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You may have already done him, but can you do Jazz for the apartment au thing?

Haven’t done him yet! 


Plays music all day every day

ALWAYS wearing headphones

phones storage is taken up by music

don’t touch his records or cassettes though

he will stab you when you least expect it

is an awesome DJ at the parties

can dance like no one else

sick moves

always wearing sunglasses as well

does he take them off to sleep?? no one knows

lives off fruitloops

loves his fruitloops


makes so many puns

annoys everyone with them

‘snow fair’

knows the lyrics to every song

knows instantly the song name and the artist the moment someone plays a song

disappears for months at a time

where does he go?

what does he do? 

no one knows

can kick your ass in a fight but will slip and fall down the stairs

has amazing reflexes but will still get hit in the face by a ball when some ‘think fast’ throws him something

scares the hell out of everyone because his footsteps are silent

sneaky as hell

smol but can still kick your ass

screams in pain when he stubs his toe

dances in his underwear

accidentally leaves the curtains open when he dances in his underwear

has a hella good voice

can rap but can also sing pretty dinsey songs in an angelic voice

His fave to sing is ‘let it go’

denies his love for Frozen

knows all the songs though

looks friendly but don’t cross him

he’ll get you back


headcanons are always open!

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what if steve & buckys first pup is just rlly big, bc the serum would make a very healthy baby, & people tease steve asking if hes sure hes only got one in there??

Oh, how I love this! Here you go Nonny! -Ree

“Steve you okay over there?” Bucky chuckled at his very pregnant husband struggling to get off of the couch. 

“Shut. your. face.” Steve hated to be thought of as someone who needed help. God his stubbornness was awful, but nonetheless, Bucky loved him for it. 

“Come on then, you and the triplets aren’t moving anytime soon without me.” Bucky gently lifted Steve up to help him to his feet and held back a laugh as he walked away.  

“There is only one. You know this.” Steve’s tone was sharp and totally not in the mood to deal with any shit from Bucky or anyone else right now. 

Bucky loved going to appointments with Steve, he loved the new technology they had and watching his pup grow.

“Wow Steve, would you like to know the gender?” Steve and Bucky both nodded excitedly. 

“Well, your baby girl is so far nine pounds eight ounces and is ready to meet you any day now.” The Nurse smiled widely at the two of them and could see the excitement pouring off of them like rain in April. 

Seventeen long painful hours, eight stitches, and a popped exercise ball that's seen better days later…. And there she was. Natalia Ann Barnes was born at 3:02 am on Saturday the 4th of July. She weighed ten pounds three ounces and was twenty-one inches long. Steve snuggled into his alpha as the other avengers piled into the room, Thor actually whispered and Clint was silently tearing up. 

“Damn Steve, you weren’t kidding. You really did only have one in there!” Tony popped off as Peppers’ hand met the back of his head. 

“Thank you,” Steve whispered, to the blond alpha. 

“Can I hold my Goddaughter now? Please?” Natasha stepped closer and took the baby with the red mop of hair into her arms. 

“Hello, Natalia. I’m your aunt Tasha. And I will always. Forever. Protect you.”

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So can you do a little bit on what rin would do if he and his S/O went on a date? Like what would he wear, where would they go, flowers or no? Would he bring his S/O a gift? Etc.

Originally posted by yuukibutterfly

  • It would probably be his first girl/boyfriend 
  • And his first date
  • So he’d be hella nervous
  • He’d take them to a nice cafe or restaurant
  • And maybe also to Mephhyland or the arcade either before or after eating
  • He probably wouldnt bring any flowers or a gift because he’s forgetful like that
  • If it was Shiemi or someone he knew loved flowers he might bring them some just because they know they like flowers
  • If he didn’t know them much he’d probably not bring anything
  • Rin doesn’t see the need to dress up so he’d just wear something casual, but clean and fresh
  • Something typical and average 
  • Something non constricting and easy to move freely in
  • He would pay attention to what food you order
  • So he can take into account your favourite flavours
  • So next time he can make you a delicious meal
  • He would be thinking about wanting to hold your hand
  • But would be to shy to ask or to just do it
  • So he just awkwardly keeps his hand available incase you wanna hold it
  • If it were cold he’d give you his jacket
  • He’d pay for everything 
  • Not because he believes in sex roles
  • Just because he’s trying to be nice
  • If you’d been dating a while he may bring you a gift
  • Just something small but cute
  • He doesn’t have a ton of money and he feels really bad about that 
  • Because he wants to give you everything
  • But he can only give you everything he has
  • Even when you reassure him he’s still a little sensitive about it
  • He’d totally wanna get a milkshake with two straws and drink it with you in a cafe
  • But would’t ask that on the first date, maybe the fifth or something?
  • Despite how much he wants to, he also would not kiss you on the first date
  • He’d probably wear something like this, the sorta thing he usually wears, or maybe a little tidier but he wouldn’t dress formally unless you were going somewhere really nice, but even then he’d probably ‘Rinify’ himself a bit

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Why is your fic called "Eulogy"????

