes through this sea of fabric and color, untouched by it all. Her eyes do not leave his. He can’t look away. She stops before him. The band is still playing but to him there’s only silence.

Lost in the constellation of freckles on her face, the exposed line of her throat. Her hair is bound and wound, subtle curls that rest black upon black. There are no flowers in her hair. She needs none. She wears no necklace, no bracelet, and no jewelry at all. No such trinkets are needed to make her sparkle. She looks up at him and a smile quirks across her lips. The world crashes back into meaningless noise, cascading off the sound of her voice.

“What a pleasure seeing you here,” she says, her hand reaching for his. Unlike the others, she wears no gloves. No silk things with trims of sparkling silver. She is all flesh and warmth, her palm against his, stirring the heat within him. With her other hand, she reaches up, adjusts his collar and his bowtie. The briefest moment of her fingertips touching his neck.

“I thought we were supposed to stay separate,” he tells her. She chuckles softly under her breath, and her hand drops back to her side.  

“I saw you and I simply couldn’t resist,” she says. He only makes a small grunt, looks away from her. He can hear more quiet laughter as her hand squeezes his. She knows that the back of his neck will be flushed with embarrassment, the slightest pleasure at her compliment. The women have their dresses, the men have naught but their suit and ties. Black and white, collared and laced, she looks at the dancers at their game and find none who stand out. None except for him.  

He stands straight, his shoulders squared, and there’s relaxed confidence in his stance. Sure of himself. He does not want the attention of others, nor does he need it. That assurance makes the women look at him, blush and avert their eyes playfully, more than the strong line of his jaw or the glittering emerald of his eyes. He runs a hand through his hair, that lovely white. He fixes the lock which had threatened to escape the way he so carefully has it slicked back.

“Fenris,” she says, “dance with me.”

“I don’t dance.” She laughs at that. She knows he can, and beautifully as well. They’ve moved from party to party and in all except the first he’s denied her. Usually with a simple shake of his head. This is the first that he’s dignified her request with a response. She closes the distance between them. His hand still hasn’t let go of hers. Her other hand slides up his arm, rests on his shoulder. She leans against him, presses her body against his, tilts her face up towards his.

She hums slightly before she presses a kiss against his cheek. “Dance with me,” she murmurs. Her teeth click together in a playful bite by his ear. Hot breath, Hawke’s knowing smile, the dangerous glitter of mischief in her eyes. She bites her bottom lip as she looks up at him, raises her eyebrows slightly. Looking far too pleased with herself as the tips of his ears redden. An arm tightens around her waist, sweeps her onto the floor.

He arranges them neatly and efficiently, setting their steps and their pace. His hand is splayed on her lower back, his hand tight around hers. Her hand is on his shoulder and she is like water in his arms. Graceful and aware, her steps are light and easy. He moves them with the same sort of confidence he moves himself. Assured in her, assured in them. Unlike other stumbling couples, they do not need to look at the floor, or at anyone else. Instead they look at each other.

This is supposed to be business. A temporary arrangement. Find Danarius, kill him, and be done with this witch and all her kind. They are moving forward, ever closer towards their goal. After that – he does not know where this path leads him. He is tempted to ask her. She has made herself comfortable in every corner of his life, and no matter which direction he turns, he finds himself brought back to her. To leave after Danarius would make him directionless once again. This was supposed to be business but she smiles at him and he cannot help but smile back.

There are carriages awaiting guests outside. Horses beat the ground restlessly as they wait, pawing against the gravel of the estate. Hawke and Fenris sit side by side on one of their hosts needlessly expensive couches. Hawke has another glass of wine in her hands, and she sips it carefully as they watch the guests’ line up one by one. His fingers tap against the armrest, that rich mahogany, restless to the end. Hawke puts her glass on the table beside them.

She moves closer to him, rests her hand on his thigh as she leans into him. They are hidden away at the back of the room, away from the laughter at the front. “Fenris,” she says. His hand lands softly on hers. His thumb traces over her knuckles, his hand wraps around her wrist. His fingertips lazily drift up and down her arm, before he finally settles on holding her hand lightly. “Fenris.” A softer murmur as she leans into him, her head on his shoulder.

Just business. 

He kisses the crown of her head.

