move frames

C: okay wait is the camera still shaky

T: no????

C: Are you sure you still want to answer questions? You keep moving out of frame

T: yeah!!!!! I just, what if, if, my shirts unbuttoned or the background is messy and we look like slobs?? What will they think of us theN??? AARRgh!!

C: they won’t care. I promise

T: Fuck ok!! If you’re sure then I’m ready to answer questions. I don’t want any personal questions because that’s fucking scary man!

C: okay. Nothing too personal


CamScanner: a must have for traditional artists!

hello! I recently found this rad app called “CamScanner”, a mobile app for android and iOS

what does this app do? well, basically it imitates a scanner, so even if you don’t have one, you can take real cool pictures of your drawings!

for this to work, i suggest you take a picture of your entire paper / sketchbook / etc. The app will automatically crop your picture and come out with something like this:

(sometimes it wont be too accurate, but that can be easily fixed by moving the frame yourself)

once scanned, the app will make it so your drawing looks like this:

(the app will have some presets, so you might want to mess around with those. OR you can mess with the settings yourself to get a look you desire)

this can be really helpful if you plan to color your traditional piece on a computer, or something similar.

this can even work with colored drawing, if you’d like!


edited with CamScanner:

if you mess with the settings yourself, i bet you could get the picture to look better, as i did this with the presets.

anyway, i hope this helps!


“We cut a trough into the set, and we put a piece of rigging that goes under the set and into the mother’s stomach. It’s a little creepy, I know. But it allows us to slide her along the surface of the sand, and every time she reaches out and claws into the sand, that’s all a plasticine or clay surface that we have to carve into and move a frame at a time. We’d have little bits of sand that were flying up in the air, so we take these little bits of foam or clay, we put them on bug pins or wires or little bits of fishing line, and we have those elevated and move them a frame at a time to make it look like it’s bursting out of the ground.” - Travis Knight 

tfw u realize the ppl around u genuinely care about ur well being and dont just want u to fight for them

  • “Because when you fail… you have the strength to get back up… Because I believe that’s what true strength is…”
  • “That is why I’m not afraid to die protecting you! Because… I love you…”
  • “So, let’s stand up together, Naruto-kun… Because never going back on one’s word… is my ninja way too!
  • “I’m okay. We’ll fight together.”

Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


shading? never heard of her

also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult


Moving On music Video from James, now up on Vimeo.