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Hayes Grier - Dirty q&a (part 2)

Request:  can you do a continued of the Hayes dirty q and a where Hayes wants to act on the dirty thought then they kinda become fuck buddies then they develop feelings and admit them in another dirty q and a and Hayes asks you out? I understand if ur busy, but I love ur writing so it would be awesome!!!

Part 1


“This party sucked,” I sighed as we finally got home. I threw myself to the couch not even bothering to take my jacket off.

“Yes, I don’t even know why we stayed for an entire hour,” Hayes said agreeing. He lifted my legs, sat down and then took them into his lap.

“Did you see that weird girl dancing in the backyard?” I asked laughing at the memory of the girl. It was one of the most bizarre things I had even seen. That girl had moves.

“Oh my God, yes, she was a disaster!” he chuckled shaking his head. “I should have record it, I could make her Vine famous!”

“Oh, poor girl. You know I miss those time I could enjoy myself like her. She didn’t even give a fuck about what was happening, she just wanted to have fun and she did!”

“You know what I miss?” he asked sighing.


“Having sex.”

“Don’t even start, I feel so bad since I broke up with Steve,” I groaned standing up. I peeled the jacket off me while he lay down to the couch.

“Don’t tell me that he was so good that you miss being with him,” he laughed and I could feel his gaze on me as I took off my boots.

“He knew one or two things,” I shrugged. “But if we are talking about exes, I’m not so sure also that your ex was such a good sex partner,” I said raising my eyebrows at him. He sat up and had a huge grin on his face.

“She had a great body, I can’t complain.”

“Ah, asshole, the only thing you care about is the body.”

“It’s just an important thing,” he defended himself. I just sighed and walked to the TV in order to find something to watch. I was running through the channels when he spoke up and said a surprising thing. “We should have sex.”

I froze and then turned around to see if he really meant it. He looked at me with a serious face.

“What?” I asked laughing putting my hands to my hips.

“You heard me,” he simply said.

“What are you talking about, Hayes? Are you horny?”

“Yes, I am, but that’s not the thing. We can agree that we find each other attractive, we just admitted it in a YouTube video, and now we just admitted that we both want to have sex. Why don’t we have sex with each other?”

I stared at him for a long moment taking it in. My best friend just offered me to have sex with him just because we missed having sex. I felt like it was the biggest joke of my life, but I had to admit that he was hot and I imagined some dirty things with him.

He stood up and walked up to me looking down at me with hunger in his eyes.

“Just sex, nothing else. What do you say?” My head screamed no, because it was a stupid idea, but my lower area won and I accepted the offer.

Instead of just answering him I crushed my lips to his and kissed him hard. It was different from what I imagined, but it definitely turned me on. And him. Yes, I could feel how turned on he was.

We quickly got rid of our clothes and made the beast out of our little agreement. Luckily it was just the two of us in the house so we could do whatever we wanted to. And we totally took advantage of it. First on the couch, then on the floor and we kind of had a third round in my room not even bothering to keep quiet. Hayes surely knew how to make a girl happy, and I think I also did a good job.

I thought it would be super awkward in the morning, but it wasn’t. That night made a change that turned our friendship into a friendship with benefits. And we had those benefits very often.

He would come over randomly and we would have amazing sex, then continue everything like we used to. It was just the best.

We went on like this for weeks without anyone noticing it, and it became our routine. But I started to feel like I needed… more. We didn’t talk about others, but I thought Hayes was seeing other girls and I started to think about it when we were together. I wanted to tell him but I knew it would ruin everything, so I kept it for myself. Until the day we decided on doing another dirty Q&A video.

“Hey guys, we are here again with an amazing dirty Q&A video and we are going to answer your questions you sent us,” Hayes said smiling to the camera.

“Okay, so the first one,” I started and looked down to my phone. “Who is the one who takes the longest to take a dump?”

“It’s me,” Hayes admitted raising his hand.

“Yeah, and I wouldn’t admit it either way because I’m a girl,” I sighed. “Hey there is a good one. How often do you shave, Hayes?” I asked turning to him smiling. I knew he didn’t need to shave that often, and I was curious if he would admit it.

“Um, I surely don’t shave as much as you.”

“You asshole!” I shouted but I couldn’t help and laugh.

“Oh, you love me,” he grinned at me and suddenly kissed. Even though it wasn’t live and we could cut it off I was surprised by it, but I didn’t say anything. We just turned back to the camera and continued the video.

“Okay, my turn now. Here is one,” he said taking a deep breath. “Is that true that Hayes fell for you after starting to be friends with benefits?”

I blinked at him taking the words in. It definitely wasn’t a question, but at first I didn’t even know what it was, but then he spoke up.

“Listen, I know that it’s going to sound stupid, but I thing I might want more than just… sex. I don’t want you to see other boys, I want you to be only with me. But I get it if you don’t feel the same.”

I simply switched off the camera and then turned towards him. He looked so sad and hopeless, my heart was just melting that he felt the same way like me.

“Will you please say something?” he pleaded. But instead of saying anything I choose the nonverbal communication again. I sat onto his lap and kissed him. But it wasn’t like the first time we kissed, because it had emotions in it. It was gentle and sweet and lovely. I run my fingers through his hair pulling at the end as his hands slipped under my shirt to my back.

“Does this mean we are, like… together?” he asked breathless when we pulled away.

I bit into my lower lip and nodded.


“Then I would like you take you out for a proper date,” he smiled at me relieved.

“I’m in. But first, make love to me,” I whispered into his lips.