Hayes Grier - Dirty q&a (part 2)

Request:  can you do a continued of the Hayes dirty q and a where Hayes wants to act on the dirty thought then they kinda become fuck buddies then they develop feelings and admit them in another dirty q and a and Hayes asks you out? I understand if ur busy, but I love ur writing so it would be awesome!!!

Part 1


“This party sucked,” I sighed as we finally got home. I threw myself to the couch not even bothering to take my jacket off.

“Yes, I don’t even know why we stayed for an entire hour,” Hayes said agreeing. He lifted my legs, sat down and then took them into his lap.

“Did you see that weird girl dancing in the backyard?” I asked laughing at the memory of the girl. It was one of the most bizarre things I had even seen. That girl had moves.

“Oh my God, yes, she was a disaster!” he chuckled shaking his head. “I should have record it, I could make her Vine famous!”

“Oh, poor girl. You know I miss those time I could enjoy myself like her. She didn’t even give a fuck about what was happening, she just wanted to have fun and she did!”

“You know what I miss?” he asked sighing.


“Having sex.”

“Don’t even start, I feel so bad since I broke up with Steve,” I groaned standing up. I peeled the jacket off me while he lay down to the couch.

“Don’t tell me that he was so good that you miss being with him,” he laughed and I could feel his gaze on me as I took off my boots.

“He knew one or two things,” I shrugged. “But if we are talking about exes, I’m not so sure also that your ex was such a good sex partner,” I said raising my eyebrows at him. He sat up and had a huge grin on his face.

“She had a great body, I can’t complain.”

“Ah, asshole, the only thing you care about is the body.”

“It’s just an important thing,” he defended himself. I just sighed and walked to the TV in order to find something to watch. I was running through the channels when he spoke up and said a surprising thing. “We should have sex.”

I froze and then turned around to see if he really meant it. He looked at me with a serious face.

“What?” I asked laughing putting my hands to my hips.

“You heard me,” he simply said.

“What are you talking about, Hayes? Are you horny?”

“Yes, I am, but that’s not the thing. We can agree that we find each other attractive, we just admitted it in a YouTube video, and now we just admitted that we both want to have sex. Why don’t we have sex with each other?”

I stared at him for a long moment taking it in. My best friend just offered me to have sex with him just because we missed having sex. I felt like it was the biggest joke of my life, but I had to admit that he was hot and I imagined some dirty things with him.

He stood up and walked up to me looking down at me with hunger in his eyes.

“Just sex, nothing else. What do you say?” My head screamed no, because it was a stupid idea, but my lower area won and I accepted the offer.

Instead of just answering him I crushed my lips to his and kissed him hard. It was different from what I imagined, but it definitely turned me on. And him. Yes, I could feel how turned on he was.

We quickly got rid of our clothes and made the beast out of our little agreement. Luckily it was just the two of us in the house so we could do whatever we wanted to. And we totally took advantage of it. First on the couch, then on the floor and we kind of had a third round in my room not even bothering to keep quiet. Hayes surely knew how to make a girl happy, and I think I also did a good job.

I thought it would be super awkward in the morning, but it wasn’t. That night made a change that turned our friendship into a friendship with benefits. And we had those benefits very often.

He would come over randomly and we would have amazing sex, then continue everything like we used to. It was just the best.

We went on like this for weeks without anyone noticing it, and it became our routine. But I started to feel like I needed… more. We didn’t talk about others, but I thought Hayes was seeing other girls and I started to think about it when we were together. I wanted to tell him but I knew it would ruin everything, so I kept it for myself. Until the day we decided on doing another dirty Q&A video.

“Hey guys, we are here again with an amazing dirty Q&A video and we are going to answer your questions you sent us,” Hayes said smiling to the camera.

“Okay, so the first one,” I started and looked down to my phone. “Who is the one who takes the longest to take a dump?”

“It’s me,” Hayes admitted raising his hand.

“Yeah, and I wouldn’t admit it either way because I’m a girl,” I sighed. “Hey there is a good one. How often do you shave, Hayes?” I asked turning to him smiling. I knew he didn’t need to shave that often, and I was curious if he would admit it.

“Um, I surely don’t shave as much as you.”

“You asshole!” I shouted but I couldn’t help and laugh.

“Oh, you love me,” he grinned at me and suddenly kissed. Even though it wasn’t live and we could cut it off I was surprised by it, but I didn’t say anything. We just turned back to the camera and continued the video.

“Okay, my turn now. Here is one,” he said taking a deep breath. “Is that true that Hayes fell for you after starting to be friends with benefits?”