OKAY. Time to finally answer this!

First things first let’s look at what a Eulogy is:


a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, typically someone who has just died.

In this fic everyone loses a part of themselves we see in the musical. As vague as that is it’s for the better. So this is my eulogy for the characters to move on a do greater things. Lame? Yup! Still doing it? Hells yeah!

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A - age: 19

B - biggest fear: Cockroaches 

C - current time: 1:41am
D - drink you last had: tea
E - every day starts with: Checking social media
F - favourite song: Leave in summer, yet you’re in my fluffoughts by Hatsune Miku
G - ghosts, are they real?: Maybe :^)c
H - home town: I’m just gonna say Texas
I - in love with: Kizuna Ai
J - jealous of: people who know how to drive
K - killed someone:  with kindness 
L - last time you cried: a few days ago
M - middle name: Stephanie 
N - number of siblings: 1
O - one wish: honestly to move out
P - person you last called/texted:  @fullpedaltrombonist
Q - question you’re always asked: hmmm i’m not sure
R - reason to smile: Kizuna Ai
S - song last sang: Some Spanish song my mom always sings
T - time you woke up: 2pm
U - underwear colour: Tan
V - vacation destination: Japan
W - worst habit: Always expecting the worst situation
X - x rays you’ve had: Never
Y - your favourite foods: guess pizza
Z - zodiac sign: Capricorn

Taggin my newest mutuals tbh

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Today I felt proud because about a year ago I had to stop being friends with someone very close to me and I've been grieving that whole time and that's been really hard. But today I realised that even though we might be friends again someday I don't need them to be happy and I decided to work on loving myself and being my own friend, and what happens with them happens but either way I'll be okay.

It’s so great you are able to move on! 

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Multiples of 6 please? ❤

Hey there! 😊

6 Have you ever been called a tease?

Well maybe a bit here and there but it’s all in good fun. Just joking and messing around.

12 Are you mad at someone right now?

No I’m not. I try not to stay mad at people for long it doesn’t help you move forward in life I’ve found at least for me.

24 What ARE you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to finishing my exams, seeing my friends, and then going home to see my family.

30 Do you fall for people easily?

No I don’t. When I tell someone I love them it’s the real deal.

36 Who was the last person you took a picture of?

Well technically I was at an ice hockey game for my school and it was really fun so I took a few pictures of the final score board and the players at the rink.

42 Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?

Technically where my beliefs on soul mates…I don’t think there is such a thing as soul mates. I think that there are certain people that are very compatible with each other and in that instance yes. There is someone for everyone you just have to be open to it when that time comes and you meet one of those very compatible people and be open to falling in love and having true love.

General Tarot Reading for LIBRA
May 2017


Libra, this is a good month for love. It’s all about achieving balance in your life and you’re being asked to think positively about yourself and others you deal with. Someone may come to you and offer you love or friendship, it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. Be wary of judging too harshly, though. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation about what the other person expects, in order to move forward peacefully. You are being guided to make peace with someone close to you. Don’t be scared to speak your truth, either. There’s an opportunity for growth in your love life this month.

slytherin, a story.

we know.

we know there’s so much deeper to a slytherin than just snarky remarks and a jab of an insult. we know there’s a million more walls to fight through before we reach the core, the shielded fire of a slytherin; their heart, burning in ferocity as they take pride in everything they do.

we know that slytherins hold their head up high, never letting their guard down because they don’t know what they’ll do if someone taunts them, letting them make a fool of themselves.

because slytherins are just as heartless as we are; doing anything for the ones they love. they play within the rules, never bending or breaking them because they promised themselves that they will do what’s right for themselves after being ridiculed, shamed and left hanging.

because being a slytherin means working your ass off to achieve what you want, the swell of pride in your stomach after seeing your plan move with perfection.

being a slytherin means to be sharp and fast on your feet, quick and speedy and ready to run, run, run. because all you ever do is hide from the monsters and pray that someone else will slay them for you. because you are still a normal human being.

but being a slytherin means shattering one of your precious rules to help out a friend, to make them happy because you are loyal and you pick your companions wisely.

because being a slytherin means being a bitch and dropping the people who are toxic in your lives, because you know you deserve better.

being a slytherin means that you are the person people go to when they’re in need of a fighter, a person who doesn’t back down from danger because you will protect them because you are fierce and you will not step away from a challenge if it’s for someone you care for.

being a slytherin means ending the relationship first or never starting it at all because you don’t want to feel weak, you don’t want to cry when everything finishes. because you’d rather feel nothing than lose everything.

because a slytherin is sharp clothing, tight jeans and a wicked smirk, but it is also a fierce longing for everyone you care for to be safe. an ambition to keep your rules straight and to abide them so your life isn’t messy and it’s organized and neat.

because being a slytherin means sacrificing your own feelings to watch your beloved be happy, careful to overstep because you don’t want to lose something you never had in the first place.