“I never did anything else. Because that’s what you deserve. Just love.”

Founders at parties headcanons

Helga was a big woman, standing at six feet tall, definitely not by any means thin, and unapologetically beautiful

Helga was the beautiful woman men would swoon over at balls and galas, everyone trying to dance with her (and of course she would dance with anyone who asked because she’s kind and beautiful)

Rowena was usually much to busy with trying to create, enhancing her spells, or perfecting her potions to go to galas, but whenever she does she usually in the center of attention because she is brilliant and everyone wants to talk to her

Rowena makes time to dance with Helga though because Helga loves it

Godric is the life of the party, he always gets a little tipsy and has a big booming laugh. He is the tallest of the founders and built like a mountain

Salazar is usually moving and shaking, making connections

Salazar is always the best dressed and also dances with Helga because it makes her happy

Godric spills on himself something at every gala and Helga always magically cleans it because he’s usually too drunk

Salazar always makes sure Godric gets home safe

Rowena has severe social anxiety but is usually asked to to go many other events whenever she makes it out Helga or Godric always make excuses for her

Salazar usually brags about being friends Rowena

Just the founders being friends in general at parties

Just the founders being friends


Hey hey hey!! Me and my friend Loussin were making the moves up as we go and these photos happened….it is safe to say we got a little carried away… Guess which music video inspired our outfits (and dance moves). 

taylorswift​, it is not an over statement to say that you have helped both of us (subtle Taylor song reference there…) to get through our last year at University and we CANNOT wait to finally party with you tomorrow in Hyde Park! It’s time to properly Shake Off the stress. We will be in the General Admission Block 41. Come say hi!!

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Piggy Back

Calum would never forget your first kiss, because it was so unbelievably…you. Your arms were curled firmly around his neck from behind as he gave you a piggy back ride around the house party, which he insisted when you teased that he could never carry you around the hectic crowd. You were proven wrong, with your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms holding yourself tight against him, face nuzzled into the back of his neck as he moved you around the dancing teenagers and into the kitchen for shots. “Okay, hold on tight because I’m gonna let go of your legs and pour us shots, yeah?” You squeezed tighter to agree and felt his back shake with chuckles before his warm palms released your thighs. The fear kicked in for a second when Calum let go, and you clung tightly while watching over his shoulder at the tiny glasses being filled with tequila. “I should’ve started drinking before jumping on your back,” you joked into his ear over the heavy bass music, and just the way that your lips brushed against his lobe had goosebumps running down his neck. You noticed the hair stand on end and smiled to yourself, never wanting to let go. Calum knocked back his own shot and held the other up, which forced you to let go with one hand to grab it. Your other hand gripped tightly onto his shoulder and you quickly knocked back the shot. “Shit,” you mumbled, and buried your face into the crook of Calum’s neck. He hummed at the feeling just a little, and felt you shift against his back a bit. “You good back there? Trust me?” When you pulled away from his skin and looked at his profile, head turned as much as possible to look at you, you took in a small breath. Calum was the most handsome man you’d ever known, and after weeks of unsure flirting and working together consistently, you couldn’t see him as anything less than the perfect guy for you. It only helped that you could notice his subtle nerves when you walked into a room, and offers to get you as close to him as possible. “Put me down.” You didn’t even realize the words had come out of your mouth until too late, but there was no going back. “Why? Don’t trust me?” Calum teased, but you were already shaking your head halfway through his sentence. “Because I want to be facing you when I kiss you, Calum.” After half a second of silence, Calum whipped around with you still on his back and shoved through the crowd, determined to get you two into a more private place. When he set you down in a guest bedroom, he took his time to turn and face you. It was almost as if he were waiting to see you laughing about how he fell for it, but when his eyes met yours, he saw the purest need that he had felt for so long. You leaned into him as your fingers went straight for the hair at the base of his scalp, gripping tightly. His lips felt plump and sweet against yours, just as you had imagined. And his thumb dragged against the bare skin that peeked under your shirt as he kissed so slowly, as if pouring every week of sexual tension into one moment. The kiss was perfect, still bubbling from the fun before, but steady and confident that this was exactly what you both wanted. It was unbelievably Calum and you.

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IMAGINE: Spending Christmas with the pack after a stressful year 

To sum up the events of Christmas, you would say…chaotic.

You watched your normally somewhat normal and somewhat responsible friends as they completely let loose. It was an interesting sight. You didn’t know where to look as it seemed every corner someone was doing something weird because of the alcohol buzzing through their bodies from the home-made and very alcoholic eggnog. You and the pack had practically holed up in your house for a ‘Christmas party’ which was basically code for: Getting drunk and letting loose from the stressful year. You couldn’t blame them, hell, you were sipping quietly on eggnog yourself. You found it more entertaining to watch your friends’ antics. Your eyes surveyed the room to find Kira and Malia dancing on each other, clearly wasted out of their minds as they tried to grind to Michael Buble’s version of ‘Let it Snow’. You snorted, shaking your head at the sight before moving on. Scott, Stiles and Derek were having a weird hand fight, Allison and Lydia appeared on the verge of making out while Liam, well, let’s just say there was no longer a Christmas tree in your living room. In fact, it seemed that Isaac was the most calm of everyone in the room, not including yourself. He sat on the armchair beside you, a bemused smile on his lips as he joined you in watching the pack embarrass themselves, phone in hand and recording everything. Despite the chaotic atmosphere you couldn’t help but let a content smile slip onto your lips. Even if they were hyperactive nutcases, you were with your friends on Christmas and that was all you could ask for after the year you and the pack had been through.