I blinked at him taking the words in. It definitely wasn’t a question, but at first I didn’t even know what it was, but then he spoke up.

“Listen, I know that it’s going to sound stupid, but I thing I might want more than just… sex. I don’t want you to see other boys, I want you to be only with me. But I get it if you don’t feel the same.”

I simply switched off the camera and then turned towards him. He looked so sad and hopeless, my heart was just melting that he felt the same way like me.

“Will you please say something?” he pleaded. But instead of saying anything I choose the nonverbal communication again. I sat onto his lap and kissed him. But it wasn’t like the first time we kissed, because it had emotions in it. It was gentle and sweet and lovely. I run my fingers through his hair pulling at the end as his hands slipped under my shirt to my back.

“Does this mean we are, like… together?” he asked breathless when we pulled away.

I bit into my lower lip and nodded.


“Then I would like you take you out for a proper date,” he smiled at me relieved.

“I’m in. But first, make love to me,” I whispered into his lips.

“I never did anything else. Because that’s what you deserve. Just love.”

Only One On My Mind

Hey guys!!!!! This is a present for a very special friend of mine! And since it’s her birthday, @mikanseidest, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYL!!!! <3 I really hope you love this! <3 And to everyone else on here who reads this, thanks so much! I hope you all enjoy this too! <3 OH YEAH! I have to thank @rubyleaf, for proof reading this for me and making it better! So thank you too my friend! <3

Originally posted by fudayk

Mahiru sighed, stared at his phone, and glanced around the party, feeling a little bit lonely. It was his eighteenth birthday, and his friends were nice enough to throw the greatest party the teen has ever seen. However, there was one thing missing, and that thing was his partner and lover, Kuro. The Servamp had said he wasn’t feeling very good, and even though Mahiru wanted to stay home with him, the other pushed him out of their apartment and told him to have fun before slamming the door in his face. Glancing at his phone again, Mahiru still hadn’t gotten a text back from the lazy vampire, so with a groan he shoved the device back in his pocket, and moved towards the area where Lily was making drinks, non alcoholic of course, and sat down on the stools.

“What’s wrong, Mahiru? You look concerned? Here, have a cherry limeade,” Lily offered, shaking the drink up, before pouring it for the sullen teen. Taking the drink, Mahiru took a sip and smiled lightly as the sweet taste filled his mouth. Lily was really good at this. Giving the blond a smile, Mahiru turned on the stool and looked over the party. Literally everyone was there. Sakuya and Tsubaki were…dancing? On the dance floor…even though it looked more like they were fighting. Misono and Tetsu were talking in the corner, and the smaller boy had a blush on his face while they talked, Hugh was chatting with The Mother and World End, Tsurugi and Mikuni were arguing again…while Jeje looked ready to point guns at their heads, and Hyde and Licht were sitting on the couch, and when Mahiru noticed them kiss, he blushed and looked back at Lily. “Don’t mind them! Tell me, what’s wrong?”

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New Year, New Surprises

Summary: You meet a charming stranger named Steve at a New Year’s party and try to make it until midnight.

Request: So, it’s not that I don’t love all the Christmas stuff going around, but are you planning on writing something New Years. Like two people get REALLY DRUNK and end up together then wake up the next morning like “um…. well… happy new years?”

Warnings: swearing, allusion to smut (no actual smut, just lots of sexual tension and kissing)

Word Count: 2696

Author’s Note: Ok! I wanted to mix it up so I made a Steve x reader story! Eeeeep! It’s my first one really, so feedback very much appreciated.

Originally posted by lookprettyliveclassyplaydirty

As far as you’re concerned this year can kiss your ass, personally, professionally, globally. Truly. Which is why you had RSVPed yes to this New Year’s party weeks ago fully intending to spend the last minutes of 2016 in complete and utter alcohol-induced oblivion.

You’re well on your way to executing that plan, lifting your third Manhattan to your lips and taking a careful sip. Leaning on your elbows on the bar, shoulders hunched, you’ve dryly dismissed every overly cheery advance, every ostentatious proposition and slick offer of another drink.

You’re quite pleasantly buzzed when you roll your head, attempting to iron out the stress that’s settled in your neck and shoulders. Your thoughts are interrupted by a clear, deep voice. “Wow. That ready for next year, huh?”

A bitter laugh ripples through your throat, “You have no idea.”

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