I never believed in love at first sight but for some reason, I felt something different when we first met. The more I got to know you, the more my feelings intensified. And when you smiled, I knew that I was in trouble.
—  I just hope that you’ll let me fall in your arms
I have a very fragile heart that constantly breaks at the thought of your arms around someone else.
—  Things I realized when I admitted that I’m not over you, part II
jealous + jeff atkins

plot : y/n is jeff’s secret girlfriend but she gets jealous when other girls talk to him and has to show everyone/and him, who’s he is

word count : 1270

notes : jealous!reader


Walking into school, your eyes searched for someone in particular.  You found him with his friends, leaning again his locker surrounded by his usual group of friends. He caught your eye, quickly looking away but a smile burst onto his face. You strode past him, moving to your own group of friends. You could feel a pair of eyes on you and you knew who they belonged to.

“Hey, Y/N’s here!” your best friend, Kat hollered.

Your other friends all turned and smiled at you. You returned it, but furrowed your eyebrows. They were acting odd.

“We have news” one of your other friends chorused.

“We think Jeff might be into you. You know the one on the baseball team? Hot Jeff?” another blurted.

You were stunned for a mere second before you regained your composure and laughed.

“Guys, there is no way Jeff Atkins is into me” you glanced at Kat, with a sly smile on your face.

Kat was the only one of your friends that knew about you and Jeff’s relationship. Kat tried to hide her smug smile,

“He’s been looking at for the past few weeks and you should’ve seen how he smiled when you walked in this morning”

You smacked her on the arm for feeding into this gossip and she put her hands up in surrender.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to do something about that then” you winked at them playfully, making all of your friends laugh, unaware of the truth.

“Oh, better act fast then because, Tracy’s on the same mission”

You turned around to see a girl leaning against his locker. They were laughing about something. She was pretty, prettier than you in your opinion. You trusted Jeff, you knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you but you couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling of envy as you watched him openly laugh with that girl. You two had agreed to keep your relationship a secret until he got his grades up since his parents thought a relationship would distract him. But seeing him talk to that girl so freely, laughing and joking, you realized that could’ve been you instead. But you were used to this feeling so you brushed it off.

“No but Tracy and Jeff would be kinda cute, I mean they’ve been working on a chemistry project together for the past weeks and they’re adorable in class” one of the girls in your circle, thought out loud.

“Have they now?” you muttered.

“Yeah and I reckon they would be a pretty good couple”

You glared in their direction,

“I bet”


“Hey Y/N, so I have this chem- ”

Jeff yelped as you pulled him into your room by the front of his shirt, swiftly shutting the door behind you with your foot. You pushed him into the wall next to the door, pressing your body to his, trapping him between you and the wall. Jeff’s eyes widened at your position, looking at you questioningly with big eyes. 

“Y-Y/N what’s going on?”

You didn’t reply verbally, simply pressing your lips to his instead. He instantly reacted to the kiss, moving his hands to your waist, squeezing gently. You let your hand rest on the back of his neck while another sat on his shoulder. He mumbled something incoherent and you ignored it. You shoved your tongue into his mouth, but he pulled away as soon as you did.

“What’s up though?” he whispered, leaning his head back onto the wall. 

You dodged the question, answering with another question.

“You’re okay with this aren’t you?” you responded.

“Well yeah of course…” Jeff stopped for a second, gathering his words but you had already taken that opportunity.

You untangled yourself from him and lifted his shirt over his head, You smiled slyly at the sight of his bare body. You couldn’t help but smash your lips back onto his. He accepted you for a few heavenly seconds before pulling away again.

“No seriously, what’s going on?” Jeff asked, worry in his eyes.

“Does it matter?” you panted, looking up into his eyes, getting restless. 

“It does, I don’t want my girl- oh my god”

You had attacked his neck with kisses, sucking a bit longer than necessary with each. You ran your hand up the dips of his toned abs, getting a groan in return. You moved up to his jaw, pecking his lips before making a path down again. You hit just the right place, near the crook of his neck, making Jeff moan in response.


You smirked at this, trailing your hand down to his belt buckle. You pulled him closer to you but before you could proceed to undoing it, Jeff pulled away for the third time.

“I’m serious, what’s going on with you? You’re not like this normally…” he muttered, breathlessly.

You took a deep breath, you didn’t want to tell him the real reason you were all fired up. You hated being the typical jealous girlfriend.  At your silence, Jeff spoke again.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s super hot but I just want to know if there’s anything wrong and I want to help if there is”

He tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, looking at you with those concerned eyes. Those adorable eyes that you fell in love with. Jeff was so different from the other jocks that he called his friends. A normal guy wouldn’t have questioned this but Jeff, being Jeff, was always thinking about your well being.

“I got jealous” you muttered.

You knew from the surprised look on his face that he heard you. You never really got jealous. Girls always flirted with him and you didn’t blame them.

“What was that?"he asked with a cheeky grin.

That little-

"I got freaking jealous okay?!”

And then he burst out laughing. The nerve of him. You looked away, anger bubbling in you.

“Of who?” he got out in between fits of laughter.

“That girl you’re doing the chemistry thing with”

You finally looked back into his amused eyes.

“Worried that we had chemistry?”

You slapped his chest at the terrible pun. That’s when you finally noticed the red and purple marks all over his neck and collarbone. It was your turn to laugh now.

“Well I won’t have to worry anymore” you smirked.

He eyed you suspiciously before following your gaze. You watched as his eyes widened dramatically and he looked to you like a gaping fish.

“Y/N, how the hell am I meant to cover this up? Everyone will notice!”



“Jeff, man it’s like 500 degrees out, take that scarf off” Jess groaned.

“Uh, no I’m okay” Jeff replied awkwardly.

“Well, I’m getting sick of it” Marcus stated, ripping it off Jeff’s neck before he could protest’

The whole group silenced. Why did Jeff have to wear a v-neck today?

“Oh look who got some last night” Bryce cheered.

“Aww, look at our little Jeffrey growing up. I thought you didn’t do one time things” Justin teased.

Jeff had turned a bright shade of red.

“Damn dude, do we know the girl? Because she’s pretty hardcore” Monty chuckled, eyeing the marks that covered a large portion of his neck and shoulder.

Jeff took a deep breath, playfully glaring at you from across courtyard. You caught his gaze, laughing and winked at him.

God, he loved you.

By this time next year I will forget your face but for now you’re all I see in a crowded room.
—  21 word story

How much love do you have to give before you see he’s not worth it there should be a limit to the heart he’s allowed to steal. im trying to tell you you’re so much better off without him and love songs taste better when they aren’t bittersweet so get the taste of him out of your mouth before it’s too late.

go on that date with that boy with the soft eyes and listen to his stories and kiss him against the movie theater wall and hold his hand during the movie because goddammit horror movies terrify you but there is something so thrilling about seeing one with him.

wake up early on Sunday’s and go running and force yourself to learn to again love the songs that were his favorite because they were your favorite first and he doesn’t need to take them too.

he might’ve been good for awhile but he’s not the same anymore.
stop loving him.
i promise everything will be so much brighter when you do.

—  let him go before he drags you down with him– Lily Rain
I know that you’re trying to get to know me. That you’re trying to get me to open up. But I can’t help myself from stopping you each and every time. I’m scared that you’ll judge me. I’m scared of giving little pieces of myself to you, only to have us part ways. I’m scared of allowing myself to care for you. I’m scared to have feelings for you. You’re a good guy and I wish that you weren’t.
—  Because I don’t want to fall
THESE ARE THE THINGS WE DON’T TALK ABOUT: my throat with his name in it / your throat with his name in it / how it feels to be in love with someone who wants to touch you / the poems we’re not writing / the fruit I don’t bring into the house / the past you never asked me about / the past I found littered all over your apartment / the dreams you had about marrying other people / why you kept telling me about them / the pictures on the walls / how all of them are yours / your ex-boyfriend’s leather jacket / how it doesn’t fit / how you wear it anyway / how I moved it once and you wouldn’t tell me what you were looking for / how I still don’t know what you’re looking for / the jokes about the broken bed / the undercooked fettuccine / the night you called moving in with me a mistake but then took it back / why you took it back / the way you only call me baby in front of other people / the birthday text sent from hundreds of miles away at 10pm instead of a phone call / afterthoughts / what it feels like to be one / the difference between physical and emotional distance / how I slept on the couch for three months / how you didn’t kiss me goodbye / how I didn’t want you to
after Caitlin Conlon 
He whispered in my ear the entire night how much he liked me. I was hesitant, eyeing the beer he has in his hand, not trusting his words. The shots of vodka that I took earlier started to catch up to me and so my guard fell little by little. So he grabbed my waist with one hand and pulled my face up into his lips. And I let him.
—  Baby you cloud my judgement and I’m too weak to stop you